Portsmouth music scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

The Theatre Royal

Known performances

1838 May 28th, Isabelle, or Woman's Life. Dancer of all work, Dream at sea
1838 September 7th Johann Strauss and his Orchestra

1840 June 26th Siege of Rochelle (opera) Mr Norman, Mr Frazer, Mr Shalders, Mr Dermott, Miss Shalders, Miss George

1861 October 31st Louis XI/Artful Dodge Mr Charles Kean
1861 November 2nd Merchant of Venice Mr & Mrs Charles Kean benefit.
1862, 25th August 1862, Martha
1862, 26th August, Lucia Di Lammermoor

1865 30th January, Catherine Howard
1865 1st February, Rose of Ettrick Vale
1865 2nd February, Threse
1965 February 20/21/22, The mother's dying child, The moonlit lake
1865 11th/12th/13th September 1865, Orange Girl
1865 For the benefit of Mr J H Doyne Stage Manager

1871 March 3rd Another Grand Amateur Performance by Officers of the Royal Navy, Middy Ashore, Kenilworth
1871 September 14/15th, Little Nelly The Little Nelly Company

1872 June 3/4th Rip Van Winkle, Felix Rogers
q1872 Jne 5th Byles or Miriam's Crime Felix Rogers

1875 June 7th Blow for blow, Miss Marie Rhodes

1876 March 16th Wrteck of the Hesperus, Ploy and Passion, A Happy Pair

1877 November 26th Streets of Portsmouth

1890 September 29/30th, Joseph's Sweetheart, Mr Thomas Thorne and the entire London Company
1890 October 1/2nd Miss Tomboy, Mr Thomas Thorne and the entire London Company
1890 October 2nd Confusion, Mr Thomas Thorne and the entire London Company
1890 ctober 3rd Sjhe stoops to conquer, Mr Thomas Thorne and the entire London Company
1890 October 6th Lights O' London, Mr Thomas Thorne and the entire London Company

1898 April 11th Dandy Dan the Life Gaurdsman,
1898 June 11th La Pouree (The Doll) Mr C P Levilly's London Company

1899 March 13th The Ambassador, George Alexander's St James' Repertoire Company

1900 August 6th/7th/10th Magda / On the road to Inglefield Mrs Patrick Campbell
1900 August 8th/9th/11th The second Mrs Tanqueray Mrs Patrick Campbell, Mrs. Jordan - Actress
1900 August 11th Sat Matinee The Fantastics Mrs Patrick Campbell

1903 Kitty Grey, Portsmouth Queen Leighton Arthur Stigant

1905 January 23rd, Henry Irving
1905 September 30th Alice sit by the fire, Miss Ellen Terry. Pantaloon, Hubert Willis(2 plays)
1905 October 2nd The Golden Girl Miss Louise Pounds
1905 October 11th, Ellen Terry

11th November 1907, The Prodigal Son, Richard Greene

1908 September 14th The Follies, Pelissier's Potted Plays, The White Man, The Merry Widow, The Christian, Everybody's Benefit, Miss Hook of Holland

the follies.jpg

Portrsmouth NEWS 14th September 1980

1909 January 18th Mr. MARTIN HARVEY will appear in the following plays Manday, Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings, THE CORSICAN BROTHERS. Thursday Evening, A CIGARETTE MAKER'S ROMANCE Preccded by “ The Conspiracy" Friday Evening, THE BREED OF THE TRESHAMS. Saturday Matinee and Evening, THE ONLY WAY
Christmas 1909, Sleeping Beauty, Miss Frances Kapstowne.

8th August 1910, The Arcadians
15th August 1910, Sir Walter Ralegh
5th December 1910, The Chorus Lady

15th May 1911, Alias Jimmy Valentine
24th July 1911, Cousin Kate, Henry Doughty, Vera Leslie.
29th September 1911 The Chocolate Soldier

19th February 1912 Anna Pavlova.

1913 March 10th The Glad Eve
1913 April 9th The Balkan Princess

2nd March 1914, Officer 666, Percy Hutchison.

1915 May 17th Monsieur Beaucaire and the Thre Musketeers

1st July 1918, Our Flat, May Edouin.
8th July 1918, Lady Ursula

1918/1919, Panto Tom Tom the piper's son, Madge White, Ivy Davies.

1920 November 8th A Greek slave, a romantic comic opera, 6 night and a matinee Portsmout Operatic Society

21st May 1921, The Private Secretary, Percy Crawford
28th May 1921, The Very Idea, Easten Pickering
30th May 1921, The Ruined Lady
19th September 1921 Romance,

1922 June 5th The Three Musketeers, Walter Plinge Jr, Lawrence Wynn, Murray Carrington

1923 September 3rd Rossun's Universal Robots Ian Hunter Dorothy Hope
1923 September 10th Faust The Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company
1923 September 11th AidaThe Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company
1923 September 12th CarmenThe Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company
1923 September 13th TannhauserThe Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company
1923 September 14th Madam The Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company 1923 September 15th matinee The Tales of HoffmanThe Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company
1923 September 15th Il TravatoreThe Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company
19th November 1923, The Maid of the MountainsThe Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company
26th November 1923, The Cat and the CanaryThe Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company

16th January 1924 Jack and Jill
21st January 1924 Charley's Aunt
2nd June 1924, Marriage by instalments
17th November 1924 D'OYLY CARTE OPERAS COMPANY. "The Yeomen of the Guard". 21st November 1924 D'OYLY CARTE OPERAS COMPANY. "The Yeomen of the Guard".

1928 August 6th, Lumber Love, Margaret Bays, Mai Bacon, Jack Edge

9th June 1924, The other Mr Gibbs

26th December 1931, The Babes in the Wood

1934 October 4th Film, Change of Heart, Janet Gaynor Charles Farrell, Ginger Rogers

22nd August 1937 Stowaway, Shirley Temple. (film).
29th August 1937, Take My Tip, Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidge. (film)

1944 January 1st FILM:- "Millions like us", starring Eric Portman and Gordon Jackson.
1944 February 12th FILM;- "Flesh and Fantasy" with Barbara Stanwyck.
1944 May 2nd Arthur Askey in a production called Bees in Paradise.

1948 April 22nd Mr C E Clarke, Chairman of Portsmouth Theatres who own the Theatre Royal announces that from next Autumn, there will be stage shows again after near 17 years as a cinema.
1948 September 27 The Theatre Royal reverts to stage shows after sixteen years only showing films.
They start with 'Twinkle' with Clarkson Rose and Olive Fox.
1948 October 25th, Ta Ra Rah Boom De Ay. On stage Frankie Howard, of Variety Bandbox fame.
1948 November 1st Ignorance is bliss Harold Berens Gladys Hay Michael Moore Dick Hennderson
1948 Piccadilly Hayride Nat Jackley 1948 November 22nd At the Theatre Royal, Michael Miles in 'Radio Forfeits' including the yes/no interlude, plus Wilson Kepple and Betty.
1948 December 6th Issy Bonn appears at the Theatre Royal.
1948 December 13th At the Theatre Royal, Billy Reid and Dorothy Squires(his wife) appear.
1948 December 20th BBC Discoveries at the Theatre Royal include Terry Hall with the Irish dummy Micky Flynn.

1949 January 3rd at the Theatre Royal singer Anne Shelton
1949 January 10th John Boles
1949 January 17th Billy Cotton and his Band appear at the Theatre Royal all week.
1949 January 24th Popular Variety Monte Ray Leon Cortez
1949 January 31st Georie Wood & Co Jack Train
February 7th Appearance of Peter Brough and Archie Andrews plus the Western Brothers.
February 14th At the Theatre Royal, there is a performance from 'Hutch' with Leslie Sarony and Max Wall.
February 21st Vera Lynn appears at the Theatre Royal.
March 7th At the Theatre Royal, star of 'Hi gang' Vic Oliver.
March 21st Cheerful Charlie Chester, with Arthur Haynes, appear.
March 28th Elsie and Doris Waters appear at the Theatre Royal.
April 4th At the Theatre Royal, Cyril Fletcher and Reg Varney appear.
April 11th Big Bill Campbell and his Rocky Mountain Rhythm appear at the Theatre Royal.
April 18th Chico Marx, the famous Hollywood piano playing comedian, in person, at the Theatre Royal. April 25th At the Theatre Royal, Hollywood's famous singing star Allan Jones appears.
25th April 1949, Popular Variety, Allan Jones and Irene Hervey
1949 May 9th At the Theatre Royal, Jimmy Edwards and Fedddie Frinton in 'Sky High'.
1949 May 16th At the Theatre Royal, Billy Cotton and his Band plus Two Ton Tessie O'Shea. "Tessie made the theatre 'Rock'"
1949 May 23rd At the Theatre Royal, Joseph Lock and Terry Thomas entertain.
June 6th Larry Adler and his harmonica plays at the Theatre Royal, Max Wall and Bill Waddington also appear.
June 13th Rob Wilton appears at the Theatre Royal.
June 20th Max Miller appears at the Theatre Royal.
June 27th Charlie Kunz appears at the Theatre Royal.
July 4th At the Theatre Royal, Joy Nicholls, star of 'Take it from here' plus whistler Ronnie Ronalde.
July 25th Sam Costa appears at the Theatre Royal.
August 1st At the Theatre Royal, Borrah Minevitch and his Harmonica Rascals entertain.
August 8th At the Theatre Royal Britain's most glamorous nude Rosemary (Venus) Andree.
August 22nd America's Deep River Boys, plus Anona Winn appear at the Theatre Royal.
August 29th Nat 'Rubberneck' Jackley appears at The Theatre Royal.
September 5th Arthur Askey and Bunny Doyle appear at the Theatre Royal.
September 12th Vera Lynn appears at the Theatre Royal.
September 26th At the Theatre Royal All Crazy Comedy Week, with Monsewer Eddie Gray, Dr. Crack and his Crackpots, and George Lacy.
October 3rd At the Theatre Royal, The Strangest Show on Earth.
October 10th At the Theatre Royal, Forces Showboat.
October 31st At The Theatre Royal, Circus Royale with the world's greats clowns, Charlie and Paul Cairoli.
November 7th Anne Shelton appears at the Theatre Royal.
November 14th Old Mother Riley and her daughter Kitty(Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane) appear at the Theatre Royal.
November 20th The Gosport Orchestra play a concert at the Theatre Royal.
November 21st At the Theatre Royal Max Miller and Winifred Attwell perform.
December 5th Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss appear at the Theatre Royal.

1950 January 2nd The Five Smith Brothers and also Terry Thomas.
1950 January 9th Vic Oliver appears.
16th January 1950 Tess and Bill, Tessie O'Shea, and Billy Cotton
23rd January 1950, Jon Pertwee, The Kentones
6th February 1950 Jackie Hunter, Carlo Reni
13th February 1950, Opportunity Knock Hughie Green
20th February 1950, Breach of Marriage, Glynn Edward, Pamela Gordan, Barbara Bruce
March 6th Sam Costa and the NitWits plus Wilson Kepple and Betty, also Max Bygraves.
March 13th Harry Lester and his Hayseeds perform.
27th March 1950, Peek a boo, Phyllis Dixie, Morecambe and Wise
3rd April 1950, Ladies and Gentlemen, Frankie Howerd
May 8th Big Bill Campbell presents his 'Way out West' show.
May 22nd Billy Cotton and his Band, with Alan Breeze, play at the Theatre Royal.
May 29th Rising young comedian, Max Bygraves performs.
1950 June 12th Bon Soir Mesdames, International Nudea
1st July 1950, Brooklyn Vanities, Lee Brooklyn Jill Manners.
1950 July 10th Starlight Rendezvous Tommy Trinder Barbara Perr.
July 17th funny man Norman Evans.
July 31st Charlie Chester at the Theatre Royal.
1950 August 7th Reg Dixon Bob & Alf Pearson
1950 August 14th Ignorance is Bliss/Twenty Questions Harol Berens Eamonn Andrews
August 21st Britain's star maker Carroll Levis presents his latest BBC discoveries.
August 28th The Deep River Boys perform.
September 11th The famous all coloured revue, Harlem comes to town.
September 18th, Starlight Rhapsody, Eddie Connor Eric Corrie
September 25th Old Mother Reilly and her daughter Kitty appear.
October 9th At the Theatre Royal, Comedian Jack Haig(later of 'ello 'ello) plus Nudes Parisienne.
October 16th Syd Seymour and his Mad Hatters perform.
October 23rd The George Mitchell Glee Club, and Bernard Miles, play at the Theatre Royal.
November 6th Dr Crock and his Crackpots perform.
November 13th The Prince of all wideboys, Arthur English appears.
December 11th At the Theatre Royal, Anne Shelton and Dick Henderson are the attraction.
December 26th At the Theatre Royal, Burton Lester's Midgets, 20 living doll people, plus Cooper's Festival Fountains. Three performances daily.

2nd April 1951 Variety at it's best, Eddie Reindeer, The Five Smith Brothers
1951 May 7th Festival on Ice
1951 May 14th Donald Peers
2nd June 1951 Rose Murphy, Major Holley.
9th July 1951 Desire in the night, for adults only
16th July 1951 Hill Billy Rag Time, The Five Smith Brothers, Morton Fraser's Harmonica Gang, Iris Sadler
3rd September 1951 Piccadilly Hayride, Vic Gordon, The Piccadilly Nudes
15th October 1951, To Look At Me, Reg Dixon, Ida Hajos, Victor Surany
26th November 1951 Kalanag and Gloria, 3rd December 1951 Elsie & Doris Walter, Peter Cavanagh, Bill Owe, (Eric and Ernie were the 4th act on in the first half.) Other artists included The Richard Sisters, Mrs George Robe, Cyril Hicks, Bill Owen, Peter Cavanaugh, Edric Connor, Elsie and Doris Waters and many others
“Leonard Sachs in the chair” 22nd December 1951 Christmas Variety Leon Cortez, Bernard Miles, Kay Cavendish.

12th January 1952 The Famous Army Revue, Soldiers in skirts
19th January 1952 Charlie's Aunt
1952 February 6th Billy Cotton and Band with Alan Breeze
1952 Febrary 15th Record Hit Parade, Eddie Calvert, Malcolm Mittchell Tro
1952 February 19th, Twenty Questions, Jack Train Anona Winn
14th April 1953 The Peep Show Three Monarches, Audrey Jeans
1952 April 15th Magical Spectacle, John Calvert
1952 April 28th Radio Times Dick James Beryl; Reid Max Wall
1952 May 19th Force in Petticoats, Bartlett & Eoss
1952 May 26th Happy Go Lucky Eve BoswellDrek Roy
23rd June 1952 Dr Crock and his Crackpots, Pat Kirkwood, Harry Mooney & Victor King
30th June 1952 Radio Revellers, Adelaide Hall
21st July 1952 Moulin Rouge Jimmy ClitheroeThe George Mitchell Glee Club
28th July 1952, The Follies Bergere Revue
Vilma La Verne Kay Young
1st September 1952, Populat Variety Joy Nichols, Bill Waddington
6th October 1952 Donald Peers Bill Waddington
8th September 1952, Laurel and Hardy
13th October Let's sing it together, Dorothy Squires, Ossie Morris
20th October 1952 Harry Roy Band Show
3rd November 1952 Harry LestersComedians and his Hayseeds
8th December 1952 Elosie and Doris Waters, The Four Aces
22nd December 1952 Xmas Vaeiety Morton Fraser Hill-Billy Polecats, Hutch,
In 1952, the BBC tried to film Peter Casson's remarkably successful stage show at their Alexandra Palace studio. It was to be a defining moment for the pioneering stage hypnotist, an opportunity for him to introduce his skills to a whole new medium. In the event, he proved to be too good. During filming he not only hypnotised his volunteers, but also inadvertently mesmerised several engineers watching on monitors in the control booth. Worried that Casson would have home viewers nodding off by their thousands, a skittish BBC abandoned the project.
27th Octoner 1952 Showtime Rendezvous Freddie Frinton

5th January 1953, Carroll Levis
6th April 1953 Jimmy Jewel & Ben Warris, Cooper Twins
4th May 1953 Madhatters of 1953 Syd Seymour and his new Madhatters Band, David Whitfield,
25th May 1953 It's "Goon" ! Week !!?, Harry SecomHarry Bailey, Mackenzie Ried & Dorothy.
27th July 1953 The Vic Oliver Show, Vic Oliver, Sylvia Campbell, Frank Caston
3rd August 1953 'Cap and Belles' Max Wall, Freddie Frinton, Julie Andrews, Hedley Ward Trio
1953 September 21st Let's have a Party Derekl Roy, Jack Simpson
1953 September 28th Stars oif the Hit Parade Issy Bonn Eddie Calvgfert Gaston Palmer
1953 October 5th G.H. Elliott, Serno & Joy, Helga Barry, Jack Tripp, Arthur Scott, Robert Harbin
1953 October 26th, Anna Lucasta, Isabelle Cooley, Lance Taylor, Charles Swain
26th october 1953.jpg
18th January 1954, Laurel and Hardy
8th February 1954 Donald Peers Jimmy James
22nd February 1954 Popular Variety The Nitwits Diana Decker
1st March 1954, Lee Lawrence
15th March 1954 Would you beleive it? Pete Collins
29th March 1954 Jon Pertwee, Semprini
18th April 1954 Max Bygraves, Hilda Baker, David Berglas
19th April 1954 The Five Smith Brothers
5th May 1954 Bily Cotton and his Band Alan Breeze
May 10th 1954 Petula Clark and Benny Hill plus Wilson Kepple and Betty, appear.
17th May 1954, Rhythm is our business, Arthur Haynes, Lita Rosa
21st June 1954 Josef Locke Eddie Reindeer
28th June 1954 Once in a lifetime Reg Dixon Beryl Orde
12th July 1954 Dr Crock and his Crackpots
19th July 1954 Al Martino
26th July 1954 The Beverley Sisters, Morecambe & Wise
2nd August 1954, Popular Variety Harry SecombeCardew Robinson
6th September 1954, The Trinder Show, Tommy Trinder The Two Harveys
13th September 1954 "Folies Beregere" Revue, Cluadine Cereda, Paul Mattei
27th September 1954 The Deep River Boys
4th October 1954 Joy Nichols Billy Russell
11th October 1954 Jimmy Jewell, Ben Warris, Audrey Mann, Sally Barnes
18th October 1954 Carnival on Ice
15th November 1954 Popular Variety, Harry Worth, Kenny Baker
21st November 1954 Frankie Vaughn
22nd November 1954 Tony Brent Max Geldrey Bobby Collins
29t November 1954 Max Miller Saveen & Daisy May
13th December 1954 Jimmy Young Arthur Woesley

20th June 1955 The Norman Evans Show
25th June 1955 Daian Decer, Cick Murray and Maidie
2nd July This is the show, David Nixon
8th August 1955, David Hughes, Audrey Jeans
15th August 1955 How's Tricks, The Great Levante
15th August 1955, Popular Variety Barry Took Tony Brent
5th September, Variety, Harry Worth, Bernatrd Mailes
3rd October Popular Variety David Hughes Auydrey Jeans
17th October 1955, Popular Variety Bobby Collins
19th December 1955, Hypnotist Peter Casson' stage show is at The New Theatre Royal

30th January 1956, The Woman and the Hour, Eileen Stevens
26th February 1956 Magicana, Virgil (International Illusionist), Julie (Sweetheart of magic)
? 1956 This is the Show, David Nixon, Reg Varney

23rd Sep-tember 1957, Murder is catching, Hector Ross, Hugh Futcher, Humphrey Lestocq
11th November 1957 The Tender Trap, Humphrey Lestocq
9th December 1957 Plaintiff in a pretty hat, Humphrey Lestocq, Hector Ross

1958 January 27th-Feb 1st Relative Values Humphrey Lestocq, Vera Cook
1958 February 17th Rookery Nook RALPH LYNN - EUNICE BLACK
15th March 1958 Laura, Humphrey Lestocq
1958 April 8th Fallen Angels Hector Ross Joan Scott
1958 October 6th to 13th After My Fashion, Hector Ross, Joan Cooper,
1958 Decmember 1-6 The Browning Version
1958 Decmember 8-13 Teddy Boys Picnic

1959 February 16-21 Housemaster
1959 March 16th to 21st Expresso Bongo, Griffith Jones, Colin Hick,m Jill Gascoine 1959 April 27th to May 2nd ON THE SPOT Claire Gordon, Hector Ross
1959 May 18/23rd Saloon Bar Hugh Futcher, Claire Gordon, Hector Ross

6th July 1963, Wrestling Joe Cornelius, Peter Szakacs

1967 Match 25th Wtestling Bobby Graham Honey Boy Zimba Johnny Yearsley
1987 March 5th Jazz Forum
1987 March 12 Helen Tudor folk singer
1987 March 19th Parisian Swing

1989 November 25th Allen Holdsworth

22nd December 1990 - 9th February 1991 Cinderella, Des O'Connor, Peggy Mount, Eric Sykes

1991 July 26th Manon, Massenet Opera South
1991 October 18th Musica Petropolitania
1991 October 26th Patience Denmead Operatic Society
1991 October 31st The Kala Chethena Kthakali Troupe
1992 March 14th The Janesons, My Beautiful Paris, The Arclight
1992 July 30th Orfeo Ed Ruridice Opera South Association

1993 September 24th Barn Dance in aid of NTR 1993 October 27th Denmead Operatic Society The Gondoliers

1994 May 7th Caberet Evening

12th May 1996, Busted Fender Blues Band, Nuffield Jazz and Blues Club
1996 June 2nd Matt Waites Sextet
1996 June 9th Papa Joes All Stars
1996 July 5th Celtic Fantasy
1996 July 23rd A Little Night Music
1996 Aug 9th What the butler saw
1996 Aug 14th Music Hall
1996 October 14th Zenith Hot Stomper
1996 November 3rd Cubana Bop
1996 November 9th Delta Jazzmen
1996 December 8th Pete Allen Band

1997 April 13th The Cotton Club Band
1997 April 21st Goliath
1997 April 27th Gary Potter Trio
1997 May 1st Wolves

1998 June 4th Song of Russia
1998 June 11th Waterfall
1998 June 13th Flamenco Exprtess
1998 June 14th Unison
1998 June 18th Classic Rhythm
1998 June 21st Mugenkyo tiako drums
1998 June 26th Brekete African Drums 1998 June 28th New Orleans Jazz
1998 October 10th Screeper, Dragon Tree
1998 October 27th-31st Yeoman of the Guard Denmead Operatic Society

1999 January 30th The Barbers of Surreal
1999 March 6th Perfect Alibi
24th May 1999 Roger McGuinn
1999 October 8th The Famous Happy Wanderers (Live Jazz)
1999 October 28/30th Denmead Operatic Society The Chieftain
1999 November 2nd Ralph Mc'Tell
1999 November 10th/11th12th/13th Joe Orton’s Funeral Games
1999 November 19th Swing Beans Jazz Band
1999 November 21st Lada Velasova (Piano recitals)

2000 October 25th to 28th, Denmead Operatic Society, The Gondoliers

12th Octopber 2009, Here come the 60's Dave Allen2015 JAN 28 Sherlock Holmes... The Death and Life

2015 JAN 28 Sherlock Holmes... The Death and Life
2015 FEB 2 Masquerade (Tilted Productions)
2015 FEB 16 Hamlet: Prince of Denmark (Icarus Theatre Collective)
2015 FEB 18 The Danish String Quartet (MITR)
2015 FEB 19 Make Your Mark
2015 FEB 19 Roger McGough
2015 FEB 22 Laura's Star (Pied Piper Theatre Co.)
2015 MAR 15 The #NTR Air Guitar and #NTRComedyRecord! at Fratton Park
2015 MAR 23 LEE NELSON + JOE WILKINSON at Guildhall
2015 MAR 23 Courtney Pine
2015 APR 20 Rite of Spring
2016 MAY 13 Greg Foot: Caution Safety Goggles required
2016 OCT 7 Miles Jupp - Songs of Freedom
2016 OCT 8 Steeleye Span in Concert
2016 OCT 10 Travels With My Aunt
2016 OCT 20 Omid Djalili: Schmuck For A Night
2016 OCT 21 The Upbeat Beatles
2016 OCT 22 No Petticoats Here
2016 OCT 22 The Nutcracker
2016 OCT 24 Bikeology
2016 OCT 26 Lee Mead - Some Enchanted Evening
2016 OCT 28 Marty Macdonald’s Toy Machine
2016 OCT 28 Double Bill of Halloween Horror
2016 OCT 28 Marty Macdonald’s Toy Machine
2016 OCT 29 Marcus Brigstocke: Why the long face
2016 NOV 29 Our Big Give Christmas Challenge
2017 FEB 9 The Jungle Book
2017 FEB 15 Silver Lining
2017 MAR 27 The Woman In Black
2017 APR 8 Cara Dillon
2017 APR 21 Think Floyd
2017 APR 23 The Glenn Miller Orchestra
2017 APR 29 Swan Lake
2017 MAY 20 A Night at the Opera
2017 MAY 23 Val Mcdermid
2017 MAY 27 Absolute Bowie
2017 MAY 27 Edward King Stories
2017 MAY 31 Sarah & Duck's Big Top Birthday
2017 JUN 9 Comedy All Stars
2017 JUL 2 The Scarecrows' Wedding
2017 JUL 22 Little Mix Experience
2017 JUL 25 Tipping Point
2017 JUL 28 Joe Wells: I hope I die before I start voting Conservative
2017 SEP 22 Ronnie Scott's All Stars

2018 November 18th The Drifters

2021 December 15th to 31st Cinderella Panto

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