Portsmouth music scene

The South Parade Pier

Saturday, 8th October, 1932 PROGRAMME 3 p.m.
1--The Scamps introduce themselves
4--Comedy Duo `Tipperary" B. Roberts
5--BIDDY BREWIN in Comedy
6--Vocal Duet "Indian Love Call"" ("Rose Marie") Friml HILDA FRANKS & KITT WALTERS
7--Comedy Interlude "Shopping" Rose & Ness
S--Baritone Song "Desert Songs" Romberg DEREK -MORELAND
9--Acrobatic Trio KITT WALTERS and LADIES
10--Song "II Bacio" Arditi HILDA FRANKS
11--Toe Dance Speciality MILLICENT HORNE
12--On the Banjo "Mystery Girl" Rey SID MANSELL
13--Scena "Blue Horizon" ("Monte Carlo'')
14--Comedy Song "Hard Lines" J. Bastow
15--Piano Solo "The Jazz Master" B. Mayerl GLADYS MONTAUUE
17--Violin Solo "Medlies" M.S. HILDA FRANKS
18--BIDDY BREWIN in Male Impersonations
19--Musical Interlude THE HILO TRIO
20--Comedy Duet "When I First met You" Rose BIDDY BREWIN and KITT WALTERS
21--Burlesque "Sailor Rehearsing" THE COMPANY

Friday and Saturday, 7th & 8th October, 1932 PROGRAMME 8 p.m.
1 --The Scamps introduce themselves M. S.
2---"A Slight Mistake" L,. Roberts BILLY ROBERTS & KITT WALTERS
4--Comedy Duo "Sweet Heart" M. S. DEREK MORELAND & BILLY ROBERTS
5--BIDDY BREWIN in Comedy "Call me Charlie" Weston
6 --Vocal Duet "My Heart's Delight" Lehar HILDA FRANKS & KITT WALTERS
7--Dancing Speciality DORIS DELORES
8--Comedy Interlude "I Should Shay" B. Roberts
9--Song "Mother Machree" Olcott & Boll DEREK MORELAND
10--Acrobatic Trio KITT WALTERS and LADIES
11 --Song "Bird of Love Divine" Wood HILDA FRANKS
13--On the Banjo "Blue of the Night" Bing SYD MANSELL
14--Comedy Number "Kisses" Lee BILLY ROBERTS
15--Scena "Kentucky Babe"
16--Scena "Tell me Pretty Maiden" ("Florodora") Stuart
17--Comedy Duo B. Roberts KITT WALTERS & BILLY ROBERTS
18 --Whirlwind Apache MILLICENT HORNE and KITT WALTERS
19 -- Violin Solo "Hungarian Dance No. 5" Brahms HILDA FRANKS
20--"Following Behind" B. Roberts BIDDY BREWIN
21--Musical Interlude THE HILO TRIO
22--"The Marriage Bureau" BILLY ROBERTS & BIDDY BREWIN
23-- KlTT WALTERS in Impersonations
24-- Piano Solo "Valse Chromatic" Godard GLADYS MONTAGUE
25--Finale THE COMPANY in a Comedy Sketch

Some noteable visitors;-


1911 September 25th The Gypsies comedy entertainers
1911 September 27th Last Confetti Fete"The Gypsies"

1912 July 29th "Oh! Susannah" Miss Ada Tilley
1912 August 3rd weekdays Vorzanger's Famous Blue Hungarian Band
1912 August 4th The band of HM Grenadier Guards, vocalist Mr Edward Davies
1912 August 5th weekdays The Brownies Musical Comedy Entertaioners
1912 August 15th Mark Hamourg, Annabel MacDonald

1913 July 13th Blue Hungaria Band, Norman Greene
1913 July 21stb Raffles 1913 July 24th Vladimir Cerikoff paino
1913 July 27th Blue Hungaria Band, Miss Violet Ludlow
1913 July 28th The Quaints Vuadville entertainers
1913 Auguist 3rd Grenadier Guards, Miss Clarice Howard
1913 August 10th Besse o' th' Barn Band

31st July 1914 Wonder Children in Russian Ballet, Red Viennese Band, The Georgains Vuadeville Entertainers

1916 April 2nd Band of the Grenadier Guards, Miss Constance Wentworth
1916 April 16th the Famous J H Squire Celeste Octette, Miss Winifred Linfield
1916 April 21st Good Friday Royal Marine Artillery, Mr Jackson Potter
1916 April 22nd Easter Saturday Charles Heslop's Vaudville Company 'Moonshine'
1916 April 23rd Easter Sunday Royal Garrison Artillery, Miss Gladys Ashton
1916 April 24th Band of the RGA
1920 July 26th The Acadians musiocal comedy, Della Butlet Harold Clemence, Tilly Foulds, Fred Evison
1920 August 2nd Paddy, The next best thing.
26th September 1921 "Jack O Lanterns" A Venture In Vaudville
3rd August 1925, a musical comedy "Katinka" dancing to J H Squire Quintette, Band of the 1st Gloucester Regiment vocalist Josephine Lamb, Portsmouth Battalions Band.
10th August 1925, "The Sport of Kings" J H Squire Quintette, Band of the 2nd Kings Shropshire, Portsmouth Battalions Band, Band of the 2nd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders with vocalist Walter Saull.

1926 August 30th A Cuckoo in the nest Zoe Angus Jack Durant
1926 September 6th The Ghost Train , Minor Hall J H Squire Quintette, Bandstand Band of tHM Royal Artillery 1936 September 12th Band of HM Royal Artillery
1926 September 19th Knwller Hall Band

1927 The Gondoliers, Portsmouth Players – 7th March, performed at Easter
1927 July 25th Rookery Nook Amy Nowell Alex Begbie

1929 May 13th The Merry Scamps Vuadville Company

19th August 1930, The Empress Dance Band
22nd September 1930, When Blue Hills laughed, Denise St Leger, Geo Pughe.
22nd September 1930 Farewell week of the J H Squire Quintette.
28th September 1930, Band oif the South Wales Borderers.
29th September 1930, Chips up to date, a triumph of female impersonation.
2nd October 1930 Dame Clara Butt, Kennerley Rumford.
5th October 1930, Band of the Royal Marines, conducted by Capt R V O'Donnell.

1931 HMS Pinafore, Portsmouth Players

1933 October 1st, Toni and his Celebrated Orchestra.
1933 October 2nd Katinka, Portsmouth Players
1933 October 8th, John Johnson and his Broadcasting Novelty Orchetra.
1933 October 15th The Celebrated Callender's Band.
1933 October 18th, Julius Caesar, Portsmouth Teachers Dramatic Society
1933 October 22nd The Famous Mexican Accordian Band.
1933 October 29th Mr Flotsom and Mr Jetsom.
1933 November 8th The Moorland Player5s.
1933 November 10th Kubelik.

1934 October 7th Don Rico and his Gypsy Orchestra

1935 April 20th No No Nanette Portsmouth Players Harry Lee Eileen Palmer 1935 July 1st Tom Jones Portsmouth Players – (Golden Jubilee Programme) Eric Houldsworth Arthur Leggett
1935 September 20th Markova and Anton Dolin
29th September 1935, Tony's "Red Aces" Braodcasting Band.
30th September 1935, Masquerade, Adelaide Hartland, Pearl Devine, Rewggie Dingle.
6th October 1935 Alfredo and his Gypsy Orchestra.
9th October 1935, Passing Brompton Road, The Moorland Players.
12th October 1935 The Old woman who lived in a shoe, in aid of Barnardos Homes.
13th October 1935, Al Davison and his "Claribel" Band.
16th October 1935 Twelfth Night, Portsmouth Teachers Dramatic Society.
21st October 1935, Carnivbal, The Citizen Players of Portsmouth.
31st October 1935 Mme Valentina Aksarova, Russian operatic soprano.

10th April 1936 Sam Browne, The Rhythm Sisters
1936 April 11th Princess Charming The Portsmouth Players
1936 September 28th Mr Cinders Portsmouth Players, Harry Lee Frank Lewis

1937 The Caberet Girl Portsmouth Players Bertha Justice Clarence W Jolliffe
1937 September 5th 'Farce' Archie Wallen, Royal Marine Bands of the Portsmouth Naval Command
1937 September 12th The Gay Wayfarers, Charles Wades, Jack Jackson and his Band
1937 September 19th 'Summer Fayre of 1937' Jack Hylton and his Band
1937 September 26th 'The Toreador' Leslie Holmes and Feslie Sarony and his Orchestra

30th May 1938 Cecil Keech, Joe Baker and Olga
28tt August 1938 Ambrose and his Orchestra.
29th August 1938 Collegians Dance Band
5th September 1938 No No Nanette, Portsmouth Players

1939 Good Night Vienna Portsmouth Players Evelyn Brown Peter Bone
12th Janauary 1939 The Solent Light Orchestra play on South Parade Pier.
1939 March 8/9/10 The Southsea Review Frieda Walker Elizabeth Legras

1940 March 24th Jack Hylton ad his Band

1942 May 7th Carroll Gibbons and his Floor Show band with Billie Campbell
1942 June 7th Percival Mackey and his Orchestra, Monti Ryan, Geoff Watts, "Georgina" Jack Wallace

2nd January 1943 Collegians at South Parade Pier.
1943 June 20th Sydney Lipton with his Grosvenor House Dance Orchestra
1943 June 20th Big Bill Campbell and Rocky Mountain Rhythm, on the Pier Deck
1943 June 25th Ernest Sewell the Royal Entertainer & Seagers Punch & Judy
1943 June 27th Leslie Douglas & his Orchestra
1943 June 28th 'Suspect'
1943 Al Shaw and his Blue Hawaiians on the Pier Deck
1943 July 4th Harry Gold & his Pieces of Eight and Tito Burns and his Sextet
1943 July 11th Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders


January 21st 1944 On South Parade Pier Jack Payne and his Orchestra with vocalists Carroll Carr, Betty Webb and Peter Howard played at the Police Ball.
February 11th 1944 Royal Navy and Royal Marine boxing, Chatham v Portsmouth at the South Parade Pier.
April 9th 1944 At the South Parade Pier Oscar Rabin and his Band.


Billy Ternent and his Band and four vocalists prior to a middle east tour.
January 29th At South Parade Pier, Carl Barriteau and his Dance Orchestra play for dancing.
March 2nd Geraldo and his Orchestra play at The South Parade Pier for the Portsmouth City Police ball.
April 8th The famous Royal Air Force "Skyrockets Dance Orchestra" appear at the South Parade Pier.
April 29th Joe Loss and his Band at the South Parade Pier.
June 3rd Oscar Rabin and his Band appear at the South Parade Pier.
22nd July 1945 Jacj Jackson & his Band July 29th Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders at South Parade Pier.
August 19th Southsea's Residents Association Showtime, Joe Ritchie, Shiela Lawrence
August 25th Charlesa Shadwell & his Orchestra Octber 15th George and Margaret The Court Players June Beswick Denis Carlisle
October 22nd Love in a mist by Kenneth Horne


April 21st At South Parade Pier, Ted Heath and his Music with Paul Carpenter, Kenny Baker and Jack Parnell.
May 6th Ten Little Niggers The Court Players Jackson Stanley Iris Gilbert
June 24th This was a woman, the Cout Players Iris Gilbert Jackson Stanley
July 1st Aren't we all
1946 August 14th "Showtime" Joe Richie Jack Farr
December 11th Eric Winstone and his Braodcasting Orchestra play at the South Parade Pier for the Portsmouth RN & RM Gunnery Intructors Association Grand Naval Christmas Ball


March 5th Portsmouth City Police Ball at the South Parade pier with Ted Heath and his Music
March 26th Victor Silvester and his Orchestra play at the Pier.
1947 April 4th Joe Loss and his Orchestra
1947 April 20th Lou Preager and his Orchestra
1947 April 21st Lady Frome Edinburgh, Frank Thornton Jean Walker
1947 April 27th Primo Scala and his Accordeon Band
1947 April 28th Grand National Night Robert Ginns Mary Jordan
1947 May 4th Oscar Rabin and his band
For the season "Showtime" Tommy Fields, Cynthia Rawson,Grant Anderson
June 8th Ted Heath and his Band appear.
Junje 22nd Teddy Foster and his All Star Orchestra
June 29th Felix Mendelsshon and his Hawaiian Serenaders.
June 30th Love in a mist by Kenneth Horne, Frank Thornton Jeanette Hughes
Julu 1/2/3 Donna Roma and her Ballets, The Portsmouth Ladies Physical Culture Club
July 6th Nat Gonella and his Georgians Hal Vincent and the Rhythm Trio & Quartet
July 13th Ivy Benson Orchestra
August 3rd Primo Scala and his Accordion Band
August 4th Showtime
August 11th Showtime
August 18th Show Time Grant Anderson, Cynthia Rawson. also Wally Fry and his nine piece Collegians Band
September 15th Carl Barriteau and his Orchestra
September 23rd Katinka Portsmouth Players - w/c 23.9.1947
November 21st Wally Fry and his Collegians December 17th Victor Silvester and his Ballroom Orchestra play at the South Parade Pier for a Federation of Master Builders Grand Ball.


21st January The R.A.F. M.E. Command No1 Dance Orchestra with Wendy Wilcox , Frank Fairest.
February 4th Three bands in aid of the Confectioners benevolent fund, including Oscar Rabin At the South Parade Pier.
May 1st Princess Charming Portsmouth Players – Opened on Sat. 1st May and played following week
May 9th Cyril Stapleton and his Orchestra appear at the South Parade Pier.
August 23rd Summer Showtime Derek Roy, Rona Ricrdo, The Melody Maids
August 29th South Parade Pier Cyril Stapleton and his Orchestra
August 30th South Parade Pier Showtime Derek Roy
August South Parade Pier Deck Al Shaw and his Blue Hawaiians
September 5th South Parade Pier Teddy Foster and his Band
September 12th South Parade Pier Robin Richmond and his Organgrinders Swingtette Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight
September 27th The Girlfriend Portsmouth Players – w/c 27.9.1948


January 12th Dancing to Geraldo and his Ballroom Orchestra plus Jan Ralfini and his 18 piece Orchestra at the South Parade Pier for the National Union of Retail Confectioners Annual Ball. Manager at the Pier.
January 21st At the South Parade pier, The Four Aces appear.
April 16th Sunny Portsmouth Players
July 13th Show Time Derek Roy, Rona Ricardo.
August 10th Show Time Derek Roy, Rona Ricardo.
August 11 to 17th Show Time Derek Roy, Rona Ricardo.
August 28th Nat Gonella and his Georgians play on South Parade Pier.
1949 September 2nd/4th Showtime Derek Roy
1949 September 3rd Jacques Valllezand his Savoyards Orchestra on the pier deck
1949 September 4th Teddy Foster and his Orchestra
1949 September 5th The Marita Gypsy Band on the pier deck
September 28th The Arcadians Portsmouth Players – w/c 28.9.1949


April 8th The Belle of New York Portsmouth Players – Opened on Sat. 8th April and played following week.
June 4th Pianists, Rawicz and Landauer appear at the South Parade Pier.
July 9th At the South Parade Pier, Americas famous singing group, The Deep River Boys, sing.
Daily in the Pier Cafe, Cherry Wainer at the Amazing Solovox organ.
September 10th Petula Clark sings on South Parade Pier.
September 25th The Geisha Portsmouth Players – w/c 25.9.1950


February 9th Ivy Benson and her all girl Orchestra, incorporating The Rumbaleros, play at the South Parade Pier.
May 2nd The Vagabond King Portsmouth Players – May 2nd to 12th 1951
July 5th Show Time, Alfred Marks, Jack Jackson
July 12/18 "Showtime" Harry Secombe
1951 August 28th-3rd Septeber Harry Secombe, The Three Monarchs
1951 Aug 30 - Sept 5th Alfred Marks Jack Jackson
1951 September 2nd Morton Fraser Harmonica Rascals, The Four Aces
September 6th/8th Showtime Alfdred Marks, Pamla Kay Gordon Humphries September 9th Big Bill Campbelland his Mountain Music
1951 Sepetember 10th to 12th Showtime, Jack Jackson, Bonar Colleano ASeptember 16th Victor Seaforth, Eugene and his Seenaders. September 17th Chuckles, Bummy Doyle, September 24th Good-Night, Vienna! Portsmouth Players – Sept. 24th to 29th 1951
October 12th The Johnny Dankworth Seven play at the South Parade Pier.
Novemner 15th Graeme Bell and his Australian Band.
November 29th Joe Daniels and his All Star Orchestra.


February 6th 1952 Fry and his Colegians and Reg Banistra and his Orchestra
February 15th Kenny Baker & His Band
May 14th Rose Marie Portsmouth Players May 14th to 24th 1952
June 26th 'Showtime' opens on South Parade Pier with singer Harry Secombe and the Three Monarchs comedy harmonica team.
September 22nd Hit the Deck Portsmouth Players Sept. 22nd to 27th 1952


June 3rd Masquerade, Cyril Fletchwer, Betty Astell. On the Pier deck Davy Jones & his Nautical Orchestra
June 22nd Peter Sellers as the star of 'Showtime' on South Parade Pier.
September 21st Mr Cinders, Portsmouth Players Sept. 21st to 26th 1953


April 16th Good Friday The George Mitchell Glee Club appear at South Parade Pier.
May 10th Veronique May 10th Veronique.
June 3rd Cyril Fletcher and Betty Anstell host the South Parade Pier Summer Show 'Masquerade'.
June 22nd to 24th September, Ring out the Bells, Monsewer Eddie Gray, Jill Gascoine, Arthur English
June 30th (K)Nights of Madness, Arthur English and Monsewer Eddie Gray appear on South Parade Pier (Summer Season).
July 8th Show Time Peter Sellers
September 20th A Country Girl Portsmouth Players Sept. 20th to 25th 1954


March 2nd The Furnishing Trades Benevolent Ball at the South Parade Pier has Victor Sylvester and his Ballroom Orchestra.
April 1st Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra play on South Parade Pier.
May 9th The Quaker Girl Portsmouth Players May 9th to 14th 1955
May 29th Ronnie Aldrich and the Squadronaires Dance Orchestra play on South Parade Pier.
June 17th Eric Delaney
June 24th Talent Show
June 27th You Lucky People, Tommy Trinder. Jack Leon and his Broadcasting Orchestra on the pier deck, Regionad Porter Brown on his wonder organ in the Cafe
July 17th The Eric Delaney Band play on South Parade Pier.
August 14th Humphrey Lyttleton and his Band play on South Parade Pier.


February 15th Sydney Thompson and his Old Tyme Broadcasting Orchestra play on South Parade Pier.
May 14th Danny Kaye makes an appearance at the South Parade Pier.
May 21st The Dancing Years Portsmouth Players May 21st to 26th 1956
June 11th Portsmouth's Audrey Jeans appears at the Theatre Royal with Joan Regan.
Cyril Fletcher appears for two weeks at the South Parade Pier.
June 27th The Tommy Trinder at the South Parade Pier.
September 14th Flanagan and Allen sing on the South parade Pier deck and judge at the beauty contest.
September 17th No, No Nanette! Portsmouth Players Sept. 17th to 22nd 1956


April 19th to September 29th Reginald Porter Brown at the Wonder Organ.
May 11th 1957 Song of Norway Portsmouth Players May 11th to 18th 1957
May 22nd As you like it, The Southsea Shakespear Actors.
May 29th Arms and the man, The Portsmouth and Southsea Arts Theatre>
June 3rd Out of the blue, Ronald Brandon and Dickie Pounds.
June 8th to September 15th Ben Oakley and his Orchestra on the new deck bandstand.
June 17th Comedian Norman Vaughn tops the bill in "Evening Stars" on the South Parade Pier.
June 26th to Sept 14th Reg Dixon and Chesney Allen star in the Summer show on South Parade Pier.
July 7th Mick Mulligan and his Band, with George Melly and Europe’s first lady of Jazz, Neva Raphello, play on South Parade Pier.
September 16th Oklahoma! Portsmouth Players Sept. 16th to 21st Sept. 1957
October 2nd Romeo and Juliet, The Southsea Shakespear Actors.
November 12th Jimmy Shand and his Scottish Dance Band play on South Parade Pier for the Portsmouth Caledonian Society.


May 26th Bless the Bride Portsmouth Players May 26th to 31st 1958
June 23rd Billy Cotton and his Band with Alan Breeze, play on South Parade Pier.
June 30th Audrey Jeans appears at the South Parade Pier with Ted Ray and Marion Ryan.
July 7th Eddie Calvert appears this week at the South Parade Pier.
July 14th Petula Clark, Bernard Miles and Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson appear on South Parade Pier.
July 21st Jimmy Edwards appears on South Parade Pier for the summer season.
September 1st Tommy Steele appears for a week on the South Parade Pier with the Ken-Tones.
September 8th Jimmy Young, Yana, Tommy Reilly and Chic Murray and Maidie appear at the South Parade Pier.
September 15th The Gondoliers Portsmouth Players Sept. 15th to 20th 1958


March 27th to 30th, Donald Thorne at the Wonder Organ
April 27th to October 4th, Donald Thorne at the Wonder Organ
May 5th to 9th, The Merchant of Venice, The Southsea Shakespeare Actors
May 17th Bob Miller and his Millermen play on South Parade Pier.
May 18th Waltz Time Portsmouth Players May 18th to 23rd 1959
May 19th Betty Smith and her Quintet start a residency in the South Parade Pier minor hall.
May 19th to 24th, Portsmouth Players, Waltz Time
June 22nd The Beverley Sisters and Arthur Haynes appear on South Parade Pier.
June 29th Ety Van Veen Duo
July 6th Arthur Askey appears on South Parade Pier.
July 13th Ted Ray appears for a week on South Parade Pier.
July 20th to August 29th Bob Monkhouse and Yana appear.
August 31st Dickie Valentine and Joe Mr Piano Henderson appear for the week on South Parade Pier.
September 7th Jimmy Young, Jon Pertwee and Rawicz and Landauer appear for a week on South Parade Pier.
September 14th to 19th The Girl friend Portsmouth Players


The summer seasons on South Parade Pier began with Irish comedian Dave Allen in Gaytime, followed by Jimmy Edwards, a stage version of Hughie Green’s Double Your Money, Shirley Bassey and the Beverley Sisters with comedian Arthur Haynes.
Acker Bilk appeared at South Parade Pier.
May 23rd Bitter Sweet Portsmouth Players May 23rd to 28th 1960
July 12th for the week, Shirley Bassey.
July 18 the September 10th. Let's Go, Beverley Sister, Arthur Haynes.
July 18th Paul and Peta Page, Roy Byfield Riches
July 24th Sid Phillips and his Band featuring Kay McKinley, on the deck Sonny Farrar His Banjo and Band Show
August 7th Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band.
August 21st Chris Barber's Jazz Band.
September 12th Max Bygraves, Cherry Wainer Ronnie Munro Orchestra
September 19th Mr Cinders Portsmouth Players Sept. 19th to 24th 1960
1960 October 15th Phil Fernando and the Bandits, Bill Thomas and his Tom-cats, The Brand New Cadillacs.


Nat Gonella & his Georgians
The Beverley Sisters appeared for a week on South Parade Pier, followed by Max Bygraves.
Terry Lightfoot’s Jazz Band
Humphrey Lyttleton and Acker Bilk were at the South Parade Pier as was the Billy Cotton Band plus Mark Wynter in a show called “Pickin’ Cotton”.
Ken Colyer Jazz Band
1961 May 11th Alex Welsh and his Dixielanders.
May 22bd Annie Get Your Gun Portsmouth Players May 22nd to 27th 1961
1961 June 8th Jumping for Joy Supersonic Summer Show 1961 June 9th Eric Bernard Orchestra 1961 June 10th Mick Mitchell and his Music
1961 June 11th in the Theatre Terry Lightfoot and his New Orleans Jazzmen, in the Cafe Continental Donald Thorne at the Wonder Hammond Organ
1961 June 12th It's a grand night, Jimmy CliutheroeThe Avons, Felix Bowness
1961 June 10th Terry Lightfoot and his New Orleans Jazzmen.
1961 June 15th Monty Sunshine's Jazz Band.
1961 June 26th Martin Grangers Puppets, Victor Seaforth, Ossie Morris, June and Barry Grantham, Kenny Baker
1961 July 2nd Chris Barber and his Jazz Band.
1961 July 3rd Hughie Green, Clifford Stanton, Harriott and Evans
1961 July 9th Dick Charlesworth and his City Gents.
1961 July 10th Rocky Rendall, Benson Dulay
1961 August 6th Humphrey Littleton and his Band.
1961 August 13th Acker Bilk's Paramount Jazz Band.
1961 August 27th Chris Barber and his Jazz Band.
1961 September 3rd Kenny Ball's Jazzmen.
1961 September 11th Charlie Chester, Frank Davison, Frank Grier
Sweptember 18th The Student Prince Portsmouth Players Sept. 18th to 23rd Sept. 1961


12th February The Boyfriend – Kings Theatre – w/c Feb. 12th 1962 21st May The Desert Song May 21st to 26th 1962 Portsmouth Players director Harold Bennett
Humphrey Lyttleton was at South Parade Pier.
Summer Show with Dickie Henderson, The Countrymen, August attractions included Charlie Chester on South Parade Pier,
mid-August, Acker Bilk was back at South Parade Pier
September, The Mikado, Portsmouth Players director Harold Bennett
Ken Colyer
September 24th The Mikado Portsmouth Players Sept. 24th to 29th 1962


The South Parade Pier’s first summer season of 1963 starred Frankie Howerd with pianist Mrs Mills and vocalist Al Saxon.
Then came Arthur Askey with Mike & Bernie Winters in August and later David Whitfield, comedians Jewel & Warriss, Bert Weedon, Billy Cotton, Kenny Ball and on June 17th Dick Emery, Dennis Spicer and Peter Cavanaugh.
The Fenman were on South Parade Pier
Chris Barber Band appeared on South Parade Pier, which featured a summer season “Minstrel Show” with Mr Pastry.
May 21st The Desert Song Portsmouth Players May 21st to 26th 1962
1963 June 3rd David Whitfield, Alan Field Sonny Roy
1963 June 10th Jewell & Warriss, Joe Piano Henderson
Leslie Collins and his Orchestra on the Pier Deck.
August 17th Show Time with Arthur Askey, Mike and Bernie Winters, Audrey Jeans.
September 23rd Call Me Madam Portsmouth Players Sept. 23rd to 28th 1963 director Harold Bennett
may 1964


1964 May: Artur Askey, Mike & Bernie Winters, Audrey Jeans.
Frank Kelly & the Hunters played at South Parade Pier,
Chris Barber at South Parade Pier,
The Pretty Things,
TV comedians Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd were in the summer show at the South Parade Pier.
the Mojos to South Parade Pier.
1964 September 30th Song of Norway Portsmouth Players Sept. 30th to Oct. 10th 1964 Portsmouth Players director Harold Bennett


The Pretty Things and Dave Dee midweek at South Parade Pier but with a poor attendance.
South Parade Pier presented Old Time Dancing but also the Swinging Blue Jeans,
Pianist Mrs Mills on South Parade Pier.
Chris Barber Band appeared on South Parade Pier, which featured a summer season “Minstrel Show” with Mr Pastry.
“Family entertainer” Acker Bilk was at South Parade Pier,
South Parade Pier had Old Time Sequence Dancing with Fred and Winnie Noakes
1965 May 26th Pirates of Penzance Portsmouth Players May 26th to 5th June 1965 director Harold Bennett
1965 July 1st The New Minstrel Show Richard Hearne, Ken Wi8lson Jerry Bergman.


The South Parade Pier ran a modest summer season of assorted events
Anne Shelton was singing on South Parade Pier.
1966 March 2nd Manfred Mann, Teapots, Sons of man, Klimax
1966 March 11th Landport Liberal Club Dinner, Dance and Cabaret
1966 May 30th The Yeomen of the Guard Portsmouth Players May 30th to 4th June 1966
Summer on South Parade Pier offered the “Fols de Rols” song and laughter show and Acker Bilk in late July with “standing room only”.
Tubby Hayes while Kenny Ball attracted more fans to South Parade Pier


Portsmouth’s College of Technology students were promoting more actively and in mid-January presented Alan Price and the Wrong Direction at South Parade Pier.
Long John Baldry brought his new group Bluesology to South Parade Pier.
The Crusade version of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with future Rolling Stone Mick Taylor, played at South Parade Pier.
Ken Jonnart, Mavis Lane, The Georgians and Frederic Bayco appear


Traffic, Family and Spooky Tooth 17th July 1968
Alan Bown! Fairport Convention and the Idle Race1968
1968 December 18th T Rex, Idle Race, Heaven.


27th January 1969 Free, Blonde on Blonde, Glass Menagerie, Mad Jon Bond and DJ John Peel
The Gun, with the Deviants and Canadian blues band McKenna Mendleson. February 1969
Status Quo, Monday 15 December 1969
February 22nd Tyranasourus Rex, McKenna Mendelson, Pretty Things, Deviants
25th APRIL 1969 Country Joe & the Fish / Eclection / DJ Jeff Dexter,/Explosive Spectrum South Parade Pier
30th APRIL 1969Al Stewart /Alexis Korner / Champion Jack Dupree South Parade Pier
August 13th Wrestling
October 7th Pink Floyd,Glass Menagerie, Trapeze
Al Stewart, Alexis Korner, and Champion Jack Dupree 1969
The Triads (“Scotland's Bachelors”) 1969
Alan Price, Eclection and Shy Limbs 1969
The Bonzos, Idle Race and Heaven November 1969
Uriah Heap Dec 7 (w/ Bullet)
9th DECEMBER 1969 The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band / Idle Race / Heaven South Parade Pier
15th DECEMBER 1969Status Quo South Parade Pier


1970 Feb 14th First Aubrey Small booking
1970 Febrary 24th Chicken Shack, Zoo Money Band, Jody Grind, Herbie Goins and the Nitetimers
1970 Apr 23rd Aubrey Small with East of Eden, Heavy Jelly, Hookfoot.
1970 September 25th Free, If, Amazing Blondel
1970 October 20th Black Sabbath, Argent
1970 November 6th Free
1970 Dec 4th Aubrey Small with Colosseum, Cochise.
1970 December 15th Mott the Hoople, Alan Bown, Bram Stoker


1971 October 5th Van Der Graaf Generator, Chicken Shack
1971 November 2nd Velvet Underground plus Graphite
1971 December 7th Uriah Heep, Bullet
1971 December 21st Genesis


1972 January 15th Groundhogs
1972 February 14th Humble Pie, Hookfoot, Graphite (There was a bomb scare abnd the gig did not go ahead).
1972 March 4th David Bowie, Bridget St John, Whisper
1972 March 10th Genesis
1972 March 17th Jeff Beck
1972 July 2nd Edgar Broughton, Supertramp, Aubrey Small
1972 September 29th Caravan


1973 January 17th Camel, Barclay James Harvest
1973 March 9th Sutherland Brothers & Quiver
1973 October 18th Vinegar Joe, Stary Dogs
1973 November 1st Steeleye Span
1973 November 8th Uriah Heap
1973 November 29th Snafu

June 11th 1974 The Pier burns down


1976 May 3 Boxing, Wayne Evans v Jules Piga, Evans won with a KO




Summer season in the Gaiety Show Bar, Lewis and Payne, Steve Kingsley
Summer season The Gee Dees in the Albert Tavern
Wrestling on Thursdays in the Gaiety Show Bar


Summer season The Gee Dees in the Albert Tavern
Summer season in the Gaiety Show Bar, Bob Webb, Steve Kingsley


Summer season The Gee Dees in the Albert Tavern
Summer season in the Gaiety Show Bar, Bob Webb, Steve Kingsley
26th July 1983 Wrestling, Big Bruno, Prince Kumali
16th August 1983 Wrestling, Johnny Czeslaw, The Wilson Brothers
Johnny Kwango


June 6th Battle of the Bands, incuding Rock Therapy.


1987 March 13th Avengers, Dynamite


July 15th Mickey Morgan
Wednesday 23rd November The Platters plus support


14th April 1989 Ska Extravaganza, Hotknives, Skandal, The Riffs.
Friday 28 April 1989 The Stone Roses
8th July 1989 Ska Festival, Laurel Aitkin, The Looafers, The Potato Five, Hotknives, The Riffs.


Friday 1st August 1989 Wilko Johnson & County Line
Friday 22nd 1989 September Mega City Four (£300)
Friday 20th October 1989 The Macc Lads (75%)
Friday 17th November 1989 Black Roots (£750)


Friady 25th January Wilko Johnson and the Big Town Playboys


1st March 1992 Mega City Four, Midway Still
3rd December 1992 Dr Feelgood, The Gutter Brothers


14th October Blur, Salad


8/8/1995 Supergrass, The Blue Tones, South Parade Pier Southsea


Januay 30th King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys, Otis Grand's Big Band, The Ricardos
11 September, 1999 The Comets at the Gaiety Bar South Parade Pier


Southsea Folk Festival, Friday 31st August - Sunday 2nd September 2001


Southsea Folk & Roots Festival, Monday 26th August - Sunday 1st September 2002


Southsea Folk & Roots Festival, Sunday 24th August - Sunday 31st August 2003
2003 November 4th Kelly Joe Phelps - support by Marcus Bancroft. The genius from Oregon £10
2003 November 6th Pete Harris Band - great band from Southampton £6
2003 November 13th Aynsley Lister Band - a Bullfrog favourite! £8
2003 November 17th Eric Bibb support by Amy Wadge - absolute top U.S blues man with his band £12.50
2003 November 20th B11166 Katz Band - superb blues band from Chicago £8
2003 November 27th White Knuckle Blues Band - Steve P Roux and the boys! £5
2003 November 9th Muffin Men With Jimmy Carl Black - the best Zappa tribute band £8
2003 Dec 1st Dervis - World class trad Irish band £11


2004 FEB 28 Crazy Cavanand the Rhythm Rockers, The Rim Shots, The Skyrockers, Linda Gail Lewis
2004 June 13th The Country Joe Band plus Chas and Dave.
South Parade Pier Southsea Folk Festival, Thursday 25th August - Monday 29th August 2004
2004 November 4th Mick Pini - Hard hitting guitarist and his band - First time here at the Frog
2004 November 7th Francis Black - Chart topping Irish vocalist (“A Woman’s Heart” and many more) on a rare U.K visit. Support by Amalthea. Doors open 7.30pm £10
2004 November 11th Pete Harris Blues Band – Fine Southampton based blues band, endorsed by Mojo Buford!
2004 November 18th Ian Parker Band - One of the greatest blues guitarists around
2004 November 25th Harry Skinner Blues Band – Harry from The Producers is back!
2004 December 1st Budgie - The return of classic influential British heavy metal outfit, formed in 1967. Support by Firegarden. Doors open 8pm tks £10 now!
2004 December 2nd Mo Indigo Sons Of The Delta — Great double header
2004 December 7th The Dylan Project – Fairport Convention’s Gerry Conway, Simon Nicol & Dave Pegg with PJ Wright & Steve Gibbons present an exhilarating tribute to Bob Dylan.Support from Mark Sutcliffe. Doors open 8pm tks £12.50 on sale now.
2004 December 9th Del Bromham — rare solo gig from the guitarist from Stray
2004 December 14th The Tubes


South Parade Pier Southsea Folk Festival, Friday 31st August - Sunday 2nd September 2005
2005 January 6th Backwater R011 - Superb harmonica driven blues band
2005 January 13th Jive Aces - Dancing shoes a must night blues band
2005 January 20th Spikedrivers – Top class U.S ' Band - Hard rockin’ blues
2005 January 27th Larry Miller a from Larry & the boys
2005 February 3rd Mike Sanchez - A solo gig from the keyboard maestro
2005 February 10th Robin Bibi Band - Awesome guitarist with his band
2005 February 9th February Gutter reunion gig for this fabulous band


South Parade Pier Southsea Folk Festival, Friday 25th August - Monday 28th August 2006


2007 January 28th The Good, The Bad & the Queen, Indigo Moss, Benny BellIgor, Emmi.
South Parade Pier Southsea Folk Festival, Friday 24th August - Monday 27th August 2007


South Parade Pier Southsea Folk Festival, Friday 22nd August - Sunday 25th August 2008


South Parade Pier Southsea Folk Festival, Friday 28th August - Monday 31st August 2009


2010 June 3rd Rory Ellis


2017 October 28th The Gaiety Bar The Bootlegs 9:00pm 2017 November 4th The Gaiety Bar The Estelles 9:00pm
2017 November 25th The Gaiety Bar, Brock Landers and The Estelles 6:30pm
2017 December 2nd The Gaiety Bar, Lauren & The Heatwaves 9:00pm
2017 December 31st Kojak's Revenge 7:00pm

Braodcasts from South Parade Pier

6BM Bournemouth 12 June 1924 20.30 THE " MOONFOLK " VAUDEVILLE COMPANY.
Concert by Relayed from the South Parade Pier, Southsea.

6BM Bournemouth 13 July 1924 15.00 THE BAND OF H.M. 17TH/21ST ROYAL LANCERS
and DOROTHY ROBSON (Soprano). Relayed from the South Parade Pier, Southsea.

DAN JONES (Tenor). Relayed from the South Parade Pier, Southsea.

6BM Bournemouth 5 July 1925 15.00 BAND OF 2ND BATT. THE HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT.
WINIFRED THOMAS (Mezzo Contralto). Relayed from the South Parade Pier, Southsea.

6BM Bournemouth 23 August 1925 15.00 BAND OF THE 14 20TH HUSSARS.
CECILIA WESSELS (Contralto). Relayed from the South Parade Pier, Southsea.

6BM Bournemouth 11 October 1925 15.00 BAND OF THE ROYAL ARTILLERY.
DOROTHY COLSTON (Contralto). Relayed from the South Parade Pier, Southsea.

6BM Bournemouth 1 November 1925 15.00 THE CELESTE OCTET.
DAVID OPENSHAW (Baritone). Relayed from the South Parade Pier, Southsea.

6BM Bournemouth 15 November 1925 15.00 THE BAND OF THE ROYAL ARTILLERY (Portsmouth).
CYRUS GARSIDE (Baritone). Relayed from the South Parade Pier, Southsea.

National Programme Daventry 24 August 1939 14.00 THE BAND OF HISMAJESTY'S ROYAL MARINES (Portsmouth Division)
(by permission of Brigadier T. L. Hunton , M.V.O., O.B.E.) Conducted by Lieut. F. Vivian Dunn , M.V.O., Director of Music, Royal Marines from the South Parade Pier, Southsea (Soloist, L/Cpl. R. F. LUCAS> )

Light Programme 28 February 1946 23.00 PORTSMOUTH CITY POLICE BALL
Geraldo and his Orchestra and Singers. From the South Parade Pier Ballroom, Southsea. Sometime during the ball there will be a flash over to a police car on patrol duty somewhere in Portsmouth

Light Programme 21 August 1946 19.30 'SUMMER SHOW
Excerpt from ' Show-Time,' presented by Bernard Delfont and produced by Frank P. Adey Cast includes Peter Cavanagh. Jack Farr , Sheila Lawrence. Michael Cole , Hermine French, Raymond Waters. Gordon Norville , Barney Powell. Joe Ritchie , the McLaren Dancers, the Four Melody Maids, the Four Serenaders. Orchestra under the direction of Philip Crook. Introduced by Brian Johnston. From the South Parade Pier. Southsea

Light Programme 8 September 1949 18.30 CONCERT PARTY ' Show- Time '
Presented by Bernard Delfont Cast includes: Derek Roy Peggy Shea Charles Stephen Rona Ricardo Hilda Dixon Paul Sherridan Cyril Tyler Edwards and Dare Orchestra directed by Stanley Passenger Produced by Frank P. Adey Introduced by John Ellison From the South Parade Pier. Southsea

Light Programme 6 August 1955 15.15 JACK LEON
and his Orchestra From the South Parade Pier, Southsea

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