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The South of England Music Hall 31st July 1871 The Brothers Roussllion, Edgar Wilson, Porsivani

albert princess princes

1923 June 18th A Royal Divorce


The New Prince's Theatre was situated in Lake Road, Landport, originally opened on the 2nd January 1869 as a Circus ending on the 13th February.
It reopened in 1870 renamed the Royal Albert Theatre closing in 1872.
then rebuilding and renovation and re-opened as the Prince's Theatre on the 11th November 1872.
The New Princes Cinema, Lake Rd, opened as Princes Theatre in 1880, burnt down in 1882.
Reopened on 2nd January 1892 then was fitted with electric light in 1902. It closed as a theatre in 1928.
Princes Theatre (Portsmouth) Ltd went into liquidation in 1930. In 1930.
After a major refurbishment costing 10,000, the cinema reopened as New Princes (Portsmouth) Ltd.
In 1937 the licence was transferred to New Era Cinema (Portsmouth) Ltd', and the following year was transferred to South Downs Cinemas Ltd'.
The cinema was open until the afternoon of 24th August 1940 when it was demolished by enemy bombs during an air raid whilst a matinee performance was taking place.
Youngsters were settling down to a matinee showing of Gate of Alcatraz. The 80-minute drama has been long-forgotten.
Due to communication problems no air raid warning was given, 8 children were killed in the bombing and many more were injured.


Barnard's Ampitheatre Gunwharf Road Dec 27th The Season Christmas Spectacular

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