Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

The Wedgewood Rooms

Some noteable visitors

1991 May 25th The Rhinomen, Sporting Life, The Red Hot Pokers

1992 July 21st Gil Scott-Heron
1992 November 22nd John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett

1992 December 24th Uncle Barney's Atomic Wobblers
wedge augsep93.jpg

1993 January 5th King Street Rain
1993 February 19th Dumpy's rusty nuts, Nuns on Napalm
1993 March 6th Wilko Johnson, Norman Watt-Roy, Salvatore Ramundo, The Rhino Men, Horace Batchelor
1993 April 30th Horace Batchelor, The Guv'nors plus Kit Packham, The Red Hot Pokers
1993 May 14th The Langton Thorne Band, The Mighty Houserockers, The Rhino Men
1993 May 22nd 999
1993 May 25th Hazel O'CDonnor
1993 June 4th Pentangle
5 June 1993:Steve Hackett
21st July Gil Scott-Heron and his Amnesia Express
26. August 1993: Back to the Planet
29 August 1993: Doctor Brown & Harvey Bainbridge
2nd September 1993: The Hampsters
19th September 1993 John Otway
24th September 1993 Los Hombres Inglese
6th October 1993 The Persuaders, Painthorse, Orange
20 October 1993 Family Cat
22nd October 1993 Doctor Brown & Dead Flowers
24. October 1993: Toyah
30th Octo9ber Uncle Barney's Atomic Wobblers
6th November 1993 Nuns on Napalm, Los Hombres Inglese
21. November 1993: Robyn Hitchcock
1993 November 22nd Pulp, Elastica
1993 December 19th Ruthless Blues, The Rhinomen
1993 December 24th Los Hombres Inglese, Flouda, Reet Petite & Gone

1994 January 12th Happening Fields, River Nation
1994 January 15th Wilko Johnson, Salvator Ramundo, Norman Watt-Roy, The Rhino Men
1994 January 17th Eddie Izzard
27th January 1994 Cornershop
7th February 1994 The Blue Aeroplanes
14th February 1994 Elastica
15th January 1994 Wilko Johnson
22nd March 1994 Glenn Tilbrook, Jojuru
26th March 1994 The Grounmdhogs, Harbouring Monster
30th March 1994 US
? March 1994 Magic Mushroom Band
3rd April 1994, Larry Garner plus Otis Grand, The Rhinomen
1st May 1994, Climax Blues Band plus Big Brother Soul,
2nd May 1994 Oasis
10th May 1994 John Martyn
11th May 1994 Annie Hates Cordial, Freaks of desire, Wtrestling Jacobs
17th May 1994 L.A. Doors
29th May 1994, R Cajun and the Zydeco Brothers
5th June 1994, Joe Turner plus The Producers
1994 June 29th Gitter Brothers, The Werewolves of London
3rd July 1994, Omar and the Howlers plus David Hole
17th July 1994, Jimmy Rodgers plus The Hoax
24th August 1994, Elastica
4th September 1994, Bobby Mack and Night Train, The Rhinomen
2nd October 1994, Popa Chubby Band plus Tutu Jones
6th October Shed Seven
16th October 1994, King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys
23rd October 1994 Hugh Cornwell
30th October 1994, Sam Taylor Band
10th November 1994, King Street Rain, Dagwood, Reet Petite and Gone, Inflatable Quartet(Concert in memory of Simon Robbins)
1994 November 18th The Rubber Bishops, Andrea Vincent
22nd November 1994, Electrafixion
27th November 1994, Big Town Playboys plus Sportig Life Blues Band
4th December 1994, Nine Below Zero plus Hamsters
8th December 1994, Senseless Thingsbr> 1994 December 30th 1994 John Otway, Rhona Cameron, Paul Tonkinson, The Rhino Men, The Really Band

wedgeoctnov1994.jpg wedgeaprmay1994.jpg

14th January 1995 T.Rextasy
20th January 1995, Otis Grand
17th February 1995, The Hoax, Elmores, Mighty 45's plus Sporting life
224th February 1995 Rufus Stone, Tim Vine, Rex Boyd, Rainer Hersch Cole
7th March 1995, Sleeper
24th March 1995, Climax Blues Band, plus Producers plus Reet Petite and Gone
4th March 1995, Screeper / Velcro
24th March 1995, Climax Blues Band, plus Producers plus Reet Petite and Gone
1st April 1995 Rocky Horroe Exp[erience
21st April 1995, Hamsters etc
5th May Deja Who, Stone Cold
20th May 1995 Black Star, Vanden Plas, Stain
21st May 1995, Sherman Robinson
31st May Chuck Prophet
1995 July 25th Woodstock meets Jazz on a Summers Day, South Downs College
1995 June 9th Ruthless Blues, The Mick Clarke Band, The Rhinomen, The Sporting Life
15th June: 1995, Bettie Serveert
23rd June 1995, 9 Below Zero plus Werewolves plus Wamma Jamma
1995 July 9th Dean Friedman
7th July 1995,Toyah
18th July 1995, Black Grape
3/8/1995 Gallon Drunk, Flinch, Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
1995 August 29th Hookfoot, Against the Grain
1995 September 9th Deja Who.
22nd September 1995, Otis Grand and his Big Blues Band
6th October 1995 John Otway , Murray Torkhildsen
16th October 1995, Audioweb
4th. November 1995, Drugstore
5th November1995, Catatonia
12th November1995, Young Gods
19th November 1995, The Hamsters
3rd December 1995 Kent Duchain, Busted Fender
12th December1995, Peter Green Splinter Group
24th December 1995, Dr. Feelgood

26th January 1996 Mark Lamarr, The man wioth the beard, The Amazing Louise, Green Hornets, Owen Schumaker
26th February 1996 Candyskins, Fruit Farm
2nd March 1996, Balham Alligators plus Rock Therapy
15th March 1996 Mega City Four, Hysterik Uproar
23rd March 1996 The Green Hornets, Brillo, Vacuum
16th April 1996, Toyah
1996 May 1st China Drum
4th May 1996, The Missed Beats Bash, Thee Passion Killers, Red Letter Day, Screeper, Velcro, Paul Groovy and the Pop Art Experience
1996 May 8th Baby Bird
1996 May 10th Sam Brown
1996 May 15th Long Pigs
1996 May 17th Lee Hurst
19th May 1996, Big Town Playboys plus Otis Grand
1996 May 23rd Groove
1996 May 25th The Rhinomen, Sporting Life, The Red Hopt Pokers
1996 May 27th Super Furry Animals
1996 June 1st River Deep
1996 June 2nd John Otway Band
1996 June 3rd Ian McNabb
1996 June 5th Bruce Dickinson
1996 June 7th Essence of life
1996 June 9th Labi Siffri
1996 June 13th Flesh
1996 JUne 14th Richard Morton
1996 June 21st Fast Freddies Fabulous Fingertips
1996 June 22nd Tarentells
1996 June 27th Martyn Joseph
1996 June 28th Tim Vine
1996 July 5th Loonee Toons
1996 July 11th Barenaked Ladies
1996 July 20th Wilko Johnson, Ruthless Blues, Dr JJ's Blues Band
1996 July 26th Ed Bryne
1996 August 15th Brillo & Vacuum
1996 Aug 16th Limehouse Lizzy
1996 September 6th The Green Hornets, The Rocardos
22nd September 1996 Otis Grand and Busted Fender Blues Band
1996 September 28th Murder Dinner
1996 October 4th Jeff Green
1996 October 6th The Hoax
11th October 1996 Boat Band Hampshire Cajun Club
13th October 1996 King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys
1996 October 18th Jimoen
1996 Octoner 23rd Ardal O'Hanlon
1996 Octoner 25th Velcro, Fruit Farm, Lisheen, DJ's Micah & Spencer
1996 Noverber 1st Rich Hall
1996 November 10th Hamsters plus Against the grain
1996 November 17th Killing Joke
1996 November 22nd T-Rextasy
1996 November 23rd Greg Proops
1996 November 27th Bad Manners
1996 November 29th Ranjak
1st December 1996 Big Town Playboys plus Sporting Life
1996 December 1st Sportring Life plus The Big Town Playboys
1996 December 3rd Steven Steen
1996 December 5th Loaded
1996 December 7th Pure Sex
1996 December 8th John Otway
1996 December 9th Kenickie
1996 December 12th Peter Green
1996 December 15th John Hegley
1996 December 22nd Peter Green

1996 December 23rd Reet Petite anbd Gone

24th January 1997 Dr Feelgood Wedgewood Rooms Southsea.
1997 January 27th Travis
1997 February 1st Pure Sex presents Red plus Steve Conway plus Stu Rising & Andy Mason
1997 February 4th Us 3
1997 February 5th The Exploited plus Snub plus Ultraviolence
1997 February 6th Cranes plus Screaper plus Tony
1997 February 7th Mark Thomas
1997 February 8th Hysterik Uproar
9th February 1997 The Hoax plus Cooking by Numbers
1997 February 12th Audioweb plus Republica plus Oliver
14th February 1997 Silver Beatles Wedgewood Rooms Southsea.
16th February 1997 Balham Alligatpors plus The ChappsWedgewood Rooms Southsea.
1997 February 19th Georgia Satelites
1997 February 20th Strangelove plus Firework Party plus Stash
1997 February 21st Bang my gong John
1997 February 22nd Geushky plus Andy M plus Ian Void plus DJ Bone
1997 February 24th Redd Cross plus Pusherman
1997 February 28th Lamb
1997 March 1st Pure Sex
1997 March 4th ABC
1997 March 5th Sneaker Pimps
1997 March 6th Monkey Club
1997 March 7th Dylan Moran
1997 March 8th Hysterik Upraor
9th March 1997 Otis Grand abnd his Blues Band plus Busted Fender Blues Band
26th March 1997 The Blues Band
28. March: T-Rextasy or Richard Morton
1997 April 3rd Heaven 17
1997 April 4th Sam Brown
1997 April 5th Pure Sex
1997 April 9th Marianne Faithful
1997 April 10th Peel, Marsh, Interscope
1997 April 14th 60 Foot Dolls
1997 April 15th Geneva
1997 April 16th Dharmas
1997 April 17th Nils Lofgren
1997 April 18th T-Rexstacy
1997 April 19th Funkt-If-I-No
1997 April 20th La Cucina
21. April: Gorkys Zygotic Mynce
1997 April 22nd Subcircus
23. April: Catatonia
1997 April 25th Loonee Toons
1997 April 26th Geushky
1997 May 2nd Silver Beatles
1997 May 3rd Pure Sex
1997 May 5th John Otway
1997 May 10th Hysterik Upraor
11th May Hamsters plus Sporting Life
1997 May 14th Kenickie
1997 May 16th Ginzing Gongzone
1997 May 17th Funkt-If-I-No
18th May 1997 King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys
20. May 1997 Kenickie
1997 May 21st Karma to burn
1997 May 22nd The Supernaturals
1997 May 25th The Wannabies
1997 May 28th Alabama
1997 May 30th Anokha
1997 May 31st Geushky
1997 June 1st Salad
1997 June 2nd Symposium
1997 June 6th Geoff Boyz
1997 June 9th Fish
1997 June 10th Geneva
1997 June 11th Walter Trout Band
1997 June 13th Alan Parker
1997 June 15th Subcircus
1997 June 18th Roger McGuinn
1997 June 19th Hurricane
1997 June 20th Sean Lock
1997 June 21st Funkt if I No
23. June 1997 Ash
24. June 1997 Primal Scream
1997 June 27th Boothby Graffoe
1997 July 4th Limrhouse Lizzie
24. September 1997 Tanya Donnelly
2. October 1997 Stereolab
9. October 1997 Strangelove
31st October 1997 Green Hornets
1997 November 1st Banco de Gala
1997 November 2nd John Martyn
1997 November 5th Asian Dub Foundation
1997 November 9th John Otway
1997 November 10th Alabama 3
1997 November 11th Tura Santana
1997 November 13th Ben Harper
1997 November 14th Mandy Knight
1997 November 16th Hamsters, Mantra
1997 November 20th Sparklehorse
1997 November 21st Ozric Tentacles
1997 23rd November 1997 King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys, The Ricardos
1997 November 25th Sylvi D & Panache, Cardinal Sin, Unit 30
1997 November 27th Nunz on Napalm
1997 November 28th Limehouse Lizzie
1997 November 30th Terry Hall
1997 December 1st Snuff
1997 December 3rd Oysterband
1997 December 9th Dreadzone
29. December 1997 The Hoax

17th January 1998 nFunkt-if-Ino, Snowboy
29. January 1998 Catatonia
5. February 1998 User / Screeper
6. March 1998 Johnny Vegas
9. March 1998 The Beta Band
27. March 1998 Asian Dub Foundation
30. March 1998 Peter Green, Jet Martin
31. March 1998 Drugstore
9. April 1998 The Damned
10 Spril 1998 The Breakdown Easter Special
16 April 1998 China Drum
17th April 1998 April Shower, The Green Hornets, Sir Bald Didley, The Hood Winks, The Bog Rolling Stones, Dr Morris, The Organ Donars
18. April 1998 Howard Marks
22 April 1997 Subcircus, The Pecadiloes, Melanie Garside
28. April 1998 Jesus and Mary Chain
6. May 1998 Heather Nova
11. May 1998 Monkey Mafia
12. May 1998 Arab Strap
14. May 1998 Fatbabe, Method One, Sweet Children, 98% Fake, Inline Sk8ing Barbies
17th May 1998 King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys
26 May 1998 Headswim
1997 May 30th 1998 Geucdhky 31. May 1998 Kenickie
1997 June 1st 1998 Stuck Mojo
2. June 1998 Embrace
1998 June 3rd 1998 Australian Pink Floyd
5. June 1998 Billy Bragg
16th June 1998 Reet Petite and Gone
17th June 1998 Walter Trout Band
3rd July 1998 Silver Beatles
24th July 1998 Green Hornets, Rancho Delux, Arousers plus two other bands
3rd September 1998 Lisheen plus Rancho Deluxe
13th September 1998 Mike Sanchez
3rd October 1998 Silver Beatles
12. October 1998 Rialto / Lodger
19. October 1998 Grandaddy
27. October 1998 Silver Sun
6. November 1998 Roddy Frame
2. December 1998 Drugstore
4 December 1998 Roy Diamond
6 December 1998 Big Tiwn Playboys plus Red Hot Peppers
7 December 1998 The King
11th December 1998 Ozric Tentacles 20 December 1998 Dr Feelgood plus The Electric Experience
23rd December 1998 Reet Petite and Gone plus Werewolves of London, plus guests
30 December 1998 Pulse plus Zed

19. January 1999Mercury Rev
25. January 1999 John Parish
1999 February 13th 24 Carat Purple
14. April 1999 Bill Bailey
18. April 1999 Howard Marks 19. April 1999 Ultrasound
1999 April 25th Elliot Smith
1999 April 30th Silver Beatles 10. May 1999 John Cale
12. May 1999 dEUS
1999 May 17th Outshined, Dream Cycles, Killing Miranda
1999 May 29th Blow Off
9. June 1999 Joe Strummer
22. June 1999 Wilco
24. June 1999 Bush
15 July 1999 Muse, Cay, Mullet
1. September 1999 Death In Vegas
13. September 1999 Arab Strap
1999 October 3rd The Sporting Life with Roger Chapman & The Shortlist
6. October 1999 Campag Velocet
1999 November 7th The Hamsters + Unforgiven Kingdom
8. November 1999 David Gray
16. November 1999 The Flaming Lips

26. January 2000 Blue Aeroplanes
31. January 2000 Elastica
February 6th 2000 Pulse (Pink Floyd Tribute)
February 20th 2000 The Sporting Life with Nine Below Zero
5. March 2000 Day One
15. March 2000 The Wannadies
2000 March 20th Unforgiven Kingdom + Support
23. April 2000 The Dandy Warhols
17. August 2000 Mansun
24. August 2000 Asian Dub Foundation
7. September 2000 Drugstore
12. September 2000 Supersuckers
12. October 2000 The Delgados
10. December 2000 Nine Below Zero / Amor
31. January 2001 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead / The Strokes
10. February 2001 Thirst / Cooper Temple Clause
6. March 2001 Drugstore
13. March 2001 Terris
18. April 2001 Cosmic Rough Riders
29. April 2001 The Soft Boys
10. May 2001 Elbow
7. June 2001 J. Mascis and the Fog
23. August 2001 The Bluenotes
30 September 2001 Roger Chapman and the Shortlist
21. October 2001 Heather Nova
20. November 2001 Lift To Experience

31. January 2002 The Hives
6. March 2002 Electric Soft Parade
1. May 2002 Lambchop
20. August 2002 Feeder
23. September 2002 Joe Jackson Band
2002 December 10th Edge of the Wedge, George, Fodern Pickles

2003 January 20th Dylan Moran
2003 January 24th Andrew Maxwell,. Micky Flanagan, Jo Caufield
2003 February 6th Richard Hawley
2003 February 8th Binary Nations (Live Electronic) Loki , Seatman Separator (Techno House Ambient)
2003 February 14th Edge ot the Wedge 21 :00 Unplugged at the Edge (Acoustic)
2003 February 21st Edge of the Wedge 21:00 Unplugged at the Edge (Acoustic)
2003 February 27th Who's Who, Uproar
2003 February 28th Wlole Lotta Led
2003 March 18th Biffy Clyro
2003 Maech 28th Tom McRea
11. May 2003 The Raveonettes / Stellastarr*
19. May 2003 The Sleepy Jackson
12. June 2003 The Kills
8. July 2003 The Mars Volta
21. August 2003 Jet
23 November 2003 The Hamsters, Hendrix Birthday Show

18. January 2004 Black Keys
3. February 2004 Mark Thomas
24. February 2004 Ash
2nd March 2004 Love with Arthur Lee
7. March 2004 Stellastarr*, The Killers
30. March 2004 The Scissor Sisters
31. March 2004 NME tour
27. April 2004 Psyattica, Apnea, Cymbiotic
10. May 2004 Explosions In The Sky
12. May 2004 Jesse Malin
8. June 2004 Razorlight
August 26th 2004 Mark Lanegan Band
October 30th 2004 The Go*of, Ty
November 15th 2004 dEUS
November 29th 2004 Rutles
December 1st 2004 Alexisonfire, The Bled
December 2nd 2004 Adam Hills
December 3rd 2004 Khristian Leontiou, The Visitors, Klub Klunk
December 4th 2004 Funkt if ino
December 5th 2004 Tom Mcrea, Steve Reynolds
December 7th 2004 The Futureheads, Maximo Park
December 9th 2004 Glenn Tilbrook & thye Fluffers, John & Wayne
December 11th 2004 The Silver Beatles, Uproar
December 12th 2004 Dr Feelgood, The Roosters
December 13th 2004 Capdown, Twofold, 3 Day Banda
December 15th 2004 Indie Nonsense, Eyes only son, Contra, Common Revolt
December 16th 2004 Buzzcocks, Neville Staple, The Rakes
December 18th 2004 Big Brother Soul
December 19th 2004 Atreyu, Bullt for my Valentine, The Black Maria
December 22nd 2004 Rolling Dog, Tinnitus, The War Cry
December 23rd 2004 Rage against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers
December 27th 2004 The Wheel of Four Tunes
December 28th 2004 Electric Fantastis
December 29th 2004 Kojaks Revenge
December 30th 2004 Deltawave
December 31st 2004 Bog Roling Stones, Uproar

January 8 Funkt if Ino
January 9 Replenish
January 13 Rainmaker
January 14 Hipshaker
January 15 The Ridgeway
January 16 Fallen Sun
January 18 Kathy Davy
January 22 The Go*offs
January 23 Ricky, Amsterdam
January 24 Rooster
January 26 The Others
January 27 Divad Kitt
January 28 Teen Spirit
January 29 Binary Nation
January 30 Reel Sound Music
January 31st: The Dears
February February 2nd TheSsoundtrack of our lives
February 8th: The Bravery
February 10th Hayseed Dixie
February 17th Caravans, Good Time Charlies, Racketeers, Room 99
Fenruary 20th The Dynamics
February 23rd The Wedding nPresent
February 25th Whole lotta Led
March 8th: Bright Eyes / Rilo Kiley
April 11th Mike Peters
April 19th Eddi Reader
April 26th Brendan Benson
April 27th Mark Owen
April 28th Paddy Casey
June 27th James Blunt
August 18th The Dynamics, The Aviators, Masters if thge Universe, The Reformers
September 18th Mew
October 5th Tom Vek
October 17th Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
October 22nd Dreadzone
October 29th Gooff
October 30th Nine Black Alps
November 3rd Buck 65

February 18th The Aviators
February 20: Two Gallants
February 22: Stellastarr*
July 10th, Scritti Politti
July 21: Cerys Matthews
July 22: Howling Bells
July 26th Regina Spektor
August 29th Supergrass
October 1: Sparklehorse
Octo9ber 19th Sandi Thom

April 25th Steve Winwood
June 8th Kasabian
July 4th The Hold Steady
December 15th, Emptifish

February 11th Sons& Daughters
March 8th, Racketeers
June 2nd Beth Rowley
August 8th Natalie Imbruglia
September 22nd Gym Class Heroes, Professor Green
October 9th Wishbone Ash

January 16th, Whole Lotta Led
April 8th Foals
April 14th And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
April 24th, Limehouselizzy
June 4th Ash
July 2nd That Petrol Emotion
July 24th PJ Harvey
September 11th, Emptifish, Caravans, Racketeers

March 21st Gorillaz
April 17th The Duke and the King
May 10th Iron Fist
May 13th Band Of Skulls
June 29th Midlake
September 26th I Am Kloot
December 16th The Bees

October 21th Jim Jones Revue

February 19th Andy Burrows
November 13th Jake Bugg
December 10th Beth Orton
December 22nd Joe Strummer Tribute Night. Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers, The Curstsons, The Racketeers, The Barebackers, The Ricardos, .

February 23rd Wilko Johnson
2013 July 23rd We are scientists
2013 July 24th Munroe Effect, Contra, Protein Window
2013 July 26th Kassissin Street, Kill Kasper, Carmen, Rosa, Stray Bullets kill, Paddy Taylor, It's a sin
2013 July 27th Fakefest, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Paul Weller, Funktifino VS Mlst
2013 September 14th 13.00 ~ 13.30 Kill Kasper 13.50 ~ 14.20 Kassassin Street, 1-1.10 — 15.10 Flyte, 15.30 — 16.00 Dolomite Minor, 16.20 — 16.50 MT, 17.10 — 17.40 The Family Rain, 18.00 — 18.30 Sisters, 18.50 — 19.20 Crushed Beaks, 19.40 — 20.10 Thumpers, 20.30 — 21.00 Night Engine, 21.20 ~ 21.50 Superfood, 22.10 — 22.40 Temples, 23.00 ~ 23.-15 Future of The Left.
November 30: Ting Tings

February 6th Dan Le Sac Us Scroobius Pip
February 21: Racketeers
2014 April 1st STIFF Ll1'I'LE FINGERS
December 23: Good Time Charlies, Paul Groovy and the Pop Art Experience

November 7: Pompey Rumble

July 30th EmptiFish, Shaking Sharks, Four Folds Law, Gran Torino and DJ Rob Moore
August 4th Thom Stone Station 47 The Lazzeretts Scarlet Lucky 13
2016 September 10th The Respones, Eyes to the Skies, Pedro, Jigsaw Eyesore, The Lazzeretts
September 24thThe Racketeers, Archive 45, DJ Jason Webster
2016 Nov 25th Blackfoot Circle 8:00pm
2016 Nov 26th The Beat 8:00pm
2016 Nov 27th Brian Fallon & The Crowes 7:30pm
2016 Nov 30th Edge Of The Wedge Showcase 7:00pm
(Showcase) 2016 December 9th Edge Of The Wedge, Southsea, Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
(Showcase) 2016 December 9th PETS 8:00pm
2016 December 10th Dreadzone 8:00pm
2016 December 11th Dead Men Walking 8:00pm
2016 December 13th Edge Of The Wedge Portsmouth College Students Showcase 7:00pm
(Showcase) 2016 December 17th The Southsea Alternative Choir 8:00pm
(Fundraiser) 2016 December 18th Ready To Rock School 1:00pm
(Fundraiser) 2016 December 31st The Bootlegs & Mojo Dollar 8:00pm

2017 February 3rd Orange Street 8:00pm
2017 February 4th Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer 7:30pm
2017 February 11th Little Comets 8:00pm
2017 February 12th The Girl From Mars 7:30pm
2017 February 16th Edge Of The Wedge Only Sun 7:30pm
2017 February 17th Kate Nash 8:00pm
2017 February 18th Edge Of The Wedge The St Valentine's Day Massacre 6:00pm
2017 February 18th Richard Morris 7:30pm
2017 February 22nd Sundara Karma 8:00pm
2017 February 23rd The Sherlocks 8:00pm
2017 February 25th Sophie Ellis-Bextor 8:00pm
2017 February 27th Edge Of The Wedge Laurel 8:00pm
2017 February 28th Edge Of The Wedge Senator 7:30pm
2017 March 2nd White Lies 7:30pm
2017 March 11th Funk You 8:00pm (Fundraiser)
2017 March 15th Steve Knightley (Show Of Hands)
2017 March 17th Edge Of The Wedge Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 March 25th Dub Pistols 8:00pm
2017 March 30th Edge Of The Wedge Bronze Nazareth & The Wisemen 8:00pm
2017 April 6th Edge Of The Wedge Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 April 8th The Smyths 8:00pm
2017 April 9th Rich Hall's Hoedown 7:30pm
2017 April 14th Edge Of The Wedge Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 April 14th Fleetingwood Mac 8:00pm
2017 April 15th Edge Of The Wedge Seán McGowan 8:00pm
2017 April 16th Edge Of The Wedge Trash Arts 10th Anniversary 12:00pm
2017 April 16th Emptifish & The Flaming Stars 7:30pm
2017 April 18th Edge Of The Wedge Newave Showcase 7:00pm
2017 April 19th Edge Of The Wedge Genesis Elijah 7:30pm
2017 April 21st Rock n Roll Daze 8:00pm (Fundraiser)
2017 April 22nd Rock n Roll Daze 8:00pm (Fundraiser for Greg Watkins)celebrity appeances by many
2017 April 28th The Doors Alive 8:00pm
2017 April 28th Edge Of The Wedge Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 May 12th Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea, Limehouse Lizzy 8:00pm
2017 May 20th Edge Of The Wedge The Surfin’ Lungs, Paul Groovy & Pop Art Experience, The Glorias
2017 May 20th The Showhawk Duo 8:00pm
2017 May 26th Edge Of The Wedge, Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 May 28th High Wire Act, Timeless, The Foxes, Portsmouth Pride fundraiser 7:30pm
2017 June 1st Asylum Seekers
2017 June 9th Edge Of The Wedge, Live On The Edge 8:00pm (Showcase)
2017 June 24th The Cureheads 8:00pm
2017 July 2nd Eyes to the skies
2017 Jul 4th Edge Of The Wedge, Dirt Royal 8:00pm
2017 July 7th Bog Rolling Stones v The Silver Beatles
2017 July 8th Wedgewood Burt Cassim Burticassim
2017 July 22nd Kill 'Em Dead Cowboy, Belligerence, Underground Pilots, Eyes to the Skies
2017 August 12th Capital Fuzz 7:30pm
2017 August 18th Lily Garland, The AUVG
2017 August 19th The Fliks last show
2017 August 22nd Unsigned Showcase
2007 August 26th Cyprian Sceptre, The Wild Cliams, She sees Red, Flying Machines
2017 August 27th Curfew, Third Time Luckie, Ben Upton, Jamin, Tim Cheatle
2017 August 29th Third Time Luckie, Grief Daddy, Crxssrs, The Wild Claims
2017 September 2nd AKA High Flying Birds
2017 September 9th Unsigned Showcase 7:00pm (Ticket Only)
2017 September 2nd AKA High Flying Birds (Noel Gallagher Tribute)
2017 September 7th Roddy Woomble (Idlewild)
2017 September 9th Unsigned Showcase 7:00pm
2017 September 13th Lucy Spraggan
2017 September 16th The Modfathers (Weller Tribute)
2017 September 29th Motorheadache (A Tribute to Lemmy)
2017 October 3rd Cryw#nk 7:30pm
2017 October 7th Loyle Carner
2017 October 8th The Skints
2017 October 9th The Dears
2017 October 13th The Godfathers, Acid Attack
2017 October 14th Dragonforce
2017 October 18th Frank Iero and The Patience
2017 October 21st Jerry Williams
2017 October 22nd Rationale
2017 October 24th Liam Fray
2017 October 25th Hurray for The Riff Raff
2017 October 26th Steven Page
2017 October 27th Kele Okereke
2017 October 30thy Marmozets
2017 October 31st The Pigeon Detectives
2017 November 2nd Julia Jacklin
2017 November 9th Andrew W.K
2017 November 10th Wire
2017 November 11th The Collision
2017 November 12th Decapitated
2017 November 13th Ghostpoet
2017 November 17th Afro Celt Sound System
2017 November 24th The Smyths (Smiths Tribute)
2017 December 8th Oasish
2017 December 9th Dreadzone
2017 December 10th Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band
2017 December 23rd Fleetingwood Mac
2017 December 31st The Bootlegs 8:00pm

2018 March 15, Steve Knightley The “Songs & Stories” Tour

2018 April 14th Thye Hypnotics
3rd May 2018 Discovery, Gumz, The M27's, Jonny Bell
4th May 2018 Thunderdome
5th May 2018 Where me jumper?
6th May 2018 Curl, Positrons, Joe Booley, Simon HEartfield
9th May 2018 Omar Baba, Sleazy shoes, Roundlouse, Flange
11th May 2018 Flying Machines, Free from gravity, Lucky 13
11th May 2018 Wolf Cub Club,
13th May 2018 Eveangeline, Kingdom
18th May 2018 Too Punk to Twerk
19th May 2018 The Stayawakes, Skinny Milk, Fainities, Eyes to the Skies
20th May 2018 The Swarming, Minors, Watchcries, Them Broads, The Divorcee
21st May 2018 The Shell Corporatrion, The SLM, Bitterman, Will Parce, Why Pinto
26th May 2018 Foxe, Lauren Huibberd
30th May 2018 Smoking Prophets

30th January 2019 Gangstagrass
5th September 2019 Showcase 2 semifinal The Orchid Thieves, Sidetracked, Further from the sky, The Florida Recounts, Flying Machines.
12th Sept 2019 Acoustic Showcase Final Kayleigh Thomas, Tom Bryan, James Laurence, Matt English, Crstian TR
14th Sept 2-019 WEB, VCR, Sidetracked, The Orchid Thieves, The Florida Recounts, Congratulations to VCR for winning Showcase 2019
Fri 20 Sep 2019 THE COVASETTES
A NIGHT OF COLOUR Drusila, Fire Breathers, Poets, Circus Freaks and DJS
Fri 20 Sep 2019 THE WOLF CUB CLUB Rock Indie Retro Pop-punk Alternative Party
Sat 21 Sep 2019 IAN PROWSE
Sun 22 Sep 2019 MODERN NATURE Jack Cooper’s new band Modern Nature.
Thu 26 Sep 2019 YOWL
Fri 27 Sep 2019 SIN! a mix of pre-year-2010 party anthems and classic tunes. From 50's Rock'n'Roll to 90's indie,...
Sat 28 Sep 2019 DISTRICT alternative and indie club night,
Thu 3 Oct 2019 DAVID FORD Plus Special Guests ABE PARTRIDGE
Fri 4 Oct 2019 REVEREND AND THE MAKERS - SOLD OUT Plus Special Guests Dearly Beloved ft. Matt Bowman of The Pigeon Detectives & Lona
THE WOLF CUB CLUB Rock Indie Retro Pop-punk Alternative Party
Sat 5 Oct 2019 DIALS FESTIVAL returns for 2019 bringing some of the best national and local new music talent to venues...
10th September 2021
Paul Groovy and the Pop Art Experience gig at The Wedgewood Rooms supporting The Wendy James Band on 23rd APRIL 2021 reschuled


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