Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
The Youth Clubs

It's often said the the Northern clubs were where national and international entertainers learned their craft,
similarly, the local youth clubs, and especcially those in the Portsmouth area, are where young musicians and groups took their first steps into the world of music,
often giving a free gig on a Saturady in exchange for a room to practice during the week. We salute the Youth Clubs.

Which Youth Club did you go to in the 1950's 60's 70's ?
Here's a few
Hillside Youth Club, run by Ernie Littlefield
Paulsgrove Secondary Modern
Grove Club Paulsgrove, run by Miss Epps in the 1960's
John Pounds School, Mr Gardner booked the groups
Goodwins Youth Club
St Nics Church Battenburg Avenue
St Margarets Church Eastney
St Albans Copnor
All Saints Church YC Buckland
The Brook Club
The Brodrick Hall Alverstoke
Manor Court, Drayton
Which ones have I missed out?

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