Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

PAGES FROM SPINNER, of the Portsmouth Evening News

Spinner was certainly Mike Hales, then Barry Dillon and probably others too.

Spinner’s Annual Pop Poll: 1966
Local 1-Simon Dupree, 2-Inspiration, 3-St Louis Checks, 4-Talismen, 5-Wrong Direction, 6-Academy, 7-Morgan’s Camel Train, 8-Combine, 9-Frenzy, 10-Soul Society
Visitors 1-Vagabonds, 2-Action, 3-Alan Bown Set, 4-Walker Bros, 5-Cream


The Pop Poll held at the end of 1966 indicates that Soul and Beat Groups were most popular around Portsmouth, although Cream had made an impact at the Birdcage and Thorngate (Gosport). On 1st April 1967 the Pink Floyd played in Portsmouth for the first time, at the Birdcage. Two months later the Birdcage, home of the Mods, and of Soul Music and Ska, re-opened as the ‘New’ Birdcage with Denny Laine’s Electric String Band
In July 1967, Spinner reviewed Scott McKenzie’s single “San Francisco” suggesting “with promotion (it) could…be very big”. The Beat Cruises began with the Talismen whose show “surprised…many hippies”. Portsmouth’s music scene was changing rapidly. DJ Pete Brady who had left the Birdcage earlier in the year was said to be “experimenting with backing tapes of noises and projected kaleidoscopes for his forthcoming musical ventures”.
Meanwhile Travis Raymar became Tangerine Slide (sic) with ex-Camel Trainer Mick Legg on bass: “they claim to please with pure psychedelia and hope later to add lights.” On 15th July, Procul Harum played an all-nighter at the New Birdcage. The 1,000 days follow.
Where bands are merely listed it indicates a mention that week of no major significance The Parlour and the Oasis are the same club in North End (above Snooker Hall)
17/7 Parlour: Inspiration, Beat Cruise: Soul Society & the Fingers
20/7 Talismen, Cloud, Harlem Soul Band, Tangerine Slyde Jug of Punch Folk Club (Havant) next week: the Spinners
27/7 The Parkas, Wrong Direction, Blackout (“much improved”), Soul Society, Simon Dupree & Big Sound’s new album “lacks a distinctive recorded sound” Locarno: Geno Washington & Ram Jam Band + Jack & the Jacobites
31/7 Front Page Headline & Photo “Rolling Stones’ Appeal Starts”

2/8 Front Page Photo of Mr & Mrs George Harrison who “look like a pair of hippies”
3/8 Strange Case of Watkin’s World, Mood become Crimson Confusion Wrong Direction charge 4/11 ½ d plus a sweet for gig entry
Beat Cruise: The Shame & Sons of Man, Parlour: Life
10/8 Lee’s Angel Cake Band, KC’s Convention, Aim (Blues). “Inspiration have apparently seen the light and changed their name to Coconut Mushroom”
Parlour: Expression, Beat Cruise: Episode 6 & Wrong Direction Star Folk Club: Jon Isherwood’s Bachelor (Stag) Night
17/8 Report on the demise of the Pirate Radio Stations following the Marine Broadcasting Act “which came into force on Tuesday” The Pharoahs
Beat Cruise: Creation & Mike Stuart Span (Brighton, see Mike Read)
24/8 Soul Society, Cloud, KC’s Convention
Review of “puzzling” album by Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Coconut Mushroom “tomorrow present the city’s first home-grown attempt at a fully fledged light show and psychedelic ‘happening’ at the Parlour”. Photo shows five-piece including Colin Carter & Graham Barnes (see 5/10 below)
“How new and how brave is Eastney’s new world going to be?” (ex Birdcage)
Beat Cruise: Amboy Dukes (British) & Coconut Mushroom
26/8 Birdcage Club closes (see 16/12). Last act was Zoot Money (19/8)
30/8 Front page story: “Brian Epstein Inquest Adjourned”
Beat Cruise: Amboy Dukes & Coconut Mushroom
(31/8 No Spinner’s page)

7/9 “Coconut Mushroom’s lights wouldn’t work on the Beat Cruise but their black, red & white face paint did” Beat Cruise: Ferris Wheel & Blackout
14/9 St Louis Checks, Talismen
Beat Cruise: Carl Douglas Stampede & Wrong Direction
21/9 Bryan Hug, Coconut Mushroom
“Expect a very different Simon Dupree single” (see below)
28/9 Frank Kelly is now singing with Dave Hart Combo. He formerley fronted Phillips’ recording act Frank Kelly & the Hunters.
Soul Society plan “change of name & style to include flute and other instruments plus a dash of jazz”
Jug of Punch Folk Club: Ian Campbell Folk Group

5/10 T-Birds, Aim becoming Chicago’s Insolence, Joybelles (Southsea, Salvation Army)
Main feature on the Mothers of Invention
Coconut Mushroom “reforming” with ex-members of Cloud.
7/10 Savoy: Kinks 10/-
Oddfellows Hall: Soul Society (see 28/9?) & Wrong Direction
12/10 Main feature on Arthur Brown
Locarno: the Original Drifters
19/10 Main Headline: “Bank Rate Up: More Jobless” (Unemployment c 560,000)
Simon Dupree, plus a report of some local interest in Trad Jazz
26/10 Mentions Deram recording band Outer Limits as from Portsmouth although Joynson (see bibliography) says they were from Leeds
Interview with Simon Dupree’s Phil Shulman “those early years at the Indigo Vat were what decided us to turn professional”. New single
“Kites” described as “completely different from the hard-driving soul sound” of the band.
“End of a long, unacclaimed but consistent era comes tomorrow in the dispersal of the Sons of Man”
Railway Folk Club: Barry Roberts

Nov Advertisements - Ford cars: Cortina (1965) £565, Zodiac (1967) £1,125
TV rentals 9/9d pw, TV purchase 59½ guineas, 4-speed Record player 12½ gns
Co-op, Fratton Road advertising LPs for circa 32/- (+)
Correspondent praises the performance of Ballet Rambert in the Portsmouth Arts Festival, despite the view of the Corporation’s Music
Adviser Mr Wesley Johnstone that it was “the nearest thing to a striptease one could get."
2/11 Main feature: Tony Blackburn
Outer Limits, Chances R & various Go-Go dance acts
Manager Ricky Martin establishes new “unnamed” group with members of Coconut Mushroom, Academy, Morgan’s Camel Train, Tangerine Slyde & Bumblies. Debut at Vat on 17 December, they retain the name Coconut Mushroom.
Locarno: The Move
9/11 Time, Rack, Wrong Direction
Bryan Hug Group have a song on the soundtrack of Up the Junction
“Light shows and old time movies at Thorngate’s Thursday sessions”
President Chuck (locally-based DJ/manager from USA) “tipping fame for Country Joe & the Fish from America”. He manages Cloud a 3-piece, playing in a Cream, Hendrix and West Coast style.
Oasis Jazz: “The ultra pure” Ken Colyer, Folkhouse: Pat Nelson
13/11 Parlour: Action: “disappointing” (report 16/11)
16/11 On TV: BBC1 Top of Pops, Man from Uncle, Miss World; BBC2 Andy Williams Show, World Cinema; ITV (Southern) Film “A Pair of Briefs”, This Week
BBC announces the end of Juke Box Jury after 8 years.
On new Radio 1 pop music is broadcast only until 730pm
The Liquer, Universal Trash Band
Simon Dupree & BS (“Kites”) ‘Tip for Top’ feature on Top of the Pops
Stage photograph of Chris West (St Louis Checks) in 1920s ‘gangster’ clothes
Bryan Hug & Mick Gill band now known as Cherry Smash (see next week)
23/11 Cloud, Soul Society
Cherry Smash “Songs of Love” to be released 29 Dec and might make the “same impact as Whiter Shade of Pale”
Terry Threadingham (drums) leaves Tangerine Slyde for new Coconut Mushroom and is replaced by Steve Hollands (Hollins?).
Slyde now playing in a “Byrds style” with Go-Go dancers & a DJ in an “all-action show”
30/11 Main feature: Jimi Hendrix plus popularity of the Association, especially among local bands
Savoy: The Alan Bown!, Marmalade, Night People 8/-
Guildhall (next Monday) Student dance with Arthur Brown
Brave New World (Birdcage) “may soon be re-opening”

7/12 Blackout, Soul Society, Crimson Ballet (Go-Go)
Chris West, St Louis Checks (vocals) will leave the group at the end of December
Inspiration re-form
14/12 Expression, “exciting” Crimson Ballet
Photograph of ‘new’ “progressive” Coconut Mushroom with caption claiming that “we’re not knocking soul” but playing West Coast, Doors, Moby Grape etc.
Rikki Farr’s Brave New World due to re-open for “young adult entertainment”, including big beat, folk & jazz. Opening night with Ronnie Jones and forthcoming attractions include: Hendrix, Cream, Nice, Vagabonds
Harlem Soul Band now six-piece and re-named Harlem Speakeasy with a residency at the Brave New World
Arthur Brown “dazzling” at the Guildhall but some of his stage comments “distasteful”
16/12 Birdcage re-opens as Brave New World with Ronnie Jones & Nightimers
17/12 Brave New World: Harlem Speakeasy
21/12 “Long established Talismen “retire” to contemplate change
Manor Court Youth Club: Alan Bown, Wrong Direction, Perception
Brave New World: Mike Cotton Sound w Lucas, DJ Erroll Bruce (Radio Caroline)
Savoy: Amen Corner, Action, St Louis Checks
24/12 Brave New World: Erroll Bruce Soul Party & Harlem Speakeasy
28/12 Lead article on “Year of Contrasts”: war/peace, rock-blues/ballads, flower clothes/immaculate suits, Hendrix/Humperdinck. Also mentions Bee Gees, Lulu & Beach Boys who “declined…after the beautiful Pet Sounds”. Since the demise of the pirate radio stations, Radio 1 “has failed to provide a better alternative”.
Brave New World: 30th Nice, 31st Vagabonds, 6th Gass

Spinner’s Annual Pop Poll 1967
Local 1-Blackout, 2-Wrong Direction, 3-Coconut Mushroom, 4-Soul Society, 5-Inspiration 6-St Louis Checks, 7-Harlem Speakeasy, 8-Cloud, 9-Talismen, 10-Scheme
Visitors 1-Alan Bown!, 2-Jimi Hendrix Experience, 3-Amboy Dukes, 4-Simon Dupree & Big Sound, 5-Amen Corner, 6-Move, 7-Nice, 8-Geno W, 9-Gass, 10-Arthur Brown/John Mayall


4/1 “Jazz dies at the Oasis, but pop stronger than ever”
“Dave Pittard & Pete Bugg ex-Chapter Six, seek bass and organist to form a blues group”
Brave New World: Tuesday 9 Jan – The Who (7/6 mems & 10/- guests). Advertised as coming: Animals, Georgie Fame, Nice, Cream, Arthur Brown
11/1 No Spinner’s Pop Page
12/1 Major Story “LSD Danger to Unborn Innocents” under byline “Civic Commentary” by VG Pafford, Evening News Chief Reporter. Pafford reports information from USA via Portsmouth’s Senior Officer for Mental Health that the “horror drug… LSD, can have similar dread effects on the babies…as those of thalidomide”.
18/1 Blues Convention
Predicts a hit for Love’s “Alone Again Or” but adds “what is all the fuss about Captain Beefheart?”
25/1 Soul Society split

1/2 Human Instinct, Blackout, St Louis Checks
Photo of Crimson Ballet Go-Go dancers (Nina & Vanessa)
“Vintage” rock & roll at Railway Hotel: Southern Sounds & Apex Four
Coconut Mushroom at London’s 100 Club next week
“Amen Corner failed to arrive at Highbury College dance last week. Pretty Things & Lemon Tree substituted but Skip Bifferty stole the show. “ (also Harlem Speakeasy)
Brave New World: Saturday Amboy Dukes, Tuesday the Herd
8/2 Cloud, Chances R, St Louis Checks
Jug of Punch: Bert Jansch
15/2 Coconut Mushroom receiving “offers of London club work”
16/2 Guildhall: Zoot Money, Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger
Manor Court: Harlem Speakeasy
22/2 Coconut Mushroom “where it’s at”, Human Instinct, KC’s Convention
Brave New World: Ten Years After
29/2 Human Instinct, Steve Stevenson retiring as Scheme’s guitarist
St Louis Checks name changed to Magic Roundabout
Vat (Sunday): Coconut Mushroom
Brave New World opens a licensed bar & offering folk & jazz etc

5/3 Oddfellows Hall Folk Concert: Sandy Denny, Strawberry Hill Boys (Strawbs)
7/3 Front page Headline: “Ian Smith expected to declare republic” (Rhodesia)
Coconut Mushroom, Lace, Magic Roundabout, Tangerine Slyde, Brother Bung, Mick Gill leaves Cherry Smash
Railway Folk: Gerry Lockran (folk blues)
14/3 Liqueur, Perception, Cherry Smash, Magic Roundabout
Thorngate customers’ poll “half want more soul, Tamla & blues & half want less”
Brave New World: Dakota Staton, College of Education: Cherry Smash
Havant Arts Centre: Shirley Collins & the Tinkers
21/3 Technicolour Yawn, the Monk
“Tipped that Coconut Mushroom will turn professional within a week”
Brave New World: Jimmy James, Stan Tracey, Chris Farlowe
Oasis tomorrow: the Action
28/3 Talismen re-named as Lace
Brave New World: Tubby Hayes, Cliff Aungier, Carl Douglas Stampede

4/4 Inspiration, Monk, Lace
Simon Dupree interview “I love the Vat crowd”
Brave New World: Singing Postman, Humphrey Lyttleton
11/4 Universal Trash Band, Inspiration, Technicolour Yawn, Coconut Mushroom, Pevensey Browne Melon (blues)
Vat closed unexpectedly last Saturday
18/4 EXP, Magic Roundabout
Coconut Mushroom win a Portsmouth area popularity poll, organised by Apple
Brave New World: Family, Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger
St Margaret’s Big Beat II: Harlem Speakeasy 3/6d
25/4 Wrong Direction, Lace, Harlem Speakeasy
Magic Roundabout “all but disintegrated” losing Rod Watts & Alan Williams
Apple “descends” so Coconut Mushroom & manager Ricky Martin “part company”
30/4 Guildhall: April 3-0 Lord Mayor’s charity dance: Machine, Harlem Speakeasy, Blackout, Lace, Coconut Mushroom, Crimson Ballet, 5/6d, 8pm – 1am

2/5 Blackout, Apex Four, Coconut Mushroom, Rack change name to Virgin Circle
Harlem Speakeasy’s“creditable light show at the Guildhall” called Light Emporium
Railway Folk Club: Roy Harper
3/5 Paradise Found Club, Fratton Road, opens with Lace & Life
9/5 Front page story of arrest of Kray Twins, & news that Mick Jagger will star opposite James Fox in a feature film. Magic Roundabout change name to England, Nite People, Tangerine Slyde, Scheme, Harlem Speakeasy, Trash Band, Pevensey Browne Melon
“Light Emporium repeated their very good light show” at Paradise Found.
Brave New World: Jo Ann Kelly, Family
16/5 Coconut Mushroom, Lace, Technicolour Yawn, Universal Trash Band
Correspondence about blues or soul bands which suggests “strong support for blues in Portsmouth”. Apparently no mention of progressive/psychedelic but plans are announced for Portsmouth Students’ “Dance of Words” (27/5) starring “a myriad of poets, musicians, dancers & avant garde theatrical companies headed by Radio 1 DJ John Peel”. Audience “expected to sit on the floor”. Adds that Portsmouth is now “attracting some attention away from London as one of the truly progressive centres”.
21/5 Front page photograph and story of Brian Jones “Rolling Stone on Drugs Charge”
23/5 Main story: John Lennon showing interest in Jon Isherwood.
List of live club venues: Parlour, Incredible Black Cat, Paradise Found, New Indigo Vat, Manor Court, Locarno.
Brave New World: “Apple Recording Artists” Coconut Mushroom but “jazz & folk look like folding”
Vocalist Chris Ryder joins England
27/5 Guildhall, College of Technology “Dance of Words” Fairport Convention, Gary Farr, Free, John Peel, Coconut Mushroom, poets Brian Patten & Michael Horowitz, Principal Edward’s Magic Theatre, King Idas Watch Chain, Pete Brown, light shows etc. Report (28/5) that 1,100 people attended and that the“general policy was to do just whatever one felt like doing…poetry spoken to an improvised jazz background”. One of organisers ‘Guff’ Putowski said it was “something more than just an ordinary dance or concert”.
30/5 Main Headline: “All France is Kept Waiting” (massive strike, De Gaulle to resign?)
Inspiration, Universal Trash Band, Coconut Mushroom “no sign of a disc”
Ex St Louis Checks’ vocalist Chris West “said to be joining up-and-coming Tangerine Slyde”
News story of Brave New World late license rejected
Page of photographs of Dance of Words

1/6 Guildhall: Julie Felix
6/6 KC’s Convention re-named as Winds of Change, Chicago’s Insolence (blues) debut at the Incredible Black Cat (8.6) “received with much praise” (13.6)
Interview with Phil Jones (Wrong Direction) – the Association “my favourite group” prefers Ramsey Lewis to “over-rated” organist Jimmy Smith.
Indigo Vat closed by promoter Ann Luckett because of “some very childish people with fuzzy hair who ought to be in a nursery”.
Brave New World: James & Bobby Purify, Railway: Diz Disley
Review: “compelling” but “quite ridiculous” Tiny Tim’s “Tip Toe Thru the Tulips”
13/6 Inspiration, Crimson Ballet, Fire “well received at Parlour last Sunday”,
Lace introducing “unusual numbers”
Brave New World: the Alan Bown!
20/6 Harlem Speakeasy disc “Aretha” backed by group’s own “Visions of Pegasus” (sic) scheduled for release on July 28. Group plans to turn professional then, after a month’s solid rehearsal.
Wrong Direction, Good Life, Lace, Universal Trash Band, Technicolour Yawn, EXP, England with Mick Gill & Chris Ryder to debut on 30.6.
Cherry Smash new single is “off the schedules”.
Brave New World: PP Arnold, Stacey Club, Copnor: Lace 4/6d
24/6 Headline “Chaos Galore on the Railways”
25/6 Headline “Tony Hancock found Dead”
27/6 Main story, interview with Eclection
Monk re-named Zeo-Zigg because “it suits the music we play now” include 15 original songs (Arthur Stevens – guitar)
Brave New World: John Peel, Gary Farr, Blossom Toes 5/-

4/7 Special Alec Rose Edition – Headline: “Home in Sight” (after 353 days at sea)
Lace, Blackout, England
Kimbell’s Saturday, Lace, Cherry Smash, England, Nite People, Jon Isherwood
11/7 Preview of Traffic etc at the Pier to be open-air with special lighting to provide “off beat atmospheres”
Bob Pearce former singer with Brother Bung joins Blues Convention
England play “purely West Coast music”
Brave New World: Patti LaBelle & her Blue Bells
17/7 South Parade Pier: Apache Promotions: Traffic, Spooky Tooth, Family 10/-. “Success of (this) experimental show which attracted a gate of 2500”
18/7 Guildhall: Fairport Convention, Spooky Tooth, Skip Bifferty, Blossom Toes.
Main story “Portsmouth group Harlem Speakeasy and well-known City folk singers, Jon Isherwood and Pat Nelson have new releases on the market”.
Harlem Speakeasy’s act “based on raw pop, covering its various influences from blues to rock” They are an 8-piece band “with the ability to play more than two dozen instruments between them”. They recently “drew the biggest ever crowd at the Parlour”. Melody Maker review of “Aretha”: “Bright arrangement that has the same calypso feel of Unit Four Plus Two’s ‘Concrete and Clay’…Quite fun”.
“England going down extremely well with student audiences (who) seem to appreciate West Coast sounds more than most fans”. Dawn comprise former members of Soul Society & Chapter 6.
“Universal Trash Band completely changing their style and are also looking for a new name and image” (*see below – 15/8, 5/9) The Clouds (sic) impressive, Tangerine Slide at Black Cat all this week
The Shades played their first gig at Golden Bell, Tricorn
25/7 “Welcome home Harlem Speakeasy” to number 10 in local singles chart.
Pevensey Browne (blues) “together again”
Brave New World (Sat) Terry Reid
29/7 Chesford Grange, Coventry: Harlem Speakeasy with The Equals 10/-

1/8 Mecca: Amen Corner, Parlour (Fri): Blossom Toes
Beat Cruise (Weds): Skatalites & the Motives
8/8 “Coconut Mushroom are alive and well!” The group “emphatically deny rumours” that they are “breaking up”. They have recently played in Switzerland, Scotland & next six weeks in Europe.
Universal Trash Band, Tangerine Slide, Cherry Smash new single “imminent”
New agency MMF represents Blackout, Image, Gold Dust, England, Race & Heaven (first mention of Heaven, see below*)
15/8 *“Universal Trash Band now known as Heaven”. “Are Blackout splitting?”
Harlem Speakeasy to be re-named Speakeasy when “Aretha” is released in USA (this never occurred but the name did change – see 17/10) Coconut Mushroom’s new single “Run Run” due out on 18/9
Conservative Hall, Fratton (Friday) Lord Mayor’s Charity: Harlem Speakeasy, Nocturne & Virgin Circle
22/8 Main Headline “Fighting in the Streets of Prague”
Brave New World to close on 21 September. Renamed the Pack (night club)
KC’s Convention break up, Blues Convention, Harlem Nocturne, Harlem Speakeasy
29/8 Headline story on Democratic Convention in Chicago
Preview of first IOW Festival (Jefferson Airplane, Move, Arthur Brown etc.)
Chicago’s Insolence new blues band, Blackout change name to Gold Dust
30/8 Parlour: Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera

5/9 Main story (IOW) “The Festival that became a fiasco”. Criticises “breakdowns in sound” – notably Move’s speakers and Airplane’s light show, and boredom: “experimental sounds in pop are laudable but 16 hours of the same sound can prove tedious”. Also criticises poor refreshments and toilets.
“After three months of constant rehearsal, a new group Heaven makes its debut at the weekend” 7-piece band mainly formerly Universal Trash Band, playing “uncommercial material…(which) can be vaguely described as that of Blood, Sweat & Tears crossed with Electric Flag”.
Cherry Smash semi-resident at Hatchett’s Piccadilly & “going like a bomb”.
6/9 Heaven’s first gig at Steering Wheel Dortchester
11/9 Main page story & photos: “Musicians in Drug Charges”(Jet Harris, Tubby Hayes)
12/9 Heaven to open new local club “catering for West Coast & blues followers”.
Gold Dust, Brother Bung, Image, Tangerine Slide
16/9 Harlem Nocturne, EXP, Tangerine Slyde, Lace, Inspiration
Reports that Cherry Smash due to release single “Goodtime Sunshine” on Decca
on 4 October (John Curtis, Bryan Sebastian, Mark Tuddenham, Graham Hunt)
Parlour (Oasis): Skip Bifferty
Guildhall: Small Faces, Simon Dupree & Big Sound, Madeline Bell (2 shows) Report (10.10) “criticisms about Small Faces gig…still coming in”
23/9 Guildhall (Apache Promotions): Nice, Family, Pretty Things (10/-)
26/9 Front Page: “Rolling Stone on Drugs Charge” (Brian Jones)
Heaven “now dubbed as Portsmouth’s homegrown Family”
Chords Club Lymington books Tangerine Slyde, Gold Dust, Heaven

3/10 The Inspiration are “proving soul can still be popular”.
Blues Convention splitting, Coconut Mushroom in Germany
Image, Tangerine Slide, Heaven
Parlour (Fri) Free

10/10 Cherry Smash “Goodtime Sunshine” out tomorrow (Decca)
Heaven “doing well”, Harlem Speakeasy
Tangerine Slide attracted a capacity crowd at College of Technology dance
“Paradise Found” club at Kimbell’s booking: Gold Dust, Lace, Heaven, Virgin Circle
Parlour (Fri) Gold Dust, (Sun) Harlem Speakeasy
17/10 Sports Page Olympic Games: “Mixed Reactions to Black Athlete’s Demonstration”
Lace, while recording at EMI, were asked by Beatles’ George Harrison if he might borrow a fuzz box, but unable to oblige as they needed it themselves
Decca withdraw Cherry Smash single
Coconut Mushroom’s John Clark hospitalised for tonsils operation.
Speakeasy “now a six-piece, have new single ‘Life is not All’ out soon” - new members Alan Williams (drums ex-England) & Mick Legg (bass, ex-Slide), Jon Edwards, Geoff Gunson, Pete Gurd & Sam Eddings left.
24/10 New Tangerine Slide line-up with Mick McGuigan (bass) & Ken Cornish (vocals)
EXP retire to re-think, Inspiration. Parlour (Fri) Mushroom, (Sun) Heaven

7/11 Report on Lace recording new single “People, People” (release 15/11) in 8-track EMI studio, Abbey Road – mentions 16-track and 32-track. Anonymous reference to “another Portsmouth group’s single recently only sold a mere 550 copies. The hard graft can also have heartbreaking results” (refers to Harlem Speakeasy)
“Many fans turned up” to see Pink Floyd at Highbury College but neither they nor the Deviants turned up. Coconut Mushroom & Tangerine Slyde played.
Locarno, Mecca: Charlie & Inez Foxx
14/11 Rikki Farr to open a new Sunday night Blues Club: first week, Pete Bardens’ Village. Advertised as “all very freaky”, Taste next week.
Tangerine Slide’s vocalist Ken Cornish “boggling” after using a 200 watt PA and “being able to effectively overpower the remainder of the group”.
Parlour: Blossom Toes
18/11 Main Headline: “Immigrants to Get More Rights” (response to speech on repatriation by Enoch Powell MP)
21/11 News report that “a youth and a girl walked in the roadway in Elm Grove, Southsea. Later the girl and group of youths…waved their arms and shouted ‘this is a freak-out man’ and ‘we love the fuzz’” The girl was charged with obstructing the highway (case adjourned). 21/11 Review of Pentangle at Guildhall, an “experimental…polished evening”.
Review of singles: Fairport Convention’s “Meet on the Ledge” as “sheer poetry” & Strawbs “Man Who Called Himself Jesus” as “very moving social comment”. Also Music from Big Pink “essential”. Co-op selling Beatles’ ‘White Album’ for 73/- Manor Court (Fri) & Parlour (Sun): Heaven
28/11 Report of Birmingham University ‘sit-in’
Are the Moles really Simon Dupree & the Big Sound?
State Penitentiary, new blues band with ex-Chicago’s Insolence.
22/11 Parlour: Blonde on Blonde
23/11 Kimbells: The Gun & Speakeasy

2/12 Railway Folk Club: Al Stewart
3/12 Kimbells: Lord Mayor’s Charity Dance: Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, Heaven, Gold Dust, Virgin Circle
5/12 South Parade Pier: Alan Bown! Fairport Convention, Idle Race
Simon Dupree ‘phone to deny they are the Moles.
Enthusiastic review of Stones’ Beggar’s Banquet: “earthy blues…hard rock”
6/12 Oasis: Free; Manor Court: Wrong Direction
12/12 Main page Headline: USA President-elect “Calls Cabinet Talks”
Main feature, review of Beatles ‘White’ album
Tangerine Slide “audition for television tomorrow”
13/12 Manor Court: Speakeasy (final appearance)
19/12 St Edmund’s YC: Tangerine Slide. (No further Spinner’s pages this year)
20/12 Manor Court Christmas Dance: Alan Bown!, Inspiration, DJ Steve Hamilton
Oasis: Free & Chalk Farm (Sun) Virgin Circle
22/12 Kimbells Blues Club: Family
23/12 Railway: Folk-blues with Gerry Lockran, Cliff Aungier etc
27/12 Oasis; the Action
31/12 Grove Club: Gold Dust & Chalk Farm

Spinner’s Annual Pop Poll 1968
Local: 1-Inspiration, 2-Heaven, 3-Virgin Circle, 4-Lace/Coconut Mushroom, 6-Gold Dust, 7-Good Life, 8-Brother Bung/Speakeasy Visitors: 1-Family, 2-Amen Corner, 3-Alan Bown! 4-Gun, 5-Blossom Toes


Jan Pop Poll review (see above): “Tangerine Slyde, and Speakeasy who get eighth placing…have both split. However it has brought some good, as members from each group have got together to form two new outfits Rosemary and Tayles.”
1/1 Main headline: “Vietcong Free US Prisoners”
Jug of Punch: Mike Cooper
5/1 Kimbells Blues Club: Ten Years After & live TV broadcast of Cream farewell gig. Alvin Lee described it as the “best atmosphere in the country” (9/1)
9/1 Advert from Rikki Farr (Apache Promotions) for new Progressive Club (from Saturday): Mad movies, light shows & full stereophonic sounds plus Fairport Convention 7/6d
“Pompey progressive favourites Heaven going to London on Tuesday to record an LP possibly for release on CBS…the songs are originals written mainly by bass player Brian Kemp”. (They did record but this is not the material eventually released on CBS as Brass Rock)
Parlour (Friday): Gold Dust, Image (Sunday) Whiskey River
12/1 Kimbells Blues Club: Savoy Brown
16/1 New Jon Isherwood single “Old Time Movies” released on Parlophone
Kimbells Progressive Club (Apache - Saturday): Keef Hartley Band
21/1 Mecca: Pretty Things, the Alan Bown! plus two local groups Concrete Parachute & Halcyon Order
23/1 Image, Wrong Direction, Think, Rosemary to debut “in early February”
St Edmund’s Youth Club: Virgin Circle (St Nicholas YC tomorrow)
25/1 Kimbells Progressive Club: Terry Reid
26/1 Kimbells Blues Club: Chicken Shack
27/1 South Parade Pier: Spooky Tooth (did not appear, replaced by Blonde on Blonde), Free, Glass Menagerie, John Peel
30/1 Gold Dust, Heaven, Monk, Image,
Terry Reid was “well received but attendance was low”. Continues that “Portsmouth could well be witnessing the death throes of progressive beat. Parlour promoter Linn Harris believes the scene is ‘played out’ & poor attendances at the Kimbells Progressive night and South Parade Pier indicate this”. Linn Harris added “many progressive outfits are brilliant instrumentally but the youngsters cannot dance to them.” Kimbells Blues Club (Sunday) Pete Bardens’ Village

5/2 St Margaret’s: Heaven and first appearance of Rosemary 5/-
6/2 “As forewarned, Saturday progressive nights at Kimbells now off. Blues club still doing well” – Sunday Blodwyn Pig (“went down a storm” – 20/2)
EXP now In Grandma’s Absence play “driving progressive music”. Inspiration are “reforming” under new name Wanted Rosemary, Wrong Direction
13/2 News article on teenagers who are “floundering under the pressures of today’s permissive society”.
Rosemary “very well received” on opening dates.
Coconut Mushroom’s Graham Barnes out of hospital after appendix removed
“Watch out for big name gigs at South Parade Pier”
Heaven “currently making their first LP, produced by Barry Kingston” for Spark
14/2 Parlour: Whiskey River, Rowing Club: Wrong Direction
16/2 Kimbells: Duster Bennett, Parlour: Virgin Circle
17/2 Tricorn: Image
20/2 Main story: “Even the Oldies fall for Hair” (London Musical)
“Summer starts with a bang with the arrival of the Mothers of Invention”.
“With the closure of the Middle Earth, London, it looks like the entire light show is shifting to Pompey” – Pier Saturday: Gun, Deviants, McKenna Mendleson
Good Life split.
21/2 Parlour: Rosemary, also 9 days of Student Rag Week including ‘Stweek’ gigs everyday in old Guildhall Square building. Music, poetry, records, lights etc
27/2 Mushroom’s singer Colin Carter was “injured” at a gig in Midhurst. Group cancel three gigs then continued temporarily as 4-piece. Vandals damage Lace gear –costs them £75.
Amen Corner drew crowd of “more than 2000 to Mecca last week”.
State Penetentiary split. Former members recruit “progressive” drummer Paul Sevier to form Riverside

5/3 Main Headline: “30 Years For Kray Twins”
Jug of Punch: Steffan Grossman
6/3 No Spinner’s Pop Page
7/3 St Nicholas’ YC: Wrong Direction
13/3 Main story “When Jazz & Rock Link Together” continues that jazz “is influencing pop to a greater extent than ever before”. Recorded examples: Janis Joplin w Big Brother & Holding Company, Amboy Dukes (USA) Brian Auger Trinity, Blood Sweat & Tears. Preview of Kings Theatre concert Roland Kirk “backed by” Soft Machine (my recollection is that they played separate sets, Kirk with his band) ”Magnetic Draw” byline for preview of Country Joe & Fish gig at S P Pier (“one of America’s leading underground groups)
14/3 Den of Folk: Shirley Collins
20/3 Main page story/photo: “Lennon Weds Yoko”
22/3 Kimbells Progressive Club: McKenna Mendleson Mainline Blues Band
23/3 Kimbells Blues Club: Free & Rosemary
24/3 Rosemary at Marquee Club, London
25/3 South Parade Pier: Apache Promotions - Country Joe & the Fish, Eclection, Jeff Dexter, Explosive Spectrum Lights 15/- in advance, 17/6d on door, 8-12pm.
27/3 “Surprise of the week”, the amicable split of Cherry Smash as their new single “Fade Away Maureen” is issued.
30/3 King’s Theatre: Apache’s “Experimental concert” Roland Kirk & Soft Machine

11/4 Rosemary “well received” at Oasis (18/4)
18/4 “Wanted, formerly Inspiration…make their first public appearance at Thorngate on Saturday”.
Indo Jazz Fusions and Savoy Brown scheduled for King’s Theatre
Oasis: Wrong Direction, St Nicholas YC: Virgin Circle
20/4 South Parade Pier: Al Stewart, Alexis Korner, Champion Jack Dupree
25/4 Lace at Parlour tomorrow but “I’m a Gambler” is by a different Lace (1/5)
Heaven’s LP “taking longer than expected” – label hoping to release a “commercial single” first.
New group Frost includes Mick Eveleigh, (later played with Dave Allen, & Dave Pittard of Rosemary and Brian Kemp of Heaven in 1980s (Reds))
26/4 Guildhall: BB King, Fleetwood Mac, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, etc.

1/5 Riverside Infirmary (blues) formed from Chicago’s Insolence/State Penetentiary
Southsea folksinger Pattie Berklei recorded new LP for Fontana
Oasis (Fri) Heaven
4/5 Kimbells Blues Club: Taste
8/5 Paper newly formed, -ditto- Wanted described by manager Mick Dillon as “aggressive, driving & stimulating”.
Graham Barnes leaves Coconut Mushroom (replaced by Mick McGuigan)
15/5 Rosemary at Manor Court tomorrow & will present an “experimental” evening at the Oasis 30/5. “Augmented by lights, verse and mime…musical content will comprise entirely original content”.
16/5 Oasis: Gold Dust: St Nicholas YC (Fri) In Grandma’s Absence 4/-
17/5 Kimbells: Heaven
19/5 Tricorn:Image & Pete Cross
22/5 There are “tentative plans for a free concert in one of Portsmouth’s parks” featuring Rosemary, Rivendell and others.
23/5 Oasis: Blossom Toes; Thorngate: In Grandma’s Absence
29/5 “Another mammoth pop festival is planned for the Isle of Wight”
Kimbell’s Blues Club. Last week Liverpool Scene & Gary Farr “packed the place”, this Sunday: Pretty Things
Beat Cruise (Weds): Eire Apparent

5/6 Main story “Concert Experiments for Beat Fans”, including reports of the Mothers of Invention (“astounded everyone”), and the “failure” of Rosemary’s experimental evening. Also more on possible free concert.
“Blossom Toes playing to under 100 people in Portsmouth. Poor audiences also for Steamhammer and Beggar’s Farm”. Oasis (Fri) Wanted, Kimbells (Sat): Junior’s Eyes & Rosemary
Kimbells Blues Club (Sun) Whiskey River 6/-
12/6 Heaven play Van Dyke-Plymouth with Jethro Tull, London’s Revolution Club, Kimbells & Sussex University. “First LP out shortly”.
Coconut Mushroom touring northern England, Simon Dupree, Image, Lace
15/6 Kimbells Blues Club: Colosseum, Guildhall: Pink Floyd
19/6 Main review: “How could we ever let such an artistic group as Love vanish from the scene?” (Re-issue of “Alone Again Or” as a single).
Pink Floyd’s More described as “weird space-age soundtrack”
Dragonfly, aged 14-16, playing Pink Floyd, Dylan, Moody Blues,
Marina Discotheque Fri-Sun, 9-1
21/6 Oasis: Rosemary
23/6 Tricorn: Kippington Lodge (Nick Lowe & Brinsley Schwarz)
25/6 Beat Cruise: Ohio Express and Hopscotch
26/6 Advert for “flared denim jeans” from 17/11d – 22/11d
Main story “Free Pop Concerts Please Fans” – plans for Southsea event
Riverside re-named as Miss Treat, photo of Paper playing Atlantic cruise
Guildhall: Led Zeppelin
27/6 St Margaret’s: “Galactic Implosion”: Rosemary, Rivendell & Parallax Theorem attempting “to create a complete environmental light show rather than just a way of glorifying a pop group”

July (Some editions are missing for July/August 1969)
Mushroom sign songwriting contract with Sparta Music.
Paper tour USA
4/7 Manor Court: Heaven
5/7 Hyde Park, London, Free Concert: Rolling Stones, King Crimson, Family etc
14/7 Heaven three days recording in London
25/7 Oasis: Rosemary (paid £21 – to date their highest paid local gig)

2/8 Blaises Club, London: Heaven
15/8 Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, New York State (3 days)
28/8 Front page photo and p 5 interview with Bob Dylan. No pop page but IOW Festival Preview on Friday
29/8 Second Isle of Wight Festival, Wootton: Bob Dylan & the Band, the Who, Joe Cocker, Tom Paxton, Richie Havens, Nice, Pretty Things, Family etc
30/8 Front Page: Photo & story of chip van burned out at Festival

1/9 Front page photo/story of Bob Dylan’s performance & separate “Romance Blooms” story on Tiny Tim. Also byline “Dylan’s Pilgrims in Slow Progress” as the “strange shuffling mass” returns home. More pictures (inc Lennon) & review p5
Tricorn: Image
3/9 The Jane Hunt Page: pictures of Festival Women (inc Karole Farr) under title of “Strange Trend in Young Society” which is “making us stop and think hard”.
Hunt adds that these “people of my own age group” have a “totally alien” lifestyle. She concludes “I don’t see what I’m missing”
4/9 Spinner: Dylan “Still the Tops”. No local news
5/9 Oasis Rosemary
8/9 Photo & story of “First Five Girl Apprentices” ever in HM Dockyard
11/9 £40 ‘sponsorship’ needed for Portsmouth’s first free concert (*see 13/9)
12/9 Oasis: Internal Combustion & Dragonfly, Manor Court: Paper
13/9 St James’ Church Hall: “Galactic Implosion”: Rosemary, Riverside, Kimberley Dawson & Flourescent Fantasy Lights 4/- (*Free Concert Fundraiser)
18/9 Reviews (Hollies etc) no local news
19/9 Oasis: Wanted
22/9 Tricorn: Mojos (Stu James but now based in Southampton)
25/9 Reviews but no local news
28/9 Southsea Common First Free Concert: Rosemary, Gary Farr, Riverside, Internal Combustion, In Grandma’s Absence, Steve Kray (review in London Rolling Stone) Following day front page in The News “Skinheads run riot at Southsea Pop Concert” reports that police intervened after which the concert continued
29/9 Tricorn: Lace

2/10 Front Page: “Tremors Rock San Francisco”
Review of Beatles’ Abbey Road in much smaller section (new design for newspaper). Only local item “Rosemary’s scheduled appearance in the Oasis Club tomorrow cancelled because of London recording commitment”.
Elsewhere in ‘paper: “New Southsea Pop Show Plan” including Council spokesman saying “It was an orderly crowd (and) we would be quite happy about the holding of another concert on the Common”.
Pack (formerly Birdcage/Brave New World) advertising the Tim Lane Show, the 4 Debs, and drag act Lana
3/10 Freakeasy, London: Rosemary with Atomic Rooster & DJ Jerry Floyd
4/10 Portsmouth College of Technology (Park Building) Rosemary
6/10 Mr R Bonner Bink, Conservative MP for Portsmouth South claims that “a permissive society is not a progressive one but an anarchist community”.
9/10 Picture & criticism of “sickening and incoherent publicity blurb” from Slade, the “first skinhead group”. No local music news.
Local employment adverts: Hampshire constabulary: £1000 pa + free housing, “Working Wives” & “Girls” at Ultra’s Factory (Gosport) £655 pa.
11/10 News story “Legalise all Drugs says Young Tory”
16/10 Main title: “Gosport Steals the Scene”: suggesting that while “Portsmouth has lost most of its old prestige” Gosport has “capacity crowds” at Thorngate. Claims the following as Gosport groups Manfred Mann (only Mike Hugg), Simon Dupree (?), Heaven, Image (Haslemere – corrected 23/10), Paper, San Cella Sound, Radio Gosport Discotheque Team” – “all very refreshing, but what about Pompey?”
Are the IOW Festival promoters planning a “Christmas surprise”? (Nothing happened). Acknowledgement of concern about lack of local “beat news”
17/10 Oasis: Dragonfly
24/10 Oasis: Wanted – “impressive but could vary material more” (30/10)
25/10 “Large crowd expected” for Portchester Youth Club: Heaven, Gold Dust, Paper (the “show stealers” 30/10), the Brew, Internal Combustion, Gorilla, Switch. In the event the attendance was disappointing (18/12)
26/10 Guildhall: Pentangle. Marina: Virgin Circle
30/10 Coconut Mushroom have returned from a northern tour where they played at the Cavern Club. Now doing lots of “recording session work”.
31/10 Oasis: Rosemary “broke the house record” (6/11)

3/11 Tricorn: Paper; tomorrow Lace
5/11 Guildhall: Cliff Richard & the Shadows tickets from 25/- to 13/-
South Parade Pier (Polytechnic): Alan Price, Eclection, Shy Limbs
6/11 Report of Coconut Mushroom helping John Lennon after his Rolls Royce suffered a puncture. Colin & Mick helped him change tyre & were invited back for coffee. Colin confessed to being “completely starstruck”.
Mushroom to make a “rare” Portsmouth appearance at Oasis on 14 November.
7/11 Oasis: Time Dynasty & Dirty Pig
10/11 Guildhall: Albert King, Otis Spann etc
13/11 Feature on new Simon Dupree single “The Eagle Flies Tonight”
Coconut Mushroom at Oasis tomorrow are “gradually dropping the first half of their name”
16/11 Kings Theatre “Folk Blues & Beyond”: Al Stewart, Ralph McTell, Michael Chapman, Diz Disley, Wizz Jones & Pete Quinn. Gorilla now called Mirrors of the Way
Heaven’s LP completed “but the company insist on releasing a commercial single first”. Band playing Brighton with Edgar Broughton & David Bowie, and Bristol with Yes.
Rosemary “signed to contract with Liberty (and) attracting interest among song publishers”. (Liberty contract was discussed but never signed)
DJ Pete Cross launches “brighten up Portsmouth campaign”
18/11 Guildhall: John Mayall
19/11 Polytechnic, St Paul’s Road: Coconut Mushroom, Wanted, Internal Combustion, Mirrors of the Way.
20/11 Main story: “A Disgrace to the Pop World, that’s Portsmouth, says Simon Dupree”. Interview in which Dupree (Shulman) says that local beat fans have been “spoilt by an over saturation of good sounds and are consequently now indifferent”. He added that clubs had closed and groups had become disenchanted while Simon Dupree had not played in Portsmouth since their concert with the Small Faces “two-an-a-half years ago” (actually 16/9/68 just 14 months previously)
Coconut Mushroom: “as slick as ever”; In Grandma’s Absence
21/11 Oasis: Internal Combustion, Track
22/11 Tricorn: Virgin Circle (Monday) Image
27/11 Job Advert for Dockyard – skilled basic rates £19 pw, semi-skilled £14/12d pw
Holiday in Majorca (one week) 27 ½ guineas
Advert: Karole & Rikki Farr to open yet another “Apache” boutique with superbly styled clothes, in Tricorn (new Tricorn Village opens 13/12/69)
“Quick reaction” to Simon Dupree. Vic Brown invites them to play at the Oasis “to try to better the groups which appear there”. ‘Dupree’ responds, qualifying his original statement.
Riverside split-up.
Pete Bugg “follows” Mayall in creating drummer-less 3-piece group, Mirkwood

4/12 Promise of “something special” at Oasis tomorrow with Rosemary and Mirkwood. Mirkwood “well received” as bands established “new house record” (11/12) Coconut Mushroom, Internal Combustion, Shy Limbs, Paper. Dragonfly “have stopped playing Pink Floyd-influenced sounds”
6/12 Free Festival, Altamont California USA: Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane etc
10/12 Rock Gardens: Heaven, Rosemary, Shy Limbs
11/12 Interview with former Polytechnic student Roger Chapman, now Promotions Manager with Middle Earth Records and interested in local bands – mentions Coconut Mushroom and Rosemary.
Hell’s Angels Benefit in Waterlooville Edgar Broughton, Rosemary, Deviants
12/12 Southern Grammar School: Grandad & Dragonfly
18/12 Main story: “Spinner looks at 1969 – the Year when it all happened”
Mushroom now a 4-piece (Colin, Terry, Roger & Mick) have just won Southern Area “Search for a Group” contest. Finals at the Lyceum in January.
Heaven’s LP “still not released”
Art College: Rosemary
Beatles new LP Abbey Road at HMV for 37/5d
24/12 Christ Church Hall Gosport: Heaven & Rosemary: Music-Lights-Colours 6/-
26/12 Oasis: Wanted
Dec Spinner reviews music of 1960s and (31st) 4-page pull-out more general entitled “Farewell to the Sixties”. Spinner described a “remarkable decade of music” mentioning, among others: Cliff, Lonnie Donegan, Elvis, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan whose music “became weird, lyrically nonsensical…and was, I strongly believe the forerunner of what we know today as the underground music movement.” In this latter context he mentioned Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Jimi Hendrix, Mothers of Invention and Love but considered the Beatles and Bob Dylan as the main performers. He suggested that the next major impact would come from “an original big band”.

Spinner’s Annual Pop Poll 1969
Local: 1-Heaven, 2-Mushroom, 3-Wanted, 4-Rosemary, 5-Dragonfly/Virgin Circle
Visitors 1-Pink Floyd, 2-Family/Jethro Tull, 4-Amen Corner, 5- Bonzo Dog Band


9/1 Temple, Wardour Street (formerly Flamingo): Rosemary with Mott the Hoople, Daddy Longlegs, Skin Alley & DJ Simon Stable.
10/1 Reading University: Heaven with Juicy Lucy & Deep Purple
20/1 Mecca Press Pop Ball: Simon Dupree & Big Sound, Rosemary, Mushroom, Wanted

6/2 Southampton University: Heaven with Bonzos, Hardin & York – possibly last gig for mark I version? (see 23/2 & 14/4)
21/2 Student Week (‘Stweek’) see 3/69, Rosemary - Saturday & Friday.
23/2 Heaven mark I last gig(?) at Granary Bristol

27/3 Oasis: Rosemary (paid £41 – their highest fee ever)

9/4 Full page article by Dave Allen (p 15) in IT (International Times – London)) “To See Great Pompey Pass”. General introduction on Portsmouth’s 1960s music scene plus paragraphs about Heaven, Rosemary, Mushroom, Kirkwood (sic – Mirkwood) & Steve Kray. Written before change of personnel in Heaven and in anticipation of records by them, Mushroom, Rosemary & Kray none of which materialised. Republished on-line in British psychedelic magazine, Sweet Floral Albion, 2003.
Spinner announces new Heaven line-up – three original members plus 3 members of Paper. By the release of Brass Rock (CBS) in 1971, Barry Paul (gtr) had also been replaced and four extra members added (see Hounsome below)
14/4 Mecca Lord Mayor’s Charity: Rosemary, Whiskey River, Image, Absence and Heaven. This was first gig by Heaven mark II managed by Rikki Farr.
And that’s the 1,000 Days of Heaven. Rosemary’s single had been due out on 24 April but a disagreement between the publishers Chappells and the label, Major Minor meant it was not released.
As you can see from the postscript below, the band soon split, the Mushroom were not far behind and Heaven were already effectively a different group. In addition the live scene in Portsmouth, declined dramatically in a few months.

26/6 Bath Festival: Led Zeppelin, Mothers, Byrds, Country Joe, Pink Floyd etc.
5/7 Portsmouth Stadium “Progressive Extravaganza”: Keef Hartley Band, Uriah Heep, Strawbs, Hookfoot, Gentle Giant, East of Eden, Heaven, Rosemary lights, DJ Mike Raven. Mid-day-11pm, 20/- in advance, 25/- on door. Melody Maker report: “With a turn-out of about 300 people in a stadium capable of holding 10,000 and a house PA system that was unbelievably bad… Rosemary…sounded very Pink Floydish…Heaven played a loud set…with the PA defeating anything they tried”.
25/7 Oasis: Rosemary, their penultimate gig (see tomorrow) and Spinner understands “that the Rosemary gig will be the last to be held at the Oasis.” In addition, the scheduled Beat Cruises “have now been called off” leaving “only two live music venues in Portsmouth” at the Tricorn & the Skating Rink. “Have fans only themselves to blame?”
26/7 Portsmouth Stadium “Polk” (pop/folk) Festival: Settlers, Diz Disley, Jasper Carrott, Jon Isherwood, Rosemary, Harvey Andrews, Dando Shaft. Rosemary’s final appearance
August Pilton Festival starring T Rex, organised by local farmer Michael Eaves. Effectively the first Glastonbury Festival
26/8 Third Isle of Wight Festival, Freshwater: Jimi Hendrix, the Who, the Doors, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Taste, Chicago, Ten Years After, Donovan etc

During the summer of 1970 Spinner wrote a number of articles on the Portsmouth scene which included the following topics:
• Violence: Cause for Concern in Portsmouth Area Clubs
• Apathy: What is happening to the Scene?
• Ten Thousand Teenagers on their Doorstep but also
• Pop Festival Gate Disappointing
• Standards Faltering in Modern Pop
• Deafening Pop worries Lord Mayor

Evening News Portsmouth The main source, including all the non-attributed quotes. Mostly taken from Spinner’s Pop Page (Thursdays) and advertisements.
Viewed on microfiche in Portsmouth Central Library, local history section (top floor)

This list compiled by Dr. Dave Allen

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