Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

The South Parade Pier, Southsea

South Parade Pier Southsea, Gaiety Bar, Albert Tavern, re-built in 1904 after a fire, then burnt down in 1974 and re-built, again.

more about the first South Parade Pier, 1879 - 1904

more about the second South Parade Pier, 1908 - 1974

more about the South Parade Pier Fire

more about the third South Parade Pier, 1976 - 2010

The South Parade Pier programmes and posters

more about the South Parade Pier today and the future

more about the known performances on the Pier

On Meridian Television, a brief film about Local organists on the Pier, Kenny Law is mentioned.

- organists and rag and bone men -


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