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The Musicians Union Festival of Dance 1955 and 1956

During 1955 and 1956 the Musicians Union, Portsmouth Branch, held a12 band Festival of Dance at the Savoy Ballroom.
Here are photo from Jack Salt's collection, kindly made available by his son Brian.
Jack was the Baritone Sax player witht he Benny Freedman Orchestra during the 1950's.
These photogrphs were kindly made available by Brian Salt, son of Jack Salt who was the baritine-sax player with the Benny Freedman Orchestra.

19th July 1955

Bands in order of appearance.

Benny Freedman and his Band
7. 30 p.m.
Archie Horn ---- Alto, clar. George Hunnisett ---- Alto, clar, violin, drum Ernie Davis Tenor, clar.
Jack Salt ---- Baritone, alto, clar. Stan Emptage ---- "trumpet. Jimmy Newton ---- Trumpet, vocalist. Brian Barnes ---- Piano Geoff Powell ---- Bass, guitar, vocalist. Ted Harvey Drums. Kenny Freedman ---- Alto, clar, violin.

The Trevor Nabarro Quartet.
8.15 p.m.
Tony Day ---- Piano. Ray Shepherd ---- Drums. Roy Nightingale ---- Bass. Trevor Nabarro ---- Alto.


Reginald Bannistra and his Music

8.45 p.m.
Les Meare Alto, clar. Bob Lucas ---- Alto, clar. Roy Murray Tenor, Violin. Norman King ---- Tenor, clar.
Freddy Hutchins ---- Baritone, trumpet. Dicky Cox ---- Trumpet. Stan Howell ---- Trumpet. Stan Matthews ---- Piano
Stan King ---- Bass. Reginald Bannistra ---- Drums


The Bob Quinton Group featuring Johnny Lyne.

9.15 pm.
(Presented by Reginald Bannistra) Ken Bishop ---- Tenor,clar. Joe English ---- Bass Arthur Ward ---- Drums.
Johnny Lyne ---- Muiti-instrumentalist. Bob Quintun ---- Piano.


Barry McCarthy and his Dixielanders

9.45 p.m.
Douggie Whitfield ---- Trumpet Jimmy Horn ---- Trombone, Doreen Nutter Piano, vocalist.
Ron Blandford ---- Bass. Jack Campbell Drums. Barry McCarthy ---- Alto, clar.


The Dance Orchestra of HM Royal Marines (Portsmouth)

10.15 p.m.
By permission of Major General Royal Marines, Portsmouth, Directed by Bandmaster ROY MORGAN, R.M.
B/Cpl David Elliott ---- Alto, clar, violin. Musn, Terence Casselden ---- Alto, clar.
L/Cpl Leonard Spencer ---- tenor, clar,violin Musn. Frank Fowler ---- Tenor, clar, violin
L/Cpl Jesse Palmer Baritone, flute. B/Sgt Harold Price ---- Trombone. B/Sgt. Jack Evans ---- Bass, piano.
Musn. Tony Fitzgerald ---- Piano, flute Musn. Tour Law ---- Drums B/M Roy Morgan ---- Trumpet.


Ron Bennett and his Club Quintet

10.45 p.m.
Terry Flynn ---- Vibraphone, piano. Bill Cole ---- Piano. Nelson Peters ---- Bass.
George Austen ---- Guitar. George Good ---- Drums. Ron Bennett ---- Tenor, clar, bass clar.


The Combined Theatres Orchestra with Frederick Curzon

11.15 p.m.
Directed by ARTHUR F. REED., A. E. Beech ---- Violin, sax. T. J. Peaker ---- Violin, sax.
B. E. Goodall ---- Violin, trombone. C. Wakley (Miss) ---- Violin, trumpet. M. Gold (Miss) ---- Violin,
F. Bellman ---- Violin. H. Cooper ---- Cello, sax. R. Matthews (Mrs.) ---- Cello. R. F. Boon ---- Bass.
R. Bishop ---- Flute. R. Rutty ---- Clan, Viola. L. Ferguson ---- Clar, sax. A. Fotterell ---- Trumpet
G. Crisps ---- Trumpet. S. Hillier ---- Trombone. P. H. Jamieson ---- Trombone.
A. F. Hartnell ---- Drums. F. Curzon ---- Piano.


Wally Fry and his Collegians

Sid Proctor ---- Alto, clar, violin. Harry Thompson ---- Alto, clar. Len Farrell ---- Tenor, clar, accordion.
Jock Shulman ---- Trumpet. Douggie Wheeler ---- Trombone. Hobby Clark ---- Piano.
Roy BeverleyŚ Bass, guitar. Wally Fry ---- Drums.


Mick Mitchell and his Band

12.30 a.m.
Len Powell ---- Alto, clan, violin. Jack Keel ---- Alto, clar, violin. Dick Northey ---- Tenor, clar, violin.
Ted Chandler ---- Trumpet. Arthur Stevens ---- Bass. Tiny Nichols ---- Drums, vocalist.
Mick Mitchell ---- Piano, clavioline


The Alf Hallman Orchestra

1.0 a.m.
John Wilkins ---- Alto, clar, trumpet. Cyril Brown ---- Tenor, clar, violin. Bob Lawrence ---- Tenor, clar, violin.
George Bishop ---- Baritone, alto, clar, violin. Bill Tate ---- Trumpet. Ted Wilcox ---- Piano. clavioline.
Tommy Padmore ---- Drums. Alf Hallman ---- Alto, sopr, clar, ace.


Roy Richards and his Mayfair Music

1.30 a.m.
George Harrison ---- Alto, ciar, violin, trumpet Bill Seal ---- Alto, Bart, clar, violin, cello. Bob Lambie ---- Tenor, clan, violin. Eric Robinson ---- Trumpet, violin, sax. Jack Lennox ---- Piano, accordion. Danny Brushwood ---- Bass, piano. Roy Richards ---- Drums, arranger.


Wally Fry and his Collegians


Bernard Glover - Hammond Organ


The Masterpieces Dance Band


Wally Gresham and his Band


Raymond Franks and his music


The Ace Old Time Dance Orchestra


Harold Dunn and his Orchestra(Southampton)


Southern Counties Old Time Orchestra


Eric Bernard and Associated Broadway Orchestra


The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress G A Day


The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress G A Day dancing


Unknown dancers

17th July 1956


Bands in order of appearance.


Benny Freedman and his Orhestra.

7.30 p.m.
Archie Horn ---- Alto, Clar. Jimmy Newton ---- Trumpet, Vocalist. George Hunnisett ---- Alto, Clar, Violin.
Brian Barnes ---- Piano. Ernie Davis ---- Tenor, Clar. Geoff Howell ---- Bass, Guitar, Vocalist.
Jack Salt ---- Baritone, Alto, Clar. Ted Harvey ---- Drums. Stan Emptage ---- Trumpet.
Benny Freedman ---- Alto, Clar, Violin.


The Chiz Bishop Quartet.

8.0 p.m.
Ricky Wicheloe ---- Alto, Clar. Tony Hart ---- Drums. Ray Lott ---- Bass. Chiz Bishop ---- Piano, Acc, arr.


Graham Leslie and his Orchestra

8.30 p.m.
Bob Lucas ---- Alto, Clar. Dick Cox ---- Trumpet. Roy Murray ---- Tenor, Violin.
Arthur Stevens ---- Bass. Len Farrell ---- Tenor, clar. Tommy Thompson ---- Drums.
Ted Chandler ---- Trumpet. Graham Leslie ---- Piano.


The Trevor Nabarro Quartet

9.0 p.m.
Phil Shipp ---- Piano. Ray Shepherd ---- Drums. Johnny Lyons ---- Bass. Trevor Nabarro ---- Alto, Clar.


The Club Quintet

9.30 p.m.
Ron Bennett ---- Tenor, Clar, Bass Clar. Nelson Peters ---- Bass. Bill Cole ---- Piano
George Good ---- Drums. Terry Flynn ---- Vibraphone, Piano.


Billy Burkett and his Band

10 p.m.
Bert Farrow ---- Alto, Clar. Ken Wise ---- Piano. Laurie Bycroft ---- Alto, Clar. Vic Bray ---- Bass.
Bert Wratten ---- Tenor, Clar. Eric Langley ---- Drums. Billy Burkett ---- Trumpet.


Barry MCCarthy and his Dixielanders

10.30 p.m.
Douggie Whitfield ---- Trumpet. Jack Campbell ---- Drums. Douggie Wheeler ---- Trombone.
Stan King ---- Bass. Doreen Nutter ---- Piano, Vocalist. Barry McCarthy ---- Alto, Clar.


Reginald Bannistra and his Music

11 p.m.
Johnny Lyne ---- Alto, Clar, Trumpet, arr. Bob Quinton ---- Piano.
Freddy Hutchins ---- Alto, Trumpet. Joe English ---- Bass. Ken Bisbop ---- Tenor, Clar, arr.
Arthur Ward ---- Drums. Cyril Breeze ---- Tenor, Baritone. Jill Ward ---- Vocalist.
Ken Howell ---- Trumpet. Reg. Bannistra, M.D.


Jack Leon and his Concert Orchestra

11.30 p.m.
Tibor Stary ---- Violin (Lead) Guy Taylor ---- Bass. Arthur Reed ---- Violin. George Romano ---- Clarinet, Alto.
Benny Freedman ---- Violin. Arthur Cooter ---- Clarinet, Alto. Tom Peaker ---- Violin. Jock Ferguson ---- Clarinet, Alto. Les Ivermay ---- Violin. Joe Placket ---- Flute, Alto. Bernard Goodall ---- Violin.
Ron Bishop ---- Flute, Alto. George Hunnisett ---- Violin. A. E. Hopkins ---- Oboe. Austin Beech ---- Violin. Roy Garman ---- Trumpet.
Ben Riches ---- Violin. John Fullbrook ---- Trumpet. George Forbes ---- Violin, Tenor. Ken Snelling ---- Trombone. Ernest Barr ---- Viola Ron Elkins ---- Piano. R. Hutty ---- Viola Cyril Houldsworth ---- Drums. Joe Hamilton ---- Cello Maureen Jones ---- Soprano.


Wally Fry and his Collegians

Sid Proctor ---- Alto, Clar, Violin. Jock Shulman ---- Trumpet. Harry Thompson ---- Alto, Clar.
Nobby Clark ---- Piano. Freddy Wylie ---- Tenor, Clar, Violin.
Roy Beverley ---- Bass, Guitar. Wally Fry ---- Drums.


Goldie and the Marinaires

12.30 a.m.
Bill Treend ---- Piano, arr. Jack Campbell ---- Drums.
George Mills ---- Accordion. Arthur Goldsmith ---- Tenor, Vocalist.


Alf Hallman and his Orchestra

1 a.m.
John Wilkins ---- Alto, Clar, Trumpet. Ted Wilcox ---- Piano, Clav. Bob Lawrence ---- Tenor, Alto, Clar, Violin.
Ray Nightingale ---- Bass. Cyril Brown ---- Tenor, Clar, Violin. Tommy Padmore ---- Drums.
Johnny Lyne ---- Trumpet, Alto. Alf Hallman ---- Alto, Bari, Sop, Clar, Acc.


Roy Richards and his Mayfair Orchestra

1.30 a.m.
Charles Bliss ---- Alto, Clar. Violin, Vocalist. Spike Romano ---- Trumpet, Violin.
Bill Davies ---- Alto, Clar, Violin, 'Cello, Voc. Jack Lennox ---- Piano, Acc., Univ. Ox.
Bob Lambie ---- Tenor, Clar, Violin. Danny Brushwood ---- Bass, Piano. Roy Richards ---- Drums, arr.


The 1957 Festival of Dance Music at the Savoy allroom.


The 1958 Festival of Dance Music at the Savoy Ballroom.


The 1959 Festival of Dance Music at the Savoy Ballroom.

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