Snowed in on Christmas eve

Lyric and vocal Denise Dillihay Mamula, music Mick Cooper

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The snow just keeps on falling
The roads have all been closed
Here we are, just you and me
There's nowhere else for us to go
With family plans all canceled
There's no reason for us to leave
(But) I love being here with you
Snowed in on Christmas Eve

We stand here by the window
And watch the snow drift down
Or snuggle up, by the fire
Lots of pillows all around
Eat popcorn and watch some movies
(And) Then love the night away
When morning breaks we'll still be here
Snowed in on Christmas Day

We'll have a glass of wine as the night begins to fall
Share a few memories of when we were small
Roast some chestnuts and catch a little TV
Then open all of our wondrous gifts
from under the Christmas tree

Look outside, it's still snowing
Warm inside, candles glow
Radio plays holiday songs
Turn it up, we'll sing along
We'll Dance beside the Christmas tree
All alone, just you and me
Come to bed and hold me tight
Snowed in on Christmas night

Please come to bed, let me hold you tight
Snowed in on Christmas night