Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
A to Z of known gigs

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Naval School of Medicine Gosport

2004 August 21st Mickey Morgan

The Nell Gwynne, Portsmouth,

2013 July 15th Kamaro, David Jones>
2013 July 17th Ben Brookes, The Royal Shades, Half Light

2014 March 22nd REACTOR 1

2016 December 17th Let me be Frank 8:00pm
,p> 2017 December 23rd The Underdogs 9:00pm

Nelsons Bar, Southsea

2016 Nov 25th Mayes 8:30pm

2017 February 4th Mitchell 8:30pm
2017 February 25th SoulPatch 9:00pm
2017 March 3rd Dave Barrett 9:00pm
2017 March 4th Mitchell 8:30pm
2017 March 24th SoulPatch 9:00pm
2017 April 7th Dave Barrett 9:00pm
2017 April 15th Mitchell 8:30pm
2017 April 21st The Underdogs 9:00pm
2017 April 28th SoulPatch 9:00pm
2017 May 6th, Shenanigans 9:00pm
2017 June 2nd SoulPatch 9:00pm
2017 June 10th Mitchell 8:30pm
2017 July 22nd SoulPatch 9:00pm
2017 August 11th Brent Hutchinson 9:30pm
2017 August 18th Louise 9:00pm
2017 August 20th SoulPatch
2017 September 8th SoulPatch
2017 October 10th SoulPatch
2017 October 14th Dead Crow Road 9:00pm
2017 October 15th Brent Hutchinson 3:00pm
2017 October 27th SoulPatch
2017 November 5th One 4 The Road 3:00pm
2017 November 24th SoulPatch
2017 December 22nd SoulPatch
2017 December 26th SoulPatch
2018 January 27th SoulPatch
2018 February 24th SoulPatch
2018 March 17th SoulPatch
2018 April 14th SoulPatch
2018 May 19th SoulPatch
2018 June 17th SoulPatch
2018 June 30th SoulPatch
2018 July 28th SoulPatch
2018 August 25th SoulPatch
2018 September 29th SoulPatch
2018 October 27th SoulPatch
2017 November 11th Brent Hutchinson 3:00pm
2017 November 19th Kim G 3:00pm
2018 November 24th SoulPatch
2017 December 1st Sarah Saville 9:30pm
2017 December 2nd Brent Hutchinson 9:30pm
2017 December 10th Terry Carvey 3:00pm
2017 December 26th SoulPatch 4:00pm Brent Hutchinson 9:00pm

New Inn, Gosport

2012 June 15th Spirit
2012 June 16th If six were nine
2012 June 17th, Dave Barrett
2012 June 22nd Franky Lewis Band
2012 June 23rd Roosters
2012 June 24th Shenanigans
2012 June 29th Hair of the dog
2012 June 30th Dr Blu
2012 Juy 6th Asylum Seekers
2012 July 7th The Crush
2012 July 8th Joe Butt plus Lacey Love
2012 July 13th Smalltown
2012 July 15th Double Barrel
2012 August 17th SPIRIT
2012 August 18th ONE FRET AWAY
2012 August 19th CHANGES 5PM
2012 August 24th LIFE O RILEY
2012 August 25th OFFBEAT OFFENSIVE
2012 August 26th SEDGE 5PM
2012 August 31st FRANKY LEWIS BAND
2012 September 2nd TEAPOT JUNKIES
2012 September 7th BONE IDLE
2012 September 8th BEAUTIFUL LIARS
2012 September 9th DOUBLE BARREL 5PM
2012 September 14th DR BLU
2012 September 15th FIVE ACROSSS
2012 September 16th KIT BRADSHAW 5PM

2016 December 9th The Estelle's 8:30pm

2017 February 18th Stuart Madgwick 8:30pm
2017 March 10th The Estelle's 8:30pm
2017 March 31st Danny Pelt 9:00pm
2017 April 21st Double Barrel 9:00pm
2017 May 20th Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm
2017 June 30th Double Barrel 9:00pm
2017 July 28th Fat Kat 9:00pm
2017 October 20th Danny Pelt 9:00pm
2017 November 3rd Helena Mace 8:30pm
2017 November 11th Stuart Madgwick 8:30pm
2017 December 15th The Estelles 8:30pm
2017 December 29th Stuart Madgwick 8:30pm

The New Inn Drayton

1998 June 26th Reflex

Nimrod Community Centre, Gosport

2017 February 17th Roy Peplow 7:00pm

Northney Marina, Hayling Island

1998 June 3rd Stan Bennett & Jo Baker
1998 June 5th Smooth Hands
1998 June 9th Stan Bennett & Jo Baker
1998 June 12th Smooth Hands
1998 June 17th Stan Bennett & Jo Baker
1998 June 29th Stan Bennett & Jo Baker

North Boarhunt Memorial Hall

2003 February 3rd Forest Folk
2003 February 17th Forest Folk, John Spiers and Jon Boden (Folk)
2003 February 21st The White Knuckle Blues Band (Blues) 3

2017 December 15th Teed Up 8:30pm

North Boarhunt Village Hall & Social Club, North Boarhunt

2017 October 20th Davide Sittinieri band 9:00pm
2017 November 17th Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges 9:00pm

Northcote Hotel Southsea

2017 June 24th M27s

The North Star Gosport

1992 February 29th Dog House Big Band
1992 March 7th Rhinomen
1992 March 14th Superfly
1992 March 21st Panama Grin
1992 March 28th Sporting Life
1992 April 4th Purple Monkey

The Nuffield Centre Portsmouth

1987 March 13th The Waite/Wickens Trio
1987 March 19th Parisian Swing
1987 March 20th The Freddy Woods Quintet
1987 March 27th Scrapple
1987 April 3rd The Pheonox Jazz Band

1997 August 9th Mickey Morgan

1998 June 6th Mickey Morgan

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