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The Portsmouth Music Scene
Roll of Honour

There are an ever increasing number of those friends who have now left this world.
We wanted to record the names of those we knew, here, but possibly will have missed a few out.
If you can add any to this list, please contact us.

Terry Aldrige, Bass player, 16-3-1937 - 20-5-22

john ainsworth

John Ainsworth at Angel Radio

John Ainsworth in 2011, musician and broadcaster

Ray Andrews, DJ, 24th January 1960 - 15th December 2018

Steve Aspin, DJ, 10th October 1958 - 12th December 1985

Roy & Mo


Roy Baker 1942 - 2010
Mo Baker ??? -- 25/12/2021

Bryan Baker in 1989 Furys Bass guitar.

Jo Baker, jazz vocalist, ??? - October 2016

Ted Ball in 1974 Furys drummer.

Dave Barratt folk singer 11th November 1945 - 5th September 2016.

Barry Barron guitarist 1937 - 23rd June 2018, aged 81.

Adrian 'Ade' Bartholomew 1943 - 2007, guitarist with the Dynachords.

Michael Beacon (aka Mike Devon) 1944 - 2008,
of Mike Devon and the Diplomats,
also with The Arthur Ward Band.

Stan Bennett, pianist & music shop owner, 1930 - 19/1/2021

Donald Bonser, vocalist with the Dynachords

Clive 'Sooty' Broughton of the Shantymen ??? to March 2013

Pete Bugg, from Whiskey River.


John Bullock

John Bullock, bass guitarist, Talismen & Lace.

David Rudland Cairns drummer 9th Marh 1951 - 26th October 2019.

David Carter age 93 1925? - 28th May 2018 trombonist with Gosport Silver Band

Alan Clark, repairman to all, 10th June 1937 - 8th February 2021.

John Reginald Clark of Coconut Mushroom and Morgan's Camel Train,
11th April 1945 - 20th October 2018

Bill Cole pianist/vocalist 2nd February 1920 - 11th June 2002

Peter 'Andy' Cook vocals with The Firestorms, ??? - 13th March 2012

Peter Cradock, Havant Symphony Orchestra founder
24th May 1936 - 14th October 2017

Ade Cull, singer/guitarist 25th April 1955 -- 23rd December 2018

Roy 'Red' Cresdee of the Redman Set.
1923 - 20th December 2013

Ernie Davis saxophone player.

Paul Dawkins guitarist with Kingbeats & TV21, 12th April 1964 - 14th July 2018


Paul Dawkins

David Diaper, of Brothers Scarlett, 1945 to 19th March 2017.

Hanna Doswell vocalist, 1990 - ???

Carl Edwards, drummer with the Psylons ??? -- 2020.

Gerry Elmes, singer/roadie 1946 - 9th November 2020.

Stan Emptage 1917 - 28th August 2013,
Trumpet player with the Benny Freedman Orchestra.

John Evans, of The Sailmakers.

Steve Farrow, 1st May 1947 - 19th April 2006, guitarist of Travis Raymar,
Generation, Tangerine Slyde and Rosemary.

Dave Field, bassplayer with The Crestas and The Hunters.

Terry Flynn 1935 - 9th August 2019 piano/vibraphone player

Keith Francis of the Diplomats ? - 2013

Benny Freedman, Bandleader, musician and teacher.

Ron Gear, Pop Pickers singer, 1949 - 2021.

Malcolm 'Nobby' Glover 1946 -2018 drummer with Heaven and many other bands/groups

Don Golding, 14th April 1944 - 12th September 2018 guitarist with the Renegades and others.

George Good, drummer with Club Quartet 30th May 1922 --- November 2005. age 83.

Alan Gordon, drummer with Hector ?? - 2018.

Steve Grant, drummer.

Florence Greaves, organiser of the Portsmouth Competition Music Festival 1947 - 1975

Pete Gurd, from Harlem Speakeasy.


Graham Hunt

Brian (Rod) Hare in 1997 Furys drummer.

Jack Hawkins 1932-2015 Bandleader at the Mecca Portsmouth


Nick Hug

Ricky Hayes, Emptifish bass player.

Bob Hemmings trumpeter with the Mecca Band and the Dave Pearson Big Band 16th Dec 1939 - 13th Nov 2018.

John Hill trombonist ??? - 20th January 2020.

Roger Hollis, San Cella Sound drummer.

Brian Anthony Howe July 22, 1953 - May 6, 2020

Nicholas Richard Hug 54 years, 12/1951 to 6/2006

Roy Huggett, drummer 1949 - ?.

Graham Hunt, drummer, (1943 – 1997)

Frank Hurlock 11th July 1926 - 5th November 1994

Tony Hutchings, guitarist of The Crestas and The Hunters.

Fred Illingworth of The Four Jacks and the Gee Dees.


Brian Iredale 1944-2018,
drummer with the Cheese Doctors.

Jon Isherwood,
folk singer. ??? - 2002

Bob Jenkins, DJ at the Sound Barrier, 1949-2012.

Phil Jones, saxophone player with Image and with Harlem Speakeasy.

Jean Kelly of Angel Radio - ??? - 2017.

Brian Kemp keyboard and bassplayer of Inspiration and Heaven. 1948 - 25th September 1992

Robin Michael Knight, bass player, August 1966 - 7th February 2021.

Ted Laker ??? - 13th January 2019 age 85
Trumpeter and Angel Radio Presenter.

Mick Legg, 5 June 1947 --- 1 January 2021 bass guitar, The Vigilantes, Remains, Travis Raymer, Poor People, Morgan’s Camel Train, Tangerine Slyde, Rosemary

Anita June Lockhart nee Liddell, of the Honeys singing sisters,
2nd June 1934 - 11th May 2019.

Dave Loney, guitarist of The Paramounts, and The Hunters.

Geoff McKeon guitarist of the Diplomats.

Charlie Massiah born 1960 died April 27 2011

Ross Mitchell DJ, 1967 - 2015

Barry Monkcom drummer with The Paramounts and The Hunters. Saxplayer with The Redman Set

Gerard Orzabal bass gutarist with the Avengers 1946 - 2017.

Bert Parker, aka Billy Storm 1944 - 2013, vocalist with Stormriders, Crescendos and Talismen.

Chris Paradine pianist with many bands. 27th July 1938 - 24th August 2021

Colin Pearce one half of folk duo The Pearce Brothers ?? - 26th March 2018

Nelson Peters, double bass player with Bill Cole and others.

Peter Pinkney of Aubrey Small, Talismen and others ???? - 14th April 2022

Tony Power, DJ.
He ran the Co-operative Deartment Store,
Fratton Road record department in the 1960's and later
presented for Quay Radio.


Colin Quaintance


George Race

Sarah Pritchard jazz singer
18th February 1957 - 10th September 2017

Colin Quaintance, guitarist, died 20th July 2011.

Derek Ray guitar/drums, Panama Red
27th May 1949 - 20th July 2020.

Richard Paolo Reilly-Davidson aka Rick Le Page & 'Papa Rick' ??? - 2019

George Richard Race, percussionist
10th June 1932 – 9th April 2011.

Ron Rickwood, 1943 --- 3-04-2022 Known as Ricky Dean lead singer the Rivals.

Simon 'Blue' Robbins, 1967 - 31st August 1994
of Church Daubers and Radical Dance.

shakin jimmy

Shakin Jimmy Russell outside Strings Guitar Centre in Elm Grove

'Shakin' Jimmy Russell' 1962 -- 7th September 1996 age 33.

Chris Ryder, singer with the J Crow Combo


Shakin' Jimmy Russell

Stewart Savage in 1983 Furys drummer.

Andrew Scarisbrick guitarist of Heaven. 1951 - 2006

Nigel Shannon bassplayer with Hector.

Russ Sainty, born Alfred Sainty April 1938 - 28/11/2021 age 83.

Ray Shepherd, drummer with Terry Flynn Band,Trevor Nabarro Quartet, Sid Hayward Band 1960's

Roy Smith, Musican & Artist August 9th 1928 - January 14th 2017.

Paul Spooner (aka Tony Wyell), singer also with the Classics.

Kenny Stevens ??? --- 13th October 2019 guitarist Rock-a-toons.

Barry Sutton in 2011, bass player.


Mick Waldock

Mick Thompson, vocalist with Five by Five 1947 - 10th April 2018

Phil Tilbury drummer & DJ, 14th May 1944 --- 23rd April 2019.

Mick Waldock, guitarist/singer

John Victor Walton
3rd August 1953 - 6th September 2019,
Smiler, Stealer 1974, Avalon

Arthur Ward drummer of the Arthur Ward Band.

Reg Wassell, musician and teacher

Greg Watkins of Truffle,
No fixed abode, The Mighty 45's and Mafia ? - 2016

Douggie Wheeler, trombonist and arranger

Richard Whichello saxophonist
April 9, 1933 - April 29, 2008

Dory Whitfield, pianist for 60 plus years ???? - June 5th 2021

Trevor R Williamson
born Winchester September 1941 died November 2015
drummer with The Paramounts, The Hunters.

'Ginger' Woods, keyboard player from St Louis Checks.

Fred "Young Fred" Wyllie saxophonist 19th February 1923 - 17th December 2017


The Agents;-

Chris Lynn, from Lancing in Sussex.

Len Canham, from Avenue Artistes
in Southampton.

Robin Ford, from Haslemere,
but a Portsmouth area resident.


Dave Carson, Agent and Radio Victory broadcaster.

Denis Sims of Southsea Entertainments 1929 - 2nd October 2019 age 90


The Managers/Roadies;-

Pat Hatch with Truffle

Les Tuddenham 1914-1978 for Danny Raven and the Renegades

Dennis Upton with Dragonfly


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