Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
A to Z of known gigs

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Sailing Club, Hayling Island

1999 December 11th Abstract

2014 May 3rd THE HOT FUZZ

The Sailmaker, Gosport

2016 December 31st The Pop Pickers 9:00pm

2017 December 31st Missing Cat 9:00pm

The Salutation, New Road

Samphire Restaurant, Southsea

2017 October 22nd The Estelles 2:00pm
2017 November 26th Reactor 1 2:00pm (Acoustic)

Sandringham Hotel Southsea

1988 March 17th Mickey Morgan

2002 May 31st Mickey Morgan

Seacrest Hotel Southsea

1994 July 15th Mickey Morgan

Seagull Portchester

1996 October 4th Flip Top

1997 April 4th Crazy herbs
1997 April 18th Reflex
1997 December 5th Fair Warning

2016 Nov 26th Sam Newman 9:00pm
2016 December 10th The Punk Pirates 9:00pm
2016 December 17th The Gun Show 9:00pm
2017 January 6th Bigg Doggs 9:00pm
2017 January 28th Deep 13 9:00pm
2017 February 18th The Bu$iness 9:00pm
2017 February 25th Drunk Education 9:00pm
2017 March 18th The Mighty Fly 9:00pm
2017 March 25th The Mafia 9:00pm
2017 April 21st The Jaspers 9:00pm
2017 April 22nd The Jaspers 9:00pm
2017 May 27th Blink Daze 9:00pm
2017 June 17th Kneeslider
2017 June 24th Reactor 1 9:00pm
2017 July 22nd Mista Messy 9:00pm
2017 July 29th Record Machine
2017 August 19th Union King 9:00pm
2017 September 9th Maia
2017 September 30th Mafia
2017 November 18th Davey Jones' Locker 9:00pm
2017 November 25th Sam Newman 9:00pm
2017 December 9th Smooth Criminal 9:00pm
2017 December 23rd Glitter Bugz 8:30pm
02017 December 26th Roy Peplow Music ft. Karl 9:00pm

The Seahorse, Gosport

2013 May 11th THIS WAY UP
2013 July 13th THIS WAY UP

2016 December 22nd Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm

2017 March 4th Small Town 9:00pm
2017 March 25th Fine Southern Gents 2:00pm
2017 April 21st Tongue & Groove 9:00pm
2017 April 22nd Tongue & Groove 9:00pm
2017 April 28th Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm
2017 May 27th Electric Eighty 9:00pm
2017 June 4th The Cavaliers 4:00pm
2017 June 11th Fugitive Orchestra 4:00pm
2017 June 18th Electric Eden 4:00pm
2017 June 24th Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm
2017 July 2nd Justin Capps 4:00pm
2017 July 23rd Nathalie Gunn 4:00pm
2017 July 30th Dirt Road Diary 4:00pm
2017 August 19th The Bu$iness 9:00pm
2017 August 27th Lilo's Wall 4:00pm
2017 September 10th Roy Peplow 4:00pm
2017 September 16th The Sultan Sheiks 9:00pm
2017 September 24th The Spoils 4:00pm
2017 October 7th Roy Peplow 9:00pm
2017 October 13th Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm
2017 October 15th Dirt Road Diary 4:00pm
2017 October 29th Alice Milburn 4:00pm
2017 November 5th Fugitive Orchestra 4:00pm
2017 November 11th Dirt Road Diary 4:00pm
2017 November 19th Katie-Louise Ball 4:00pm
2017 November 26th The Startled Monkeys 4:00pm
2017 December 19th Thee Sultan Sheiks 9:00pm
2017 December 31st The Startled Monkeys 7:00pm

Shack Bar & Kitchen, Southsea

2017 March 12th Roy Peplow 8:00pm
2017 October 6th Audio Fiction 7:00pm

Shaftesbury Bingo Hall Portsmouth

1989 December 19th Mickey Morgan

Shenanigans Irish Bar & Cafe, Southsea

2014 March 16th THE SHENANIGANS
2014 March 17th THE SHENANIGANS

2016 December 15th Shenanigans 8:30pm

2017 March 17th Shenanigans 9:00pm

Shepherds Crook, Milton

2016 December 9th Lennon Taylor 7:30pm
2016 December 16th Mojo Dollar 9:00pm
2016 December 17th Tangerine Tantrum 5:00pm
2017 January 6th Dave Barrett 9:00pm
2017 January 29th Dave Barrett 6:00pm
2017 February 3rd Dave Barrett 9:00pm
2017 February 17th Reactor 1 8:45pm
2017 February 25th Dave Barrett 9:00pm
2017 March 3rd Thee Sultan Sheiks 9:00pm
2017 March 17th The Bootlegs 9:00pm
2017 March 31st Dave Barrett 8:30pm
2017 April 15th Soul Flame 8:00pm
2017 April 21st The Bootlegs 7:00pm
2017 April 22nd The Bootlegs 7:00pm
2017 May 12th The Targets 9:00pm
2017 June 10th Dave Barrett 9:00pm
2017 June 16th The Sultan Sheiks 9:00pm
2017 August 18th Dave Barrett 9:00pm
2017 September 9th The Estelle's 8:30pm
2017 September 22nd Dave Barrett 8:00pm
2017 September 23rd Ben Quelch 8:30pm
2017 December 24th Dave Barrett 5:00pm

The Ship Inn Langstone

1st April 1996, Remember This

1997 February 14th Thirteen
1997 March 30th Thriteen
1997 April 6th Thirteen

2016 December 16th The Little Boogie Woogie Band 9:00pm

2017 August 27th Matt O'Neill's Acoustic Live Lounge 8:00pm (Showcase)

Ship & Bell, Horndean

2016 December 16th Danny & The Dreamtones 9:00pm

2017 February 24th Free Peace Sweet 9:00pm
2017 July 29th Reactor 1 9:00pm
2017 November 17th Matt O'Neill's Acoustic Live Lounge 9:00pm
2017 December 31st The Classic Rock Band (aka Manti) 7:30pm

Sinah Warren, Hayling Island

2006 Big Blues Weekend, Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges, Marcus Malone, Nicky Moore's Blues Corporation, The Spikedrivers, Sam Kelly's Station House, The Swamp Cats, 3AM, Robert Hokum

Sirlion of Beef, Eastney

1996 October 27th Flip Top

1997 May 18th Flip Top

2017 February 19th SoulPatch 1:30pm
2017 September 16th SoulPatch 9:00pm
2017 October 22nd SoulPatch
2017 October 29th SoulPatch 1:30pm

Six Bells, Havant

2016 Nov 27th Let me be Frank 5:00pm

Slackwater Jack, Port Solent

1997 May 25th Frayed Knot

Slug And Lettuce, Fareham

2017 May 5th Roy Peplow 9:00pm
2017 September 8th Roy Peplow 9:00pm

Slurs (Ex Jalehouse) Portsmouth

1996 October 30th Flip Top

Smith’s Crisps Portchester

1974 September 16th Panama Red

Solent Club Hayling Island

1974 November 8th Panama Red

Solent Hotel Southsea

1996 July 7th Mickey Morgan

1997 December 24th Mickey Morgan

1998 December 24th Mickey Morgan

1999 May 22nd Mickey Morgan
1999 June 26th Mickey Morgan

Solent Social Club (The Workies), Lee-on-the-Solent

2016 JUN 25 Pop Pickers
2016 December 16th The Hiwatts 8:00pm

2017 January 28th Big Brother Soul 7:30pm
2017 February 11th Kayleigh Ball 9:00pm
2017 February 25th The Pop Pickers 8:30pm
2017 March 18th T-S & The Young Blades 9:00pm
2017 April 21st Small Town 9:00pm
2017 April 22nd Small Town 9:00pm
2017 June 16th The Bootlegs 9:00pm
2017 August 27th The Booze Brothers 8:00pm
2017 September 2nd Asylum Seekers 9:00pm
2017 September 22nd Big Brother Soul
2017 October 7th Pop Pickers
2017 November 4th The Pocket Rockers 8:30pm
2017 December 1st Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm

South Coast Emporium, Southsea

2017 December 15th The Ska Dogs 7:30pm
2017 December 28th The Estelles 8:30pm
2017 December 29th Lauren Stanley 8:00pm

Southleigh Holiday Camp Hayling Island

1969 May 16th Heaven

Southsea Castle, Southsea

2016 December 17th Christmas Cracker 3:00pm (Festival)

Southsea Conservative Club

1994 August 28th Mickey Morgan

1996 August 24th Mickey Morgan

1999 April 3rd Mickey Morgan

2000 August 4th Mickey Morgan

Southsea Leisure Park, Eastney

2017 December 24th Steve Hampton 4:00pm

Southsea Liberal Club

1991 July 28th Mickey Morgan

Southsea Social Club, Southsea


South Coast Emporium, Southsea

2017 October 19th Allegory 7:00pm

Southern Electric Sports Club Drayton

2002 December 1st Mickey Morgan

Southsea Villiage (Owens) Palmerston Road, Southsea

2017 November 11th Lauren Stanley 9:30pm
2017 December 23rd Cari Winter 9:30pm

The Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth

2013 MAR 9 The Spinnaker!! - Scary Biscuit

2014 March 27th ALISTAIR GOODWIN

South Parade Pier Performances

Sportsmans Rest Copnor

1994 July 10th Mickey Morgan

1996 July 27th Mickey Morgan

The Spring Havant

2014 February 7th THE ALTER EAGLES
2014 March 29th SOUNDS OF SIMON

Spotted Cow, Cowplain

2014 March 15th THE JAMMERS
2014 May 4th THE JAMMERS

2016 December 10th Kneeslider 8:30pm
2016 December 17th The Jammers 9:00pm

2017 March 3rd T-S & The Young Blades 8:30pm
2017 March 18th Art School Dropout 9:00pm
2017 April 7th Kneeslider 9:00pm
2017 April 14th Halcyon 9:00pm
2017 July 8th The Jammers 8:30pm
2017 July 22nd Tommy Rockers 9:00pm
2017 September 2nd Halcyon 9:00pm
2017 November 3rd T-S & The Young Blades 8:30pm
2017 December 9th Dr Peppers Lazy Arse Pub Band 9:00pm
2017 December 23rd The Jammers 9:00pm

Square Tower, Old Portsmouth

6th Feb 2013 - Otis Gibbs
26th May 2013 - Phil Beer
29th June 2013 - Hatful Of Rain
21st July 2013 - Andrew Duhon
2013 August 9th MATT MCGOWAN
29th Sept 2013 - My Darling Clementine
20th Oct 2013 - Otis Gibbs
24th Nov 2013 - Dennis Ellsworth
14th Dec 2013 - Curst Sons & Wood, Wire & Words

7th Feb 2014 - Steve Knightley
29th March 2014 - The Coal Porters
24th April 2014 - Birds Of Chicago
23rd May 2014 - Will Pound Band
8th June 2014 - Dennis Ellsworth
25th July 2014 - Andrew Duhon
26th Sept 2014 - Porchlight Smoker
19th Oct 2014 - The Gerry Colvin Trio
25th Oct 2014 - Jamie Freeman Agreement
15th Nov 2014 - Curst Sons
13th December 2014 - The Jigantics and The Black Feathers

30th Jan 2015 - Dennis Ellsworth & Marion Fleetwood
4th April 2015 - Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin
28th April 2015 - Cale Tyson
2015 May 4th Mayfly Festival of Arts and Music
30th May 2015 - The Black Feathers
27th June 2015 - Hatful Of Rain
19th July 2015 - Andrew Duhon
20th Sept 2015 - Goat Roper Rodeo Band & Michele Stodart (Magic Numbers)
25th Oct 2015 - The Jigantics
7th Nov 2015 - Megson
19th Dec 2015 - Porchlight Smoker

25th & 26th Feb 2016 - Steve Knightley
2nd March 2016 - Austin Lucas & Adam Faucett
26th March 2016 - Trad Arrr
2016 May 2nd Mayfly Festival of Arts and Music
8th May 2016 - Cale Tyson Band
2016 May 19th Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
31st May 2016 - Leeroy Stagger
5th June 2016 All Day Charity Gig (The JIgantics, Jamie Freeman Agreement, Porchlight Smoker, Megan Linford, Time’s Effect)
2016 June 18th Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra
2016 September 4th Danny & The Champions Of The World
2016 September 23rd Goat Roper Rodeo Band
26th October 2016 - Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles
2016 November 11th Underhill Rose
2016 November 22nd Robert Vincent & Danni Nicholls
2016 December 16th Yola Carter and her 7 piece band

2017 January 20th Dennis Ellsworth
18th Feb 2017 - The Rosellys & Luke Tuchscherer
5th March 2017 - Lewis & Leigh
2017 March 12th Wish We Were Pink Floyd 5:00pm
2017 March 25th Fleetwood Cave
2017 April 13th Woody Pines
2017 May 1st Mayfly Festival of Arts and Music
2017 May 7th Jeffrey Martin & Anna Tivel
2017 May 14th Chillin' On The Solent 2:00pm
2017 May 17th The Lowest Pair. Kendl & Palmer
2017 June 20th Tim Arnold 7:30pm
2017 July 16th Chris Difford
2017 September 19th Barry "The Fish" Melton (Country Joe & The Fish) and Stephanie Missri
2017 September 28th The Coal Porters
2017 October 8th Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls (of The Wonder Stuff!)
2017 October 21st The 'ansome Cabin Buoys
2017 October 29th Wild Ponies
2017 November 4, Angel Snow with support from Ida Wenoe
2017 November 15th Slocan Ramblers
2017 November 30th “Roots In The Round” – Songwriters Circle Nashville style with The Worry Dolls, Robert Vincent and Dean Owens!
2017 December 16th The Steve & Ben Somers Country Band

2018 February 3rd Orphan Colours
2018 March 18th bluegrass band Hot Rock Pilgrims Square Tower.
2018 April 18th The Dead South The Wedgwood Rooms
2018 April 29th The Dodge Brothers (BBC film critic Mark Kermode's band!).
2018 May 7th Mayfly Festival of Arts and Music
2018 May 22nd Woody Pines
2018 September 9th Luke Winslow King (and band)
2018 October 14th Nathan Bell

Stacey Club, Copnor

1969 February 23rd Heaven

Stamshaw Lake Angling Club, Stamshaw,

2017 December 31st The Estelles 7:00pm

Stamshaw/Tipner Leisure Centre

1987 July 17th Mickey Morgan

Star And Garter, Copnor

2017 September 2nd Kingz Of Leon 9:00pm
2017 October 21st Glitter Bugz 8:30pm

Staunton Park, Havant

1998 May 29th Vex, Danny Rampling & the Six Million Dollar Man, Masc, Marsh, United Kings, Paula Ann Savage & Motivation

St Albans Church Hall Havant

1996 January 27th Mickey Morgan

St. Columbas Church, Gosport

2016 December 10th The Pop Pickers 8:30pm

St James Hospital Portsmouth

1986 October 23rd Mickey Morgan

7th September 1996 Rock Therapy

St John’s Church Hall, Fareham

1996 Nov 8th Roy & Mo

St Josephs Church Hall Copnor

1990 June 30th Mickey Morgan
1990 September 8th Mickey Morgan
1990 December 8th Mickey Morgan

1991 April 20th Mickey Morgan
1991 June 15th Mickey Morgan
1991 September 21st Mickey Morgan
1991 December 14th Mickey Morgan

1992 March 23rd Mickey Morgan
1992 May 30th Mickey Morgan
1992 July 4th Mickey Morgan
1992 December 5th Mickey Morgan

1993 February 13th Mickey Morgan
1993 November 6th Mickey Morgan

St Lukes Church Hall Portsmouth

2002 June 5th Mickey Morgan
2002 December 18th Mickey Morgan

2003 December 17th Mickey Morgan

2006 July 26th Mickey Morgan
2006 December 20th Mickey Morgan

St Margarets Youth Club Portsmouth

1969 February 5th Heaven with Rosemary

St Mark's Church, North End

2017 October 14th Wish We Were Pink Floyd 7:00pm

St Mary's Church Portsmouth

1999 February 6th Highbury Area Band

2017 July 14th Limited S

St Mary's Hospital Portsmouth

31st Dec 1980 New Year's Eve Nite Life

1996 December 19th Mickey Morgan

St. Vincent College, Gosport

2017 April 7th Richard Morris 7:00pm

The Stag, Portsmouth

2014 March 8th KNEESLIDER

2016 Nov 27th Ben Quelch 5:00pm
2016 December 11th Timeless 5:00pm
2016 December 17th Heidi-pearl 9:00pm

2017 February 4th Kneeslider 9:00pm
2017 February 19th Somethin' Else
2017 February 24th Somethin' Else 9:00pm
2017 February 25th Heidi-pearl 9:00pm
2017 March 11th The Bu$iness 9:00pm
2017 March 31st Somethin' Else 9:00pm
2017 April 9th Heidi-pearl 5:00pm
2017 April 23rd Ben Quelch 5:00pm
2017 April 30th Timeless 5:00pm
2017 May 6th Kneeslider 9:00pm
2017 May 19th Somethin’ Else
2017 August 4th Lauren & the Heatwaves
2017 August 26th Somethin' Else
2017 November 25th Somethin' Else
2017 May 6th Kneeslider 9:00pm
2017 May 13th Lauren Stanley 8:30pm
2017 June 11th Sorted 5:00pm
2017 July 23rd Stuart Madgwick 5:00pm
2017 July 30th Glitter Bugz 5:00pm
2017 August 6th Ben Quelch 5:00pm
2017 August 26th Somethin' Else 9:00pm
2017 September 10th Sorted 4:30pm
2017 October 1st Russell Keith 4:30pm
2017 October 22nd A Girl Called Dusty 4:30pm
2017 October 29th The Stag, Portsmouth, Glitter Bugz 5:30pm
2017 November 4th Rapture 8:30pm
2017 November 5th Stuart Madgwick 5:00pm
2017 November 11th La Scarlett 4:30pm
2017 November 18th SoulPatch
2017 November 25th Somethin' Else 9:00pm
2018 January 28th SoulPatch
2018 May 6th SoulPatch
2018 September 22nd SoulPatc
2017 December 3rd Mama Belle 5:00pm
2018 December 15th SoulPatch
2017 December 24th Sean sings Elvis! 9:00pm

Stamshaw Lake Angling Club, Stamshaw

2017 March 11th The Estelle's 8:30pm

Station Theatre Hayling Island

2018 April 7th Chris Wood, John Gleadall and Dielle

The Study, Edinbrough Road Portsmouth

2017 December 1st The Estelles 8:30pm

Sunshine Inn, Farlington

2016 Nov 25th Skaraman 8:00pm

The Swan Bedhampton

1990 November 30th Black at Bone

15th September 1995, Remember This
15th December 1995, Remember This

16th February 1996, Remember This
3rd April 1996, Remember This
22nd June 1996, Remember This
1996 Novenber 30th Natural High
1996 December Step on the gas

1996 December 23rd Natural High
1997 February 8th The Rise
1997 February 14th Step on the gas
1997 February 22nd F.B.Blues Band
1997 February 28th Indecent Proposal
8th March 1997 Busted Fender Blues Band
1997 April 3rd MTV
1997 November 15th Desperate Bycycles

The Sunshine Inn, Drayton


January 6th Don Rendell top tenor sax man at the Sunshine Inn for the Farlington Modern Jazz Club He is a member of the Ted Heath Orchestra and toured the UK with Stan Kenton in 1956.
February 3rd Tubby Hayes play at the Sunshine Inn, Farlington.
February 24th Harry Klein, baritone from the Stan Kenton Band, plays at the Sunshine Inn, Farlington.
March 17th Tommy Whittle play at the Sunshine Inn Farlington backed by George Austin guitar, Chiz Bishop piano, Ray Lott bass, Alan Greer drums. Also playing was the Mike Treend trio with Sammy Seall bass, Mike Kaye drums.
March 27th At the Sunshine Inn, the resident musicians now to be known as the Sunshine Jazzmen, personnel is Red Cresdee clarinet, Chiz Bishop piano and Mike Kay drums with Bill Burkett trumpet, Ray Lott bass and a trombonist standing in for Puttman, Seall and Wheeler who will be at Lee Tower.
May 8th The film "Words and music" with Perry Como and Judy Garland is shown at the Classic, Commercial Road.
Nat Gonella plays at the Sunshine Inn, Farlington.
May 9th Farlington Tradtional Jazz Club closed for the summer on a high not and it was played by the almost legendary trumpet idol of the 1930's, Nat Gonella, accompanied by the Sunshine Jazz men.
August 25th Ronnie Scott plays at the Sunshine Inn, Farlington.
September 15th Laurie Monk plays at the Sunshine Inn, Farlington.
September 29th Ronnie Ross (baritone sax) plays at the Sunshine Inn, Farlington.
October 6th The Mike Treend Quartet play at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
October 13th The Mike Treend Quartet play at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
November 10th Ronnie Ross and the Mike Treend Quartet play at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
December 1st The Mike Treend Quartet play at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
December 11th Clarinetist Sandy Brown plays at the Sunshine Inn, Farlington.
December 22nd Clarinetist Vic Ash plays with the Mike Treend Quartet at the Sunshine Inn, Farlington.


January 19th Don Rendell plays at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
January 26th The Austin Treend Quartet play at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
February 9th Bill Le sage, Kenny Harrison and Denny Nash play at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
February 12th The Sunshine Jazzmen play at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
March 23rd Tubby Hayes joins the Austin Treend Quartet at the Sunshine inn, Farlington.
April 27th Ronnie Ross and the Austin Treend Quartet play at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
May 25th Kathy Stobart plays at the Sunshine Inn Farlington.
June 1st Bill le Sage plays at the White Hart Kingston Cross, The new venue for the Sunshine Inn jazz club.

1998 June 27th Crowded Trousers

2016 Nov 25th Skaraman 8:00pm

Swordfish Bar Lee on the Solent

1998 September 12th Mickey Morgan

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