Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

The South Parade Pier, Southsea

South Parade Pier Southsea, Gaiety Bar, Albert Tavern, re-built in 1904 after a fire, then burnt down in 1974 and re-built, again.

more about the first South Parade Pier, 1879 - 1904

more about the second South Parade Pier, 1908 - 1974

more about the South Parade Pier Fire

more about the third South Parade Pier, 1976 - to date

The South Parade Pier programmes and posters

more about the South Parade Pier today and the future

more about The NEW PIER

more about the known performances on the Pier

On Meridian Television, a brief film about Local organists on the Pier, Kenny Law is mentioned.

- organists and rag and bone men -


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