Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
Clarence Pier Esplanade Assembly Rooms and Hotel

new baths assembly rooms southsea ships buildings 1871x.jpg

New Baths Assembly Rooms at Southsea 1871



Esplanade Assembly Hall, behind the Esplanade Hotel at Clarence Pier
A very interesting room, ignor the dancers and note the very high stage on the left,
12 or 15 feet high? with instruments there already
with stairs in the corner, and looking very grand and palacial.


12th May 1934


April 1936


15th to 18th June, 1914, Conference of the International Abolitionist Federation to be held in Portsmouth, in the Assembly Rooms, Esplanade Hotel, Southsea. Subject Prostitution in Great Britain.
17 february 1922

17 February 1922

18 september 1923

18 September 1923

4 october 1924

4 October 1924

18 october 1924

18 October 1924


Dancing on a glass floor


28th September 1928

1931 March 17th The South Hants Nomads Club hold a dance.
12th May 1934 Sidney Clarke and his Dance Orchestra.
April 1936 Vincent Norman and his Band
7th June 1936 Wedding reception of Miss May Fogelman & Dr Sydney Conway, Joseph Musikant and his Orchestra play.
12 january 1937

12 january 1937

6th January 1939 Jack Dunn and his Ambassadors.
15/1/1939 At the Assembly Rooms Garden Club, Drayton Jack Dunn's Band play. 13th March 1939 Party at Southsea Sir Herbert and Lady Cayzer. the Esplanade Assembly Rooms. Southsea, on Saturday, gave a pary to 250 members of the Young Briton Movement in Sir Herbertís constituency.


6th January 1939

On the 10th January 1941 Clarence Pier was bombed during the heaviest air raid on Portsmouth of World War Two
and the Clarence Pier Pavilion and the Espanade Assembly Rooms and Hotel were no more.

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