Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene


Known at first as the For-tunes, then The Original For-Tunes, and then the Rampant, these guys are having annual re-unions. Taken outside The George on Portsdown Hill, they call their meets a PDR, which stand s for Pre Death Re-union!
They are left to right;- Mick Cooper, Don Golding, Dave Cawte, Ken Hughes, Peter Richardson and Ron Hughes

guide awards

At the Kings Theatre NEWS Guide Awards 2010, a gathering of old musos.
They are left to right;- Colin Quaintance(Cadillacs), David Barber(Helen Shapiro specialist), Bryan Hatchard(Cadillacs),
David Boltwood(Renegades), Dave Allen(Rosemary, Harlem Speakeasy), Colin Woods(Renegades),
Mick Cooper(For-tnes, Soul Society, Heaven)


and finally,....... Here's two people responsible for these pages and all the research.
Originally, both were in different groups in the 1960's, they met again at the Central Library,
both reseaching the Portsmouth Music Scene.
Mick Cooper left, Dave Allen right.


oh no, not again,....... Here's two people hogging the limelight again.
Mick Cooper left, Phil Shulman centre, Dave Allen right.

14-5-11danny ravenand the renegades

The Renegades reunion gig at the Hilsea Lido 14th May 2011


Rod Watts(centre) with Phil Freeman(right), and brother Roger Freeman at the Fountain, Rowlands Castle in 2011


The Parkas in 2011

at the Eastney Crusing Association, under the name of Limited S at the Christmas Party.
John Summerfield (gtr, vocals), Keith Summerfield (drums, vocals) and Rob ??? (bass guitar).
Well Rob who returned with the band last night, on the eve of their 45th year is also a Summerfield, their cousin.

The Pleasurama Reunions 2012


Here's Viv and Mick first meeting for about 25 years.
more to come!

The Kings Theatre 8th July 2012 Reunion Performance 2012


left to right back,Mike Creamer (Vinyl Tap), Ian Campbell (Parkas/Limited S), ‘Nobby’ Glover (VT), Dave Allen (Reet, Petite & Gone), Nigel Baker (VT), Shep Woolley, Keith Summerfield (P/LS), John Summerfield (P/LS), Alan Christmas (VT)
left to righ front,Colind Woods, Don Golding, Dany Raven, Alf Pink, Marc Tuddenham(Danny Raven and the Renegades).

On stage at the Kings Theatre


Shep Woolley and Colin Pearce set the joint rockin'


Reet Petit and Gone


Reet Petit and Dave Allen


The Renegades


Danny Raven and the Rengades



Vinyl Tap



The Parkas


Pete Cross in a box!


Shep introduces the acts


Shep and his Big band, Steve Hampton (gtr), Rod Watts (keyboard), Steve Grainger (sax)
plus Colin Pearce (double bass) , George Francis (drums)





The Grand Finale with all on stage

After the show


After the show, above we have, John Clark (Morgan’s Camel Train, Coconut Mushroom), Mick McGuigan (Coastliners, St Louis Checks, Mushroom) and Graham Barnes (Klimaks, Coconut Mushroom) – pic by Alan Williams (St Louis Checks etc).
I tried to run through a list of all the bands represented in the King’s on Sunday night (in addition to those playing) but missed a few so here’s a revised attempt and please add your own:
Absence, Academy, Aubrey Small, Barry & Strollers, Barry & Zodiacs, Brothers Scarlett, Cadillacs, Cherry Smash, Coastliners, Coconut Mushroom, Dynamos, For-Tunes, Gilbey Twiss, Harlem Speakeasy, Heaven, Hi Fis, Honeys, Image, J Crow Combo, Klimaks, Live Five, Morgan’s Camel Train, Rampant, Rosemary, Sons of Man, Soul Society, Springhill, St Louis Checks, Talismen, Tangerine Slyde, Vocaltones, Whiskey River.

Pompey Pop at the Kings Theatre, Southsea - Published on Monday 9 July 2012 Portsmouth NEWS
According to local legend, a great thing happened in 1956 – the birth of rock ’n’ roll was right here in Portsmouth when Tony Crombie & his Rockets debuted.
Such rock ’n’ roll was the order of the night here, with a line-up of Portsmouth acts that would bring flashbacks for anybody who ever visited the Birdcage or remembers the Bridge in Hilsea.

Five acts took us on a journey of hits from 1956 to the late ’60s.
Reet, Petite & Gone opened with an Elvis number. Danny Raven & The Renegades sang hits including Shakin’ All Over, Poor Little Fool and Johnny B. Goode. Vinyl Tap played the legendary guitar sounds of The Shadows and the Beatles. The Parkas gave us hits from the Rolling Stones, Zager & Evans and Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Shep Woolley did a brilliant job as MC and, in the second half, he brought his Big Band to the stage for hits such as Long Tall Sally, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door and Route 66.
The evening came to climax when all the acts returned to the stage for the final song – Shake, Rattle and Roll. The show raised money for Rowans Hospice and the Kings Trust and hopefully will be the first of many.

Published on Saturday 7 July 2012 Portsmouth News Musician and Portsmouth University lecturer Dave Allen is 62 and lives in Old Portsmouth. Tomorrow he performs at the Kings Theatre, Southsea, in his duo Reet Petite & Gone as part of the Pompey Pop Show. Here he describes his perfect weekend.
· What would be your ideal weekend destination?
Southsea seafront is fine by me. If not there then the Isle of Wight for beaches, countryside, cliffs, cricket grounds and villages – all within easy reach – plus no motorways or high-rise buildings.
· Not counting your loved ones, who would be your dream companion?
Keith Richard. Imagine the stories (and the music).
· What music would you take with you?
With Keith, maybe nothing more is needed? Otherwise, Muddy Waters, Miles Davis, Country Joe & the Fish and Bob Dylan. They’ve been lifelong companions.
· What about something to read?
This weekend, Bound for Glory – the autobiography of folk singer Woody Guthrie. July is the centenary of his birth, so I’ll remind myself why he still matters.
· What would be your ultimate way to relax?
An empty head is the secret (and it’s rare for me). If I was a better guitar player that would do it, so maybe Keith can help.
· If money were no object, which shop would you head for?
The Music Room in Commercial Road. I’d buy a guitar or keyboard for every Pompey kid, add in some lessons and watch the world change.
· What’s your all-time favourite film?
It’s A Wonderful Life. An ordinary guy goes from dreaming to despair and then redemption. What’s more, he’s a banker with a conscience and a sense of social purpose. There’s a thought!
· We’re buying the drinks tonight. What’s your poison?
Good English bitter will do, although I’m often content with real ginger ale or lime and soda.
· What are you doing this weekend?
Today, just like Paul Simon, ‘I have nothing to do but smile’ and that’s a rare delight.
Tomorrow is the Pompey Pop Show at the Kings Theatre, so most of the day will be setting up, sound checking and then performing – all the while reminding myself how much fun it’s been to ‘get back’ to my 1960s.
· What’s a favourite local destination for a weekend day out?
Hampshire’s Cricket Ground, the Ageas Bowl, up the M27. More than 50 years of my life has been invested in supporting them and I have many friends there. Can we arrange some sunshine please?

Coconut Mushroom re-union


The Coconut Mushroom who were able to meet up with their singer Colin Carter (left) for the first time in 40 years. Colin lives Stateside now as does original guitarist Roger Griffin and as he couldn’t make it Colin brought an up-to-date pic and email message. Others (L-R) John, Graham, Mick & Terry and also present Mick Dillon who now lives near Coventry but back in the day managed Inspiration, wanted, Gilbey Twiss etc.

Then there was the curry night re-union, with Mick Cooper as the interloper!

The Boyfriends


Barbara and Jacqui’s ex-backing group, The Boyfriends, together again after 47 years in 2012.
Left to right: Ray Jenkins, John Dennis, Paul Morehead and Don Golding.


Left to right: Ray Jenkins, Paul Morehead and Don Golding, having fun.


Mick meets Mike, On the left Mick Cooper. And on the right Mike Glover.

“I ventured to Hayling Legion to see a gent I last saw as a youth, perform with his trio in about 1961 on the lawn outside Paulsgrove School. A strapping young Elvis look and sound-a-like, and I was hooked ‘I wanted to do music'. In the Legion,
I made the numbers up to 14, after the raffle several left and then there were six.
Mike played about 5 songs/medley’s and then stopped, we chatted, took some photos, and I left him packing his gear, and made my way home. The Youth I saw all those years ago, admitted to being 75 this year - 51 years had somehow, slipped away!”


The Renegades reunion 7th December 2012, sadly Dave and Don and Alf couldn't make it but with Marc, Pete and Colin is Mick and Dave plus Colin Read

Here's one from 1988

Nigel Grundy found this - from Christmas 1988. Back row left is 'Joe' Brown, drummer of Steel Mill and father of Ashley, one of the leading figures in Pompey's Supporters Trust. Then with tie, Mick Eveleigh who you can find on page 100 of Pompey Pop Pix as a member of the Storms, then yours truly Dave Allen. Mick and I shared vocals in Steel Mill's "Hard-edged R&B" (it's what the News said) - nice to see them mention Friday nights at Charlie Hurdle's. Front row shows the late Keith Matthews (sax), Bob Manley (bass) and the guitar twins Steve Cole and Jim Zimmer. With Mr Tench replacing Mr Brown, this band became the nucleus of the Reds who performed regularly for Mr Greedy and 'Hot Rod' Jim Lawrence at Basins at the Tricorn a few years later. ghosts

19th January 2013


Rod Watts keyboard, Alan Christmas guitar, Mick McGuigan bass, Alan Williams drums,
Phil Freeman vocals

On the night

The Programme

The main purpose of the evening is to celebrate the many years of Pompey Pop, including last summer's King's Theatre event.
There will be a couple of live acts but a big chunk of time in the middle is reserved for conversation etc ...
7.30 Doors open.
8.30 (ish) Lenny Tench's Blues InKorporated with some classic old R&B
Rod Watts, Mick McGuigan, Dave Pittard, Alan Christmas, Dave Allen.
9-10 Conversations.
10 (ish) The St Louis Action Society with some mid/late 60s soul classics.
Rod Watts, Mick McGuigan, Alan Williams, Alan Christmas,Phil Freeman.
All tickets are named/numbered but keep yours safe. There are very few spares which is why returns will be appreciated.
The Cellars is opposite the entrance to the Royal Marine Barracks.
PARKING ain't easy as it's a residential area.
I often park by the seafront golf course and take the air (hoping it's not raining) I hope you'll have lots of fun.

- The Class of 65 on YouTube -

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p1030336 p1030338
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p1030386 p1030382

gutbucket and camelfoot gutbucket and camelfoot

Arnold Gutbucket and Humphrey Camelfoot, together again at the Rifle Club, Goldsmith Ave,
for the memorial night for Colin Quaintance


A Cadillacs re-union


The Scheme re-union, Band line-up was:
Steve Stephenson (guitar/vocals), Dave Mussell (keyboard/vocals),
Terry Bragg (bass/vocals) and Alf Pink (drums)


Left to Right – Terry Bragg (Bass, Dynamos) Dave Boltwood (aka Danny Raven) Don Golding (Rhythm for both bands) Alf Pink (Drummer both bands) Steve Stevenson (Dynamos) Tony Dawes (Original drummer both bands) Marc Tuddenham (Lead guitar both bands).


Mushroom re-union 2014, left to right Graham Barnes, Terry Threadingham,
John Clarke, Mike McGuigan and Colin Carter.

three fifths of smiling hard plus bill carlton from blackout,.jpg

Three Smiling Hards and one Blackout(Bill Carlton)

cmushroom1 cmushroom-72

Coconut Mushroom from 1972, re-united for a gig at the Dockyard Club, July 2015


And yet another gathering in September 2018 at the Crown, Emsworth

km1 km2

Pete Cross and Ricky Martin and then Jan (Mrs Cross) Ricky, Sarah (former KM Entertainments Secretary), Phil Bond (Ricky`s friend) dj Andy Tullett and the premature grey vintage dj Pete Cross!
For the first time in 19 years Pete and Ricky, KM Entertainments that was, meet up for a chat.

groovy2 groovy1

The Groovy Kind, as they were and as they are now


Former Shazam members, Paul Haines, Christopher Hill, Louis Barrell, Andy Stetchman.

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