Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

Pleasurama days
Neros, Club Tiberius, Honky Tonk Bar, Joanna's and Granny's

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Savoy Ballroom/Neros ---- CLICK HERE
Festival Bar/Honky Tonk Bar. ---- CLICK HERE
Crystal Lounge/Joanna's. ---- CLICK HERE
The Aquarium/Club Tiberius. ---- CLICK HERE
The Tricorn Club/Granny's. ---- CLICK HERE

The 2012 Pleasurama Southsea Re-union Friday 7th September 2012, at the Jolly Sailor, Southsea CLICK HERE

The 2013 Pleasurama Southsea Re-union Friday 11th October 2013, at the Jolly Sailor, Southsea CLICK HERE

The Pleasurama Complex, Southsea was on the seafront at Southsea facing the sea, opposite the South Parade Pier. The Savoy end of the building was firstly built in the late 1920's on the site of the Southsea Coast Guard Station. The Royal Beach Hotel end of the block, was built around 1908 as a residentiual property called Pier Mansions.

In the 1930's the Savoy Cafe was full of tables for customes with probably a small palm court orchestra playing at busy times. During the Second World War, the Savoy Cafe was a hostel for servicemen, and there was no dancing. On the 19th January 1946, the Evening NEWS reported, that it had been acquired by Billy Butlin. The Svaoy Cafe became the Savoy Ballroom. It's presumed he bought the whole block? together with the Kimbels Ballroom building in Osborne Road, Southsea. Around 1953/4 the new owners were local man Harry Pearl, and Londoner Barney Shine. About 1973 Pleasurama took control of the block, incorporating the Savoy Ballroom, the aquarium beneath, plus gift shops. The Cellar, ground and first floors of the Pier Mansion were converted to the Festival Bar and the Crystal Lounge. Higher floor remained residential.

The Savoy was later renamed Neros, followed by Fifth Avenue and then Time and Envy. In 1974 the Festival Bar was renamed The Honky Tonk Bar and abouth this time The Crytal Lounge became Joanna's. Pleasurama ran a number of sites around the UK and abroad, units that included Dolphinariums, and Fun Fair parks and live music venues. Neros and the Honky Tonk Southsea were two such venues.
During the 1970's the former Tricorn Club was aquired and renamed Granny's.

In 1979 the Pleasurama Group consisted of:-
Manhattan Ramsgate, Pleasurama Broadstairs, Stardust Ramsgate, Amusement Park Ramsgate , BINGO,
Pleasurama Bingo Club Ramsgate,
Tiberius Sheffield, Tiberius Bristol, Tiberius Blackpool, Tiberius Ramsgate, Tiberius Newcastle, Tiberius Southsea, Tiberius Southampton, Soames Manchester, Sergeant Yorke Manchester, Sergeant Yorke Brighton,
Joanna's Glasgow, Joanna's Gillingham, Honky Tonk Southsea, Joanna's Southsea, Nero's Ramsgate, The Club Ramsgate, Nero's Southsea, Granny's Portsmouth,
Ritz Casino Mayfair London, Casanova Club Mayfair London,
Fantasyland Ibiza, Marineland Mallorca, African Lion Safari Sydney, Australia, Paradise Gardens Cattai, Australia,
Hove Sporting Club Casino Hove.

In 1989, Mecca Leisure Group acquired Pleasurama Plc.
In 1990, the Rank Organisation made an offer of 512m to acquire Mecca Leisure Group, which was initially rejected, and then accepted two months later.

complex 552164

Other Pleasurama photographs

stan1 trio leo

Stan Stokes, The Geoff Davis Band, Leo Leeson

russellspowart2 mike allison butler1

Russell Spowart, manager Honky Tonk Bar ----------- Mike Allison ----------------------- Clive Butler


The DJ's

kevbob merrickaaa
chrisaaa robertaaa
steve porter1 steve porter2

Steve Porter at Neros , and now in his daytime job!

I have very fond memories of Pleasurama and loved my time at Nero's.
I was there from around late 73 early 74 to probably 76. Pete Cross and Merrick were the main guys. I was doing a request show called Cloud Nine on PHB hospital radio The famous Nero's underfloor lights were partly done by hand hitting buttons on a control box in those pre computer days.
Thursday night was girls night out, Friday the guys turned up and Saturdays were more couple nights. Again seems crazy now but we'd play stuff like the Conga and have hundreds of people conga-ing even out of the club and back in again. We used to do games too and we had live bands. So different from a club now! Pete was famous for playing Run Rabbit Run!
I really loved every minute of Nero's and look back fondly on that time. I also did a very occasional gig in Joanna's otherwise known as the Royal Navy School of Dancing! And a couple of guest appearances at the Tricorn. My day job then was a journalist for the Portsmouth News and for around three to four years I wrote the pop page interviewing loads of the top names of that time such as Eric Clapton 10 C.C. Barry White Marc Bolan and even artists like Vera Lynn and Nat Gonella.
Today as a pilot I fly the new Boeing 787 for Virgin Atlantic and been with Virgin 23 years. Flown the Airbus 340, Boeing 747 Classic, DC-10, Boeing 757 and 767, BAC 1-11 and the Vickers Viscount.

Other DeeJays;-
Dave Burton, Kev Spencer, Chris Warren, Steve Campion, Ray Andrews, Pete Mitchell, Graham Star, Malcolm Drew, Mike Jay, Dave Christie.

I mention here a few names of staff, in the hope they may do a Google search and find this page.
I would be very happy to hear from anyone who worked at any of the Portsmouth and Southsea Pleasurama night spots.
You never know, we might even arrange a re-union???? anyone interested? cheers Mick.

Management;- Eddie Thomas, Mike Allison, Clive Butler, Alan Goodenough, Richard 'Leo' Leeson, Richard Podger,
Russell Spowart, Terry Smith, David Lloyd, Richard Lacey, Barbara 'Bobby' Mitchell, Joe Soggiu, Paul Malec, Carol Martin,
Richard Garrard, Stan Stoakes, John Mak, Roger Quinn, Peter N Donegal, Brian Reilly, David Osborne, Mike Pilley, Paul Drake.

Other vitally essential people! in alpha order;-

Ray Abinetti,
Mick Abrahams,
George Akash,
Carolyn Alpine,
Mike Ambrose,
Dave Anson,
Bernard Antoinet,
Audrey Arnett,
Joanna Back,
Paul Barclay,
Chris Bareford,
Pete Bareford,
Bill Beasley,
Ian Beattie,
Vivian Beckett,
Tony Bendon,
Ken(Mr tight shirt)Benjamin,
Dave Beresfored,
John Binks,
Geoff Blaber,
Dave Blackmore,
Ian Blackwell,
Nigel Blanks,
Terry Bogg,
Andy Boss,
Mick Bourne,
Rosalie Bracegirdle,
Louise "loops" Bradshaw,
Sarah Brady,
Linda Brown,
Ingrid Brooker,
Derek Brooks,
Simon Bruce,
Leander Brant,
Mike Budden,
Cherie Bullard
Teresa Bullard,
Bill Burder,
Dave Butterfield,
John Butterworth,
Brian Byatt,
Trish Cain,
Terry Caister,
Kerry Carnall,
Claudia Carr,
Sally Carter,
Tracey Carter,
Roger Cave,
Bill Charlton,
Dave Clark,
Tracy Clarke,
Val Clarke,
Tony Clapson,
Pixie Clapson,
Richard Cleele,
Tony Clements,
Vanessa Coates,
Annie Cole,
Peter Coles,
Jaqui Cook,
Pamela Cook,
Michael 'Chalky' Cooper,
Nina Cooper,
Peter Court,
Graham Crosbie,
Stephanie Cullis Brindley,
Sue Cummings,
Patrick Cunningham,
Martin Cutter,
Eve Daniels,
Melvin 'Bunny' Danks,
Sonia Danks,
Gary Davy,
Diane Dixon,
Paul Donaghue,
Heidi Drake,
Malcolm Drew,
Steve Ducker,
Roland Duke,
Richard Dunford,
Simon Dunsford,
Wayne Edwards,
Maria Eldridge,
Bernie Elfie,
Lynne Ellis,
Pete Essery,
Sean Fawley,
Paul Francis,
Suzzane French,
June Fry,
Yvonne Fulcher,
Len Furnham,
Richard Garrad,
Harry Gifford,
Tony Gilbertson,

Kim Goble,
Janett Godenu,
Eric(the ghost)Godfrey,
Linda Golding,
Catherine Gordon,
Jan Green,
Larry Green,
Wayne Green,
John Greenham,
Viv Gregson,
Michael Gumbrell,
Lucy Hansford,
Carly Hanvey,
Jess Harper,
John Harris,
Nige Haybrittle (RN),
James Herboldt,
Ray Harwood,
Tom Hatton,
Kaarina Hedges,
Bruce Heffer,
Colin Hewitt,
Darryn Hewitt,
Grace Hewitt,
Emma 'Smudge' Hodgkins,
Phil Holman,
Diane Holmes,
Margaret Honey,
Mick Howe,
Gary Hume,
Tony Hunter,
Blondie Hurst,
Tony Jack,
Steve Jacobs,
Catherine Jarman,
Teresa Jarman,
John Jenner,
Lee Jennings,
Lindsay Jennings,
Maurice Johnson,
Graeme Jones,
Ken Jones,
Marion Jones,
Valerie Jones,
Doug Kane,
Roisin Keogh,
Keith Kewell,
Penny Kingston,
Trevor Kinsman,
Sally-Anne Knight,
Jo Lavery,
Tony Lelliott,
Paul Light,
Christine Lindridge,
Wally Link,
Tracy Lovegrove,
Sam Luckhurst,
Graham Lynch,
Jan Malec,
Tracy Mackee,
Diana Manville,
Carol Martin,
Wendy McClay, Patrick McDonald,
Mike McGlead,
Roger McMurray,
Sylvia McMurray,
Karen Magee,
Sue Manout(Hughes),
Charlie Masiah,
Pete Maxwell,
Claire (Pud) Maynard,
Paul Meaker,
Teresa Meeker,
Joanne Mills,
James Milne,
Patsy (Loo) Moore,
Terri Moore,
Mick Morris,
Colin Morrison,
Hussain Mortazavi,
Rob Moth,
Steve Moulton,
Gail Mulford,
Dermott Murphy,
Noel Murphy,
Chris Murray,
Dennis Murray,
Jimmy Nugent,
Andy New,
Sue Newington,
Jill Newnham,
Geoff Noakes,
Cherry Norris,
Asa O'Connor,
Chris O'Connor,
Caroline O'Hagan,
Maggie O'Hare,
Gez O'Shaughnessy,

Candy Offer,
Sue Olford,
Jenny Oram
Orsa, the swedish one,
David Osbourne,
Richard Parez,
Sue Parham,
Daniel Parish,
David Parker,
Donna Parker,
Richard Parez,
Andy Paton,
Derek "Kojak"Payne,
Sarah Pearce,
Keith Peat,
Miguel Perigrin,
Caroline Petty,
Lorraine Philpot,
Colin Phipps,
Mick Picton,
Mike Pilley,
Debbie Pink,
Nigel Plunkett,
Michael Polites,
Carl Pomeroy,
Ron Ponsford,
Lesley Potter,
Nick Pratt,
Roger Prior,
Adrian Quinn,
Roger Quinn,
Ned Rawlings,
Pauline Reece,
Brian Reilly,
Jeff Renshaw,
Pauline Renshaw,
Paul Reynolds,
Stu Richards,
Helen Robinson,
Kath Robinson,
Ray Rolfe,
Mick Rowe,
Jane Russell,
Aly Salmon,
Louise Salmon,
Lynne Salmon,
Kevin Scardfield,
Alison Scerrie,
Jade Shelley,
Mike Short,
Tony Sinclair,
Pete Skinner,
David Slama,
Stephen Chopper Smallbone,
Janine Smedley,
Graham Smith,
Juliet T Smith,
Steve Sparrow,
Janet Stanford,
Suzanne Stockley,
Vyv Stott,
Steve Swayles,
Bill Swinfield,
Graham Sykes,
Hazel Tanner,
Anita Taylor,
Patsy Taylor,
Peter Taylor,
Steve Taylor,
Mitzi Thomas,
Jane Tomsett,
Simon Tomsett,
Doug Triccas,
Lisa Triggs,
Sharon Turnbull,
Dave Breen Turner,
Geogia Turner,
Neil Turner.
Jack Tutt,
Giuliano Vincenzo,
Carli Hanvey-Walklet,
Stuart Warwick,
Colin Weaver,
Bonnie West,
Wendy Weston,
Paul Wickland,
Jill Wilkinson,
Fred Willis,
Brian Wilson,
Chris Wilson,
Colin Wilson,
John Wilson,
Patsy Wood,
Tim Wood,
Tony Worrall,
David Wyllie,
Mike Yeganeh
Peter Yeung,

Entertainers;- Geoff Davis, Mick Coper, Jim Armstroing, Dave Knight Chris Lowe, Mike King, Fred Illingworth, Malcolm 'Nobby' Glover.

Who have I missed?

Contact Mick at,... email: cooper_m6@sky.com



- Juliano in 1983? on the Pier, on You Tube. -

- The Plesurama building on You Tube in the 1980's. -

- Joanna's on fire, on You Tube. -

The 2012 Pleasurama Southsea Re-union
was on Friday 7th September 2012,
at the Jolly Sailor, Southsea

Photographs of the night. ---- CLICK HERE


Heather Emery, Mick fantastic night was great meeting up with old friends talking about old times and yes defiantly need 2 do it all again for those who could not make it well done great times xx


Paul Gunter, A great night. It was good to catch up with some old faces. Here's to the next one :-) Ray you must have done a lot of head scratching !!! And it was a great night. Looking forward to the next one lol

Ray Andrews, cant you tell i scratched my hair off lol

Paul Gunter, Ray that was the joke lol. Good to see you.

Steve Moulton, Put mr down for the next one!

Paul Gunter, Steve Leo is having a jo's one for the 29th ok

Steve Moulton, Works for me! Where is it being held?

Paul Gunter, Jolly Sailor !! Lol. It will be posted and I believe heather is going too.

Ray Andrews im coming to the next one

Heather Emery, I am x

Maggie (O'Hare) Spyropoulos, Was a brilliant evening......saw old friends and colleagues from 20-35 years ago......when's the next one?????

Ross McInally, Great crowd great night, thanks Malcolm for taking us back in time with the music, lovely to see the faces from back then, some immediately recognisable and some a bit trickier.

Paul Gunter, A great night. It was good to catch up with some old faces. Here's to the next one :-)

Sue Allison, yes yes yes, another one

Malcolm Drew, Well done Mick for organising such a great event, you put a lot of effort in, and it was good to be part of it. I'm up for next year.

Petra-Mai Davis, Good idea Mike, hopefully Dad will be able to make that one. he only finished his anti-biotics after a 5 month course last week so should be back to himself soon

Nigel Blanks, It was a great evening & nice to see so many "old faces" many thanks for organising it. Another one next year would be wonderful, especially as there were quite a few who were unable to attend last night.

Steve Ducker, hi Mick, on behalf of the Tibs Staff thanks for organising the reunion. It was a brilliant night with over 30 of us there some like me meeting up with friends i have not seen for 20 years. lets do it again next year cheers all it was good to you all. Steve

Ross McInally, Great crowd great night, thanks Malcolm for taking us back in time with the music, lovely to see the faces from back then, some immediately recognisable and some a bit trickier.

582200 dave 398877

Other Pleasurama photographs


Hazel, Tony and Lorraine


Val, George and Lorraine


Mike Allison, Lorraine, Mickey Ambrose, Sue Parham


Ivy Pilling, ? Cocking, ? from Tibs
George, Mike Pilley, Frank(Tibs)
Christine Cocking
Lorraine, Julian


Clive Butler, Lorraine and George


Doug Treagus, Lorraine, Tibs doorman,
Sue, ? on the right, ?above


Hazel, Chinese David and Lorraine


June, Goerge, ?
Sue, Hazel, and Lorraine


Hazel and Lorraine and two Americans


Lorraine and Lyn, with Mike Jay in Neros DJ desk


Lorraine and Merrick


Jess Harper, Jimmy Nugent, Lorraine and Bill


Colin and Lorraine

lor13 lor15 lor16

The 2008 gathering, when the company ended

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