Portsmouth music scene

Thorngate Hall, Bury Road, Gosport


The original Thorngate Hall
vic brown

Vic Brown DJ from Gosport who also organised the Downbeat Club at the hall.

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November 21st The best in recorded traditional and modern jazz at the Downbeat Club Thorngate Hall Gosport every Thursday.


Gosport’s Downbeat Club, was about to transfer its live events to Thorngate Hall.


Local group the Classics were at Thorngate
1962 April 26th Thorngate Downbeat Club Pete Robins Jazzmen
1962 May 3rd Bo Wallis’ Storyville Jazzmen
1962 August 30th Thorngate Downbeat Club Dereque Adye’s Jazz Band
1962 September 12th Thorngate Downbeat Club Dereque Adye’s Jazz Band
1962 September 13th Thorngate Downbeat Club Bob Wallis


Gosport’s Thorngate Hall offered another mixed bill on Easter Monday with a “Trad, Twist and Modern Ball” featuring Mike Cotton Jazzmen, local favourites the Classics and the Ivor Gordon Quintet.
The Classics played Thorngate


There was more rhythm & blues in the early summer of 1964, as Manfred Mann and the Classics sold out Thorngate
Johnny Kidd visited Gosport’s Thorngate Hall
Thorngate had a special rhythm & blues night in late July with Long John Baldry’s Hoochie Coochie Men, Rod Stewart and Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames.
The Scorpions were at Thorngate Hall
the Classics at Thorngate
On the following night fireworks were provided at Thorngate Hall by Frank Kelly & the Hunters and the Dynachords.


The Moonrakers Thorngate
The Hollies appeared at Thorngate in late January with the Rockin’ Berries due in April but Gosport fans were warned that good attendances were necessary if similar acts were to follow.
The Hunters appeared at Thorngate.
The Yardbirds would be at Thorngate three weeks later.
the Classics at Thorngate
Thorngate presented Rod Stewart & the Soul Agents and Manfred Mann who arrived late after a van breakdown – a fate that also befell the Nashville Teens.
Dave Dee Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich visited Thorngate in Mid-May
Gosport group the Brothers Scarlett played regularly at Thorngate.
The Who had been scheduled for gigs on Hayling Island and Gosport around this time but neither happened – at Thorngate for “contractual reasons”.
The Fleur de Lys were at Thorngate Hall
Lulu & the Luvvers missed their Thorngate gig due to sunburn
Mike Hugg was writing regularly with his brother Bryan and the latter brought his new group the Fraternity to Thorngate to perform with Alan Price.
Van Morrison and Them played Thorngate in mid- October and Sounds Incorporated and the Talismen were there to celebrate the Downbeat Club’s eighth birthday with ‘veteran’ local DJ and promoter Vic Brown.
Karl & the Rapiers at Thorngate on Thursday, and the “Avant Garde” Bryan Hug Fraternity at the New Hall on Friday.
Ex-Crow drummer Graham Hunt joined St Louis Checks who were at Thorngate in late October
The Hollies, due at Thorngate on 23 December did not appear because of Graham Nash’s sore throat.


There was also the ‘pop-folk’ trio the Silkie with Simon Dupree at Thorngate.
Thorngate began to increase its pop nights and featured the Soul Agents.
The Sons of Man and the Third Dimension appeared regularly at clubs such as Thorngate Hall’s New Spot
Birdcage favourites Jimmy James & the Vagabonds gave Thorngate its “best rave ever”, the Radio London Show with DJ Dave Cash and Tony Knight’s Chessmen followed them
Thorngate’s New Spot offered Cops ‘n’ Robbers, Stormsville Shakers, Creation, Amboy Dukes and the Action
Victor Silvester & Orchestra visited Thorngate.
Thorngate’s New Spot closed for a few weeks.
Thorngate were the first local venue to present the new ‘Super Group’ Cream on Monday 7 November.
Simon Dupree & the Big Sound appeared at Thorngate in early December and in front of their fans signed a contract with the Arthur Howes Agency reported to be worth £250,000 over the next five years.
Portsmouth Evening News pop repoprter Spinner expressed concern about live gigs in the city as “promoters survey near empty premises”.
He reported that after ten years, Thorngate’s Downbeat had turned to records-only
Thorngate on Sundays was attracting over 500 people.
Bluesology and Dave Anthony’s Mood appeared at Thorngate


The Loose Ends opened the year at Thorngate Halls
The Raisins played Thorngate Halls after which groups disappeared for a while.
There were “light shows and old time movies at Thorngate’s Thursday sessions”.


February, Fans at Gosport’s Thorngate were asked about their musical preferences but the results were inconclusive because “half want more soul, Tamla & blues & half want less”!
October, Image appeared at Thorngate.
1963 May 15th Thorngate Downbeat Club Dereque Adye’s Jazz Band


Wanted made their first appearance at Gosport’s Thorngate
In Grandma’s Absence played Thorngate
In October Spinner suggested “Gosport Steals the Scene” attracting “capacity crowds” to Thorngate, while “Portsmouth has lost most of its old prestige”.


Hampshire Folk, Rock and Blues Festival 12th October 1997

Canned Heat, Something for the Weekend, Panama Grin, The Rhinomen, Sporting Life Blues Band, The Electric Experience, The Hoax, Jigsaw, Richard Wood, The Mary Custy Band, Lisheen, Seven Little Sisters, Daily Planet, The Tartan Amoebas, Angelina & J C Grimshaw.


1959 March 26th Ester Festival of Jazz, Vieux Carre Jazz band, The Celestial City Blue Blowers, Crescent City Jazz Band.

1960 May 5th Bill Thomas Tomcats.
1960 May 12th Records.
1960 May 19th Modern Swing Quartet.
1960 May 26th Records.
1960 June 2nd Bill Cole and the Clun Quintet.
1960 June 9th Records.
1960 June 16th Crescent city Jazz Band.
1960 June 23rd Records.
1960 June 30th John White Trio, plus Records.
1960 July 7th Duggie Wheeler Quartet.
1960 July 14th Records.
1960 July 21st Summa Cum Laude Band.
1960 July 28th Records.
1960 August 4th Records.
1960 September 22nd Summa Cum Laude, Ballads and Blues Group, Le Vieux Carre Band, Crescent City Band.
1960 September 29th The Jazztet, Ronnie Ross Bert Courtley Harry South Phil Bates Jackie Dougan plus M J 4.
1960 December 22nd Tubby Hayes Quartet.
1960 November 3rd Records.
1960 November 10th Don Rendell with the M J 4.
1960 November 17th Kenny Ball's Jazzmen.
1960 November 24th Gerry Brown's Jazzmen.
1960 December 1st Records.
1960 December 8th Pete Ridge Band with Stu Morrison.
1960 December 15th Records.
1960 December 22nd Tubby Hayes Quartet plus M J 4.

1961 January 5th Nat Gonella and his Georgia Jazz Band.
1961 January 12th The Jazz Beats.
1961 January 19th Records.
1961 January 26th Bill Cole and the Club Quintet.
1961 April 20th Mick Mulligan and George Melly.
1961 May 11th Terry Lightfoot and his New Orleans Jazzmen.
1961 May 18th Derek Butterworth Five.
1961 June 1st Clyde Valley Stompers.
1961 June 15th Avon Cities Jazz Band.
1961 January 19th Records.
1961 June 22nd The Club Quintet.
1961 June 29th Bjorn Stokstad's Norwegian Jazz Band .
1961 July 6th Al Fairweather-Sandy Brown All Stars.
1961 July 13th Mike Cotton's Jazzmen.
1961 July 20th Bruce Turner Jump Band.
1961 July 27th Dick William's Swing Band.
1961 August 3rd Mick Mulligan and George Melly.
1961 August Bank Holiday Monday Bob Wallis and his Storyville Jazzmen.
1961 August 17th The Jazzmakers with Alan Ganley and Keith Christie.
1961 August 24th Alex Welsh and his Jazzmen.
1961 September 21st Gerry Brown's Jazzmen.
1961 October 5th Mick Mulligan's Jazz Band with George Melly.
1961 October 19th Back O'Town Syncopators.
1961 November 9th Don Rendell.
1961 November 16th Dick Charles worth City Gents plus Jackie Lynn.
1961 December 7th Joe Harriott Quintet with Shake Keane.
1961 December 14th Bob Wallis and his Storyville Jazzmen.
1961 December 21st Gerry Brown's Jazzmen and Back O'Town Syncopators.
1961 December 24th Summa Cum Laude Jazz Band.
1961 December 28th Summa Cum Laude Jazz Band.

1996 May 5th Take This
1996 October 18th Blah Blah Blah plus Lisheen
3rd December 1996 Papa Jones and his Magic Mushroom Boys
1996 December 20th The Dharmas, Seven Little Sisters
1997 February 18th Gosport Jazz Festival, Gambit Jazz Band
1997 February 21st Gosport Jazz Festival, The Ray Galeto Giants
1997 February 22nd Gosport Jazz Festival, High Street jazz, Apex Jazz Band, Matter of Sax
1997 February 22nd Gosport Jazz Festival, at St Vincents College, Hampshire Youth Jazz Orchestra
1997 February 23rd Gosport Jazz Festival, Humphrey Littleton Band with Nat Gonella
1997 February 23rd Gosport Jazz Festival, at Bridgemary & Rowner Woodcot CC Maryland Jazz Band
1997 March 27th Gosport Easter Festival, Huw & Tony Williams, Old Rope String Band, Reet Ptetite & Gone, Whiskey Bewfore Breakfast, Thomas Lynch, Brass Monkey, John Kirkpatrick & Martin Carthy, Richard Wood, Deaf Shepherd, Lenehan, Drop the Box
1997 March 29th Gosport Easter Festival, at Alverstoke Church Emma Christian
1997 March 29th Gosport Easter Festival, Touchstone, Clarion, Seeleyhoo, Emma Christian, Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley
1997 March 30th Gosport Easter Festival, Skidoo, Anam, Roger Watson Jazz Ceilidh Band, George Wilson, Kelly's Heroes< Gavin Marwick & Jonny Hardie, The Tartan Amoebas, Oige, Craobh Rua, The Roots Progess Band
1997 March 31st Gosport Easter Festival, brian MCNeill, Oige, Craobh Rua, Cleary's Clock
1997 November 21st Six
12th October 1997 Canned Heat, The Hoax

1998 Deecember 19th Big Brother Soul

1999 Februaey 27th Lisheen
1999 May Halls, Trad Jazz
1999 May 9th Chris Barrie + Norman Lovett
1999 May 12 th Trad Jazz
1999 May 19th Trad Jazz

1999 May 26th Trad Jazz

1999 May 29th Phoney Beatles
1999 June 2nd Trad Jazz
1999 October 6th Trad Jazz
1999 October 13th Trad Jazz
1999 October 20th Trad Jazz
1999 October 27th Trad Jazz
1999 November 3rd Trad Jazz
1999 November 10th Trad Jazz
1999 November 17th Trad Jazz
1999 November 24th Trad Jazz
1999 December 1st Trad Jazz
1999 December 8th Trad Jazz
1999 December 15th Trad Jazz
1999 December 22nd Trad Jazz
1999 December 29th Trad Jazz

2000 February 2nd Trad Jazz
2000 February 9th Trad Jazz
2000 February 16th Trad Jazz
2000 February 23rd Trad Jazz
2000 February 26th Beer Festival, The Sporting Life
2000 March 1st Trad Jazz
2000 March 8th Trad Jazz
2000 March 15th Trad Jazz
2000 March 22nd Trad Jazz

2005 August 27th Mickey Morgan

2011 February 25th Teapot Junkies

2013 May 10th SHENANIGANS


2016 Nov 25th The Bu$iness 9:00pm
2016 December 16th Rock Of The Pops 7:30pm
Big Brother Soul 9:00pm
2016 December 18th Fine Southern Gents 1:30pm

2017 January 14th Barry Martin 8:45pm
2017 February 25th Thee Sultan Sheiks 8:45pm
2017 March 19th Meon Rose 2:00pm
2017 March 25th Groove Monster 8:45pm
2017 April 8th Fat Kat 9:00pm
2017 April 15th Big Brother Soul + The Herbz 7:30pm
(Ticket Only) 2017 April 23rd Roy Peplow 1:30pm
2017 May 13th Mista Messy 9:00pm
2017 May 19th Barry Martin 8:45pm
2017 June 4th Lennon Taylor 2:00pm
2017 June 10th Jake Hassell 9:00pm
2017 July 7th The Pop Pickers
2017 August 19th Slippery Jack 9:00pm
2017 August 20th Jake Hassell 1:00pm Betty Blue 3:00pm
2017 September 2nd Jesstival 2:30pm (Festival)
2017 September 9th The Modules 9:00pm
2017 September 23rd The Vintage Outcasts 9:00pm
2017 October 27th Glitter Bugz 8:30pm
2017 November 11th Rustyn George Band 8:30pm
2017 December 3rd Magenta Bling 2:00pm
2017 December 17th Barry Martin 1:30pm
2017 December 22nd The Vintage Outcasts 9:00pm
2017 December 31st Thee Sultan Sheiks 7:30pm

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