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Music, Family history, Local History, Pompey FC, The Crickets, Leiber and Stoller,
The Sullivans, Gerard Kenny, Midifiles and ME!
Being of advanced years! there's no prizes for guessing how many!
I came to computers late in life, but enjoy every moment sat at my machines.
I use a regular PC most of the time, but still have always used an old Atari 1040ST and Cubase v3.1 for any sequencing, mainly because I am so familiar with the program. I have it all running through a Roland G800 keyboard which gives great sounds.
I also have what is known as an Acorn RISC PC!!! It is an operating system I am very familiar with and therefore have never felt the need to move on to a regular PC, but now I have one. I have many interests. Here are details of some. If you have similar interests, why not get in touch.

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