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Radio Victory


Radio Victory

...., were broadcasting on 257 FM from 14th October 1975, the station ceased broadcasting on 28 June 1986 .
Its studios were based in Fratton, Portsmouth. Its FM transmitter, on 95.0 MHz, was at Fort Widley. Victory had three managing directors throughout its life - Guy Paine, John Russell, and finally Bruce Jenkins. Housed in St Mary's Institute in Portsmouth's Fratton Road, Its address was PO Box 257, Portsmouth PO1 5RT.

Some of its presenters were:-

Anton Darby, Glenn Richards (first live programme), Bill Padley, Chris Rider, Chris Carnegy, Dave Christian, Matt Hopper, Nicky Jackson, Jim Ware, Dave Symonds, Andy Ferris, Tony Power, Howard Pearce, Bill Padley, George Reed, Keith Butler, Mike North, Robin West, Chrissy Pollard, Roger Kennedy, Guy Morris, Ted Trafficator, Jack McLaughlin, Graham Starr, Nino Firetto and Don Moss. Boy George, Kevin Huffer, Gethyn Jones, Phil Marriot, Kristina Moore, Cliff Pledge, Phil Reed, Mark Samways, Stuart Shave, John Thompson, Richard Taylor and Geoff Peters. Gary Burnett, CJ, Nicky Crag, Arnold Gutbukett, Rob Haskell, Kevin Huffer, Phil Marriot, Andy Martindale, Kim Michaels, Natalie Shaw, Sally Vincent, Jim Ware, Steve Winslade and Neil Young. Nicky Crag, Kenny Everett (vintage programming from 1970s), Andy Martindale, James Montgomery, Glenn Richards (opening programme in May 94, later known as CJ), Kim Robson, Rob Persani, Gary Burnett, Phil Skerman, John Terrett, Justin Westnedge and Malcom Young.

On Saturday 28th June 1986 Radio Victory ceased broadcasting. Neil Sekaka's 'Our last song together' played the station out followed by the Guildhall chiming noon and Chris Carnegy's closing words - 'Broadcasting to Hampshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight for 10 years, 257 days this has been Radio Victory'

The name of Victory, as a radio station for the Portsmouth area, was re-invented in 1994 by Mark Samways for the city's 800th birthday and the 50th anniversary of D-Day.

Radio Victory was the first commercial radio station to lose its licence,George East left in 1980. Chrissie Pollard stayed with us in the early days, and George followed Kenny Everett on a Saturday morning with Pompey Rock, Anton, Mike North and Jack McLaughlin are still around. Andy Ferriss and Nicky Jackson and Tony ( Power) we3re ata reunion a few years ago. They really were golden years and we had a fantastically loyal following. Huge crowds used to turn up for our gigs. Just like the football team, it was fine for Portsmouth people to criticise their radio station, but woe betide any outsiders who did so! George says he was in the studio when we went on air on the same date that HMS Victory left for Trafalgar, and dropped in to do a piece on air on the last day.

The Logos & Badges

vic222 victory sign
stickerback stickit
A Radio Victory car stick, front and back!
newvic newvic
vic3 vic4 vic7 vic12
vic13 vic10 $_5jkhjjklhl s-l16yrt657m7847457n4mdss5ms700 mugg vicbadge vicsummer vicbadge111

Victory Vehicles.

busa busb busc


In the studio


Chris Ryder in the studio interviewing a wren

Portsmouth Ideal Home Exhibition at the Guildhall in September 1979

Portsmouth Ideal Home Exhibition at the Guildhall in September 1979


The Days Out

vic1 vic2

But before Radio Victory it was Portsea Parish Institute















1897 Design For Parish Institute In Portsea Mr Rt Blomfield Architectxx

1897 Design For Parish Institute In Portsea Mr Rt Blomfield Architect

Then in the 21st Century, Radio Victory was born again ON-Line.


Bob Bruce

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