John Pounds - The Musical

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

My name is twelve o-clock tick tock
I am the middle of the day
Some people have their dinner
Others go out to play
I am the very top of the clock
And I play the longest tune
I am the end of morning
And beginning of the afternoon

Our names are one tow three o-clock
We are the hours past midday
With the big hand pointing at twelve o-clock
And the small hand running away

We're not so very pop-u-lar
And it's sad what people say
It's only one two three o-clock
Which makes it a very day

Our names are four five six o-clock
We are the end of the afternoon
And we start the evening off
That never comes too soon
The people are happy to see us
For they know their work is done
And they know it's time to have some tea
And perhaps a little fun

Our names are seven eight nine o-clock
We are the evening light
And we are those very scary hours
That separate day from night
It's time to put the kids to bed
And time to put out the light
And mums and dads get the kids away
To have a kiss or a fight.

Now we are ten and eleven o-clock
And it's time to put out the cat
With the big hand still at twelve o-clock
And the small one heading back
We are the time for every one
To get tucked up in bed
And for the cat to make a horrible noise
Down on the garden shed.

My mane is twelve o-clock tick tock
I am the middle of the night
And when some people hear me
They often shake with fright
It's the time ghost's and goblins
To creep down through the streets
Making the ones in bed
Put their heads underneath their sheets

So now we've been right round the clock
And we hope you understand
Why clocks have got twelve numbers on
And the reason for their hands
There's a little more for you to learn
And a little more to be seen
Like a quarter too and quarter past
And a half hour in between.

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