Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

Club Tiberius, Southsea


14th September 1956

The Club Tiberius Casiono was situated in the cellar area below Neros. There is one note in the Portsmouth Evening News dated May 5th 1956 "In the Savoy Ballroom building, the Southsea Aquarium has a new monkey section, plus Sylvia and her almost human chimpanzees." For several summer season around this time, this area was given over to an aquarium that was open to the puiblic.

Then for a time this part of the building was a Penny Arcade, with many slot machines.
But that was changed when Pleasurama took over the building and this area became Club Tiberius

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Terry Smith in the back, jeff Blaber and John and even Gloria, Pauleen Reece and Mary Lynch
shared a flat in London Mike Allison in the suit also Patricia Tegg, Richard, Jane, Gloria,Terry, Roland (RIP),
Ron, Tony, ?, Roger, Pauline,Debbie, Lyn, Patsy, Caroline, Joanne, Cherry, Mike, Geoff, John, Razo, Nan, and Dave the barman.


From the left is Mike McGlead,???, Steve Taylor at the back, Tony Worrall in front of him, Gary Hume,
Larry Green (at the back with glasses), Carl Pomeroy(1st chef),??? 2nd chef on end, R/L Middle row, Noel Murphy,
Patrick Cunningham, Wayne Edwards, Front row R/L,???, Ingrid Brooker, Kim Goble, Tracey Carter, Claire (Pud) Maynard.

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Photos now thanks to Catherine Gordon


Tony xx Jax and Patrick at Tiberius Casino.


Jax and Malcolm at Tiberius Casino.


Teresa xx Sue, Jax, Alison, Catherine, Gary, Neil, Mark, Teresa and Jane at Tiberius Casino.


Jane, Ingrid, Jax, Nigel (Squirrel Paws), Sue? and Lyn at Tiberius Casino.


Hallowe'en (no really!) Jane, Jax and Teresa at Tiberius Casino.

On a night out in Peggy Sues


Ian, James and Geraldine

tibs2 tibs2

Jane, billy and jacks also Tony and Geraldine

tibs2 tibs2

Anna Lisa and Geraldine

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