Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
A to Z of known gigs

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Madelines Gosport

1996 Aug 4th Skratch
1996 Aug 11th Brief Encounter
1996 September 29th Breif Encounter
1996 October 6th Inside Story
1996 October 13th Reflex
1996 October 20th Get Smart
1996 October 27th Breif Encounter
1996 November 3rd Skratch
1996 November 10th Reflex
1996 November 17th Flip Top
1996 November 24th Brief Encounter
1996 December 1st Get Smart
1996 December 5th Fowowe
1996 December 8th Inside Story
1996 December 12th Blond Noise
1996 December The Giant Colas
1996 December 19th Montage
1996 December 22nd Reflex
1996 December 24th Inside Story
1996 December 31st Reflex

1997 January 9TH Brasstacks
1997 January 12th Blue Funk
1997 January 16th So What
1997 January 19th Inside Story
1997 January 23rd Back to Back
1997 January 26th The Giant Colas

1997 February 2nd Sahara
1997 February 9th Brief Encounter
1997 February 16th Double Deuce
1997 February 21st Reflex
1997 March 30th Blue Funk
1997 April 6th The Next Big Thing
1997 April 13th Gentlemens' Agreement
1997 April 20th The Inmates
1997 April 27th I Dunno
1997 May 4th Inside Story
1997 May 11th Crowded Trousers
1997 May 18th Giant Colas
1997 May 25th Numb and Number
1997 June 1st Brief Encounter
1997 June 1st Brief Encounter
1997 June 8th Double Deuce
1997 June 15th Blu Funk
1997 June 22nd One Nation
1997 June 29th Inside Story
1997 July 6th Crowded Trousers
1997 November 2nd Sorted
1997 November 9th Blu Funk
1997 November 16th I Dunno
1997 November 23rd Big in Japan
1997 November 30th Flip Top

1998 June 7th Sorted
1998 June 14th Numb & Nummer
1998 June 21st Talking sheep
1998 June 28th Gentleman's Agreement
1998 December 6th Sorted

1999 February 7th Chorus
1999 February 14th Inside Story
1999 February 21st Big in Japan
1999 February 28th Double Deuce
1999 May 2nd Splitz
1999 May 9th Next Big Thing
1999 May 16th Montage
1999 May 23rd Pulse
1999 May 29th Charm
1999 October 3rd Double Deuce
1999 October 10th Gentlcmans Agreement
1999 October 17th I Dunno
1999 October 24th Flip Top
1999 October 31st Legend
1999 December 5th Double Deuce
1999 December 12th Flip Top
1999 December 19th Re?ection »

2000 February 6th Shack
2000 February 13th Legend
2000 February 20th Double Deuce


2011 February 26th Hair of the dog

Manor Court School Drayton

1967 May 26th Sounds Incorporated, Chances 'R'
1968 December 13th Harlem Speakeasy
1969 February 21st Heaven
1969 July 4th Heaven

Marconi Social Club Waterlooville

1988 January 7th Mickey Morgan
1990 January 13th Mickey Morgan

Marie La Bionne Hall Swan Street Southsea

1904 Ocxtober19th Grand Eveneing Concert, Clarion Temperance Choral Society, Miss Kate Washburn soprano, Miss Lottie Hore contralto, Miss Lilian Hine cellist, Mr Charles Wassell baritone.

Mariners Bistro, Hayling Island

1999 December 31st Big Jim Sullivan & Duncan McKenzie

Marmion Tavern

1996 December 13th Natural High

2013 August 25th SARAH SAVILLE

2017 November 17th Andy Muscat 9:00pm

The Marriott Hotel, Portsmouth

1998 December 31st Mickey Morgan

2014 29th November 29th Damian Lodrick

Masonic Hall Fareham

1989 Feb 18th Roy & Mo

1991 Jan 13th Roy & Mo
1991 February 23rd Roy and Mo
1991 May 11th Eriador
1991 June 15th Minerva
1991 July 15th Gray Brothers
1991 September 21st Good Tradition
1991 November 16thTandem
1991 December 31st Minervarva

2006 May 26th Mickey Morgan

2007 May 26th Mickey Morgan

2008 May 24th Mickey Morgan

Masonic Hall, Gosport

1987 October 24th Roy and Mo

1988 October 15th Roy and Mo
2004 January 30th Mickey Morgan

2006 November 10th Mickey Morgan

2008 February 9th Mickey Morgan


2017 March 25th The Startled Monkeys 7:30pm (Fundraiser)

Masonic Hall Horndean

1995 December 9th Mickey Morgan

Masonic Hall Guildhall Walk Portsmouth

1995 December 11th Mickey Morgan

1996 December 13th Mickey Morgan

Masonic Lake Road Portsmouth

1990 November 17th Mickey Morgan

Mayfair Snooker Club, Gosport

2017 July 1st Fat Kat 9:00pm
2017 September 23rd Fat Kat 9:00pm
2017 December 22nd Fat Kat 9:00pm

Maylings Manor Hotel Fareham

1996 January 9th Mickey Morgan
1996 March 23rd Mickey Morgan
1996 July 25th Mickey Morgan
1996 December 3rd Mickey Morgan
1997 April 1st Mickey Morgan
1998 April 15th Mickey Morgan
1998 May 9th Mickey Morgan

Maypole Hayling Island

1997 November 11th Richard Wood Band
1997 November 17th Deaf Shepherd

2017 May 1st Timeless 2:00pm

McCoys Portsea

1999 October 2nd Nikki Lawrence

Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club, Hayling Island

2017 December 31st Boston Rag 9:00pm

Melvilles Bar Southsea

1990 January 27th Mickey Morgan

1991 January 26th Mickey Morgan

1992 January 25th Mickey Morgan

1994 June 5th Mickey Morgan

Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club Hayling

1991 July 13th Mickey Morgan

Merchistoun Hall Horndean

1997 May 31st Panhandle Conspiracy
1`997 November 8th The Crooners

The Mermaid, Portsmouth,

2016 Nov 26th The Great Sultans 8:00pm
2016 December 10th SoulPatch 9:00pm

2017 January 28th Dave Barrett 9:00pm
2017 February 11th 2Tones 8:30pm
2017 February 25th Midnight Beat 9:00pm
2017 March 18th Burnt Ice 9:00pm
2017 April 1st Take It Down 9:00pm
2017 April 14th The Bootlegs 9:00pm
2017 May 5th, Ben & Ry & Nath 9:00pm
2017 May 6th, The Estelle's 9:00pm
2017 May 27th Eight Foot Yeti
2017 Jun 3rd The Great Sultans 9:00pm
2017 July 8th Marko 9:00pm
2017 July 22nd Dave Barrett 9:00pm
2017 August 5th Marko 9:00pm
2017 August 19th The Izettas 8:30pm
2017 September 2nd The Great Sultans 9:00pm
2017 September 16th The Bootlegs 9:00pm
2017 September 23rd The Drop Bears 9:00pm
2017 October 14th The Izettas 9:00pm
2017 November 4th Eight Foot Yeti 9:00pm
2017 November 18th Terry Carvey 9:00pm
2017 November 25th Marko 9:00pm
2017 December 1st The Great Sultans 9:00pm
2017 December 9th The Izettas 9:00pm
2017 December 15th The Bootlegs 9:00pm
2017 December 16th The Masquerades 9:00pm
2017 December 23rd Marko 9:00pm

Mill Rythe, Hayling Island

1986 April 18th-20th Roy & Mo

Millers Hayling Island

15th August 1997 Rancho Deluxe
1997 November 1st Flip Top

Milton Arms, Portsmouth

1977 February 16th Lesser Known Tunisians
1977 March 9th Lesser Known Tunisians
1977 April 20th Lesser Known Tunisians
1977 May 4th Lesser Known Tunisians
1977 June 1st Lesser Known Tunisians
1977 June 8th Lesser Known Tunisians (Mike's last)

2003 February 6th Roger Courtneys Music Club
2003 February 13th Roger Courtneys Music Club
2003 February 20th Roger Courtneys Music Club
2003 February 27th Roger Courtneys Music Club

2011 February 15th Rockin’ Fish Open Mic
2011 February 22nd Rockin’ Fish Open Mic
2011 March 1st Rockin’ Fish Open Mic
2011 March 8th Rockin’ Fish Open Mic
2011 May 13th TEAPOT JUNKIES
2011 December 6th Rockin’ Fish Open Mic
2011 December 13th Rockin’ Fish Open Mic
2011 December 20th Rockin’ Fish Open Mic

2017 July 1st Glitter Bugz 8:30pm
2017 November 17th (The Barn) Shamrock Keys 9:00pm
2017 November 24th (The Barn), Milton, The Racketeers 8:00pm

Milton Village Hall, Portsmouth

2003 December 3rd Mickey Morgan

2013 July 21st Reet Petite & Gone, Shep Woolley

2017 February 11th Pete Harris & Jon Vaughan 9:00pm

Moneyfield Scoial Club Copnor

1st Jun-1978 Nite Life
10th May 1980 Nite Life

1995 December 19th Mickey Morgan

1996 January 12th Mickey Morgan
1996 December 6th Natural High
1996 December 18th Mickey Morgan

1999 December 14th Mickey Morgan

2002 December 17th Mickey Morgan

2016 Nov 25th The Bootlegs 9:00pm
2016 December 31st Kojak's Revenge 7:30pm
p> 2017 May 26th Brock Landers & The Estelles
2017 June 24th The Estelles

Mother Shipton, Stamshaw

2017 February 18th Midnight Beat 9:00pm
2017 April 1st Kayleigh Ball 9:00pm
2017 April 15th Ben & Ry & Nath & Bruce 9:00pm
2017 April 16th Rustyn George Band 8:30pm
2017 July 8th Record Machine 9:00pm
2017 October 28th Glitter Bugz 8:30pm
2017 December 26th Portsmouth, The Estelles 7:00pm

Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth

31st December 1996 Mark Keeley's Good Rockin Tonite plus Jive Street
Easter Sunday 7th April 1996, All Dayer, Jive Street, The Raiders, Rock Therapy, Greggi G, The Avengers, Bootleg Buddy,(Charlie Gracie did not appear)

30th March 1997 Jive Street, Firebirds, Greggi G, Jack King and the Aces, The Persuaders, Rocket 88
26th July 1997 Rev D Brown, Good Rockin' Tonite, Phil Haley and the Comments, Jive Street
31st December 1997 Matchbox plus Jive Street

Mount William Club Purbrook

1974 August 17th Panama Red

1975 January 4th Panama Red

12th April 1997 Remember This
1997 April 18th Jumpin' at Shadows
2nd August 1997 Remember This
11th October 1997 Firestorms

2000 February 5th Driscoll Brothers

2002 June 3rd Mickey Morgan

Mr Pickwick, Portsmouth

2014 February 15th REACTOR 1
2014 March 8th THE HOT FUZZ

The Mulberry, Farnham

2017 June 17th Glitter Bugz 9:00pm

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