Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

The Museum Gardens, Contented Pig

The Museum Gardens

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24-4-1922 -- 29-1-1923

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12-4-1923 --- 13-10-1934



Later called Frog & Frigate, The Landmark, Contented Pig

Contented Pig

1995 SAT April 1st TIGHTROPE Popular melodic rook band
1995 SUN April 2nd THE X MEN Rock with a. country twang!
1995 FRI April 7th THE POKERS Rocky R & B
1995 SUN April 9th A NAKED SEASON Acooustic rook
1995 SAT 15th POOR MANS PRISON Blues
1995 FRI April 21st, Ricardos
1995 SAT April 22nd THE BREW BAND Celtic Rock
1995 SUN April 23rd DAGWOOD Chicago Blues
1995 THU April 27thJIVlN' MISS DAISY Jazzy R & B
1995 FRI April 28th IF 6 WAS 9 Creamy Rook
1995 SAT April 29th DE JA VOUS ex Chamctu/me
1995 SUN April 30th THE TOM CATS Rook ‘n’ Roll

1995 FRI 1st THE RED HOT POKERS rockin' R&B
1995 SAT 2nd MOONSHOTS harmonica raunchy blues
1995 SUN 3rd POOR MANS PRISON excellem‘ swing blues
1995 FRI 8th SAD anglo - american rock
1995 SUN I0th STEP ON THE GAS rocky R & B
1995 THU 14th THE POWER OF 3 R & B / rock
1995 FRI 15th CRAZY JOE SOAP a rock 'n‘ roll Therapy
1995 SAT I6th THE BREW BAND celfic rock
1995 SUN 17th NOVAK N GOODE Planer Micks Grew
1995 FRI 22nd DEJA WHO a irihufe to THE WHO
1995 SAT 23rd SPORTING I.lFE Fun, hi energy R & B / rock
1995 TUE 26th BOXING DAY wifh THE X MEN
1995 THUR 28th EDGAR pop / rock
1995 FRI 29th THE CHAPPS new country rock I
1995 SAT 30th THE RHINO MEN hard edged blues rock

1996 January 2nd Jim and Dave's Last stand
1996 March 16th Busted Fender Blues Band
1996 May 1st Jelly Beans
1996 May 2nd 5 Guys named Hump
1996 May 3rd Soul Agents
1996 May 4th A few good men
1996 May 5th WOB plus Band
1996 May 9th Pulse
1996 May 10th Panama Grin
1996 May 11th Matt Taylor Blues
1996 May The Jeff Randalls
1996 May 16th 5 Guys named Hump
1996 May 17th Power of three
1996 May 18th The Pokers
1996 May 19th Novac n Goode
1996 May 23rd Trevpor John Band
1996 May 24th Step on the gas
1996 May 25th Headspin 1996 May 26th Edgar
1996 May 30th 5 Guys named Hump
1996 May 31st Rock Doctors
1996 June 1st Spittin Feathers
1996 June County Line
1996 June 3rd Mafia
1996 June 4th Jim & Dave
1996 June 6th Flip Top
1996 June 7th Stone Cold
1996 June 8th The Brew Band
1996 June 9th Dagwood
1996 June 13th Five Guys named Hump
1996 June 14th The Mother Folkers
1996 June 15th Sporting Life
1996 June 16th Boogie Boys
1996 June 20th Flip Top
1996 June 21st Crazy Joe Soap
22nd June 1996, Busted Fender Blues Band
1996 June 23rd Cookin' by numbers
1996 June Five guys named Hump
1996 June 28th The Doobrey Brothers
1996 June 29th Novak n Goode
1996 June 30th The Grim Roofers
1996 July 4th Flip Top
1996 July 5th Mighty 45's
1996 July 6th Tickets Only!!!
1996 July 7th Reet Petite and Gone
1996 July 11th Five guys named Hump
1996 July 12th Terminal Blues
1996 July 14th WOB plus band
1996 July 18th Flip Top
1996 July 20th The Chapps
1996 July 21st Special Brew
1996 July 25th Five guys named Hump
1996 July 26th Rhinomen
1996 July 27th If 6 were 9
1996 July 28th Against the grain
30th August 1996 Rock Therapy
14th September 1996 Busted Fender Blues Band
1996 September 28th Dr JJ's Blues Band
1996 September 29th Mighty Hogweed
1996 September 30th Mafia
1996 October 3rd Crowded Trousers
1996 October 4th Soul Agents
1996 October 5th Crazy Joe Soap and the Coca Colas
1996 October 6th Novak'n'Goode
1996 October 10th Flip Top
1996 October 11th Rock Doctors
1996 October 13th Edgar
1996 October 17th Cropwded Trousers
1996 October 18th The Jansons
1996 October 19th If 6 were 9
1996 October 20th WOB
1996 October 24th Flip Top
1996 October 25th Cooking by numbers
1996 October 26th Motherfolkers
1996 October 27th Raw (ex Tightrope)
1996 October 31st Crowded Trousers
1996 November 1st Odd Comment
1996 November 2nd Boogie Band
1996 November 3rd A Naked Season
1996 November 7th Flip Top
1996 November 8th Panama Grin
1996 November 9th Headspin
1996 November 10th Reet Petite & Gone
1996 November 14th Crowded Trousers
1996 November 15th Perfect Alibi
1996 November 16th Terminal Blues
1996 November 17th John Forrester
1996 November 21st Flip Top
1996 November 22nd The Brew Band
1996 November 23rd Crazy Joe Soap and the Coca Colas
1996 November 24th Glasshouse
1996 November 28th Crowded Trousers
1996 November 29th Step on the gas
1996 November 30th The Mighty 45's
1996 December 1st Turnpike Traders
1996 December 5th Flip Top
1996 December 6th Rock Doctors
1996 December 7th Dr JJ's Blues Band
1996 December 12th Crowded Trousers
1996 December 13th Mean Blue Monsters
1996 December 14th Busted Fender Blues Band
1996 December 15th Fruit Farm
1996 December 19th Flip Top
1996 December 20th Motherfolkers
1996 December 21st Red Hot Pokers
1996 December 22nd Grim Roofers
1996 December 24th County Line
1996 December 26th Edgar
1996 December 27th Doobrey Brothers
1996 December 28th Sporting Life
1996 December 29th Terminal Blues
1996 December 31st Headspin

1997 January 2nd Flip Top
1997 January 3rd Soul Agents
1997 January 4th Crazy Joe Soap and the Coca Colas
1997 January 9th Crowded Trousers
1997 January 10th If 6 were 9
1997 January 11th Rhinomen
1997 January 17th Stone Cold
1997 January 19th Dagwood
1997 January 24th Raw
1997 January 25th Jamie Marshall
1997 January 31st Cookiong by Numvbers
1997 February 1st Matt Taylor Blues Band
1997 February 2nd Step on the gas
1997 February 6th Crowded Trousers
1997 February 7th Panama Grin
1997 February 8th Doobrey Brothers
1997 February 9th WOB plus support
1997 February 13th Flip Top
1997 February 15th The Mighty Hogweed
1997 February 16th A Naked Season
1997 February 20th Crowded Trousers
1997 February 21st The Forge
1997 February 22nd The Might 45's
1997 February 23rd Novak'n'Goode
1997 February 27th Flip Top
1997 February 28th The Sporting Life
1997 March 28th Raw
1997 March 29th If 6 were 9
1997 March 30th Dagwood
1997 March 31st The Mafia
1997 April 2nd Jelly Beans
1997 April 3rd Crowded Trousers
1997 April 5th Rhinomen
1997 April 6th WOB + Band
1997 April 7th Mafia
1997 April 10th Flip Top
1997 April 11th Indecent Proposal
1997 April 12th Busted Fender Blues Band
1997 April 13th Novak'n'Goode
1997 April 14th Mafia
1997 April 17th Crouded Trousers
1997 April 18th Ranjak
1997 April 19th Dr JJ Blues
1997 April 20th A Naked Seasdon
1997 April 21st Mafia
1997 April 24th Flip Top
1997 April 25th Power of Three
1997 April 26th The Rock Doctors
1997 April 28th Mafia
1997 May 1st Crowded Trousers
1997 May 2nd Def Shepherd
1997 May 4th WOB
1997 May 8th Flip Top
1997 May 9th Step on the Gas
1997 May 10th Sporting Life
1997 May 15th Crowded Trousers
1997 May 16th Fat Bloke
1997 May 17th The Doobrey Brothers
1997 May 22nd Flip Top
1997 May 23rd Panama Grin
1997 May 24th Headspin
1997 May 29th Crowded Trousers
1997 May 30th Fritz
1997 May 31st Terminal Blues
1997 June 2nd Mafia
1997 June 4th Jelly Beans
1997 June 5th Flip Top
1997 June 9th Mafia
1997 June 11th Jelly Beans
1997 June 12th Crowded Trousers
1997 June 16th Mafia
1997 June 18th Jelly Beans
1997 June 19th Flip Top
1997 June 23rd Mafia
1997 June 25th Jelly Beans
1997 June 26th Crowded Trousers
1997 June 30th Mafia
31st August 1997 Busted Fender Blues Band(then they broke up!)
1997 October 31st Red Hot Pokers
1997 November 1st If 6 were 9
1997 November 4th Mafia
1997 November 5th The Jelly Beans
1997 November 7th The Mighty 45's
1997 November 8th Stonecold
1997 November 9th Flip Top
1997 November 11th Nafia
1997 November 12th The Jelly Beans
1997 November 15th Downtown Flyers
1997 November 18th Mafia
1997 November 19th The Jelly Beans
1997 November 21st Cooking by Numbers
1997 November 22nd Headspin
1997 November 25th mafia
1997 November 26th The Jelly Beans
1997 November 28th White Knuckle Blues Band
1997 November 29th Desperate Bycycles

1998 May 30th Slide
1998 May 31st Plan B
1998 June 1st Mafia
1998 June 3rd Talking Sheep
1998 June 5th Helium
1998 June 6th Greg Watkins & the Great Escape
1998 June 8th Mafia
1998 June 10th Talking Sheep
1998 June 12th Novak'n'Goode
1998 June 13th Alibi
1998 June 15th Mafia
1998 June 17th Talking Sheep
1998 June 19th Mighty 45's
1998 June 20th Stone Cold
1998 June 22nd Mafia
1998 June 24th Talking Sheep
1998 June 26th Bog Rolling Stones
1998 June 27th Proteus
1998 June 29th Mafia
1998 December 2nd Talking Sheep
1998 December 3rd Skratch
1998 December 4th Thirst
1998 December 5th Indecent proposal
1998 December 6th avin it LARGE
1998 Decmebr 7th The Mafia
1998 Decmebr 9th Talking nSheep
1998 December 10th Skratch
1998 Decmber 11th Cooking by numbers
1998 December 12th Unforgiven
1998 December 13th avin it LARGE
1998 December 14th The Mafia
1998 December 16th Talking Sheep
1998 December 17th Skratch
1998 December 19th Superfly
1998 December 20th avin it LARGE
1998 December 21st The Mafia
1998 December 23rd Talking Sheep
1998 December 24th Bog Rolling Stones
1998 December 26th Stone Cold
1998 December 28th The Mafia
1998 December 30th Talking Sheep
1998 December 31st Doobrie Brothers

1999 January 1st Proteus
1999 January 3rd avin it LARGE
1999 January 4th The Mafia
1999 January 6th Talking Sheep
1999 January 7th Skratch
1999 January 10th avin it LARGE
1999 January 11th The Mafia
1999 January 14th Skratch
1999 January 18th The Mafia
1999 January 25th The Mafia
1999 February 3rd Talking Sheep
1999 February 4th Talking Sheep
1999 February 5th Red Hot Pokers
1999 February 6th Unforgiven
1999 February 8th Mafia
1999 February 9th Novak'n'Goode
1999 February 10th Talking Sheep
1999 February 11th Red Horizon
1999 February 12th Fair Warning
1999 February 13th Proteus
1999 February 17th Talking Sheep
1999 February 19th Trevor John
1999 February 20th Indecent roposal
1999 February 22nd Mafia
1999 February 23rd Novak'n'Goode
1999 February 24th Talking Sheep
1999 February 25th Red Horizon
1999 February 26th Novak'n'Goode
1999 February 27th Chorus
1999 March 1st The Mafia
1999 March 2nd Moses
1999 March 3rd Talking Sheep
1999 March 4th Nebulie
1999 March 5th Phoney Beatles
1999 March 6th Bog Rolling Stones
1999 March 7th Stage Frite
1999 March 9th Novak'n'Goode
1999 March 10thTalking Sheep
1999 March 11th Red Horizon
1999 March 12th White Knuckle Blues Band
1999 March 13th Superfly
1999 March 16th Houseband
1999 March 17th Talking Sheep
1999 March 18th Nebulie
1999 March 19th Sporting Life
1999 March 20th If Six were Nine
1999 March 23rd Novak'n'Goode
1999 March 24th Talking Sheep
1999 March 25th Red Horizon
1999 March 26th Reeler
1999 March 27th Talking Sheep
1999 April 30th Stone Cold
1999 May 1st Feelgood Factor
1999 May 2nd Dumb
1999 May 3rd The Mutt’s Nutts
1999 May 4th Amigos
1999 May 5th Talking Sheep
1999 May 6th Huxley + support
1999 May 7th Helium
1999 May 8th Exposed (ex-Indecent Proposal)
1999 May 9th Nation State
1999 May 10th Lost The Plot
1999 May 12 th Talking Sheep
1999 May 13th Pure Glass
1999 May 14th Sporting Life
1999 May 15th Unforgiven Kingdom
1999 May 16th Relish
1999 May 17th Reeler
1999 May 18th The Amigos
1999 May 19th Talking Sheep
1999 May 20th Viva
1999 May 21st Hillbilly Rock
1999 May 22nd The Stopouts
1999 May 23rd Sonahta
1999 May 24th Fritz
1999 May 25th The Amigos
1999 May 26th Talking Sheep
1999 May 27th Era
1999 May_28th The Phone)‘ Beatles
1999 May 29th Glam-R-Us
1999 May 30th Stolen Goods
1999 June 2nd Talking Sheep
1999 October 1st Nation State
1999 November 2nd Dan’s Back Gardcn
1999 November 3rd Talking Sheep
1999 November 4th Maximum High
1999 November 5th The Stopouts
1999 November 7th Band Academy
1999 November 8th Band Challenge
1999 November 9th Oecken
1999 November 10th Talking Sheep
1999 November 12th Burnt Ice
1999 November 13th Exposed
1999 November 14th Band Academy
1999 November 15th Band Challenge
1999 November 16th Dan’s Back Garden
1999 November 17th Talking Sheep
1999 November 18th Ear Candy
1999 November 19th White Knuckle Blues Band
1999 November 20th Novak’n’Goode
1999 November 21st Band Academy
1999 November 22nd Band Challenge
1999 November 23rd Oecken
1999 November 24th Talking Sheep
1999 November 25th Landslide
1999 November 26th Stash
1999 November 27th Lost Boys
1999 November 28th Band Academy
1999 November 29th Band Challenge
1999 December 1st Talking Sheep
1999 December 2nd On Session
1999 December 3rd Trevor John
1999 December 4th Station X
1999 December 5th Millennium
1999 December 7th Snatch
1999 December 8th Talking Sheep
1999 December 9th Veilv
1999 December 11th Sporting Life
1999 December 12th Bevis Bopp, Band Challenge
1999 December 14th Dan’s Back Garden
1999 December 15th Talking Sheep
1999 December 16th Fritz
1999 December 17th Bog Rolling Stones
1999 December 18th Booze Brothers
1999 December 19th Descend
1999 December 20th Band Challenge
1999 December 21st Going Loco
1999 December 22nd Talking Sheep
1999 December 23th Full Tilt
1999 December 24th Phoney Beatles
1999 December 26th Sunkyong
1999 December 27th Band Challenge
1999 December 28th Dan's Back Garden
1999 December 29th Talking Sheep
1999 December 30th TCR Racers
1999 December 31st Novak’n’Goode

2000 February 2nd Talking Sheep
2000 February 7th Band Challenge
2000 February 9th Talking Sheep
2000 February 14th Band Challenge
2000 February 16th Talking Sheep
2000 February 23rd Talking Sheep
2000 February 28th Band Challenge
2000 March 6th Band Challenge

2001 June 15th Bastion 4

2002 Feb 28th Rhino Men
2002 May 30th Rhino Men
2002 Aug 15th Rhino Men
2002 November 21st Rhino Men

2003 February 15th Whitetake (Whitesnake Tribute) £2


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