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P-O-M-P-E-Y Pompey P-O-M-P-E-Y

Portsmouth Football Club and music!!!!

There have been a number of musical items connected with Pompey. The earliest known was available early in 1949. It's first public playing at Fratton Park was on February 12, 1949 It was a march called "The Pompey Chimes" and written by Maj. F Vivian Dunn, the musical leader of the Portsmouth based, Band of H.M. Royal Marines, Portsmouth.
It had lyrics, marines

Play up Pompey, Pompey play up, (this was repeated several times.)
The chorus was,
P-O-M-P-E-Y Pompey, (then four bars whistled,)
P-O-M-P-E-Y Pompey, (then four bars whistled,)
Play up Pompey (cheers), One, two, three, four, five, six, Pompey.

It was the Pompey chimes we all know set to music. It was beleived to be the first tune adopted by a team in the UK. It was released on a 78 rpm record, with "Salute to the Amethyst" on the other side, on Columbia records number DB2618. It was played at Fratton Park and on various radio broadcasts. There are very few copies of it still in existence.
POMPEY - City with a heart
Sing a long with POMPEY
"POMPEY - City with a heart" written by 'G Jones LRAM' sung by Portsmouth Football Players, with orchestral accompaniment by the Southampton All Stars Orchestra! and the Milton Glee Club. The 'B' side was "Sing along with Pompey" an arrangement by G Jones and T Linford, on Solent Records based in Ryde I.O.W.
It's strange that an orchestra called the SOUTHAMPTON All Stars, were on the record. This must have been the kiss of death!!!. I'm not sure how many records were sold but I am covinced that if it had been the PORTSMOUTH All Stars, it would have sold more!!! and surely the City of Portsmouth could have found an orchestra to play for them.


Git day'n Shep roight ney!
Local celebrity and Naval expert Shep Woolley brought out a song called "Pompey Rock". Shep was accompanied by Fratton Fred's Frogmore Five, on Nott-arf Records number BALD 001A, with a B side called "Git Dayn Shep Roight Ney" The record was sponsored by British Navy's Purser Rum. One notable story about "Pompey Rock" is that the Pompey Chairman, John Deacon, took exception to the use of the word 'scummers' in the lyric, and banned it. Shep re-recorded the song and changed the offending word.

In 1985, a song called "We're on the up" as an A side and "The Pompey Conga" as the B side, was record by Frankie goes to Fratton Park with the Milton Glass Rock Ensemble, on Sport Records number SP101. The name of Frankie James also appears on the label.

POMPEY We're gonna be there again
Losing Song, no one can ask anymore
Winning Song, We won today
Local entertainer Arnold Gutbucket, but known to all as Jim Birmingham, released "POMPEY we're gonna be there again" as the A side and "Losing Song no one can ask anymore" as the B side, on Bucket Records number Buck001.

"Football medley(You'll never walk alone)"
"Up there oh England"
Cliff Portwood, one of the Pompey players was a good singer in the Sinatra style and made records. Released in 1982 "Football medley(You'll never walk alone)" and "Up there oh England" sung by Cliff and 'the Stars of the 1966 World Cup Champions' on Blue September Records number BSEP006. Cliff also had a vinyl album released.

"We're on the up"
"The Pompey Conga"
Another oddity on the 'SPORT' label, released in 1985, by "Frankir goes to Fratton Park, with the Miltpon Glass Rock Ensemble" was 'We're on the up' as a stero A side, and 'The Pompey Conga' as a mono B side. Both songs written by Frankie James.

"Don't jump Jimmy Ware"
"I like Jim Ware because...."
The local Radio station, Radio Victory, had a presenter called Jim Ware, who in 1980 promised to jump off of the South Parade Pier if Pompey were not promoted, they were, but he still jumped. A song called "Don't jump Jimmy Ware" as an A side, with "I like Jim Ware because" as the B side and sung by 'The Blues' was released on JN records in 1980. They didn't and he did! I think? Both songs written by Paul K Jones and produced by A Earp.
In 2002 to herald the arrival and popularity of Jim Smith and new manager Harry Redknapp, this recording was release, with the help of Quay Radio. The main track is based on several well known football crowd chants.

Late in 2002 Shep Woolley came back with 5 great tracks on a CD.
"2) POMPEY ROCK 2002"
"4) POMPEY ROCK (Original version)"
"5) POMPEY 'TIL I DIE (Karaoke version)"

Shep front Shep back

In August 2003 a new CD was released containing many previous Pompey Songs.
1 Play Up Pompey - Portsmouth FC Supporters
2 'Arry And Jim Krap Not 'Art
3 Blue Army - 12th Man
4 Pompey Rock - Shep Woolley with Fratton Fred's Frogmore Five
5 Pompey: City With A Heart - Portsmouth Football Players and Southampton All Stars Orchestra
6 Blues In Heaven David Jones
7 Go South Barry Williams
8 King For A Day (The Blue & Whites) - Popper
9 Football Pie Carmen Rosa
10 Pompey Conga Frankie Goes to Fratton with Milton Glass Rock Ensemble
11 Pompey (We're Gonna Be There Again) - Arnold Gutbucket
12 Pure PFC Quixldekx
13 We're On The Up Frankie Goes to Fratton with Milton Glass Rock Ensemble
14 Portsmouth 'tit I Die - Shep Woolley
15 Hurry Up Harry Sham 69
16 Don't Jump Jimmy Ware The Blues
17 Pompey It Means So Much To Me - The Fratton Faithful
18 Singalong With Pompey - Portsmouth Football Players and Southampton All Stars Orchestra
19 The Pompey Chimes The Royal Marines Band Portsmouth Division
20 Spoken Word commentary and interviews from BBC Radio Solent from 2002/03 Season

And there's lots more !

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