Portsmouth music scene

The Kings Theatre - Southsea

Performances at the Kings Theatre

1905 January 23rd Waterloo, The Bells, Henry Irving
1905 January 24th Becket Henry Irving,
1905 January 25th The Lyons Mail, Henry Irving
1905 January 26th Merchant of Venice, Henry Irving
1905 January 27th Louis XI, Henry Irving
1905 January 28th Merchant of Venice, Henry Irving
1907 September 30th Six different plays H B Irving
1907 October 2nd Charles the First, H B Irving
1907 October 7th Mr & Mrs Kendall
1907 November 11th The Prodigal Son Richard A Greene Barbara Gott
1907 Panto Puss in Bootswith Olive Marston, Bessie Herbert, Zena Joy
1908 - 1913 Variety and Short Plays & Variety actsplus WWI intervened

1909 June 28th Sidney Back, Stowe Brothers, Elsie Kerry

1910 January 9thSyvia Du Barry, Jessie Hartley, James Stewart, Six Brohters Lock
1910 July 11th Sisters Wingrove, Prince Milser Trio, The Mackays, Lupino Lane
1910 October 3rd Harold Heath, The Friscos, |Archie Roter, Harry Clark, Rich & Rich, Avalys & Freydo, Beatie & Babs, George Lestocq,
1910 November 21st Ausonia Trio, Hazel Glade, Four Palasto's, A E Clifford, Trevor & Ware, Serene Nord
Susie & ProttiJohn Warren

1911 June 5th Florence Dudley, Josh Dixon, Wilkie
1911 Novemebr 27th Ethel Eden, J & J Mannix, Torino
1911 December 4th Florence Wix, J H Scotland, The Marvelous Child Trio

1912 March 13th Grand Special Matinee in aid of the Veterans Releif Fund
1913 February 17th Houdini
1913 June 13th Dort & Leonard, Tom Mahoney, Edwina Boyde, Mlle. De Dio, Alexanders Ragtime Band

1914 March 28th Speical Flying Matinee Miss Marie Tempest
1914 May 25th Evie Greene Horace Hunter
1914 June 1st Hullo Tango Laura Guerite, Lionel Victor
1916 December 18th The Frenchwoman variety programme
1917 April 23rd May Moore Duprez, The Original Jolly Dutch Girl The Elliott Savonas... Amy Evans... Akron, Comedy Wire Performer. Gladys Purnell & Barbara Everest in 'Reciprocity'...
Brooklyn Comedy 4... Les Tumilet... Vivian Foster
1918 Apr 29th Variety programme Radford and Valentine The Renown Gomez Trio
1919 April 17th Moonstruck Will Hay Ennis Parkes
1921 May 21st The Monks of St Bernard, Scothch Kelly, The Kobes
1921 September 26th the Kings Theatre started showing full length feature films in the afternoon
with the usual twice nightly variety bill in the evening.
Today's film The Mark Of Zorro with Douglad Faibanks
1921 September 26th Fred Karno's French Beans George Jackley Russell Carr
1922 April 17th Maid of the Mountains Jose Collins
1922 November 27th The Green Bay Tree Muriel Martin Harvey
1923 June 23rd Carnival Granville Darling Brian Buchel Elsie Judge
1923 September 6th The Young Person in Pink Donald Calthrop Joyce Carey
1924 January 16th Fast and Furious
1924 January 21st The Covered Wagon
1925 September 8th Have a dip Peg Marks(mother of Peter Sellars)
1927 October 10th, Crime, Miriam Seeger, Albert Hayes
1927 December 5th The Call of the Legion Henry Weste Florence Hunt
1928 August 8th D'Oyle Court Opera Company The Mikado, Iolanthe
1928 September 17th The Lad, Billy Merson, Mildryd Wayne
1929 August 16th D'oyly Carte Opera Company Ruddigore
1929 August 17th D'oyly Carte Opera The Gondoliers
1929 August 19th Carpet Slippers Horace Hodges
1930 August 4th Silver Wings Harry Welchman
1930 September 30th Private Lives Noel Cpoward, Gertrude Lawrence, Laurence Olivier
1930 November 3rd The man who kissed his wife Kathleen Harrison Felix Aylmer
1930 November 24th I take that man Rosalind Fuller Roy Byford
1931 May 25th My Wife's FamilyFred Puprez, Angela Barrie

1931 August 11th D'Oyle Court Opera Company The Mikado, Iolanthe
1931 August 18th Saqint Joan, Sybil Thorndyke
1932 May 19th The Merry Widow Carl Brisson Helen Gilliland George Graves
1932 July 25th I lived with you Ivor Novello
1932 August 1st Orderes are orders Olive Blakeney Clive Currie
1932 August 12th D'Oyle Court Opera Company The Yoeman of the Guard, The Gondoliers
1932 PantoPuss in Bootswith Marjorie Lawrence, Pat Barney

1933 January 16th A Bit of a Test Ralph Lynn Robertson Hare
1933 February 6th Between Friends Hugh Wakefield
1933 February 13th Every Son Phyllis Neilson-Terry
1933 March 6th The Miracle
1933 March 13th The Miracle Phyllis Stanley, Florence Hunt
1933 April 3rd Waltz from Vienna Dorothy Fisher
1933 April 21st Service Ian Fleming
1933 April 24th Lilac Don’t Frank Barcklay
1933 May 1st Dubarry Raymond Huntley
1933 May 18th Tell her no truth Leslie Hatton
1933 July 31st White Horse Inn
1933 August 14th D’Oyle Carte Gilbert & Sullivan 6 shows
1933 August 28th Waltz Time Evelyn Laye
1933 September 4th Perm Alibi Gerry Mills
1933 September 18th Sally who Jessie Matthews
1933 September 25th When ladies meet Marie Tempest
1933 October 2nd Road House Peggy O’Neil
1933 October 23rd No Surrender June & Hugh Wakefield
1933 October 30th Mother of Pearl Alice Delysea
1933 November 6th Dinner at eight Hilary Fisher White
1933 November 13th Fresh Field by Ivor Novello Ruth Goddard
1933 December 28th Wild Violets Blake Adams
1933 Panto Play Wild Violets

1934 January 15th The Brontes Ivy Carlton
1934 January 29th Proscenium Ivor Novello Zena Dare
1934 February 19th Richard of Bordeaux Glen Byam Shaw
1934 March 31st The Dubarry Russell Dierran
1934 April 30th The Rose Thorns Dora Barnes
1934 May 21st The Private Road Edwin Styles
1934 June 4th Double Door Sybil Thorndyke Douglas Fairbanks Jr
1934 June 25th The Winding Journey Gertrude Lawrence
1934 July 30th Admirals All Frederick Burtwell
1934 August 6th White Horse Inn Syd Walker, Nita Croft
1934 August 20th Lovers Leap Nora Swinburn, Ursula Jeans, Owen Nares
1934 September 10th Nice going on Harry Gould
1934 September 3rd Gay Divorce Richard Dolman
1934 September 17th Music in the air Maria Minetti Reginald Palmer
1934 September 24th Happy Week to End Harley Ford
1934 October 8th The Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company Helen Ogilvie
1934 October 10 to 12th Die Fledermaus Godfrey Stirling
1934 October 11th Rigoletto Ivor John
1934 Panto Cinderella with Jean Grimwade, Leslie Spurling
1935 February 25th Murder in Mayfair Fay Compton, Edna Best, Zena Dare, Ivor Novello
1935 February 4th Libel Beckett Gould
1935 February 11th Mr Whittington Jack Buchanan
1935 February 18th Clive of India Wilfred Babbage
1935 March 4th Delusion Alexander Sarner
1935 March 18th The wind and the rain Iris Vandeleur
1935 March 25th The Royal Valentine Dyall Maria Tempest
1935 April 20th All rights reserved Nora Swinburn Esme Cannon
1935 April 29th Chase the Ace Eric Portman
1935 August 19th D'Oyly Carte The Gondoliers,
1935 August 20th D'Oyly Carte The Mikado
1935 August 21st D'Oyly Carte Iolanthe
1935 August 24th D'Oyly Carte The Mikado
1935 September 9th The Scapegoat Leslie Beaufort Phillip Hewland
1935 September 16th Family Affairs Violet Vanbrugh
1935 September 23rd Man of Mystery Arnold Bell 1935 December 2nd The Little Damozel Betty WEarren
1935 December 26th Jack and the Beanstalk with Constance Carpenter, Phyllis Gillespie

1936 April 8th Eden End Alexander Gauge
1936 September 28thMarkova & Anton Dolin
1936 October 2nd Carnival, Argument, Act 1 Swan Lake
1936 Panto Dick Whittington and Thomas, his Cat with George Jackley, Leslie Spurling

Kings Theatre shows in 1937

March 15th 1937 Markova and Anton Dolin,
1937 March 22nd Six Men of Dorset Sybil Thorndyke Lewis Casson
1937 May 17th Admirals All Naval Comedy for Naval review Week with Alfred Denville Players
1937 May 24th The Naughty Wife Gladys Coopers comedy success at the Playhouse . Denville players
1937 May 31st The Cat and the Canary Alfred Denville Players in John Willards thrilling comedy
1937 June 14th Tilly of Bloomsbury Comedy by Ian Hay presented by the Alfred Denville Players
1937 June 21st And the Music Stopped by Noel Scott. First Provincial presentation of Londons latest play.
1937 June 28th The Silver King Wilson Barretts success, by Henry Arthur Jones, Denville Players
1937 July 5th The Ghost Train The Players stage Arnold Ridleys great comedy-thriller
1937 July 12th Eliza comes to stay Denville players final week+July 16th Alfred Denville in “Jerry the Tramp”
1937 Aug 2nd Careless Rapture Ivor Novello musical play, Jack Cardew, Beryl de Querton, Joan Emney
1937 Aug 23rd The Frog Edgar Wallace novel adapted by Ian Hay, Wilfred Gillard,Edwin Beverley
1937 Aug 30th French without Tears by Terence Rattigan. With Anthony Drake, Gerald Case, Arthur Little Richard Greene
1937 Sept 6th Gilbert & Sullivan Operas D’Oyly Carte. Yeomen, Mikado,Patience, Pirates/Penzance,Gondoliers
1937 September 8th Gilbert & Sullivan Operas D’Oyly Carte.Yoeman of the Guard (or The Merryman and his maid)
1937 September 9th Gilbert & Sullivan Operas D’Oyly Carte. Patience
1937 September 10th Gilbert & Sullivan Operas D’Oyly Carte.Trial by Jury and Pirates of Penzance
1937 September 11th Gilbert & Sullivan Operas D’Oyly Carte.The Godoliers
1937 Sept 13th George and Margaret Eric Messitter (Dam Busters 1955) , Susan Ritchards, John Arnatt
1937 Sept 19th 'Please Teacher', musical comedy
1937 Sept 26th 'Call it a day' Phyllis Dare, Percy Marmont
1937 October 12th The Chinese Bungalow Matheson Lang, Alice Darch, Joan Carol
1937 Panto Little Red Riding Hoodwith Wilfred Brandon, Yvonne Zeeta

Kings Theatre shows in 1938

1938 Jan 31st Venus in Silk musical comedy Carl Brisson, Kitty Reidy,Shaun Grenville
1938 Feb 21st The Desert Song Harry Welchman “star of musical theatre” ex Dury Lane
1938 Apr 16th This Money Business A comedy presented by Cedric Ormond Bermingham Repertory Theatre
1938 May 9th The Rotters A comedy by H.F.Maltby with the C.O. Bermingham company of players
1938 June 13th The Crime at Blossoms produced by Paget Hunter, presented by the Bermingham Company
1938 June 20th Symphony in Two Flats Ivor Novello’s play produced by Paget Hunter
1938 June 27th Hindle Wakes play about Lancashires annual mills holiday week by Stanley Houghton
1938 July 4th “The Crooked Billet” produced by Paget Hunter, presented by the Bermingham Company
1938 July 11th Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams. The final C.O.Bermingham season at The Kings.
1938 July 18th REVELRY ON THE ICE (2 weeks) Tom Arnolds Ice Musical- Melitta Brunner, Goater’s,Hartungs etc.
1938 Aug 1st “Balalaika” (2 weeks) Tom Arnold by arrangement with Eric Maschwitz. A musical play
1938 Aug 16th Crest of the Wave (2 weeks) Tom Arnold presents Ivor Novello’s musical play. Roma Beaumont
1938 Aug 22ndIvor Novello's Crest of the Wave Olive Gilbert, Esmund Knight, Viola Tree Roma Beaumont, Finlay Currie
1938 Aug 29th Can we tell Megs Jenkins Mervyn Jones Bernard Miles Jack Hawkins
1938 Sept 19th Vic Oliver's Idiot's Delight Sarah Churchill Michael Gough Humphrey Lestocq
1938 Sep 19th “Idiots Delight” Tom Arnold by arrangement with New York Theatre Guild. Vic Oliver
1938 Sep 26th “Black Limelight” presented by the Daniel Mayer Company, Valerie Lush (Miss Marple)
1938 Oct 17th Aloma & Nutane Carl Brisson in a musical romance of the South Seas
1938 Nov 7th “Traitors Gate” Jack Hawkins, Margaretta Scott prior to Duke of Yorks , London
1938 Dec 5th I killed the Count Richard Wattis (St Trinians, Carry Ons, Goodies, Hancock etc)
1938 Dec 12th Bonnet over the Windmill Judy Campbell (Noel Cowards muse), Richard Wattis, Peter Ducrow
1938 Panto Cinderella with Fai Robina, Frances Hughes, Cliff Weir

Kings Theatre shows in 1939

1939 Janauary 16th The Royal Carl Rosa Opera Co
1939 Janauary 20th The Royal Carl Rosa Opera Co Der Zigeunerbaron
1939 Janauary 21st The Royal Carl Rosa Opera Co Faust
1939 March 20th “Autumn Crocus” Arthur Brough Players perform C.L.Anthony (Dodie Smith’s) 3 act play
1939 March 27th “Death on the Table” Comedy Thriller by Guy Beauchamp and Michael Pertwee
1939 April 3rd Whiteoaks produced by Peter Colman with Dora Davis and the players
1939 April 10th “My Wife’s Family” The Arthur Brough Players in “The funniest play in the world”
1939 April 17th “Housemaster” Ian Hays comedy starring Arthur Brough in person
1939 May 1st The High Road by Frederick Lonsdale –scintillating comedy with the Brough Players
1939 May 15th ”Just Married “ Farcical comedy presented by the Arthur Brough players
1939 May 22nd “Rope” “A thrilling murder mystery” performed by the Players
1939 May 29th “Wild Oats” Tom Arnold Ltd. Arthur Riscoe & Vera Pearce – direct from London
1939 June 5th “Bird in hand” by John Drinkwater. Penultimate week of the Arthur Brough season
1939 July 31st Runaway Love pre London production Barry Lupino Esma Cannon Tonie Lupino Billy Mayerl and his Orchestra
1939 August 4th Runaway Love, Robertson Hare, Alfred Drayton
1939 August 7th Spotted Dick, Robertson Hare, Patrick Barr,
1939 August 21st Spring Meeting, Zena Dare
1939 October 9th Gas Light John Le Mesurier Sarah Chuchill
1939 October 23rd The Vic-Wells Ballet direction of Ninette DValois
1939 October 30th A Star comes home Eva Moore Molly Raynor
1939 November 6th Lilac Time Melodie Strange Ivor Browne
1939 November 27th Faithfully Yours Mary Glynn John Stuart
1939 PantoBabes in the Wood with Margaret Purdon, Jose Lynn, Joan Davis
Although it was undamaged by enemy fire, the winter blitzes of 1940-41 forced the Kings to close its doors.

1940 January 15th Geneva Peggy Burt, Arthur Ridley
1940 January 22nd What they say Yvonne Arnaud, Alistair Sim
1940 January 29th The Women Barbara Carswell
1940 February 5thThe corn is green Phyllis Neilson Terry
1940 February 13th Robert's Wife /td>Fay Compton, Owen Nares,Anona Wynne
1940 February 19th The Chocolate Soldier
1940 February 26th Punch without Judy Peter Murray Hill, Henry Kendall
1940 March 23rd Song Parade/Ladies in action Ivor Novello Finlay Currie
1940 April 8th Tony draws a horse Iris Hoey Thelma Rae
1940 April 15th Runaway Love Barry Lupino Moya Gee
1940 May 13th Arthur Brough Players
1940 July 8th Come out to play Jessie Matthews Sonny Hale
1940 July 15th The Body was well nourished Joss Ambler Wallas Eaton
1940 July 22nd The Long Mirror Marjorie Gabain, John Ruddock
1940 July 29th Nap Hand Henry Kendall
1940 August 6th, Good men sleep at home, Hugh Wakefield, Mackenzie Ward.

1941 Theatre probably closed No detail of programmes

Kings Theatre shows in 1942

1942 January 1st Municipal Concert
1942 January 4th A Grand Concert Webster Booth Ann Zeigler
1942 April 20th “Lady be Good” George & Ira Gershwin - presented by Charles Killick and Fred Thompson
1942 May 4th “Blithe Spirit” by Noel Coward, with *Helen Lacy (Hay fever 1946), Irene Browne (Red shoes 1948)
1942 May 11th The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company Gilbert & BSullivan operas
1942 May 15th The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company The Mikado
1942 May 25th Mercenary Mary Musical comedy presented by Kenneth Brierly
1942 June 1st Garrison Theatre B.B.C. Forces Programme – for the Army, presented by Jack Hylton with Jack Warner & Morecambe and Wise
1942 June 2nd David Garrick Donald Wolfit
1942 June 25th Mark Hambourg (pianiast) Capt Vivian Dunn
1942 July 20th “Lovely to Look At Comedy :-Carl Bernard,Helen Shingler,Douglas Ives, Winifred Braema
1942 Sept 14th CARL ROSA OPERA Co Puccini’s “Madam Butterfly”, Vedi’s “Rigoletto”
1942 Sept 21st Other Peoples Houses Presented by Bernard Delfont, with Ivy St.Helier (Bitter sweet 1933), Patricia Laffan (Quo Vadis 1951)
1942 Nov 1st Orchestra of the Royal Marines Portsmouth conductor Capt F Vivian Dunn
11942 November 15th Orchestra of the Royal Marines Portsmouth conductor Capt F Vivian Dunn
1942 Nov 30th “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier – Eileen Turner (Jane Eyre 1946) Paget Hunter (Rob Roy 1953, Farewell to Pegasus 1947)
1942 Panto Little Red Riding Hood with Wilfred Brandon, Irene Lister

Kings Theatre shows in 1943

1943 February 2nd Irene Scharrer plus the Southern Philharmonic Orchestra
1943 February 16th Pouishnoff plus the Southern Philharmonic Orchestra
1943 March 1st Stranger's Road James Harcourt Diana Chruchill
1943 March 8th Big Bill Campbell Rocky Mountain Rhythm
1943 March 16th Eileen Joyce plus the Southern Philharmonic Orchestra
1943 March 21st Ida Haendel plus the Southern Philharmonic Orchestra
1943 March 30th Maurice Cole plus the Southern Philharmonic Orchestra
1943 April 4th Shulamith Shafir plus the Southern Philharmonic Orchestra
1943 May 1st Strangers Road James Harcourt, Frances Waring
1943 May 3rd Florodora Musical comedy, Len Edwards, Leslie Jones, Jay Laurier, Kittie Prince, Hannah Watt, Clifford Warren
1943 May 24th Murder woithout crime Geoffery Edwards Mary Mackenzie Raymond Lovell Nancy Hornsby
1943 June 7th Rose Marie Presented by Tom Arnold & Bernard Delmont by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein 2nd
1943 June 14th No no Nanette Jean Colin Bertha Russell
1943 July 19th Variety at it's best Fred Hearne Arthur Riscoe
1943 July 26th Chu Chin Chow
1943 August 2nd The Morning Star/Night Must Fall Emlyn Williams
1943 August 6/7th Night must fall Kynast5on Reeves Elliot Mason
1943 Aug 9th The Count of Luxembourg Presented by Bernard Delfont – prior to London production
1943 Aug 30th A Chinese Honeymoon Dorothy Ivimey
1943 September 7th Louis Kentner plus the Southern Philharmonic Orchestra
1943 Sep 27th The Little Foxes Frederick Ross (The Masque of Kings 1946) Donald Masters (The Tempest 1951), Henry Latimer
1943 November 1st The Desert Song Rhys Thomas, Anne Olden
1943 Nov 8th Anglo-Polish Ballet Selection from Lec de cygnes,Blue Bird, Cracow Wedding, Pan Twardowski, Policana etc
1943 Nov 15th Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary Farcical comedy Wyndham Milligan (Marigold 1936, Voice in the Night 1941, Went the Day Well? 1942)
1943 December 27th PantoCinderella with Helen Binnie, Sara Gregory, Valerie Hanson

Kings Theatre shows in 1944

1944 January 16th Orchstra of the Royal Marines, Muriel Brunskill contralto
1944 March 6th Old Chelsea Richard Tauber
1944 Marrch 13th The Chocolate Soldier Sidney Birchall Joan Collier
1944 March 25th Jane Eyre Rosalinde Fuller Henry Edwards
1944 March 20th A Waltz Dream Hugh Terry, Olive Rose
1944 March 28th Jane Eyre Rosilind Fuller, Henry Edwards
1944 August 14th Pink string and sealing wax Nancy Roberts Sheila Eves
1944 August 21st The Belle of New York John Leslie Peggy Edwards
1944 August 29th A Pagent of the People
1944 September 11th Residents only Michael Napper Martin Walker Veronica Rose
1944 September 18th Arsenic and Old Lace Janet Barrow Norman Williamson
1944 September 25th Daughter Jane Ian Fleming Lydia Sherwood
1944 October 3rd to 7th Portsmouth City Police 1944 Revue
1944 October 16th for two weeks /td>THE ROYAL CARL ROSA OPERA COMPANY Tudor Davies
1944 November 27th The Love Rackett Arthur Askey
1944 December 7th International Celebrity WeekWebster Boot, Anne Ziegler
1944 December 8th International Celebrity Week Rawicz & Landauer, Helen Hill, Harold Fielding
1944 December 9th International Celebrity Week Rawicz & Landauer
1944 Panto Babes in the Wood Ann Drummond Grant, Jean Bamberger, Eta Nelson, Johnnie Johnson, Joyce Blair, Linda Bacon.

Kings Theatre shows in 1945

1945 February 5th While the sun shines Peter Cushing
1945 Feb 19th Ethel Fry Flora Robson (Dame), Eric Messiter (Dam Busters 1955), Jack Vyvyan
1945 April 16th Hidden Horizon by 30 with Helen Haye, Hugo Schuster, Joanna Derrill
1945 April 23rd International Ballet selection from, Swan Lake, Copelia, Prince Igor, Danses Espagnoles, Twelth Night, Les Sylphides, Everyman, God Speaketh
1945 April 30th The Dollar Princess musical comedy – Charles Verity, Peggy Rawlinson, John Denis, Stella Dixon
1945 The Quaker Girl Dimitri Vetter, Gwen Harris
1945 May 28th(2 weeks) D’Oyly Carte Opera Co. Gilbert & Sullivan – The Mikado
1945 June 11th Maid of the Mountains Frank Pettitt Charles Kemp
1945 June 25th Happy Birthday Musical Farce Jack Melford (28+ films/tv productions 1935 to 1971, George Lacy, Ann Jay
1945 July 30th Me and my gal Lupino Lane George Graves
1945 August 6th Big Boy Richard Hearne Fred Emney
1945 Aug 27th Tomorrow the World Joyce Martin (no room at the inn 1948), Helen Hayne (39 Steps 1935), Lily Kann, Robert Harris
1945 Oct 8th Three Waltzes A new play with a large cast (19) which included John Shepherd in 3 different roles.
1945 Oct 15th Panama Hattie Cole Porter songs, produced by Teddy Beaumont, Margaret Peters Bennet O'Lochlen
1945 Oct 22nd The Royal Carl Rosa Opera Madam Butterfly/Cavalleria Rusticana/i Pagliacci
1945 Dec 4th The Lisbon Story Stanley Vilven, Jack, Livesey, Odette Field, Reginald Long, Joan Soames, Reginald Long, Arnaud & Peggy
1945 Dec 26th Dick Whittington & his Cat Panto and flying Ballet with Hazel Jenkins, Cliff Weir, Rex London, Marco & Max

Kings Theatre shows in 1946

1946 February 3rd Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra
1946 February 4th Dear Murderer Michael Horndern Penelope Keec h
1946 February 11th Stage Door Riuchard Caldicot Dora Bryan
1946 February 18th Grand National Night Leslie Banks, Hermion Baddeley
1946 February 24th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Hiawatha Portsmouth Coral Union Elsie Sudedaby, David Lloyd, Reginald Wassell Conductor Bertram Bradshaw
1946 March 6th Fifty-Fifty Harry Green Ian Maclean
1946 March 11th Lighten our darkness Elizabeth Allen Gerald Case
1946 April 1st Gay Rosalinda Graham Allender Marita Kern
1946 April 7th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Herbert Menges
1946 April 15th Dear Evelyn Adrianne Allen Elliot Mason
1946 April 29th Madame Louise Robertson Hare, Alfred Drayton
1946 May 13th Portrait in Black Diana Wynyard, Ronald Squire
1946 May 27th Day after tomorrow Evelyn Moore, John Penrose
1946 June 3rd The Poltergeist Gordon Harker, Olga Lindo
1946 June 10th for 2 weeks Doyle Carte Opera Co Gilbert & Sulivan Operas, Pirates of Penzance the Gondoliers Marjorie Eyer, Margeret Mithcell
1946 June 24th Elusive Lady Evelyn Laye, Frank Lawton
1946 July 1st Sweetheart Mine, Lupino Lane
1946 July 8th The Quaker Girl Peter Yardley Rosamund Belmore
1946 July 15th Vanity Fair Claire Luce Victoia Hopper
1946 Augiust 12th Good-Night Vienna Joy O'Neill, Diana Maddox
1946 August 19th But for the grace of GodMichael Gough, A E Matthews, Hugh McDermot
1946 September 2nd The hasty heart Nicholas Parsons, Emrys Jones
1946 September 16th No Medals Iris Hoey, Ian Fleming
1946 September 22nd Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra with guest Cyril Smith (piano forte)
1946 September 23rd The shop at sly corner Peggy Evans, Keneth Kent
1946 September 30th Anglo Polish Ballet, 9 different performances
1946 October 6th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Shulamith Shafir (piano forte)
1946 October 14th The Play's the thing Clive Brook, Irene Worth
1946 October 20th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Ida Haendel (solo violin)
1946 October 21st The years between Nancy Roberts Derek Farge
1946 October 28th She wanted a cream front door Pobertson Hare, Ian Carmichael
1946 November 3rd Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Michal Hambourg (piano forte)
1946 November 4th The Student Prince Bruce Trent Cherry Lind
1946 November 11th Carl Rosa Grand Opera Productions many different operas
1946 November 17th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Louis Kentner (piano forte)
1946 December 1st Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Moura Lympany (piano forte)
1946 December 2nd Duet for two Handshands Maureen Pook Elwyn Brook-Jones
1946 December 9th International Ballet Mixed programme in Coppelia
1946 December 26th Panto Cinderella with Ann Drummond-Grant, Patrick Colbert

Kings Theatre shows in 1947

1947 March 3rd Peace comes to Peckham Lional Blair (age 16), Bertha Belmore, Alfred Harris, Leslie Dwyer, Peter Scott
1947 March 10th “Quiet in the Forest” Aubrey Malalieu (Winslow Boy 1948), Kenneth Griffith, Francis Lister, Zoe Hicks, John Penrose
1947 February 2nd Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Irene Scharrer (piano forte)
1947 February 16th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Chopin Recital by Pouishnoff
1947 March 2nd Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Reading Symphony Orchestra with Jelly D'aranyi (solo violin)
1947 March 3rd Peace comes to Peckham Peter Scott Lionel Blair Diana Decker
1947 March 10th Quiet in the forest Kenneth Griffith Ellen Pollock
1947 March 16th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra with guest Eileen Joyce (piano forte)
1947 March 17th Worm’s Eye View Jack Hobbs, John Varley (In Which we Serve 1942), Ronald Shiner
1947 March 24th We Proudly Present by Ivor Novello with (Baron) Peter Graves, Anthony Forwood, Irene Handl
1947 March 30th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra with guest Maurice Cole
1947 March 31st Sim Sala Bim Dante the Magician
1947 April 7th Keep it dark George Gee
1947 April 13th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Clifford Curzon (paino forte)
1947 April 14th Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wild - Cast included Patricia Dickson,Stuart Bull, Anthony Marlowe
1947 April 15th Follow the girls Arthur Riscoe
1947 May 12th (2 weeks) Sadlers Wells opera Mozart’s - The Marriage of Figaro,
Followed by :- Sadlers Wells opera Puccini’s- Tosca & Rossini’s Barber of Seville
1947 May 26th Birthmark Ruth Goddard M artin Case
1947 July 7th (2 weeks) D’Oyly Carte Opera Co. Gilbert & Sullivan – Iolanthe
1947 August 4th Laurel and Hardy in Variety
1947 Augst 18th Just William, John ClartkJacqueline Boyer
1947 Sep 1st The Winslow Boy by Terence Rattigan with Margery Caldicott, James Liggat, Peter Collingwood
1947 September 8th Ethel Revnell Stainless Stephen Les Allen
1947 Sept 15th The Dubarry Musical play – Irene Manning, John Hendrik (Bitter Sweet 1940) *John Le Mesurier (Dads army)
1947 September 22nd Clutterbuck
1947 September 28th The Guinea Pig
1947 Oct 13th “Outrageous Fortune” Robertson Hare, Enid Lowe, Rona Laurie, Ian Reid, Martin Case
1947 October 20th Return Journey George Robey Arthur Margetson
1947 Oct 27th International Ballet Tchaikowskys Swan Lake (Lle Lac des Cygnes)
1947 Nov 3rd (2 weeks) Carl Rosa Opera Carmen, Rigoletto,La Bohem, Faust
1947 Nov 10th Carl Rosa Opera La Traviata,Madam Butterfly,Il Trovatore
1947 November 21st Rebecca, Robert Ginns Ann French
1947 Nov 24th(2 weeks) ‘Ice Follies’ Tom Arnolds spectacular Ice Show
1947 December 8th Star Variety Donald Peers The Buster Shaver Midgets
1947 Dec 26th Aladdin Jean Bamberger, Eta Nelson, presented and directed by C.E.Williams

Kings Theatre shows in 1948

1948 February 2nd Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Irene Scharrer (piano forte)
1948 February 16th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Chopin Recital by Pouishnoff Jan Cobels Anglo-Polish Ballet
1948 February 23rd Dark Eyes Yul Brynner Genine Graham 1948 February 30th Snow White and the Seven Dwafs
1948 March 2nd Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Reading Symphony Orchestra with Jelly D'aranyi (solo violin)
1948 March 7th Off the record D'arcy Conyers Daina Calderwood
1948 March 8th Canaries sometimes sing Jack Buchanan Coral Browne
1948 March 15th The girl who couldn't quite Clifford Mllison Marjorie Battiss
1948 March 16th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra with guest Eileen Joyce (piano forte)
1948 March 21st Message for Margaret Cecil Ramage
1948 March 29th Traveller's Joy Yvonne Arnaud Charles Victor
1948 March 30th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra with guest Maurice Cole
1948 April 12th The Gioconda Smile Brenda Bruce Clive Brook
1948 April 19th The Chiltern Hundreds
1948 April 26th Metropolian Ballet Sonia Arove Frank Staff
1948 April 13th Portsmouth Municipal Concerts Southern Philharmonic Orchestra guest Clifford Curzon (paino forte)
1948 May 3rd The Vigil Conrad Phillips Diana Churchill
1948 May 10th The Linden Tree
1948 May 31st The School for Scandal Peter Sallis Arthur Lowe Jack Howarth Joan Cooper
1948 June 6th Arthur Askey Eddie Gray
1948 June 14th Written for a Lady Barbara Hicks Barry Morse
1948 June 21st Tuppence Coloured Joyce Grenfell Elisabeth Welch Max Adrian
1948 June 28th Once upon a crime
1948 July 5th The Merry Widow
1948 July 20th Perchance to Dream Ivor Novello Zena Dare
1948 August 9th Life with Father Barbara Leeming Phillip Hillman
1948 August 16th Song of Norway
1948 Agust 23rd White Horse Inn Gordon Little
1948 August 30 White Horse Inn Nita Croft Bert Brownbill
1948 September 6th The Dancing Years Barry Sinclair
1948 September 11th Carin for three Lupinio Lane
1948 October 11th One wild oat Roberston Hare Charles Groves June Sylvaine
1948 October 18th Charley's Aunt Gavin Gordon Mary Hignett
1948 October 25th Carl Rosa Opera --- Carmen Ivan Dixon Gwent Lewis
1948 November 1st Ignorance is Bliss Harold Berens
1948 November 8th The Desert Song June Whitfield Rhys Thomas
1948 November 15th House on the sand Kynaston Reeves Barry Morse Rosamund John
1948 November 21st The Quaker Girl Julia Bretton Roy Royston
1948 December 6th The Barretts of Wimpole Street Stanley Howlett Pamela Page
1948 Deember 13th The Farm of Three Echoes Irina Baronova Muriel P{avlow
1948 December 27th Panto Mother Goose with Kathleen West, Ella Drummond, Elizabeth Reid
NB - 'Elizabeth Reid' is better known as Beryl Reid.

Kings Theatre shows in 1949

1949 Feb 7th Sweethearts and Wives Brian Nissen, Jessie Matthews OBE, Jane Cotton, Jack Raine
1949 Feb 14th The Chocolate Soldier Operetta presented by Bernard Delfont &Ben Kanter
1949 Feb 21st Adventure Story Terence Rattigan CBE- Paul Scofield CH, CBE (also Stanley Baker)
1949 Feb 28th “Love’s a Funny Thing” Mervyn Johns in a comedy based on “Premier Bal” (French)
1949 March 7th Off the Record Hugh Wakefield, Tom Gill
1949 Mar 14th “Little Lambs Eat Ivy” by Noel Langley with Lionel Murton, Margot Lister, Howard Lamb
1949 March 21st International Ballet Mona Inglesby Claudie Algeranova
1949 Mar 28th “On Monday Next …” Leslie Phillips, Charles Lamb, Richard Goolden
1949 Apr 4th They Walk alone Envoy Productions &Arts Council, Joan Saunderson
1949 Apr 11th The Lilac Domino Operetta, Ian Carmichael, Herbert Hare (Hancocks Half Hour)
1949 Apr 18th Private Lives Margaret Lockwood Peter Graves
1949 Apr 25th Glamorous Night A Musical play by Ivor Novello, produced by Ralph Reader CBE
1949 May 9th The Browning version & A Harlequinade Terrence Ratigan’s Playbill with Peter Scott
1949 May 16th Young Wives Tale Joan Greenwood, Joan Haythorne, Derek Farr (Dam Busters)
1949 May 23rd Her Excellency (Dame) Cicely Courtneige, Eleanor Summerfield
1949 May 30th Bobs your Uncle Leslie Henson, Vera Pearce, Musical farce – ran for a year at Saville Theatre London
1949 June 6th Edward my Son, Ernest Clark, Nancy Poultney
1949 June 13th Careless Rapture Barry Sinclair, A Musical play by Ivor Novello, produced by Ralph Reader CBE
1949 June 27th The Return of Peter Grimm Harry Green, Muriel Pavlow
1949 July 4th Master of Arts farce - Roland Culver,David O’brien,Margot Lister,Barbara Leake
1949 July 25th Waltzes from Vienna by Emile Littler, featured Johann Strauss music
1949 Aug 8th Lilac Time by Emile Littler, featured Franz Schubert music
1949 Aug 17th Show - Time Derek Roy, Rona Richards
1949 Aug 22nd Queen Elizabeth slept here Dulcie Gray & Michael Denison + Kenneth Connor (Carry On films)
1949 Aug 29th Bless the Bride Musical presented by Bernard Delfont OBE and Ben Kanter
1949 September 5th Bless the Bride
1949 Sep 12th Cabin for Three Craze cruise, cast included Peter Glaze (Crackerjack)
1949 Sep 19th White Horse Inn Erik Charells world famous Musical Play
1949 Oct 3rd Ice Revue Tom Arnolds production
1949 Oct 17th Gaslight Dennis Price, Rosamund John (various notes in red pen)
1949 Oct 2 4th La Boheme The Carl Rosa Opera, music by Giacomo Puccini
1949 Oct 26th Carmen The Carl Rosa Opera, music by George Bizet
1949 Oct 31st The Schoolmistress By Sir Arthur Pinero, Joan Lord, Richard Davies, * Fred Emney
1949 Nov 7th Stratton Music of Benjamin Britten , Betty Ann Davies
1949 Nov 14th Murder at the Vicarage Agatha Christy thriller
1949 Nov 21st Philadelphia Story Margaret Leighton, Wilfrid Hyde White (Steptoe)
1949 Dec 5th The Righteous Are Bold by Frank Carney. Marie O’Neill, Robert Perceval, Paul Connell
1949 Dec 12th The Long Mirror by J.B. Priestley, Jean Forbes-Robertson
1949 December 19th Panto Goldilocks and the Three Bears with Fred Gwyn, Lisbeth Lennon

Kings Theatre shows in 1950's

1950 Feb 7th Peter Pan Margaret Lockwood as Peter Pan
1950 Feb 13th The Day After To-morrow Satirical Comedy with Peter Arne, Marie Burke, Helen Haye
1950 Feb 20th The White Falcon Basil Radford, Hugh Griffith, Joan Haythorne
1950 Feb 27th Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, large cast
1950 Mar 20th Dangerous Legacy Gwen Lewis, Judith Gick, Beryl Baxter, Norman Williams
1950 Mar 27th Pommy Australians Bill Kerr&Colin Croft+Ronald Howard (Sherlock Holmes)
1950 Apr 3rd The Poison belt Lional Gadsden, Peter Madren, Dorothy Primrose
1950 Apr 17th The Ivory Tower Hugh McDermott and Allan McClelland
1950 Apr 24th The Cocktail Party Rex Harrison, Margaret Leighton, Ian Hunter
1950 May 8th September Tide by Dame Dapne du Maurier
1950 May 15th Seagulls over Sorrento William Hartnell (original “Dr Who”),
1950 May 22nd Reluctant Heroes Brian Rix C.B.E., Larry Noble, Basil Radford
1950 May 29th Carissima (inc. single sheet prog) John Levant, Bettina Hayes, Hannah Watt, Peter Haddon
1950 June 5th Black Chiffon (Dame) Flora Robson in a play by Lesley Storm
1950 June 12th Larger than Life Arthur Lowe (Captain Mainwaring – Dads Army)
1950 June 19th The Sacred Flame by W. Somerset Maugham, cast included Anthony Woodruff
1950 June 26th If this be an error Nicholas Parsons
1950 July 3rd Birdcage (single sheet prog only) Peter Coates & Joan Miller, also Peggy Ramsey
1950 July 17th A Lady Mislaid by Kenneth Horne ( Round the Horne, Much Binding in the Marsh)
1950 July 24th A Second Mrs. Tanqueray Tennent Productions&Arts Council-Michael Nightingale,Basil Dignam
1950 July 31st Annie get your gun Lionel Blair Anne Doonan
1950 Aug 14th Gala performance of Ballet Anton Dolin and Natalie Krassovska & full Corps de Ballet
1950 August 31st South Pacific Shirley Emery, Alan Saunders
1950 Sep 4th “Harvey” by Mary Chase with Joyce Barbour, Harry Brunning, Rosaline Haddon
1950 Sep 11th Dear Miss Phoebe Noel Dyson Peter Graves
1950 Sep 18th The D’Oyle Carte Opera Company The Mikado Gilbert & Sullivan,
1950 September 19th The D’Oyle Carte Opera Company Cox & Box and H.M.S.Pinafore, Martyn Green - Darrell Fancourt - Ella Halman and Muriel Harding.
1950 September 29th The D’Oyle Carte Opera Company Ruddigore
1950 Oct 9th To Dorothy, a Son Richard Attenborough and Yolande Donlan
1950 Oct 16th The Heiress based on the novel “Washington Square” by Henry James
1950 Oct 23rd Party Manners(inc. single sheet prog) by Val Gielgud. Terence Alexander, Sir Michael Hordern
1950 Oct 30th Our Kids Comedy by Eddie Henderson
1950 Nov 6th Castle in the Air Comedy by Alan Melville- Mac Picton, Jessie Matthews, Barry Sinclair
1950 Nov 13th A Streetcar named Desire by Tennesee Williams. Betty Ann Davies, William Sylvester
1950 Nov 20th Mantrap Denis Ramsden, Maria Charles, Beryl Meanor,Terence de Marney
1950 Nov 27th The Chameleon Reginald Tate, Lana Morris, Irene Handle (over 100 British films)
1950 Dec 4th The Fol-de-Rols Jack Hylton & Greatrex Newman “Song-and Laugh” show
1950 Panto Jack and the Beanstalk Hugh Lloyd, End Lowe, Harold Berens

1951 February 2nd Home at Seven Nancy Poultney
1951 March 12th The Hollow Hubert Gregg
1951 March 19th Frou Frou Jean Kent Donald Sinden
1951 April 2nd Variety at it's best The Five Smith Brothers, Eddie Rwindeer
1951 April 9th Here we come gathering Derek Bond, Helen HAYE. Hugh LATIMER. John DEVERELL. John STRATTON.
1951 April 16th Torch of Nature Jill Fenson
1951 April 23rdWinter Sport Emrys Jones
1951 April 30th Women are Murder Rodney Lovick
1951 May 1st Women are murder Hartley Power Rosalinde Fuller
1951 May 14th Wagon load of monkeys Esme Cannon Kenneth Connor
1951 May 27th Gracie Fields , The Gosport Orchestra
1951 June 2nd 1951 What a man, Brian Reece, Roma Beaumont
1951 June 11th Collectors Item George Murcell
1951 July 9th The Belle of New York Jill Day, George Lacy
1951 August 6th Chu Chin Chow/Merry England/The Lilac Domino produced by Ralph Reader
1951 August 14th Oklahoma Jennie Gregson
1951 October 15th Coppelia Mona Inglesby
1951 October 22nd Heloise Mervyn Johns
1951 November 5th Pygmalion Margaret Lockwood Laurence Hardy
1951 November 12th The Moment of Truth Eric Portman
1951 December 3rd His Excellency.
1951 December 10th Navy at sea Michael Meacham
1951 December 26th Panto Babes in the Wood Al Lynd, Norman Griffin, Sonny Farrar

1952 February 6th Bless the Bride
1952 February 11th Treasure on Pelican Eileen Beldon
1952 February 17th Southern Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Herbert Menges Harriet Cohen Pianoforte
1952 February 19th The Moonraker Jean Kent Griffith Jones
1952 February 22nd Meet Mr Callaghan Lizbeth Kears, Terence De Marney
1952 Fabruary 29th Murder in Motley
1952 March 3rd Murder in Motley Frank Leighton
1952 March 10th The Enemy of TimeBeatrix Thompson Hugh Latimer
1952 March 24th Intent to murder Kathleen Byron
1952 March 31st Ring round the moon Rachel Roberts Frederick Keen
1952 April 14th Rendezvoua Diana Dors Walter Chriham
1952 April 21st Adam’s Apple Barbara Murray Derek Farr
1953 April 28th Radio Times Max Wall Beryl Reid
1952 May 5th Come back little Sheba Sheila Sim
1952 May 12th Peril at End House Gerald Blake
1952 May 19th Love's a nuisance Patrick Cargill George Gee
1952 June 30th No No Nanette Vivien Ellis, Cardew Robinson
1952 July 7th Albert RN Humphrey Lestocq
1952 July 14th The Four Poster Michael Denison Dulcie Gray
1952 July 21st London's Festival Ballet Anton Dolin, Nathalie Leslie
1952 September 15th Brigadoon
1952 September 29th Carousel Edmund Hockridge
1952 October 20thSmilin' ThroughDermmot Walsh Hazel Court
1952 October 27th Floradora
1952 November 3rd Sweet Peril Michael Denison Dulcie Gray
1952 December 1st The Man Bernard Braden
1952 Panto Dick Whittington and his Cat Hugh Lloyd, Jack Edwardes, Patrick Colbert

1953 February 16th The Uninvited Guest Joan Greenwood John Mills Clive Morton
1953 February 22ndPortsmouth Municipal ConcertSouthern Philharmonic Orchestra
1953 February 23rd The Man Upstairs Dennis Price
1953 March 2ndMidnight Hour Joyce Blair Ursula Jeans
1953 March 9th Red Headed Blond Jerry Desmond Lionel Blair Naughton Wayne
1953 March 16th Over the moon Cicely Courtneige Thorley Walters
1953 March 22nd The Living Room Dorothy Tutin Eric Portman
1953 March 30th Murder Mistaken Hermione Baddeley
1953 April 6th Airs on a shoestring Denis Quilly
1953 April 14th The Long March Dermot Walsh
1953 April 27th As long as they're happy Richard MurdockDorothy Dickson
1953 May 4th The Bad Samaritan Michael Dennison Virginia McKenna
1953 May 18th Ladies in waiting Ruth Porcher
1953 May 22nd Airs on a shoestring Denis Quilley
1953 May 25th to 30th New Moon Portsmouthg Players
1953 June 8th Tell the Marines Christopher Banks
1953 June 11th Royal Ballet Le Lac de Cygnes
1953 June 18th Royal Ballet Venaziana
1953 July 27th Carousel Edmund Hockridge Jane Martin
1953 August 3rd Call me madam Noel Gordon, Frank Leighton, for three weeks
1953 August 17th Right Monkey Al Read
1953 August 24th The Quaker Girl
1953 October 19th A Chance of HappinessJean Lang
1952 November 2nd The Distant Hill Frank Thornton Dulcie Gray Dermot Walsh

1953 November 9th The Desert Song John Hanson
1953 November 16th The Orchard Walls Gillian Lind Maureen Reilly
1953 November 30th Dial M for MurderAndrew Cruikshank
1953 December 3rd Sweet Sorrow Reginald Marsh
1953 December 14th Housemaster Jack Hulbert
1953 Panto Cinderella Sonny Farrar, Barbara Sumner, June Powell

1954 February 8th The Little Hut Peter Gray Diane Hart
1954 February 15th Liberty Bell Robinson Hare Frank Thornton
1954 February 22nd I capture the castle Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers Roger Moore, Andrew Ray, Richard Greene
1954And so the bed Webster Booth Amne Ziegler, Vivian Ellis musical
1954 March 1st Walk into my parlour Hazel Douglas
1954 March 8th Where there’s a will Eric Barker Dandy Nicholls, Bill Owen Edward Wooward Billie Whitelaw
1954 March 15th The Painted Devil Joan Newell Hugh Burden
1954 March 22nd And so to bed Anne Zeigler
1954 March 24th After the ball Peters Graves
1954 March 29th Here comes yesterdayGeorge Cameron Frank Tickle
1954 April 5th The dark is light enough Peter Bull, Hugh Griffiths, Peter Barkworth
1954 April 19th OklahomaJennie Gregson Robert Glynne
1954 April 26th Relations are best Henson Dermot Walsh
1954 May 5th Private Secretary Edgar K Bruce, Peter Elliott
1954 May 10th Pygmalion Phyllis Relph Clare BradleyRobert Beaumont
1954 May 17th Escapade, Barry Sinclair
1954 May 31st We must tell Toni Michael Dennison, Dulcie Gray
1954 June 7th Seagulls over Sorrento Wallas baton Ronald Radd
1954 June 21st The Love of Four Colonels by Peter Ustinov Graham Leaman
1954 June 24th The Soldier and the Lady Sheila Sym Peter Cushing
1954 June 28th Die Fledermaus Gwent Lewis Marion Studholme
1954 July 12th Lilac Time Mai Ramsay Iris Rhodes
1954 July 19th Reluctant Heroes John Arm Clive Brooks
1954 July 26th The Dep Blue Sea Diana Shaw Francis Lovering
1954 August 2nd Paint your wagon Dennis Driscoll Josephine Anne
1954 August 16th Love from Judy Jillian Comber
1954 August 31st South Pacific Sean Connery
1954 September 3rd The Wargers Commemoration
1954 September 11th-16th Byelorussian Ballet 4 shows
1954 September 13th The Folies Bergere RevuePaul Mattei, Claudine Cereda
1954 September 20th Affairs of State Austin Melford Peter Cozens
1954 September 26th Olde Time Music Hall Tony Vallance
1954 September 27th The Belle of New York Warwick Ashton Donald Carson
1954 October 4th The Jolly Fiddler Peter Rosser Joan Harrison
1954 October 18th The Bartered Bride Alan Bromley Helen Dyer
1954 October 19thMadam Butterfly Powell Lloyd Dennis Stephenson
1954 October 20th Suseanne's Secret Dennis Noble Gladys Lewis
1954 October 21st Suseanne's Secret Dennis Noble Gladys Lewis
1954 October 23rd Suseanne's Secret Dennis Noble Gladys Lewis
1954 October 22nd Madam Butterfly Powell Lloyd Dennis Stephenson
1954 October 25th The Hollow Joyce Marlow Grenville Eves
1954 November 1st Blythe Spirit Denis Price Irene Handl Kay Kendall
1954 November 8th The Remembered Margaret Rutherford Paul Scofield
1954 November 22nd Chandelier for Charlie Jack Watling Wallas Eaton Gerald HarperJune Thorburn
1954 November 29thThe Desert Song John Hanson Arthur Lord
1954 December 13th The Love Machine Alexander Dore Griffiths Jone Harold Goodwin
1954 December 6th Spider’s Web Mary Lockwood Felix Aylmer
1954 December 26th Aladdin Clive Dunn, Harry Arnold, Michael Darbyshire

1955 March 28th Tropical Fever Derek Bond Kynaston Reeves
1955 April 4th Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet Danses Concertantes, The Rakes Progress, Pineapple Poll,
1955 April 11th The Jazz Train
1955 April 18th Joy of Living Cecily Courtneidge Jack Hulbert
1955 April 25th It’s never too late Binnie Hale
1955 June 25th Sadlers Wells Opera Co Seven operas
1955 June 27th Airs on a shoestring Max Adrian, Moyra Fraser, Rose Hill
1955 August 23rd Romance in Candlelight Sally Ann Howes Patricia Burke Jacques Pils
1955 August 29th The Buccaneer Brnard Clifton Kenneth Williams
1955 September 12th Florodora Valerie Lawson, Jeffery Choyce
1955 September 19th Book of the Month Rosemary Frankau
1955 October 3rd to 8th Showboat Portsmouth Players.
1955 October 8th Carl Rosa Opera different operas each night
1955 October 17th Thorn in the flesh Derek Bond Kynaston Reeves
1955 December 12th Charley's Aunt Gerald Harper Franki Howerd
1955 Panto Humpty Dumpty on Ice "Holiday on Ice GB Ltd

1956 February 10th The Chiltern Hundreds Freedland Barton Br5enda Cosgrave
1956 April 2nd Mr Kettle and Mrs Moon Clive Morton
1956 April 8th Royal Ballet 4 shows
1956 April 9th Sadlers Wells 3 operas
1956 April 15th Las Vegas after Dark
1956 April 16th El Baile Denis Price Hugh Latimer
1956 April 23rd Jubilee Girl Finella Fielding
1956 April 30th For Amesment Only Ron Moody Barry Took Hugh Paddick
1956 May 7th Daughter of desire v1965 May 14th Mrs Willie Hugh Manning Roger Maxwell Diana Beaumont
1956 June 11th Sight Unseen Barry Sinclair
1956 June 25th Sadlers Wells 7 operas
1956 July 2nd Lady be good Maureen Grant, Anton Rodgers
1956 July 23rd Vampites from Venus Alec Wallis, Davina Dundas
1956 July 30th The Tea House of the August Moon Bill Kerr, Michael Stainton
1956 August 27th Can Can Freddie Sales George Gee
1956 September 10th The Arcadians Alwyn Fox, Angela Anderson
1956 November 12th The moment of truth Eric Portman Charles Goldner
1956 November 26th The Little hut Raymond Dyer Andree Evans
1956 December 3rd Bachelor Borne Cecily Courteidge Naughton Wayne Robertson Hare
1956 December 19th Seperate Tables Deirdre Benner
1956 December 26th PantoSleeping Beauty on Ice "Holiday on Ice GB Ltd, Roy Rivers, Joan Rivers

1957 January 25th Rock'N'Roll TONY CROMBIE and his ROCKETS featuring Clyde Ray, Ron Scott, Don Fox
1957 Feb 4th Carl Rosa Opera Co 7 operas
1957 February 11th Spiders Web Trevor Bannister Ross Hutchinson
1957 March 4th My Wife's Uncle Hugh Lloyd Kay Woodman
1957 March 10th Southern Symphony Orchestra Moura Lympany piano
1957 March 11th The Kids Last Fight Macklenzie Robertson
1957 March 15th The Markova Dolin Ballet Markova and Anton Dolin
1957 March 18th Look back in anger English Stage Company Limited Alan Dobie
1957 March 20th Eddie Calvert, The Kordites
1957 March 24th Municipal Concert Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Muriel Smith mezzo soprano
1957 April 1st Holiday for Skiffle Michael Holiday
1957 April 15th Las Vegas after Dark Johnny Silver, Bobby Drage
1957 April 28th Popular Variety Max Wall Anne Hart
1957 May 6th Mrs Gibbons' boys Babbara Mullen, Reginald Marsh
1957 May 13th Six Months Grace Richard Caldicot
1957 May 27th Max Bygraves, Kaye Sisters
1957 June 3rd Subway in the sky Matgaret Lockwood, Zachary Scott
1957 June 10th Lonnie Donegan, Miki & Griff, Des O'Connor
1957 June 17th Doctor in the house Richard Aylen Stuart Wagstaff Kenneth Toye
1957 June 24thSadler's Wells Opera Tosca
1957 July 1stThe D'Oyle Carte Opera Company, Gilbert & Sullivan Operas, IOlanthe
1957 July 9th Light up the town David Whitfield, Harry Worth, Billy Dainty, King Brothers, Audrey Jeans
1957 August 27th Can Can Freddie Sales, George Gee Sally Rogers
1957 September 26thRoyal Ballet Solitare/Giselle
1957 September 30th The Reluctant Debutane Jack Hulbert
1957 October 14th Aces in Variety Terry Dene
1957 November 11th The Winslow Boy Brian Tipping
1957 December 2nd Janua Roberta Huby Michael Harding
1957 PantoPuss in Boots Charlie Drake, Bruce Forsyth, Jack Edwardes
1 December 1975 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Charles Hawtrey appears as Muddles Bryan Johnson, Aubrey Phillips and Renee Bourne Webb. ???????????

1958 January 27th to Feb 1st Relative Values Humphrey Lestocq Kim Peacock
1958 February 10th The Chiltern Hundreds Freeland Barton
1958 February 17th East Lynne Dudley Stevens Fiona Thomson
1958 February 24th Waltz of the Toreadors Anthony Cullen
1958 March 3rd Women of Twilight Christine Lander Shirlie Dane
1958 March 10th Rumanian National Dance and Music Company
1958 March 17th/18th/19th Ballet Rambert 3 shows including Coppelia
1958 March 24th "Hip Hip Zooray Circus" Robert Bros Circus Elephants, Lions
1958 March 26th The Desert Song John Hanson Clifford Mollison
1958 March 31st Nite Life New York Roy Marlow Paul Anton Joy Andree
1958 April 7th Grand Holiday Variaty Edna Savage, MARTY WILDE and His Wildcats, Little Johnny and the Teenagers, Roy Lance, Sonny Roy
1958 April 8th Fallen Angels Hector Ross Joan Scott
1958 April 14th Tales of Hoffmann Carl Rosa Opera
1958 May 19th Dry Rot Basil Lord Tony Hilton Raymond Dyre
1958 May 26th The Desert Song John Hanson Clifford Mollison
1958 June 2nd The Hamley of Stepney Green Joss Ackland Harod Lang
1958 July 1st The Big Show Tommy Trinder, Anne Shelton
1958 September 1st Maid of the Mountains Margaret Burton, Sonny Jenks
1958 September 8th Love A La Carte Billy Milton
1958 Octopber 1st Hot and cold in all rooms Cardew Robinson
1958 October 5th Diana Dors Bill Pertwee - Troy Dante and the Infernos, Frankie Holmes
1958 October 6th Dear Delinquent Michael Howard
1958 October 13th The Dock Brief/What shall we tell Caroline? Frank Lawless John Wentworth
1958 October 20th Dragnet J Grant Anderson Margaret Bracken
1958 November 3rd A Touch of the Sun, 8895 Rosemarie Dunham, Lee Fox
1958 November 10th Love or Money Basil Lord Hugh Latimer
1958 November 17th Speaking of murder Rosemarie Dunham John Watson
1958 November 24th Variation on a theme Cicely Hullett, Ivor Dean
1958 Panto Babes in the Wood Mike & Bernie Winters, Morton Fraser's Harmonica Gang

1959 March 8th Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Ballet music programme
1959 March 22nd Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Irene Kohler
1959 April 5th Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Abbey Simon
1959 May 18 to 23rd Saloon Bar Claire Gordon Hector Ross
1959 May 25th The French Mistres
1959 June 29thCox & Box Alan Styler
1959 June 29th Doyl'e Carte Opera Co The Yoeman of the guard Alan Styler, Leonard Osborn, Jean HIndmarsh, Joyce Wright, John Reed
1959 July 2nd Doyl'e Carte Opera Co The Gondoliers John Reed, Jean Hindmarsh, Alice Hynd, Kenneth Sandford.
1959 August 29th Bed Board and Romance Fiona Thoson, Joan Scott
1959 PantoCinderella John Hanson, Terri Gardiner, George Bowler

Kings Theatre shows in 1960's

1960 May 16th Will you walk a little faster Diana Chruchill JKane Asher
1960 May 30th The Belle of New York Bill Gidley Kay Clayton
1960 June 27th I seem to know your face Nora Swinburne Colin Gordon
1960 July 4th Sadler’s Wells Merrie Engalnd
1960 July 11th Love locked out Bill Owen Dorothy Frere
1960 October 3rd The Bride comes back Robertson Hare Cecily Courtiedge Jack Hulbert
1960 October 17th The Hostage Harry Webster Peggy Marshall
1960 December 5th The Old Vic Company Saint Joan Frank Middlemas Joss Ackland George Bake
1960 Panto Sleeping Beauty Cyril Fletcher, Jean Sanderson, Wally Patch

1961 June 19th You Prove it Ronald Shiner Thora Hird
1961 July 26th Ruddigore Doyle Carte Opera CoJohn Reed, Gillina KNight, Kenneth Sandford, Mary Sansom
1961 August 14th Simple Spymen Timothy West Joh Slater Andrew Sachs
1961 October 23rd Twinkle Carkson Rose Bobby Dennis
1961 December 11th Boeing Boeing David Tomlinson
1961 Panto Puss in Boots Frankie Howerd

1962 March 26th The Amorous Prawn Evelyn Laye, Hugh McDermot Barry Sinclair
1962 Panto Mother Goose Dickie Valentine, Ronald Gregory, Bob Konyot

1963 February 11th - 16th The King and I Portsmouth Players Feb. 11th to 16th 1963 director Harold Bennett
1963 April 15th Gentlemen prefer blondes Dora Bryan
1963 April 29th Champagne Follies on Ice Tony Fayne Joe York The Five Robertis
1963 June 3rd The Merry Widow Portsmouth Players June 3rd to 8th 1963 director Harold Bennett
1963 September 30th for two weeks D'oyle Carte Opera Co Gilbert & Sullivan operas
1963 Oct. 1 and Oct. 11. D'OYLY CARTE OPERA COMPANY. "Trial by Jury" and "H.M.S. Pinafore"
1963 October 21st Queen B Sybil Thorndyke Michael Bates Thomas Round - Gillian Humphries - Jeffrey Kitch and Richard Hazell.
1963 Panto Cinderella Hughie Green

1964 March 4th Sadler's Wells Opra Samson and Delilah
1964 April 13th Hot and cold in all rooms Charles Stanley Helen Bird
1964 April 27th Everything happens of Friday SPeter Barkworth Irene Handl
1964 May 18th Carousel Portsmouth Players May 18th to 23rd 1964 director Harold Bennett
1964 May Persons Unknown Anna Neagle, John Alderton Derek Bond
1964 July 6th The Maid of the Mountains John Hanson
1964 July 30th Policy for murder George Sewell Annette Andre
1964 December 26th Panto Aladdin Jimmy Edwards, Clinton Ford

1965 January 30th Aladdin Jimmy Edwartds
1965 February 26th Sadler's Wells Opera Co Madam Butterfly
1965 March 1st South Pacific Portsmouth Players March 1st to 6th 1965 director Harold Bennett
1965 March 15th The remarkable Mr. Pennypacker Cherry Freake Michael Branson
1965 March 22n Merrie England The Boys of St John's College
1965 July 26th to August 21st Billy Cotton and his Fampous Band, Peter Maxwell
1965 August 30th Variety Show Tony Hancock Dick Haymes Dallas Boys
1965 September 13th The Sound of Music Southern Television Productioons
1965 September 27th A Funny thing happened on the way to the Forum Dave King Charles Hawtrey Eddie Gray Charles Naughton
1965 Oct 25th New Moon Portsmouth Players Oct. 25th to 30th 1965 director Harold Bennett
1965 December 27th Dick Whittington Dick Emery Charles Hawtrey Danny O'dea

January 27th to Februry 19th 1966 My Fair Lady Tony Britton, Wendy Bowman
1966 March 14th Gay’s the Word Portsmouth Players March 14th to 19th 1966
1966 April 30th Sadler's Wells Opera Die Fledermaus
1966 June 28th D'OYLY CARTE OPERA COMPANY Iolanthe Valerie Masterson- John Reed - Donald Adams - Kennneth Saldford and Christine Palmer
1966 August 3rd to Sept 3rd Oliver Richard Easton, Marti Webb
1966 October 17th Brigadoon Portsmouth Players Oct. 17th to 22nd 1966
1966 Christmas, Cinderella Tommy Trinder Craig Douglas

1967 May 15th Show Boat Portsmouth Players May 15th to 20th 1967
1967 June 19th Canaries sometimes sing Desmond Carrington, Dermot Walsh
1967 June 24th Night must fall Sybil Thorndyke, Adam Faith
1967 July 5th Olde Tyme Music Hall Duggie Chapman
1967 July 24th A drop in the ocean Kenneth Connor Charles Hawtrey Jack Haig
1967 July 27 London Festival Ballet Swan Lake
1967 September 18thThe Bed Sitting Room Spike Milligan Bill Kerr, Valentine Dyall
1967 September 25th Dear Miss Hope Irene Handl, Jeremy Hawk
1967 October 16th Kiss Me Kate Portsmouth Players Oct. 16th to 21st 1967
1967 October 23rd Present Laughter The Arts Theatre Portsmouth and Southsea
1967 Panto Babes in the Wood Charlie Chester, Susan Maughan

1968 February 26th Iolanthe Portsmouth Players Feb. 26th to 2nd Mar. 1968
1968 March 5th Sadler's Wells Opera Company, The Barber of Seville pluse 3 operas
1968 May 20th Flower Drum Song Portsmouth Players May 20th to 25th 1968
1968 June 3rd Vintage Music Hall Hetty King Cavan O'Connor, Eddie Reindeer
1968 July 23rd The Merry Widow for 2 weeks
1968 August 12th Hughie Green
1968 August 13th Viennese Evening, Marion Studholme
1968 October 21st The Vagabond King Portsmouth Players Oct. 21st to 26th 1968
1968 November 11th for six days, The Big Show of 1968 Kenneth McKellar Roy Castle Artur Worsley Sheila Southern
1968 Panto Puss in Boots Bruce Trent, Sonny Farrar, Peter Vernon

1969 March 3rd King’s Rhapsody Portsmouth Players March 3rd to 8th 1969
1969 March 30th Roland Kirk, Soft Machine
1969 April 14th Charley's Aunt Raymond Francis, George Lacy
1969 May 26th Merrie England Portsmouth Players May 26th to 31st 1969
1969 June 9th My Dear Gilbert Jon Pertwee
1969 Saturday 19th JulyFAMILY
1969 October 10th Oklahoma! Portsmouth Players Friday Oct. 10th to Sat. Oct. 18th 1969
1969 November 1st Chapman's Olde Tymne Music Hall
1969 November 16th Al Stewart, Ralph McTell, Michael Chapman, Wizz Jones
1969 Panto Aladdin Bert Weedon, Ralph Reader

Kings Theatre shows in 1970's

1970 March 9th St Johns College Ruddigor
1970 April 13th Glynebourne Touring Opera 3 operas Don Giovanni, Cosi Fan Tutti, Werther
1970 May 18th Orpheus in the Underworld Portsmouth Players May 18th to 23rd May 1970
1970 June 1st The Michael Bentine Show
1970 August 24th She's done it again Brian Rix Leo Franklyn Valerie Leon
1970 October 19th The Pajama Game Portsmouth Players Oct. 19th to 24th 1970
1970 Panto Cinderella Sam Kydd, Richard Murdoch

1971 February 15th Move over Mrs Markham Cicely Courtneidge, Moira Lister, Tony Britton, Lana Morris, Terence Alexander, Trevor Bannhister
1971 May 10th The Count of Luxembourge The Portsmouth Players May 10th to 15th 1971
1971 May 31st Aren't men beasts/What the doctor ordered Brian Rix Leo Franklyn
1971 June 7th Fiddlers Five Margaret Haydn Davies Barry Howard
1971 June 14th The Odd Couple Roy Castle John Junkin
1971 July 5th Holiday Showtime Duggie Chapman 1971 Septem,ber 20th Suddenly at home, Gerald Harper, Penelope Keith, Rula Lenska.
1971 October 11th White Horse Inn Portsmouth Players Oct. 11th to 16th 1971
1971 December 27th February 5th Mother Goose Cardew Robinson, Marty Wilde

1972 February 7th Go Back For Murder by Agatha Christie
1972 February 14th Camelot Portsmouth Players Feb. 14th to 19th 1972
1972 April 10th Perchance to dream Paul Greenhalgh Alexander Bridge Olive Gilbert
1972 June 5th The Gondoliers Portsmouth Players June 5th to 10th 1972
1972 June 12th The Master Builder Andrew Cruickshank Joyce hHeron
1972 June 20 - 24th Southsea Shakespeare Actors King Henry V
1972 June 27th to July 1stThe King and I St John's College Operatic Society
1972 July 24th The Secretary Bird Hubert Gregg Delena Kidd
1972 July 31st Signpost to Murder June Lewis Simon Castle
1972 August 7th Love from a starnger June Lewis Simon Castle
1972 August 14th She was only the Admiral's daughter Leslie Crowther Dilys Watling
1972 September 18th There’s a girl in my soup Gerald Flood Anne Aston
1972 September 25th That's no lady that's my husband Francis Matthews Prunella Scales Clive Morton
1972 October 6th My Fair Lady Portsmouth Players Oct. 6th to 14th 1972
1972 October 23rd Who’s who? Eleanor Bron John Bird
1972 Panto Sleeping Beauty Ted Rogers

1973 February 24th Worthing Symphony Orchestra Howard Gottlieb violin
1973 March 27 - 31st Southsea Shakepeare Acvotors Much ado about nothing
1973 April 16th The Starving Rich Roy Kinear, Vanda Godsell
1973 May 14th Five stars for a good girl Hywel Bennett, Christopher Casenove
1973 May 21st Land of Smiles Portsmouth Players May 21st to 26th 1973
1973 June 11th George & Margaret Dora Bryan Richard Vernon
1973 June 18th Glass Anne Stallybrass Robert Powell
1973 June 25th Night without sleep James G Anderson
1973 July 9th The Hollow Jack Hulbert Cecily Courtneidge
1973 July 23rdTwo and two make Sex Patrick Cargill, Richard Beckinsale
1973 July 30th Murder on the Nile Daphne Odin-Pearse, Brett Lane
1973 August 7th-18th The King and I Peter Wyngarde Sally Ann Howes
1973 Sepotember 17th Suddenly at home Simon Oates Anette Andre
1973 October 8th Fiddler on the Roof Portsmouth Players Oct.8th to 13th 1973
1973 October 29th Pyjama Tops Paul Raymond presents John Inman
1973 Panto Cinderella Clive Dunn, Mimi Law

1974 March 11th/td> Not now darling /td>George Baker Ian Lavender, Anna Karen Dylis Watling
1974 March 18th The Desert Song John Hanson
1974 March 26 to 30th Southsea Shakespear ActorsMacbeth
1974 April 8-13 New London Ballet
1974 May Half a Sixpence South Downe Musical Society
1974 May 13 to 18th Welsh National Opera 4 operas inc the Pearl Fishers, La Boheme
1974 April 8-13th New London Ballet
1974 June 10th Robert and Elizabeth Portsmouth Players June 10th to 15th 1974
1974 June 17th Crown Matrimonial Phyllis Calvert
1974 July 8th An Inspector Calls Bill Fraser Carmel McSharry
1974 July 22nd The Monkey Walk Patrick Mower Virginia Stride
1974 June 25th Cosi Fan Tutti Kay Griffel Sandra Browne
1974 July 29th There goes the Bride Bernard Cribbins, Bill Pertwee, Terence Alaxander, Peggy Mount
1974 August 5th Rose Marie John Hanson, Margaret Williams
Sept 1974 Yeoman of the Guard Waterlooville Musical Players
1974 October 14th Charlie Girl The Portsmouth Players Oct. 14th to 19th 1974<
1974 October 21st Hair
1974 November 12 - 16th Southsea Shakespeare Actors Measure for measure
1974 Panto Aladdin Bobbie Bennett, George Lacey

1975 February 24th Carousel Portsmouth Players Feb. 24th to March 1st 1975
1975 March 10th A bit between the teeth Brian Rix Jimmy Logan
1975 March 31st Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, Peter Denyer Bryan Evans
1976 April 5th Dixie Minstrel Show John Boulter,
1975 May 12th Boeing Boeing Yootha Joyce, Richard O'Sullivan, Sally Tomsett
1975 May Annie Get Your Gun South Downe Musical Society
1975 June 9th Sound of Music Portsmouth Players w/c 9th June 1975
1975 June 30th A Merry Whiff of Windsor Barbara Winsor, Tudor Davies
1975 August 18th The Bachelors Show Tommy Reilly Brian Marshall
1975 September 8th Love Thy Neighbour Jack Smethurst, Rudolph Walker, Nina Baden-Semper, Kate Williams
1975 September 29th Godspell National Production
1975 September IolantheWaterlooville Musical Players
1975 October 13th Hello Dolly! Portsmouth Players w/c 13th Oct. 1975
1975 October 20th Travelling Playhouse Pride and Predjudice Norman Woodland, Madeleine Newbury
1975 October 20th Travelling Playhouse, Pride & Prejudice Norman Woodlamnd Madeiline Newbury
1975 November 3 to 8th Kent Opera 4 operas
1975 November 18-19th Kent Opera Company Don Giovanni
1975 November 21st Kent OperaThe Coronation of Poppea
1975 November My Fair Lady South Downe Musical Society
1975 Panto Mother Goose Hylda Baker, Mimi Law, Des King

1976 February 23rd The Merry Widow The Portsmouth Players
1976 March 9th Kent Opera 5 operas
1976 March 15th Dead on nine Leo Maguire Maxine Audley
1976 March 22nd New London Ballet Galina Samsova
1976 March 30th Mid Summers Nights Dream Southsea Shakespear Actors
1976 April 5th Dixie Minstrel Show John Boulger
1976 April 12th All for Mary Jack Smethurst
1976 April 19th Fringe Benefits Brian Rix, Terence
1976 April 24th John Paul George Ringo and Bert musical
1976 May 3rd Summer Song South Downe Musical Society
1976 May 11th Welsh National Opera 5 operas
1976 May 31st Murder with Love Peter Byrne Dermot Walsh
1976 May Summer Song South Downe Musical Society
1976 June 14th Guys and Dolls The Portsmouth Players
1976 June 21st It Happened in Venice The Welsh Drama Company
1976 June 28th The First Mrs Fraser Anna Neagle Michael Dennison Angela Dougal
1976 August 1st Max Bygraves
1976 August 8th Morecambe and Wise
1976 August 14th Jimmy Tarbuck Kenny Lynch
1976 August 21stFrankie Vaughn Mrs Mills
1976 August 23rd Love thy Neighbour Jack Smethurst/ or
1976 August 23rd Leslie Crowther Audrey Jeans
Sept 1976Trial by Jury Waterlooville Musical Players
1976 October 1st The King and I Portsmouth PlayersGolden Jubilee performance Nine performances, commencing Fri. 1st Oct. 1976
1976 October 12-16th Loves labours Lost
1976 October 18th Whoops a daisy Brian Murphy, Brian Sewell
1976 November 9-13th Kent Opera HMS Pinafore
1976 November Oliver South Downe Musical Society
1976 December 9th An evening of BalletMargot Fonteyn
1976 Panto Cinderella Ken Goodwin, Clodagh Rodgers

1977 February 15th to 19 th Welsh National Opera 3 shows
1977 March 7th Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are DeadYoung Vic
1977 March 22nd Othello Southsea Shakespear Actors
1977 March 28th The Monkey Walk Lionel Blair Diane Keene
1977 March 28th April 5th The Entertainer Ronald Lewes
1977 April 11th Ipi Tombi
1977 April 18th Dial M for Murder James Ellis Peter Fielding
1977 April 30 The Gondoliers Waterlooville Musical Players
1977 May 2 The Scottish Ballet
1977 May 3rd Scottish Ballet 3 shows
1977 May 8th Thirteen
1977 May 9th Brigadoon Portsmouth Players May 9th to 14th 1977
1977 May 16th Showboat South Downe Musical Society
1977 May 23rd Hedda Gabler Ian Bannen
1977 June 27th Ipi Tombi devised by Bertha Egnos
1977 July 11th National Gas Jack Smethurst John Junkin
1977 July 18th The Scared Flame Jean Anderson
1977 July 24thLarry Grayson, Joe 'Piano' Henderson or The Dick Emery Show Star studded Sunday concert
1977 July 27th Harry Secombe, Tommy Reilly
1977 July 31st Cilla Black
1977 August 5th Rod Hull & Emu
1977 August 8th The Dick Emery Show Star studded Sunday concert
1977 August 23-27th Dick Emery Show Susan Maughn, Mrs Mills
1977 August 28th Frankie Vaughan
1977 August 29th Faith Brown, Johnny ball, Glyn Hale Orchestra
1977 September 12th Romeo & Juliet Young Vic Company
1977 September 26th Further confessions of a window cleaner Robin Askwith
1977 October 10th The Great Waltz Portsmouth Players w/c 10th Oct. 1977
1977 October 25 to 29th Le Belle Helene Waterlooville Musical Players
1977 November 3 to 5th Gang ShowSouthsea Scout and Guide Districts
1977 November 7th Fiddler on the roof South Downe Musical Society
1977 November 15 to 19th Loves Labours Lost Southsea Shakespear Actors
1977 November 21st A Kiss for CinderellaJune Gray Terence Denville
1977 November 29th to December 3rd Kent Opera Eugene Onegin
1977 Panto Babes in the Wood Mike and Bernie Winters, Sue Hodge

1978 February 20thThe Boyfriend
1978 February 28th to March 4th Coppelia Northern Ballet Theatre
1978 March 20th Pardon Me Prime Minister Gerald Flood Heather Chasen
1978 March 27th Snow White Aubrey Phillips
1978 April 3rd Game of Kings Bernard Hepton
1978 April 18th Godspell
1978 April 25th/29th Princess Ida Waterlooville Musical Players
1978 May 2 to 6 English National Opera 2 operas
1978 May 8th Chu Chin Chow Portsmouth Players w/c May 8th 1978
1978 May 19th Hello Dolly South Downe Musical Society
1978 May 29th The Circle Googie Whiters Bill Fraser
1978 June 5th Lilac TimeJohn Hanson
1978 June 12 Joseph
1978 June 19th Old Time Music Hall Barbara Windsor Bonnie Langford
1978 June 27th Merchant of Venice Southsea Shakespear Actors
1978 July 2nd Max Bygraves
1978 July 3rdRelatively Speaking Mollie Sugden
1978 July 10th Music Hall Clive Dunn
1978 July 17th The Unexpected Guest Peter Byrne
1978 July 24th Animal Kwackers
1978 July 24th Hair
1978 July 31st Caught Napping Arthur Lowe Bill Pertwee Joan Cooper
1978 August 7th Pans People
1978 August 13th Rosemary Squires Denis Lotis
1978 August 17 to 19th Frankie Vaughan
1978 August 21st Signpost to Murder George Sewell, Annette Andre
1978 August 28th Paddington Bear
1978 September 11th The Mating Game Trevor Bannister Anne Aston
1978 September 18th Ipi Tombi )
1978 October 2nd Southsea Gang Show
1978 October5 9th The Music Man Portsmouth Players w/c Oct.9th 1978
1978 November 1st The Gang Show
1978 November 6th Carousel South Downe Musical Society
1978 November 21 to 25th Kent OperaRigoletto
1978 December 11th A Christmas Carol Bryan Johnson
Dec 1978South PacificWaterlooville Musical Players
1978 December 26th Dick Whittington Roger De Coursey and Nookie Bear, Danny O'Dea

1979 February 5th Perchance to Dream Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 5th 1979
1979 March 5th Mzumba African musical
1979 15th March King Richard 3rd Southsea Shakespeare Actors
1979 March 19th Yes we have no pyjamas Fiona Richmond
1979 March 26th Play it again Sam Melvyn Hayes
1979 Mrch 28thWoody Allen's PLAY IT AGAIN SAM Melvyn Hayes
1979 April 2nd DIE FLEDERMAUSSouth Downe Musical Society.
1979 April 9th SUDDENLY AT HOME Douglas Fielding
1979 April 16thODD MAN IN Colin Baker, Lionel Blair, Katie Manning.
1979 April 24th THERE'S A SMALL HOTEL Patrick Cargill, Sylvia Sims, Peter Byrne
1979 April 30th Henrik lbsen's THE WILD DUCK T. P. McKenna
1979 May 14th Alan Ayckbourne's Comedy TEN TIMES TABLE Irene Handl
1979 May 22nd THE NEW LONDON BALLET varios ballets
1979 May 28th Noel Coward's BLITHE SPIRIT Judy Carne. Avril Angers
1979 June 4th The Mikado Portsmouth Players w/c June 4th 1979
1979 June 11th OH WHAT A LOVELY WARby Joan Littlewood.
1979 June 18th BLESS THE BRIDE Waterlooville Musical Society
1979 June 25th THE DUCHESS OF MALFI Janet Suszman
1979 JULY 2nd By popular demand, return of MZUMBA an African musical
1979 JULY 9th DEAD LINEMax Wall
1979 JULY 16th SHE WOULD IF SHE COULD Paul Eddington, Margaret Courtney
1979 July 18th SHE WOULD IF SHE COULD Paul Eddington
1979 July 30th FUNNY PECULIAR
1979 August 13th PAUL GOLDIN
1979 August 20th PAUL GOLDIN
1979 August 27th FINGS AIN'T WHAT THEY USED TO BE, musical
1979 SEPTEMBER 3rd WHO GOES BARE Robin Askwith and the girls
1979 September 10th THE IDEAL HUSBAND
1979 September 17th LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN
1979 September 24th Kent Opera3 WELL-KNOWN OPERAS
1979 November 3rd Gang Show Southsea Scout and Guide Districts
1979 November Oklahoma South Downe Musical Society
1979 October 1st The grass is greener Patrick MacKnee Jenifer Wilson
1979 October 8th Gigi Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 8th 1979
1979 October 22nd D'oyle Carte Gilbert & Sullivan
1979 October 31st to November 3rd Gang Show 1979
1979 December 3rd What the Butler saw, The Paddok, Miss in her teens Prunella Scales, Isla Blair, Frank Windsor
1979 December 20th Panto Cinderella Harry Worth, Tony Blackburn, Ashley Keech

Kings Theatre shows in 1980's

1980 February 11th Irene Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 11th 1980
1980 February 25th A Murder is announced Margaret Ashcroft Dermot Walsh
1980 March 3rd to 8th Cinderella/Madam Butterfly Northern Ballet Theatre
1980 March 10th Move over Mrs Markham William Franklin
1980 April 14th Sink or Swim Windsor Davies Melvyn Hayes
1980 April 21st Waltes from Vienna South Downe Musical Society
1980 April 28th Come play with me Bob Grant Stephen Lewis
1980 May 26th Spring Thaw Johnny More
1980 June 2nd Maid of the Mountains Portsmouth Players w/c June 2nd 1980
1980 June 9th Snow White and the seven dwarfs Aubrey Phillips
1980 June 16th Close up to Murder Richard Easton
1980 June 28th Denny Laine Band
1980 July 26th Paul Goldin
1980 July 28th Ipi Tombi for two weeks
1980 July 30th Further confessions of a window cleaner Robin Askwith
1980 August 21st Abigail's Party Lynda Baron, Patricia Temple
1980 August 23rd Hello Paris The Bluebell Girls
1980 August 25th Abigail’s Party Lynda Baron
1980 September 22 to 24th Ballet Rambert Cruel Garden
1980 October 6th Annie Get Your Gun Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 6th 1980
1980 October 20th French Dressing Ian Lavender Jewan Anderson
1980 October 26th Peters & Lee Farewell Tour
1980 November 7th Oh Calcutter adults only
1980 November 24th Dirty Linen Derrin Nesbitt.
1980 November Fiunian's Rainbow South Downe Musical Society
1980 December 1st A Christmasd Carol Bryan Johnson
1980 Panto Emu in Pantoland Rod Hull and Emu, Roy Barraclough

1981 February 9th Glamorous Night Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 9th 1981
1981 March 9th to 20th D’Oyle Carte Gilbert & Sullivan operas
1981 April 2nd-4th Black & White Minstrels Dai Francis
1981 April 9th Betrayal Bryan Marshall
1981 April 13th Once a Catholic Terence Frisby
1981 April 20th House Guest Guest Susan hampshire Gerald Harper
1981 April 27th Middle age spread Trevor Bannister Frank Wilson
1981 May 6th Tommy Steele
1981 May 9th Iris Williams
1981 May 11th Guys and DollsSouth Downe Musical Society
1981 May 20th Leo Sayer
1981 May 21st-23rd Hinge and Bracket
1981 June 1st The Boyfriend Portsmouth Players w/c – June 1st 1981
1981 June 8th Make & Break Jack Douglas Jack Watling Diana Coupland
1981 June 22nd Melody on IceDuncan Whaley
1981 June 29th Private Lives Joanna Lumley
1981 July 3rd Key for two Lorraine Chase, Michael Robbins, Lynda Baron
1981 July 6th Caught in the act Martin Jarvis Judy Geeson Peter Blythe
1981 August 11th to 15th Kiss me Kate Singer Company
1981 August 17th to 21st Barber of Seville
1981 August 19th to 22nd La Boheme
1981 September 14th Hello to Las Vegas Paul Harris
1981 September 24th The Kingfisher Michael Denison Dulcie Gray Robert Fleming
1981 September 28th Snow White Aubrey Philips
1981 October 3rd Who’s life is it anyway Simon Ward Pamela Wilcox
1981 October 12th Orpheus in the Underworld Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 12th 1981
1981 October 24th The Devil’s Disciple
1981 October 29th to 31st Dandy Dick Googie Withers
1981 November 2nd Murder in mind Nyree Dawn Porter Richard Todd
1981 November 23rd Fur Coat and No Knickers Joyce Blair Joan Savage
1981 November 30th A Christmas Carol Bryan Johnson
1981 December 6th Hot Gossip
1981 Dececember 17th to January 23rd 1982 Panto Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp Lorraine Chase, Dora Bryan, Brian Cant

panto 1981

1982 Fenruary 11/12/13th Northern Ballet Nutcracker
1982 March 2nd Ruby Murray Cavan O'Connor Reg Dixon
1982 March 29th Half a Sixpence Portsmouth Players w/c Mar. 29th 1982
1982 April 5th for the week Bud & Ches Bernie Winters Leslie Crowther
1982 April 25th Hot Gosip dancers
1982 April 27th 100 Years of Music HallJohnny Dallas Alan Martin
1982 May 17th Call me Madam South Downe Musical Society
1982 May 30th Hoyt Axton
1982 June 25th SUMMER SERANADE (Songs from the shows) Portsmouth Players Fri/Sat 25/26 June 1982
1982 July Quartermaine's Terms Michael Williams, Ronald Hines, Ernbest Clark, Polly James, Clive Francis
1982 July 12th House Guest Simon Ward Sylvia Syms
1982 August 2nd Space in my pyamas, Fiona Richmond
1982 October 18th Carribean Fiesta Steve Diaz Paula McKella
1982 November 8th The Merry Widow South Downe Musical Society
1982 December 22nd Panto Cinderella Leslie Crowther, Susan Hanson, Julie Rogers, Johnny Vyvyan

1983 February 14th South Pacific Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 14th 1983
1983March 14th Cards on the table Garfield Morgan Margaret Ashcroft Gergina Moon
1983 March 21st Kent Opera Don Giovanni, Fidelio, The Beggars Opera
1983 March 29th The Tinder Box Hans Christain Andersen
1983 April 3rd Eartha Kitt plus suppport
1983 April 4th Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
1983 April 10th Keith Harris with Orville and Cuddles
1983 April 12th Northern Ballet Theatre Nutcraker, Giselle
1983 April 18th Kismet South Musical Society
1983 May 30th Love from Judy The Portsmouth Players w/c May 30th 1983
1983 August 4th Joseph
1983 Sept 4th The second Boughton Memorial Concert The Gilbert & Sullivan Chior 'The Opera Comique' Directed by Kevin Sivyer.
1983 October 3rdThe Real Inspector Hound/Seaside Postcard John Gordon Sinclair The Young Vic
1983 October 10th The Dancing Years Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 10th 1983
1983 November 21st French without tears Jeremy Sinden Doborah Watling
1983 November 28th The Wind in the Willows
1983 Panto Babes in the Wood Lewis Collins, Gerald Flood, Suzanne Dando, Leslie Randall

1984 February 13th Oklahoma! Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 13th 1984
1984 April 9th Rose Marie South Downe Musical Society
1984 May 14th No, No Nanette! Portsmouth Players w/c May 14th 1984
1984 June 25th The Voices Peter Adamson Derren Nesbitt
1984 Auigust 27th Anything Goes Steve Barlow as BiIly
1984 Sept 4th-8thKiss Me Kate HaylingIsland Operatic Society
1984 October 1st Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat Lloyd Webber Rice
1984 October 8th Fiddler on the Roof Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 8th 1984
1984 October 22nd The Chalk Garden Nyree Dawn Porter Eleanor Summerfield Ernest Clark
1984 November 19th Snow Queen Hans Christian Anderson Fairytale
1984 Panto Mother Goose Bill Maynard, Lyn Paul, Mike Berry, George Lacy

1985 February 11th Jesus Christ Superstar Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 11th 1985
1985 February 18th A Bedfull of Foreigners Mandy Rice-Davies Don Maclean
1985 March 4th I have been here before Marius Goring
1985 April 8th The old woman who lived in a shoe Aubrey Phillips Bryan Johnson
1985 May 20th Oliver! Portsmouth Players w/c May 20th 1985
1985 June 1st The Keith Harris Show with Orville
1985 June 17th-22nd Swan Esther (Musical) Chris Ciorcoran Jackie Marks
1985 June 30th Arts Education Ballet Swan lake act3, Divertissements, Lady of the Camillas
1985 July 1st Pirates of PenzanceHayling Island Operatic Society
1985 July 15th Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat Lloyd Webber, Rice
1985 July 29th My Fat Friend Melvyn Hayes
1985 August 5th-10th Russ Conway, Don Maclean
1985 August 12th Anyone for Denis? Bob Grant, Macdoinald Hobley
1985 October 7th The Lisbon Story Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 7th 1985
1985 Panto The Wizard of Oz Harry Worth, Tessa Wyatt, Michael Knowles, David Yip, Trevor Bannister, Margaret Ashcroft

1986 January 18th Wizard of Oz Harry Worth, Tessa Wyatt
1986 February 10/11/12th The Merry Widow Regency Opera
1986 Hans Andersen Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 17th 1986
1986 15th March for 2 weeks The Fifteen Streets Owen Teale Margo Stanley
1986 March 24th Cockatial Twins Mary Rose Theatre Co
1986 April 14th to 19th April The Boundary Glynn Edwards Reginald Marsh
1986 AprilUnderneath the Arches South Downe Musical Society
1986 May 5-10 The Happiest days of you life Charlie Drake Richard Murdock
1986 May 19th Mame Portsmouth Players w/c May 19th 1986
1986 September 29th Wife begins at Forty Patrick Mower, Patricia Brake
1986 October 11th Cluedo Christopher Biggins Trevor Bannister Avril Angers
1986 October 13th White Horse Inn Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 13th 1986
1986 Panto Annie Bill Maynard

1987 January 17th Annie
1987 January 22nd-24th Magic Flute Gordon Christie
1987 February 2nd The Tart and the Vicar’s Wife Adults onlu
1987 February 9th Calamity Jane Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 9th 1987
1987 March 2nd/7th Oliver
1987 March 9th-11th Not about Heroes Steven McGann Paul Shelley
1987 March 12th An evening of romance Irving Berlin songs
1987 March 13th-14th Adzido African dance
1987 March 19th Carman Kent Opera
1987 March 20th Pygmalion/Dido & Aeneas Kent Opera
1987 March 23rd/28th Jesus Christ Superstar
1987 March 30th/April 4th Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcaot
1987 April 20th Up and Under (Comedy of the year)
1987 June 8th The Gondoliers Portsmouth Players w/c June 8th 1987
1987 August 3rd James and the Giaant Peach
1987 August 10th A Touch of Murder Darren Nesbitt Ray Lonnen
1987 August 10th A Touch of Murder Derren Nesbitt Ray Lonnen
1987 August 19th-20th The Wizards Wonder Box
1987 August 24th The Minstrel Stars Margery Savage
1987 September 1st Postman Pat’s Adventure
1987 September 5th The Spinners
1987 September 6th Chris Barbers Jazz and Blues Band
1987 September 7th Educating Rita Andrew Sachs
1987 September 20th Charity Concert Stephanie Lawrence
1987 September 21st Funny Peculiar Linda Lusardi Peter Duncan
1987 September 29th Seven Brides for seven brothers Roni Page
1987 October 7th-9th Romeo and Juliet Young Vic
1987 October 12th Carousel Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 12th 1987
1987 December 5th Clown Theatre Zippo
1987 October 19th-21st Kent Opera Magic Flute/A night at a Chinese Opera
1987 October 22nd Rosser and Davies
1987 October 23rd The Copycats
1987 October 27th Northen Ballet Swan Lake
1987 November 1st Lord Mayor’s appeal Concert
1987 November 2nd-4th 40 Years On Alan Bennett play
1987 November 5th-7th The Joel Hall Dancers
1987 November 9th Die Fledermaus
1987 November 15th The Ivor Novello Story
1987 November 16th The Hobbit
1987 November 21st Wind in the Willows
1987 November 22nd Johnny Logan
1987 November 23rd A Christmas Carol
1987 November 29th Alan Price
1987 December 1st Zippo the Clown
1987 December 6th Lord Mayor’s Concert
1987 December 16th The Supremes
1987 18th December to 23rd January 1988 Panto Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp Jackie Pallo, Brian Cant, Amanda Barrie, Richard Cartridge

1988 February 6th John Briggs piano
1988 February 8th-13th My Fair Lady Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 8th 1988
1988 February 15th-20th Stepping out (Comedy of the year)
1988 February 23rd-27th Madam Butterfly Regency Opera Co
1988 March 8th-12th Winnie the Pooh
1988 March 15th-26th The Fifteen streets Cathering Cookson play
1988 March 29th-April 2ndAlan Ayckbopurne's Absent Friends Ralph Bates, Peter Blake, Peter Denyer
1988 March 26th The Fifteen Streets by Catherine Cookson
1988 April 5th-9th Habeas CorpusJulian Glover Duncan Preston, Bill Pertwee
1988 April 11th-16th Married Love Susan Hampshire
1988 April 18th-23rd No Sex please we’re British Andrew Sachs Heather Chasen Norman Vaughn
1988 April 25th-30th Hello Dolly South Downe Musical Society
1988 May 7th Page Three Girls
1988 May 10th An Inspector calls Reginald Marsh Michael Craig
1988 May 23rd-28th Brief Encounter Aberystwyth Arts Tour
1988 June 3rd Count Ory Kent Opera
1988 June 4th Don Giovanni Kent Opera
1988 June 6th-11th Mr Cinders Portsmouth Players w/c June 6th 1988
1988 June 13th-18th Intmate Strangers Jennifer Wilson David Roper
1988 June 20th-25th The Pajama Game Hayling Island Operatic Society
1988 July 3rd The Svinurai Musicians and Dance from Zimbabwe
1988 July 4th The Taming of the Shrew Kate O'Mara
1988 July 11th The Tart and the Vicar's Wife
1988 July 18th 22nd Funny Peculiar Nigel Pivaro
1988 July 23rd English Philharmoonic Orchestra in Rock Classics
1988 July 26th-30th Circus Senso Circus without animals
1988 August 2nd Evita Robert Stigwood production
1988 August 8th Who killed Agatha Christie? Roger Toilliday
1988 August 19th Super Sixties Show, Searchers Troggs Dave Berry
1988 August 20th Frankie Vaughn and the Sid Lawrence orchestra
1988 August 27th Craig Douglas Show
1988 September 8th The Marriage of Figaro The Travelling Opera
1988 September 19th One for the pot Mike Yarwood Barry Howard
1988 October 10th Kiss Me Kate Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 10th 1988
1988 October 17th-22nd An Ideal Husband Jeremy Sinden Jack Watling
1988 October 24th Snow White and the seven dwarfs
1988 October 30th Rupert and the Magic Castle
1988 October 30th Joan Collins Fan Club
1988 November 2nd Little Shop of Horrors Lorraine Chase Mollie Sigden
1988 November 14th Song of Norway South Downe Musical Society
1988 November 21st Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
1988 November 29th Panto The old woman who lived in a shoe Charles Hewtrey
1988 December 8th Cinderella Lionel Blair, Mollie Sugden Stephanie Lawrence
1988 Panto Cinderella Mollie Sugden, Stephanie Lawrence, Lionel Blair, Roy North, Ross Davidson

1989 February 6th-10th Night must fall Pamela Salem
1989 February 13th Paint Your Wagon Portsmouth Players Feb. 13th 1989
1989 February 19th Frankie Vaughn Syd Lawrence Orchestra
1989 February 27th -March 4th Glass Menagerie Young Vic
1989 March 6th-11th Of Mice and Men Eamon Boland
1989 March 13th-18th The Business of Murder Richard Todd
1989 March 19th Keith and Orville’s Show
1989 March 20th Adventures of Pinocchio
1989 March 27th –April 1st One Careful Owner Joe Brown Lynda Baron
1989 April 3rd D’Oyle Court Pirates of Penzance/The Mikado
1989 April 10th Half a sixpence South Downe Musical Society
1989 April 17th-29th West Side Story
1989 April 30th Legends of the 60’s Jet Harris Cliff Bennett Mike Berry
1989 May 1st Oklahoma
1989 May 15th-20th Bedside Manners John Inman
1989 May 21st5 Festival of Spanish Dance
1989 May 29th Super Ted’s Magic Show
1989 May 30th-June 3rd Bonkers Jess Conrad
1989 June 5th-10th Cavalcade Portsmouth Players w/c June 5th 1989
1989 July 8th There's a girls in my soup, Lionel Blair, Michael Medwin
1989 July 17th-22nd Up in the gallery Adrienne Posta John Altman
1989 July 24th -29th Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
1989 July 31st for one week Dr Who Colin Baker
1989 August 10th Who killed Agatha Christtie? Roger Tolliday
1989 September 1st-2nd Dracular and Frankenstein New Vic
1989 September 3rd The War Years songs
1989 September 4th The Pros and Cons
1989 September 11th-16th Byelorussian Ballet various performance
1989 September 18th Underneath the Arches Bernie Winters
1989 September 23rd Move over Mrs Markham Peggy Mount William Gaunt
1989 September 24th Billy Eckstine Freda Payne
1989 September 27th Joel Hall Dancers
1989 October 2nd-7th Rainbow Geoffrey Hayes
1989 October 9th-14th Gigi Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 9th 1989
1989 October 15th Sounds of Beach Boys Four Seasons
1989 October 17th The Railway Children Birmingham Rep
1989 October 21st Railway Children Birmingham Rep
1989 October 23rd Dangerous Obsession Simon Ward Susan Penhaligon
1989 October 30th-November 4th Beyond reasonable doubt
1989 November 13th-18th Annie get your gun South Downe Musical Society
1989 November 21st-25th The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe/The Magician’s nephew
1989 November 27th-December 2nd Prisoner of Cell Block H Patsy King
1989 December 7th Panto Dick Whittington and his Cat Lorraine Chase, Michael Elphick, Fern Britton, Ivor Danvers, Barry Howard

Kings Theatre shows in 1990's

1990 February 12th The Merry Widow Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 12th 1990
1990 February 20th-24th On the Town
1990 March 25th Eartha Kitt
1990 April 23rd Camelot South Downe Musical Society
1990 May 12th The Last Gamble Reginald Marsh David Griffin
1990 May 14th for the week Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
1990 June 1st Let’s do it Elaine Delmar
1990 June 4th Funny Girl Portsmouth Players w/c June 4th 1990
1990 June 18th to 23 Ladies in Retirement Anna Wing Chili Boucher Jennifer Wilson
1990 June 24th A Private Diary Victor Spinetti
1990 June 26th Daisy pulls if off Sophie Aldred
1990 July 30th Spiders Web Brian Murphy Barbara Murray John Barron
1990 August 10th - Sept 1st Wayne Dobson Special Guests
1990 September 13th Petula Clark
1990 October 6th The Twenties Show Karen Clegg
1990 October 8th Phil the Fluter Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 8th 1990
1990 November 12th Fiddler on the roof South Downe Musical Society
1990 November 19th Irene Southern Musical Society
1990 November 27th Opera 80 Merrie Widow Lucia di Lammermoor
1990 Panto Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp Bill Maynard, Kim Hartman, Bill Buckley, Ross Davidson

1991 February 11th Bless the Bride Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 11th 1991
1991 April 13th Grease
1991 April 22nd Kismet South Downe Musical Society
1991 May 11th Risky Kisses Gabriella Drake Ian Lavender
1991 May 20th Phantom of the Opera
1991 May 25th Phantom of the opera Reginald Marsh Dilys Layee
1991 June 3rd Sweet Charity The Portsmouth Players w/c June 3rd 1991
1991 June 17th-22nd Privates on Parade Colin Baker
1991 July 17th-20th Alice in Wonderland Cavalcade Theatre Company
1991 September 21st Kit and the Widow
1991 October 14th Brigadoon The Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 14th 1991
1991 October 14th Showboat Portsmouth Players
1991 November 3rd Glenn Miller Orchestra
1991 November 9th Russ Abbots Madhouse Belle Emberg
1991 PantoCinderella Ashley Paske, Freddie and the Dreamers, Tony Monopoly

1992 February 8th The Rocky Horror Show Peter Blake Barry Howard
1992 February 10th Cabaret Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 10th 1992
1992 March 17th Sleeping Beauty The Lewis London Ballet
1992 April 27th Anything Goes South Downe Musical Society
1992 May 16th The Little Mermaid Ballet Creation of London
1982 June 2nd-6th Strepping out
1992 June 8th Sound of Music Portsmouth Players w/c June 8th 1992
1992 June 14th The Telstar Story Tornados Cliff Bennett
1992 June 18th-20th Cinderella the opera
1992 June 21st Bucks Fizz
1992 June 23rd-27th Stageland Trevor Bannister
1992 June 28th Strauss Spectacular
1992 July 3rd Cantabile
1992 July 4th Glamorous Nights at Drury Lane Evelyn Laye
1992 July 13th Seven Brides for Seven Brothers South Downe Musical Society
1992 August 9th Elvis and the Rock’n’Roll years
1992 September 21st-26th West Side Story
1992 September 27th The Wonderful West End
1992 October 4th Peter Skellern
1992 October 12th Girl Crazy The Portsmouth Players w/c Oct. 12th 1992
1992 October 27th/31st The Nineteenth HoleEric Sykes
1992 November 1st Bootleg Beatles
1992 November 22nd Hooray for Hollywood Paul Jones
1992 PantoJack and the Beanstalk Bernie Nolan, Bill Buckley

1993 February 15th The Pirates of Penzance The Portsmouth Playersw/c 15.2.93
1993 February 27th The Real Thing Liza Goddard Christopher Timothy
1993 February 28th Variety Show, Roy Castle, Julie Rogers, Craig Douslas, Jack Hawkins Orchestra and singers.
1993 March 22nd-27th Guys and Dolls South Downe Musical Society
1993 June 7th Gentlemen prefer blonds The Portsmouth Players w/c 7.6.93
1993 June 13th Iris Barnes School of Dancing
1993 June 22nd The Sound of Music Christopher Cazenove, Liz Robertson, Robin Nedwell, Jan Waters
1993 July 10th Beauty and the Beast Cwmni Ballet Gwent
1993 July 12thUnderneath the Arches South Downe Musical Society
1993 July 20th Lipstick Dreams Emily Symons Fiona Spence
1993 September 3rd Chris Barber and his Jazz & Blues Band
1993 October 11th Sweeney Todd Portsmouth Players w/c 11.10.93 (also opened on a Monday.)
1993 October 23rd am Mr Men in Nurseryland
1993 October 23rd pmThe Bootleg Beatles
1993 October 25th Orhpeus In The Underworld/Pirates of Penzance D'Oyle Carte Opera Company
1993 October 31st The 19th Hole, Eric SykesBruce Montague
1993 November 24th Jethro
1993 December 10th - January 15th 19994 Panto Dick Whittington Andrew Sachs, Arthur Bostrum, Ross Davidson

1994 February 1st-5th Peter Pan Toyah Wilcox, Brian Blerssed.
1994 February 7thHello Dolly Portsmouth Players w/c Feb. 7th 1994
1994 April 11th-16th Alfie Adam Faith
1994 June 11th The Music Man Portsmouth Players w/c June 13th 1994
1994 October 3rd 42nd Street Portsmouth Players w/c 3rd Oct. 1994
1994 October 29th Joe Brown, Marty Wilde, Eden Kane
1994 Panto Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Linda Barron, Aiden J Harvey

1995 February 6th The King and I Portsmouth Players Feb. 6th 1995
1995 June 12th Irene Portsmouth Players w/c 12th June 1995
1995 October 9th Charlie Girl Portsmouth Players w/c 9th Oct. 1995
1995 Panto Cinderella Aiden J Harvey, Hilary Minster

1996 February 12th Chess Portsmouth Players w/c 12th Feb. 1996
1996 March 26th-30th Phanton of the Opera The Russian Ice Stars
1996 May 7th-11th The Canterbury Tales Colin Baker Anne Charleston Richard Digence
1996 June 10th La Cage Aux Folles Portsmouth Players w/c 10th June 1996
1996 October 7th Anything Goes Portsmouth Players w/c 7th Oct. 1996
1996 Panto Aladdin Aiden J Harvey, George Sewell

1997 January 30th Thirteen
1997 February 10th Follies Portsmouth Players w/c 10th Feb. 1997
1997 April 24th Thirteen
1997 May 4th A midsummer night's dream Alexander Roy London Ballet Theatre <7/td>
1997 May 28th Thirteen
1997 June 9th Me and My Girl Portsmouth Players w/c 9th June 1997
1997 October 6th Fiddler on the Roof Portsmouth Players w/c 6th Oct. 1997 (The King’s Theatre’s future was in doubt at this time)
1997 Octber 31st Wizard of Oz
1997 November 3rd-8th Merry Widow
1997 November 22nd George Hamilton IV
1997 Panto Mother Goose South Downe Musical Society - Alan Jenkins, Jane Pegler amateur production

1998 March 20th Madam Butterfly
1998 March 23rd-28th Brigadoon South Downe Musical Society
1998 June 5th Musical Magic
1998 June 8th-13th Guys and Dolls Portsmouth Players
1998 July 3rd Bay City Rollers, Racy
1998 July 13th-18th Dracular Musical The Bite
1998 September 11th The Drifters
1998 September 21st-26th Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
1998 October 19th-24th Crazy for youSouth Downe Musical Society
1998 November 7th Billy Jo Spears
1998 November 10th Regimental Band of HM Coldstream Guards
1998 December 5th Viennese Strauss Gala
1998 December 10th Chtris Barber's Jazz Band plus Lonnie Donegan
1998 PantoCinderella South Downhe Musical Society

1999 February 4th Real Abba Gold
1999 February 5th Paperback Beatles
1999 February 10th Compagnia D'Opera
1999 February 19th/20th Snow White
1999 February 22nd/27thKiss Me Kate Portsmouth Players w/c 22nd Feb. 1999
1999 March 5th Tina Turner Tribute
1999 March 22nd/27th Girls Night Out
1999 May 7th Forever In Blue Jeans
1999 May 8th Chuckle Brothers
1999 May 14th The Real Monty
1999 May 15th he Real Monty
1999 May 19th Simply The Best (Suzette Dorseys Tina Turner tribute)
1999 May 27th The Illegal Eagles
1999 June 14th Some Like It Hot Portsmouth Players w/c 14th June 1999
1999 October 11th A Funny thing happened on the way to the ForumPortsmouth Players w/c 11th Oct. 1999
1999 PantoJack and the Beanstalk semi-professional production
1999 November 17th Phil Jupitus, Richard Morton
1999 November 26th The Billy Fury Experience
1999 November 27th Boyz Only, Step by Step (Tributes)

Kings Theatre shows in 21st Century

2000 February 14th The Will Rogers Follies Portsmouth Players w/c 14th Feb. 2000
2000 July 17th Hot Mikado Kings Theatre w/c 12th June 2000
2000 July 17 Seven brides for seven brother South Downe Musical Society
2000 October 9th Mack & Mabel Portsmouth Players w/c 9th Oct. 2000
2000 November 6th Anything goes South Downe Musical Society
2000 Panto Aladdin Christopher Marlowe, Roy Alvis, Alan Jenkins

2001 Oliver! Portsmouth Players w/c 12th Feb. 2001
2001 March 19th Me and my gal South Downe Musical Society
2001 June 12th Hot Mikado w/c 12th June 2000
2001 October 1st My Fair Lady Portsmouth Players w/c 1st Oct. 2001
2001 Cinderella Christopher Marlowe, Bruce Green, Alan Jenkins

2002 February 11th 42nd Street Portsmouth Players w/c 11th Feb. 2002
2002 March 18th Hello Dolly South Downhe Musical Society
2002 June 10th West Side Story Portsmouth Players w/c 10th June 2002
2002 October 21st Evita Portsmouth Players w/c 21st Oct. 2002
2002 Panto Dick Whittington Aiden J Harvey, Tony Adams, Christopher Marlowe, Alan Jenkins

2003 PantoSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs Maddy Stevens, Alan Jenkins

2003 Underneath The Arches Portsmouth Players w/c 10th Feb. 2003
2003 June 9th Into The Woods Portsmouth Players w/c 9th June 2003
2003 October 20th Gigi Portsmouth Players w/c 20th Oct. 2003
2003 PantoSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs Maddy Stevens, Alan Jenkins

2004 Jesus Christ Superstar Portsmouth Players w/c 23rd Feb. 2004
2004 June 14th Sweet Charity Portsmouth Players w/c 14th June 2004
2004 October 11th Mame Portsmouth Players w/c 11th Oct. 2004
2004 Panto Aladdin Dean Gaffney, Syd Little, Alan Jenkins

2005 Annie Get Your Gun Portsmouth Players w/c 21st Feb. 2005
2005 June 13th Half A Sixpence Portsmouth Players w/c 13th June 2005
2005 October 10th Pirates of Penzance Portsmouth Players w/c 10th Oct. 2005
2005 December 14th-January 8th PantoCinderella Kevin Kennedy, Alan Jenkins

2006 Me and My Girl Portsmouth Players w/c 24th April 2006
2006 October 16th Titanic, The Musical Portsmouth Players w/c 16th Oct. 2006
2006 December 13th January 7th Panto Jack and the Beanstalk Lisa Riley, Tony Adams, Alan Jenkins

2007 February 24th Jimmy Carr
2007 May 15th The King and I Portsmouth Players w/c 12th Feb. 2007
2007 May 15th kiss me Kate South Downe Musical Society
2007 June 1st Ken Dodd
2007 June 12th Thoroughly Modern Millie Portsmouth Players w/c Tues. 12th June 2007
2007 October 16th HMS Pinafore Portsmouth Players w/c 16th Oct. 2007
2007 November 6th Oklahoma South Downe Musical Society
2007 December 12th January 6th Panto Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Lorraine Chase, Aiden J Harvey, Phil Randall

2008 CarouselPortsmouth Players w/c 12th Feb. 2008
April 2008 Darling Buds of May Groundlings Theatre Co Paul Roberts, Tanya Vasey
2008 Hello Dolly Portsmouth Players w/c 10th June 2008
2008 Crazy For You Portsmouth Players w/c 14th Oct. 2008
2008 December 143th January 8th Panto Cinderella Charlene Tilton, Syd Little

2009 The Full Monty Portsmouth Players w/c 10th Feb. 2009
The Producers Portsmouth Players w/c 9th June 2009
2009 October 20th Anything Goes Portsmouth Players w/c 20th Oct. 2009
2009 PantoAladdin Lisa Riley, Michael Starke, Phil Randall

2010 February 9th Oliver! Portsmouth Players w/c 9th Feb. 2010
2010 March 5th Seth Lakeman
2010 March 17th The Hoillies
The Hot Mikado Portsmouth Players w/c 12th Oct. 2010
2010 Panto Jack and the Beanstalk Britt Ekland, Steven Arnold, Aiden J Harvey, Nick Girdler, Richard Stride

2011 February 19th Steve Harley
2011 March 15th The Music Man Portsmouth Players w/c 15th March 2011
2011 June 15th NunsensePortsmouth Players The Barn – Milton Park15th to 18th June 2011
2011 October 10th The Sound of Music Portsmouth Players w/c Monday 10th Oct. 2011, This show had an additional performance, on the Monday
2011 Panto Cinderella Tracy Shaw, Marcus Patrick, Tom Owen, Richard Stride

2012 February 14th Annie Portsmouth Players w/c 14th Feb. 2012
2012 May 24th Forever Broadway Portsmouth Players A concert at The Barn 24th to 26th May 2012
2012 June 10th Jubilation Celebration Portsmouth Players A concert at The Barn 10th June 2012
2012 October 30th Beauty and the Beast Portsmouth Players w/c 30th Oct. 2012
2012 PantoSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs Lisa Riley, Jen Pringle, Aiden J Harvey, Rob McVeigh, Marcus Patrick

2013 February 12th Copacabana Portsmouth Players w/c 12th Feb. 2013
2013 October 8th Sweet Charity Portsmouth Players w/c 8th Oct. 2013
2013 October 18/19th Swan Lake English Youth Ballet
2013 Panto Sleeping Beauty Daniella Westbrook, Tony Adams, Lyn McGrainger

2014 February 11th Grease Portsmouth Players w/c 11th Feb. 2014
2014 October 14th Sister Act Portsmouth Players w/c 14th Oct. 2014

2015 January 26th News Guide Awards.
2015 February 24th Hairspray Portsmouth Players w/c 24th Feb. 2015
2015 July 8th The Simon and Garfunkel Story
2015 October 13th Sunset Boulevard Portsmouth Players w/c 13th Oct. 2015

2016 February 9thSpamalot Portsmouth Players w/c 9th Feb. 2016
2016 November 1st Oliver Portsmouth Players w/c 1st Nov. 2016

2017 May 5th The Furys
2017 May 11th One night of Queen
2017 May 19th Unbelievable magic and illusion
2017 May 25th Totally Tina
2017 May 26th That's Life Frank Sinata Story
2017 May 28th Eddie the Eagle Edwards
2017 12 Jul The Lost Plays of WW1
2017 13 Jul Explore: the Cowplain School
2017 15 Jul Shine Timestep Academy of Dance
2017 21 Jul/22 Jul KYTThrough The Looking Glass
2017 27 Jul Joe Pasquale The Devil in Disguise
2017 28 Jul Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen The Final Tribute
2017 30 Jul Bill Bailey Larks in transit
2017 31 Jul Summer Stage Experience
2017 31 Jul What A Knight Technical Summer School
2017 04 Aug What A Knight Technical Summer School Performance
2017 06 Aug Summer Open Day
2017 07 Aug Summer Stage Experience
2017 07 Aug to 12 Aug Fame The Musical JR. Performance
2017 19 Aug That'll Be The Day
2017 02 Sep Joe Black's House of Burlesque
2017 08 Sep The Counterfeit Stones
2017 14 Sep Madama Butterfly
2017 16 Sep Mister Maker and the Shapes Live!
2017 21 Sep The Real Thing & Odyssey
2017 23 Sep Stewart Lee Content Provider
2017 26 Sep to 30 Sep The Wedding Singer
2017 02 Oct Lee NelsonSerious Joker
2017 04 Oct Ocean Film Festival World Tour
2017 06 Oct Dreamboys
2017 07 Oct Theatre Tours
10 Oct to 14 Oct Wizard of Oz Portsmouth Players
2017 17 Oct to Oct 18 Oct Jon Richardson The Old Man
2017 20 Oct/21 Oct Coppelia English Youth Ballet
2017 29 Oct Girl Power The Spice Girls Experience
2017 30 Oct to 04 Nov Our House
2017 12 Nov Miller Plays the Musicals
2017 Dec 05 Dec to 31 Snow White

2018 17 Jan to Jan 18 Jan Peppa Pigs Adventure
2018 19 Jan One Night of Elvis Lee Memphis King
2018 20 Jan Some Guys Have All The Luck
2018 17 Feb Bowie Experience
2018 24 Mar Chicago Blues Brothers
2018 28 Mar Seven Drunken Nights
2018 11 Apr You Win Again
2018 13 Apr Illegal Eagles
2018 14 Apr Bootleg Beatles
2018 14 May to 19 May Flashdance The Musical
2018 12 Sep to 16 Sep Awful Auntie
2018 September 24-29th The play that goes wrong

WED 18 DEC 2019 7:30pm That’ll Be The Day Christmas Show

SAT 25 JAN 2020 7:30pm That’ll Be The Day | January
SAT 01 FEB 2020 7:30pm The Ultimate Classic Rock Show
FRI 28 FEB 2020 8:00pm Abba Forever
TUE 31 MAR 2020 7:30pm Chris Dean & Syd Lawrence Orchestra | Live and Swinging
FRI03 APR 2020 7:30pm You Can’t Hurry Love
WED 22 APR 2020 7:30pm Seven Drunken Nights
FRI 01 MAY 2020 7:30pm Jimi | The Legend Lives On
MON 11 MAY 2020 7:30pm Walk Right Back
FRI 05 JUN 2020 7:30pm Genesis Connected
SUN 19 JUL 2020 7:30pm The Wall of Floyd
FRI 02 OCT 2020 7:30pm Bowie Experience

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