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Mick and Rosalind met nearly 20 years ago and over the years,
they have collaborated together on many songs and projects.

Mick Cooper

Mick was a professional musician for many years and he has always written his own songs. He also enjoys the challenge of writing music to a collaborator's lyric. His list of songs now number well over 200. A collaboration with Bryan Hodgkins led them to writing a musical, which celebrates the life of the Portsmouth legend John Pounds. The musical is called 'Pounds of love'.
Most recently, the new musical 'Arnie's Gym' with fine lyrics by Rosalind Winton, is now complete and awaits interest from any company in the theatre world. On these pages are just hints of the songs from the musical and we hope you enjoy listening to them.

Rosalind Winton

Rosalind has been writing lyrics and poetry for many years and she has an extensive catalogue of songs and lyrics in many different genres. She has won awards at music festivals, (one of these was a song she wrote with Mick). She produced and published a poetry book in 2019 and she has written lyrics for school plays. Recently (2020), she released two new songs with her collaborators AJ Clarke, Robert Benson and Jeff Pike. She has also completed writing a film screenplay called 'The Postcard' and has written the book and lyrics for a new musical, 'Arnie's Gym' with her collaborator Mick Cooper.
Rosalind loves the challenge of writing for different characters and for various projects that come her way. She enjoys working with her collaborators and spending time in the recording studio, overseeing the production of her songs. She is delighted to present the new musical 'Arnie's Gym' and hopes anyone hearing the snippets of songs, will enjoy them and want to hear more.

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