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TRUFFLE. John Bedford says they ran two bands. “Truffle” the rock band, and the MAFIA who did covers and often played at the Salutation on Mondays nights.
My own lasting memory was their manager, the drummer’s 5ft tall mother, who swore WORSE than a trooper! What ever happened to them?”

Rod Watts Says:
March 29, 2011
The lady in question was, as you quite rightly said, the drummers mum Pat Hatch. Nobody pulled the wool over her eyes and if they did, you were on the receiving end of some good old English 4 letter words…
The drummer was Adrian, owned possibly the largest Ludwig drum kit I’d ever sold during my days at Bennetts Music Store in Fratton Road. Russ was the bass player, I can’t remember the rest of the band. I was told that Pat had passed away a good few years ago.

Pete Hello Mick & thanks for the email!
There is no Truffle info on the MAFIA website as they are two different bands!
I joined Truffle in 1979 but by then we were only playing our own more heavy rock material, not the more pop tunes of the Honky Tonk Bar days.
Russ (bass player) & Ace (drummer) are currently in a local band called the Italian Job and Ace’s email address is … acef@absolute-cal.co.uk in case you may want to email him.
The band that is the MAFIA as we are now play heavy rock cover numbers which you can see at http://themafiarocks.com/set/ and we play at the Heroes the last Friday of every month.
Good luck with the website Regards Pete

Hello Mick
As I said to you, the Truffle to which you are referring was the cabaret band which was before I joined them …I joined in 1979 & the band was already playing it’s own heavy rock material by then. If you are interested there is a German record company High Roller Records who have recently put out 2 vinyl albums of Truffle original material (with another due out next month) http://www.hrrecords.de/shop/suche.php?special=hst&kHersteller=5136?
Best regards

A Portsmouth based act that played support to the likes of SPIDER, DIAMOND HEAD and TANK during 1982, TRUFFLE released a self financed single featuring the epic 'Round Tower' the same year. In 1984 TRUFFLE added guitarist Mark Mullholland to the band and the group released the 'Bacon Slicer Strikes Again' cassette album in 1986. However, in the same year TRUFFLE parted company with guitarist/keyboard player Greg Watkins in favour of ex-GRAMERCY RIFF guitarist Paul Jupe and the enigmatic new keyboard player Clive.
By 1988 TRUFFLE was a single guitar band retaining Stopforth, as Mulholland had split the previous year to form ASHAMATA.
ASHAMATA featured former MAMMATH drummer Kerry Lovelock alongside ex-TOKYO BLADE guitarist Gary Jeffrey.
Another erstwhile TRUFFLE guitarist, Tim Meek, could be found in THE CHASE with ex-SIEGE bassist Danny Glover and former PROPHECY drummer Paul Clark.
By 1997 Mulholland was a member of AOR act NEWMAN alongside guitarist Steve Newman.

TRUFFLE were a heavy rock band from Portsmouth, England that gigged all over the UK in the 80's and early 90's. They released a single “Round tower/If you really want” in 1981, a cassette single “633 Squadron/Do you like heavy metal” in 1984 and the cassette album “The bacon slicer strikes again” in 1985.

The same band also formed a covers band which ran alongside TRUFFLE in 1986 called the (Monday) MAFIA. Both bands gigged for several years but gradually the boys found that more & more people in pubs wanted to hear cover numbers & so the TRUFFLE gigs slowly fell off & the MAFIA ones increased.

The MAFIA are still gigging (click link on the left for the MAFIA website) and in April 2011 at their 25th anniversary gig at the Heroes, Waterlooville in April 2011 TRUFFLE performed 3 songs live, the first time they had done so in nearly 20 years.

Also in 2011 a German record company HIGH ROLLER RECORDS remastered and released most of the material TRUFFLE had recorded on 3 vinyl albums “If you really want”, “1st Attempt” & “The bacon slicer strikes again” ...fantastic for the boys after nearly 30 years!

Truffle on YouTube


Richie Stopforth Lead guitar, vocals
Pete - Drums, vocals
Daz - Bass guitar, vocals
Nobba - Lead vocals
Grapes - Guitar, keys, vocals

Nobba, Ritchie, Grapes, Daz, Pete, Andy 2012 - present
Nobba, Ritchie, Grapes, Simon, Pete, Andy - 2011
Nobba, Ritchie, Grapes, Daz, Pete, Andy 2010 - 2011
Pete, Grapes, H, Daz, Nobba, Andy 2010 -
Pete, Grapes, H, Daz, Mr. Oz - 2009
Pete, Grapes, H, T.C., Mr. Oz, Andy - 2008 - 2009
Pete, Grapes, H, Crow, Mr. Oz, Andy - 2008
Pete, Grapes, H, Crow, Mayfield - 2008
Pete, Grapes, Scooby, Crow, Mayfield - 2006 - 2008
Pete, Grapes, Norbert, Crow, Mayfield - 1999 - 2006
Pete, Grapes, Norbert, Crow, Mr Piles - 1998 - 1999
Pete, Dan, Norbert, Russ, Mr Piles - 1996 - 1997
Pete, Dan, Norbert, Russ, Ace, Mr Piles - 1995 - 1996
Pete, Dan, Norbert, Russ, Ace - 1993 - 1995
Pete, Dan, Les, Russ, Ace - 1992 - 1993
Pete, Les, Russ, Ace - 1992
Pete, Cliff, Ritchie, Les, Russ, Ace - 1990
Pete, Cliff, Ritchie, Norbert, Russ, Pat - 1989
Pete, Andy, Ritchie, Norbert, Russ, Pat - 1988
Pete, Andy, Ritchie, Russ, Pat - 1988
Pete, Andy, Ritchie, Wendy, Russ, Pat - 1988
Pete, Greg, Ritchie, Russ, Pat - 1986 - 1988


The 2017 version of The Mafia,
Pete drums-vocals, Ritchie lead guitar-vocals, Terry bass guitar-vocals, Steve lead vocals, Jamie guitar-vocals.

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