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10301418 kings theatre 1909xx
kings theatre 1909x

A night at the Kings Theatre in 1909 inside and out, note the name Evie Greene on the front of house playboard

kstaff 1910

Kings Theatre staff 1910 at the stage door

kings theatre  war veterans matinee2
kings theatre  war veterans matinee1

The Pantomime Orchestra from the late 1970's. Players include, Julie Ryan, Bob Hemmings, Steve 'Cracker' Pain, Dave Clackett, Paul Styles, John Hammond.

Opened in 1907
J W Boughton organised the building of the theatre
Theatre architect Frank Matcham.
Original owners, The Portsmouth Theatre Company, until 1964
1964 Commander Reggie & Mrs Joan Cooper became owners.
1990 Sold to Hampshire County Council.
2001, Purchased by Portsmouth City Council and leased to the Kings Theatre Trust Ltd who operate it on a day-to-day basis.
2003 Managed by the Kings Theatre Trust Ltd


John Waters Boughton

david cooper

CEO and Artistic Director, David Cooper left in 2017

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