Portsmouth music scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

Weddings of the local famous

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Mr and Mrs Mick & Maggie Eveleigh

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10616041 jpg george eastjpg

Mr and Mrs George East formerly with Radio Victory

mavis lane-elliottjpg

Mr and Mrs Elliott, Mavis is the daughter of Savoy Bandleader Benny Freedman


Mr and Mrs Pete and Jan Cross, famous local DJ


Mr and Mrs Phil Freeman, and Robin Ford the agent


Mr and Mrs Tony Power, another famous DJ


Mr and Mrs Rikki and Noni Farr, Birdcage Club organiser with Isle of Wight Festival connection


Frank Hurlock and Jean Stanswood marry. Frank was local musician jazz enthusiast and owner of House of Wax in Lake Road

Johnny Lyne marries Marjorie Greehouse 1942/3?
Johnny Lyne marries Marjorie Greenhouse 1942/3?.


Christpher and Christine Lowe married 1974, Christpher was with the Honky Tonk Band and others

gladding parsons wed2xx
gladding parsons wedxx

Barry Gladding marries Doreen Parsons


Matt Little and Jacqui

pearl liddell

Pearl Liddell of The Honeys and Michael Allport married in 1966 at St Mary's Church Portsmouth.

Nick Courtney and Denisex

Nick and Denise Courtney

dannyand trish

Danny and Trish Rowlands

phil briggs

Phil and Rita Briggs 1977


Terry & June Threadingham

steve kingsley wed

Steve & Roosanna Cannell Kingsley

rustyn george laura kellly

Rustyn George & Laura Kelly

Terry and Ann Aldridgex.

Terry & Ann Aldridge


Renegades drummer Alf Pink and Christina

Dave and Karen Knight

Dave & Karen Knight

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