Portsmouth music scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

Showcase 2016 - 2017 - 2018


August 8th HEAT 7 Featuring - The Squeaky Myers / DerDieDas / Roy Peplow / Hungry and the Hunted / TBC

Showcase SEMI FINAL1 PEDRO, EYES TO THE SKIES, Lucid Rising, Sahara Snow
Showcase SEMI FINAL 2 Jigsaw Eyesore / The Lazzeretts / Lucky 13 / DerDieDas

Play-Off Semi Final, Lonely Dakota / The Response / Kid Sib / Cyprian Sceptre

Final September 10th 2016 The Response, Eyes to the skies, Pedro, Jigsaw Ryrsore, The Lazzeretts
Winners The Response

September 10th 2016 Jigsaw Eyesore WINNERS of Showcase 2016!!!!!

2016 Nov 30th Edge Of The Wedge Showcase 7:00pm
2016 December 9th Edge Of The Wedge, Southsea, Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2016 December 9th PETS 8:00pm
2016 December 13th Edge Of The Wedge Portsmouth College Students Showcase 7:00pm
2016 December 17th The Southsea Alternative Choir 8:00pm


2017 March 17th Edge Of The Wedge Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 April 6th Edge Of The Wedge Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 April 14th Edge Of The Wedge Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 April 18th Edge Of The Wedge Newave Showcase 7:00pm
2017 April 28th Edge Of The Wedge Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 May 26th Edge Of The Wedge, Breaking Bands Showcase 8:00pm
2017 June 9th Edge Of The Wedge, Live On The Edge 8:00pm
2017 August 22nd Unsigned Showcase
2017 September 9th Unsigned Showcase 7:00pm
2017 September 9th Unsigned Showcase 7:00pm

Heat 1 winner Cyprian Sceptre
Heat 2 winner Third Time Luckie
Heat 3 winner Grief Daddy
Heat 4 winner CRXSSES
Heat 5 winner Demonheads
Heat 6 winner AttractIve Hank
Heat 7 winner
Heat 8 winner Flowver

Semi Finals 1 29th August.
Grief Daddy & Cyprian Sceptre for getting through to the final
Semi Finals 2 31st August.
Demonheads for winning The Play-Off slot, Station 47 for runners up and Flowvers

2017 Final September 9th
Grief Daddy, Dewmonmheads, Cyprian Sceptre, Flowvers, Station 47.

2017 winners Grief Daddy



Wedge august 1st - 2018 SHOWCASE 18 - HEAT 1
Kayleight Thomas & the Effectors, Joe Sillence Band, Fake Empire, Chris Holland
heat winner Fake Empire

Monday August 2nd - 2018 SHOWCASE 18 - HEAT 2
Lonely Dakota, Lobster Pot, Persona, Southbound Drifters.
heat winner Lobster Pot

Mon 7 Aug - 2018 SHOWCASE 18 - HEAT 3
Brother Deep, Hannah May, Cyprian Sceptre, The Smokey Chimps
heat winner Brother Deep

Tue 8 Aug - 2018 SHOWCASE 18 - HEAT 4
Hallan, Lo-fi Rebels, The Spur, Drainz
heat winner Hallan

Kayleigh Thomas & The Effectors for winning the Judges highest voted runner up over Heats 1-4. The band will join Fake Empire, Lobster Pot, Brother Deep & Hallan on the 30th August for Semi Final 1 At The Wedgewood Rooms.

Sat 15 Aug - 2018 SHOWCASE 18 - HEAT 5
The New Shoes, Joe Burger, The Jay Groovara Band
heat winner The New Shoes,

Mon 16 Aug - 2018 SHOWCASE 18 - HEAT 6
Tim Cheatle, Matt English, Isolated Islands. Roy Peplow
heat winner Matt English

Wed 20 Aug SHOWCASE 18 - HEAT 7
Rough Cut, Desperatebeauty, Principal Parners, Thomas J Kelly
heat winner Principal Partners

Aug 22 - 2018 SHOWCASE 18 - HEAT 8
Flying Machines, The Neurophobics, Jimmy B & the Death Rattles
heat winner Flying Machines
1st Semi 30th August 2018 Hallan Principal Partners Keyleigh Thomas & the Reflections Lobster Pot Fake Empire winners, Fake Empire & Lobster Pot progress to the Final!
6th September Semi Final 2 The New Shoes Brother deep Flying machines Matt Rnglish Thomas J Kelly winners, Brother Deep & Matt English oprogress to the Final!
the final. The line up is; Septemebr 20th Brother Deep / Fake Empire / Lobster Pot / Kayleigh Thomas & The Effectors / Matt English
Congratulations to Brother Deep on winning The Wedgewood Rooms showcase 2018! Fake Empire taking the runners up slot


29th August 2019 Showcase Semifine 1 Cyprian Sceptre Third Time Luckie Grief Daddy Crxsses The Wild Claims Wedgewood Rooms
5th September 2019 Showcase 2 semifinal The Orchid Thieves, Sidetracked, Further from the sky, The Florida Recounts, Flying Machines.
12th Sept 2019 Acoustic Showcase Final Kayleigh Thomas, Tom Bryan, James Laurence, Matt English, Crstian TR

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