Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

Steve Farrow

A talented guitarist, who was a 'jobbing' musician and played with many bands, here are some.
Steve's first band was The Remains with Bob Rose on bass and vocals, Keith Sawyer on drums and then Brian Grice was added on keyboards.


Tangerine Slyde in the early days with Terry Threadingham on drums (pre C Mushroom)

tangerine slyde at guildhall for opp knocks auditionx

Tangerine Slyde at guildhall for Opportunity Knocks audition.

tangerine slydex
In Tangerine Slyde Ken Cornish was replaced by Ian Stedman Brown not Ian Walker and apparently it was just a rumour that Chris West joined them.
The two pictures of T.S. both have Ian as lead vocals and Steve Hollings on drums, Mick Legg on bass and Brian Grice (k) with Steve Farrow(lg).
tangerine slyde steve
tangerine slyde spp

left to right Mick Legg, Steve Hollings, Rusty (was some sort of roadie) Brian Grice and Steve, taken in the Isle of Wight?, the singer was missing.

generation at kimbelsx

Steve Farrow (Guitar) top left and Dave Mussell (keyboards) bottom right.

grand union

Grand Union Steve Farrow (lg), Brian Grice (k), Terry Dugan (aka Golly) (v), Bernie Fox (d) and Gary Twigg (b).

jamming at the barn

Springhill was Steve Farrow (lg), Rick Buckingham (b) Pete Bugg (rg) Dave Pittard (d) Brian Grice (k)

travis raymar
travis raymar (2)
travis raymar (3)

The two pictures of Travis Raymar have Steve Farrow (lg), Brian Grice (k) Bob Rose (b), Colin Middleton (v) and Terry Threadingham (d).
Taken at a social club in Kingston Crescent opposite the police station.
The very early picture of Travis Raymer/Tangerine Slyde is Steve Farrow, Brian Grice, Mick Legg , not too sure who the singer is maybe Ken Cornish.


Winchester 73 was a country and western group which
Steve joined for a while, other names unknown.

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