Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

Television Adverts using music from Portsmouth musicians

- Advert for Jet Petrol Staions using Joe Jackson's song, Steppin' Out -

Andy Hill,
Wasn't this song by Joe on an old P & O advert?

Tony Morris
Wasn’t Simon Dupree’s ‘Kites’ used yonks ago for an ad?
I wonder if any of Supertramp (Roger Hodgson) or Genesis ( Mike Rutherford) music has ever been used in ads? Tony Morris - I seem to recall “Breakfast in America” used for a TV ad not too long ago . . .

Colin Carter
This is a US list, with plenty of British artists in it. https://www.liveabout.com/oldies-songs-used-in-tv...

David Clark
Plenty of Foreigner's music has been used in adverts over the years, as wot woz written by Pompey lad Mick Jones
- Foreigner -

John Roberts,
Mike Hugg of Manfred Mann did an ad for Ski yoghurt years ago!
- Ski yoghurt 1 -
- Ski yoghurt 2 -


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