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After some discussion with John Pratt/Dupret, Linda Ashton Evans and Stewart Ward, we have drawn up a 'family tree' as below.
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Barry Stone

Barry Stone Says: Eric Copsey was my uncle.
He was part of the Copsey market-gardening/florist family. The family, headed by Thomas Copsey (Eric’s grandfather), came to Hilsea in the mid 1800s to manage Hilsea farm on the north of what is now Norway Rd. The family then moved across the road into Green farm, part of which was known locally as Copsey Cottages. The farmhouse was demolished but the cottages survive today as part of the Toby Carvery (on Copnor Rd).
Around 1915 two of Thomas’s sons, Fred and Robert, bought some land at Farlington (on the Havant Rd). They started a market-gardening business – including growing flowers. Fred’s son Eric became a successful florist and in the 1960s was elected World President of Interflora. Eric bought and ran the Bryson florists shops in Portsmouth.
Eric was an accomplished organist and he played in numerous ‘venues’ around Portsmouth. He played regularly at the Drayton/Farlington Methodist Church. It is said that on occasion mischieviously he played the hymn with one hand and a current popular tune with the other. He is buried in St Andrews churchyard, Farlington. The Copsey/Denvilles business in another part of the same family.
Barry Stone.


Barry Charles Sutton, 21st January 1950 - 27th November 2011.

Barry played for many bands over many years.
Here is a list of the major known groups.

Five by five, Barry Sutton guitar, Brian Kemp (G) Mike King (D) plus 3 others?

Sonics, Barry Sutton guitar,

Jamies’ Kin, Barry Sutton guitar, Nigel Baker (G), Pete ?? (BG), Ken Keane (BG), Mick Cooper (K), Cliff Stafford (S), Jim Handley (D). 1966/7

Good life, Barry Sutton guitar,

Birth, Barry Sutton guitar, Patrick Collins bass, Bill Darling drums

Highway, Barry Sutton guitar,

Manion, Barry Sutton guitar,

Jet, Barry Sutton bass guitar,Ray Palmer vocals/guitar, Brian Kemp

Wickersneed, Barry Sutton guitar, Nobby Glover drums

Trooper, Barry Sutton guitar,

Solitaire, Barry Sutton bass guitar, Geoff Bearpark lead guitar, Paul Godwin drums replaced by Nobby Glover in 1979, and a singer called Denny replaced by Mark Andrews lead singer.
Solitaire became Signature
Signature, Barry Sutton guitar, Mark Andrews lead singer, Geoff Bearpark lead guitar.

Retromatic. Barry Sutton guitar,

Shadders. Barry Sutton bass, Nigel Baker bass, Nobby Glover drums,


Tangerine Slyde - Coconut Mushroom Timeline.

April 1964 school gorup at Hilsea Modern, The Jays.
November 1965 The Jays
Travis Raymar, Colin Middleton (V), Bob Rose (BG) then replaced Middleton as vocalist, Mick Legg replaced Rose on bass guitar, Steve Farrow (LG), Brian Grice (K), Terry Threadingham. Mid 60s, became Tangerine Slyde
Sepet 66-67 Tangerine Slyde
October 1967 Coconut Mushroom
April 1968 changed management to Mike Berry
July 1968 Turned pro.
1968 managed by John Abbott
August to October in Scotland and Germany
October 1968 John Clark and Barry Paul leave
April 1969 Barry Paul leaves
May 1969 Graham Barnes leaves, Mick McGuigan joins
February 1970 Signed for Decca Records
April 1970 Lyceum London Finalists in the Melody Maker Contest
25 June 1970 Mick and Barry join
Summer 1970 spent in Switzerland
December 1970 Roger left
January 1971 Nigel Slydel joins band
May 1971 Mushroom split.
Terry plays today in a band called Front Covers
Publicity material;-
The group was formed in 1965 under the name of the "Inspiration". The Tamla sound the boys made eras interesting, but not exciting. Then, in August 1967 with the new San Francisco scene bursting on the horizon, the group made the switch to a light show and the new name of "Coconut Mushroom". This was a nice scene, but the boys were still doing soul to a progressive backing.
COLIN CARTER: VOCALS Fed up with playing "Harlem Shuffle" and "Amen" every night. Started to look for- a new approach to good sounds without needing a thumping beat and six saxophones. In the beginning of November he joined up with. . . .
GRAHAM BARNES: BASS; GUITAR He was also in the same predicament as Colin and had experienced an amount of success in the Portsmouth area with two groups - The Klimax and the Acadamy. Graham in his quest for a group playing his kind of scene had already gathered together the three remaining members of the new band.
Firstly. . . .
ROGER GRIFFIN: LEAD From Guildford he had received considerable experience in the Bumblies, a pop group looting around France for several months. He came back, met Graham and became the third Coconut Mushroom.
JOHN CLARKE: LEAD Is a Portsmouth "Mushroom" who freaked around with a semi "Psychedelic'Group" ' Morgans Camel '. :rain. ' , very quiet, John has already proved an ideal inspiration to the group.
TERRY THREADINGHAM: DRUMS Is another Portsmouth "Group" knocking everyone in the "Mushroom" around with his ideas and excellent drumming.
The music the boys play is a west coast sound with wild original undertones. It cannot be defined, but the overall sound is proof enough that the group was right in quitting soul and putting an exciting sound into their performance.


Mick Thompson

left to right Dean Aldridge guitar, Mick Thompson vocals, Dave Petley drums, Terry Aldridge bass.

Music-loving Mick gets an emotional and loving farewell from colourful mourners.
HORDES of family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of a well-loved local musician. Mick Thompson, a band member, community contributor, father and grandfather, has been described by his family as ‘loving’ and ‘the best man we know.’ Daughter Amy Thompson said: ‘You can see by how many people who turned up that he was well loved.’ Mick died on Tuesday, April 10 2018, after a battle with motor neurone disease. On the 71-year-old’s orders, friends and families attended the funeral at the Oaks Cremtorium in Havant yesterday in fancy dress including The Beatles, a sparkly fairy and Wee Willy Winky, Amy said: ‘I can’t believe I have come to my dad’s funeral dressed as Minnie Mouse, but it is what he wanted.
'Friends and family members, some dressed in musically themed fancy dress, attend the funeral of Hayling Island musician Mick Thompson at Havant Crematorium. ‘I want to thank everyone who came along to the service and helped dad out in his final days.’ Mick, who lived in Havant, was known for being in the band Five by Five, which performed across the region from the 1960s right up to 2015. The members, including Mick, Brian Kemp, Michael King, Paul Dallas and John Hodgkins, all went to Oak Park County Secondary School in Leigh Park and were popular in local youth clubs and factories playing all types of pop music. Amy said: ‘Music was obviously a huge part of dad’s life, and that certainly had a big influence on the rest of the family. A mourner at Mick Thompson's funeral. A mourner at Mick Thompson's funeral.
‘He was a lovely, kind-hearted man and cared so much for the other people in the band, regardless of any changes in line-up.’ During her speech about her dad, Amy also spoke of his special relationship with granddaughter Kira. When Mick was not fronting the band as main singer, he was pursuing his other keen interest, football. He played for Leigh Park United and also managed Unicorn Boys, a local team from the area and took home a win at a competition in Germany. A floral tribute at Mick Thompson's funeral A floral tribute at Mick Thompson's funeral After meeting his wife Mary and having two children, Spencer and Amy, Mick helped out in his local community by driving a minibus and many of his regular customers came to pay their respects. His wife, Mary, added: ‘I want to thank everyone that came along to Mick’s service, he was a great man.’
Epitaph from the Portsmouth NEWS, 1st May 2018.



In 1963 john Wilson & Trevor Price played in a Portsmouth band "Blues Unlimited". John Wilson then formed a duo "The Jays" approx 1965, the Jays then became a trio, after that Price and Wilson then started the Portsmouth band "Outer Limits" In 1970 john Wilson joined London band "Pure Gold" and then went on to play in Scottish band "Sweet Filling".

Threshold got together in 1975 and was signed up by head of promotions Allan Heather of ATV music after he was a judge at the competition at the Centre Hotel in August 1975 for the National talent and music writers competition, in the colour picture with the telecoms advert left to right is John Wilson – keyboard/vocals, George Allen – bass guitar/vocals, Paul Russell – drums, Trevor Price – lead guitar/vocals.

A later Threshold was formed replacing Paul Russell – drums with Danny Rowlands, and Dave Williams replaced – George Allan on bass guitar. In the late 1970’s Threshold split and John Wilson and Trevor Price left and went on to join "Chicory Tip", under the original singer Peter Hewson. After that john Wilson and Price started a synth based duo "The T Jays" which lasted approx. 10 years John Wilson then went on his own under the name "Just John" doing the circuit and 2008 entertained on the Costa del Sol now back in UK.

Mike Treend

Dear Dave and Mick—referring to your joint research on the Portsmouth Music Scene from the forties onwards—what an amazing piece of work ! Congratulations and extremely well done.
You do ask for any contributions that may be valid so I would like you to consider adding some reference to my brother, Mike Treend.
During the 50’s through to 70’s(when he moved from the area) this wonderful modern jazz piano player--very much Peterson style--won the appreciation of jazz aficionados and musicians throughout the region.
Frequently backed by lovely drummer Mike Hutton, Mike played many of the jazz clubs and venues in the Portsmouth and surrounding area but most notably, in my opinion, in the Mermaid Bar, situated at the base of the Royal Beach Hotel just along from the Savoy Ballroom, opposite the South Parade Pier. The big names from the bands at the Savoy were often seen at the Mermaid enjoying the music. The many big name guests who Mike played with at the various jazz clubs include Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott, Tommy Whittle and Bill Le Sage amongst others. Mike was also a delight to have backing you if a vocalist
Sadly Mike passed away in November 2009 but his music lives on in the many recording made by people who so admired his playing.
supplied by Trevor Treend(brother)


Michael William Treend, On November 5th 2009, in Spain, after a brief illness, Mike passed away, aged 73.
Beloved husband, father and grandfather and dearly loved by brothers Peter, Trevor and William, sisters-in-law, aunts and cousins. Held in great affection and esteem by many local musicians and aficionados. Cremation has already taken place in Spain; a memorial service will be held locally in January, to which all his many friends and admirers will be welcome.

Mike Treend
Treasured memories of our beloved special friend, Mike over the last 61 years. You gave us such love and wonderful music. We will never forget. Our love and condolences to Trevor, Will, Pete and all the family. "I remember you" Mike. Love, Dorrie and Ron XX.

mtreend1 mtreend2

Mike Treend solo, and then Mike age 73 at one of his last gigs, with drummer Dave Horn, now living in Spain, and Colin Lloyd on double bass

Peter White in the USA

Mick, Great job with the web sites and research.
Just a note that you can add to the data. and the matrix of musicians and bands.
The Furys became Blue Sand in 1967 timeframe with me (Pete White on guitar) colin Marchant Rhythm, Bryan Baker bass and Stu Savage on drums then The Colours around 1970 same people with Colin then added Ray Baker in 1972. Back last year I sent Dave a brief history but with the mountains of stuff you receive it may not have made it through.
Another interesting thing is the band Jason and The Argonaughts. Funny enough for a brief few weeks between the The Residents and The Furys we called ourselves that. I think we may have played one gig but I just don't recall. But it was about the time the movie came out.
Another long time musician that appears to be MIA is Pete Conlan. He lived down the street from us and worked for a scale company that went round adjusting grocery scales. He played in The Federals as the Rhythm Guitarist. He used an early Tan Vox AC30 and a Cherry Red Guild Starfire. I recall he was still playing with them around 64/65.
In Oct 66 The Meteors UK had to cut a demo at the Modern Music Center Studios in London. Apparently there was some split in the band so Ray Baker and I were asked to step in and we did the recording with the Drummer and Bass play. I still have the acetate. In 68/69 Blue Sand recorded an EP at Saturn Records who were a studio on Hayling Island. I have never found anymore data on them. The record got some airplay in the UK and a copy made it's way to the US. But then "Nothing". . . .
Speaking of Ray Baker. Following the Meteors UK and He and I rehearsing with the Memphis 5 he was in Frenzy, then the Universal Trash band and left around the time of Heaven. He could confirm all that but he was in one of those with Ray Brooks on Sax and Rich Semark on Drums.
I have a lot of pics from the late 60's Blue Sand that I don't think I have shared yet.
I want you guys to know that this is a fantastic site, a novel project, and really captures so much of those years.
The possibilities are endless
All the best Pete

The Colours were the Resident "Rock Band" at Sinah Warren Ballroom from 1972 through 1978. Summer seasons were 22 weeks were we played Sunday Night for two 45 minute sets, Tuesday night when we backed the resident entertainers in a 45 minute cabaret show plus visiting artists, Thursday night when we did our two 45 minute spots. Friday night when we did a 45 minute cabaret show with the entertainers including the finale with the Big band (Dean Maddison then Aurther Ward. )
Then we carried the gear over the the night club and played from midnight until 3 am. Carried the gear back and set it up in the Ballroom ready for sunday night. We had 2 weeks off then the winter season would start and we played all the function and xmas parties unless (like IBM) they hired their own band - Usually Brown Hills Stamp Duty (Great Band) 2 week break to rehearse for the summer season then off we went again. All this was plus holding down a good job.

Rod Watts

RIVALS: Ron Rickwood (Ricky Dean) (V), Rod Watts (LG), Tony Alton (G), Mick Wallis (G/V), Fred Wildsmith (BG), Roy Wells (D). Early 60s. A second, different version of the group began in the mid 60s with Grenville Mayes (V/G) and he still performs today as the Rivals.
ACADEMY: Marc Tuddenham (G/V), Graham Barnes (BG), Rod Watts (K), Graham Hunt (D). Mid 60s
MOMENTS: Arthur Potts (V), Mick Watts (G), Rod Watts (K), Pete Hackett (BG), Buddy Purves (D). Mid 60s PLAGUE: John Curtis (G?), Rod Watts (K), Doug Chalmers (BG), John Pratt/DuPret (D). Mid 60s.
SOUL SOCIETY: Phil Freeman (V), Stuart Ward (G), Doug Chalmers (BG) replaced by Mark Hunter (BG), John Davis (G/S), Mick Cooper (K) replaced by Rod Watts (K), Graham Parker/John Pratt/DuPret/Alan Dodds/Kenny Hill drummers at various points. Hill also trumpet.
St Louis Checks;- Chris West (Chris Dodoulu – V), Nick Nicholson (LG), Eric Merriwood (K) replaced by 'Ginger' Woods (K) replaced by Rod Watts, Mark Hunter (BG) replaced by Mick McGuigan (BG), ‘Ginger’ Woods (K), Alan Williams (D).
Magic Roundabout;- Chris West (Chris Dodoulu – V), Nick Nicholson (LG), Eric Merriwood (K) replaced by 'Ginger' Woods (K), Mark Hunter (BG) replaced by Mick McGuigan (BG), ‘Ginger’ Woods (K), Alan Williams (D). Rod Watts (K)
Silver Collection: Lesley Hawoth vocals, Rod Watts keyboards Neil Plunkett guitar, Rob Milner bass, Dick Ray drums, Andy Goodson bass, Alan Christmas guitar, Roger Mahoney drums, Kathy Jackson vocals, Dick Ray drums, Lesley Smith vocals, Bob Evans bass, Rob Milner bass Andy Haselip bass, Bernie Wratten guitar, Paul Nunn guitar.
Class of 1969 The 2015: Phil Freeman vocals/harmonica/percs Rod Watts keyboard John Weight drums Martin Gritt guitar Steve Webster sax Keith Shilcock 5 string bass 2015
TomKatz: Marc Tuddenham Rod Watts Pete Jackson and Will Stoker
Southern Dance Orchestra;- 13 peice dance band including Rod Watts (P) Pete Jackson (V/B) Ken Howell (T)
Tuxedo Junction: Marc Tuddenham Rod Watts Pete Jackson Dave Browne

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