Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
Known gigs in October 2021

1st October 2021
Harrison Rhys VCR Isobel Wannell Charlotte Neal South Parade Pier Southsea
Drunk Education, Admiral Drake Portsmouth
Neandertones, Bird in hand Fareham
The Voltaires, The Jolly Roger Gosport
The Soul Salon & Tubbs, Jolly Sailor Southsea
The Estelles, The Baffins Portsmouth
Sykick Surfers, The Woodman Purbrook
Tangerine Tantrum, The Fareham pub
Fire in the Meadow, The Golden Lion Southwick Village
Somethin' Else, Heroes Waterlooville
Spike & the Pieman, Windsor Castle Gosport
Champagne Soul, Jolly Sailor Southsea
The Groove Breakers Barley Mow Southsea

2nd October 2021
The Runaways, Fratton Railway Club Pompey Teds R'n'R Society
The Subways Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
Small Town, Jolly Miller Fareham
Spike & the Pieman, Carisbrooke Arms Gosport
Yungblud Guildhall Portsmouth
The Sensational Jonny Depps, Jolly Sailor Southsea
Tangerine Tantrum, Castle in the air, Fareham
The 45's, Hil Park WMC Fareham
China Lake, Lilly's Bar Hayling
The Italian Job, White Horse Inn Gosprt
Lee Harvey Oswalds, Admiral Drake Portsmouth
Martin Turner ex Wishbone Ash The Spring Havant
ABBA Tribute Band Sensation will be performing at Groundlings Theatre in Portsmouth
Music Bites: John Meriton The Spring Havant

3nd October 2021
THE MARY RED BAND with Special Guests SAM MCCARTHY + GILKICKER, THE FROSTY SHADOWS OF DAWN, BEN BROOKES, The Gulls, The Gaiety Southsea, South Parade Pier
Parallel Lines, Clarence Gardens Portsmouth
DB3 (Dave Brown – drums and vocals, Rob Millner – bass, Nick Blunn – keyboard) The Golden Lion High Street Southwick
Dave Pearson Big Band Orchestra The Lido Hilsea Portsmouth
Nemisis, Bird in Hand Fareham
Mal Lawrence, Kings Theatre Portsmouth
Rachael Hawnt, Jolly Sailor Southsea
The Subways Wedgewood Rooms Southsea

4th October 2021
Thomas Gabriel (Johnny Cash's Grandson) - The Square Tower
BLACK HONEY Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
Tailenders, Portsmouth Guldhall

Tue, Oct 5 2021
LAURA VEIRS Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
Original Cool, The George Portsdown

6th October 2021
Spiers & Boden The Subways Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
Excelsior Vintage Jazz (Cuff Billett – trumpet, Ron Rumbole – reeds, John Wiseman – trombone, John Hall – drums, plus banjo and bass) Gosport Jazz Club Gosport and Fareham Rugby Club Dolphin Crescent Gosport
Nemisis, - The Bird in Hand, Fareham

Thursday 7th October 2021
Beats & Swing present: Nigel Clark (Dodgy) & Chris Helme (The Seahorses) at The Gaiety Southsea, South Parade Pier
Mark Harrison Band, Bullfrog Blues Club at The Dockyard Club, Onslow Rd, Southsea
Blues Brothers by the Decade Divas, Auckland Arms Southsea
Cabaret Club – Carley Williams Guildhall Portsmouth

Friday 8th October 2021
at 7:30pm Shakatak Theater Royal Portsmouth
GRACE PETRIE Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
Nemesis The Queens Head, Gosport
The Muvvas Barley Mow Southsea
Dr Rock, Admiral Drake Portsmouth
One for the Road, The Woodman Purbrook
Shakatak Theatre Royal Portsmouth
Manic Street Preachers Guildhall Portsmouth
Lisa Marie, The Pacific Drayton
Split Screen Radio, Golden Lion, Fareham
4Bar, Bird in Hand Fareham
Midnite Sun, The Fareham pub
Abba Reibute with Chiquitita, Jolly Sailor Southsea
The Carisbrooke Arms - Gosport Rock of the Pops
Nemisis, The Queens Head, Gosport

Saturday 9th October 2021
U2BABY, Live at The Rifle, Portsmouth
Parallel Lines, The Admiral Drake, Portsmouth
THE SMYTHS - 35 Years Of Meat Is Murder Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
TIMELESS The A Cappella Party at The Blue Lagoon Hilsea
OLDSKOOL RETURNS with a huge night of oldskool classics and anthems from the 90’s South Parade Pier.
Harddrive Solent Social Club Lee on the Solent
Timelesss, Blue Lagoon Hilsea Lido
Whitney – Queen of the Night Guildhall Portsmouth
An evening with Kate Bush, Guildhall Portsmouth
Solent Social Club Lee, Harddrive
Farmers Field Sessions FILTA at The Farmer Inn Catherington Waterlooville
The Farmer Inn, Waterlooville, FILTA
Music Bites: Impro Jazz The Spring Havant
The Budapest Café Orchestra, The Spring Havant
Parallel Lines, Admiral Drake Portsmouth
Going Back, Olive Leaf Hayling Island
Kneesliders Jolly Miller Fareham
Mafia, Wicor Mill Portchester
Sean sings Elvis, Jolly Sailor Southsea
Boss Hogg, The Fareham pub
Spike & the Pieman, Artillery Arms Southsea
Union King, White Horse Gosport

Sun, Oct 10 2021
THE SLOW READERS CLUB Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
Katy Hurt (Full Band Show) The Square Tower
DB3 (Dave Brown – drums and vocals, Rob Millner – bass, Nick Blunn – keyboard) The Barley Mow Castle Road Southsea
Sean Sings Elvis, The Jolly Sailor Southsea
The Westleigh Pub, Michelle Lewis
Spirit, Harrison Rhys, Shepperds Crook Portsmouth
Ocean Sounds Jazz Barley Mow Southsea
Mal Lawrence, RMA Club Portsmouth
Dave Baker Project, Hilsea Lido
MOLLIE SCOTT Plus Support at The Gaiety Southsea South Parade Pier
Fisherman’s Friends Guildhall Portsmouth

Monday 11th October 2021
Martin Roscoe, Guildhall Portsmouth
Saxophonist Dave O'Higgins, The Kings Pub Sothsea
MOLLIE SCOTT Plus Support at The Gaiety Southsea South Parade Pier

12th October 2021
Chi Jazz The Golden Lion High Street Southwick
Marley Blandford, The George Portsdown
The Targets, The George Portsdown

Thursday 14th October 2021
Beats & Swing presents Ben Ottewell (Gomez) with support from Tom Bryan at The Gaiety Southsea, South Parade Pier
She drew the gun Wedgewood Rooms Southsea

Thursday 15th October 2021
Steve Young Duo Barley Mow Southsea
The Jolly Roger (Gosport) Midnight Dynamite
China Lake, West Liegh Havant
The FRank & Dean show, Jolly Sailor Southsea
Red Bandit, Admiral Drake Portsmouth
T Rextasy: The Greatest Hits Tour The Spring Havant

Magnetic Skies, Fake Empire Paul Groovy & the Pop Art Experioence THE LOFT, Albert Rd Southsea
Paul Groovy & the Pop Art Experience, The Loft Southsea
Chevy 55, Fareham Social Club
Elouise From The Estelles, The Druids Portsmouth
The DnB Pier Sessions - K MOTIONZ, Southsea South Parade Pier
WPM Sports & Social Club White's Place, Gosport, Pop Pickers
The Rock Covers, RB Legion Hayling Island
Mafia, The Fareham Pub
K MOTIONZ at The Gaiety Southsea on South Parade Pier
HOUSE OF ANTHEMS, The Rifle Club in Portsmouth
Creative Covers, Cosham Social Club
Izettas, Harvest home Copnor
Somethin' Else, Stag Portsmouth
Rough Cut, Old House at Home Portsmouth
Hot Tone Sinners, Hayling RBL
Starburst, Portchester Social Club
Muvvas, Od House at Home Portsmouth
WPM Sports & Social Club Gosport, The Pop Pickers
The Jaspers, Hayling Billy Pub
Magnetic Skies, The Loft Kings Pub Southsea

Sunday 17th October 2021
the amazing Swedish trio, Baskery, coming to the Square Tower
Isthison, Northcote Hotel Southsea
Amba Tremain, Jolly Sailor Southsea
Tom Davies & the Bluebirds, The Clarence, Portsmouth

19th October 2021
Sykick Surfers, The George Portsdown

Wednesday 20th October 2021
Leather and Lace – The Rock Anthems and Power Ballads Show Thaetre Royal Portsmouth
Belinda Carlisle Guildhall Portsmouth
Kevin Grenfell’s Giants of Jazz Gosport Jazz Club Rugby Club Dolphin Crescent Gosport
Leather and Lace – The Rock Anthems and Power Ballads Show Theatre Royal Portsmouth

21 October 2021
Teleman Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Guildhall Portsmouth
DAN WALSH, Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham
Stacey Mogg, Kassia Drayton

Fri, Oct 22 2021
LIMEHOUSE LIZZY Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
HAPPY MONDAYS CLUB in Loving Memory of JOHN STEWART Featuring MAYBE OASIS, Ben Brookes and Danny Harrison at The Gaiety Southsea on South Parade Pier
Heroes Waterioaville, Rock of the Pops
Kneeslider, Spotted Cow Waterlooville
Jayne Lang - The Party Experience, at The Woodman Purbrook
The Alibi, Bird in Hand Fareham
The Directors, Portsmouth Guildhall
Fort Cumberland (Forgotten Veterans), Going Back
Megan Linford Barley Mow Southsea

23rd October 2021
Anthoilgy, Old House at Home Milton
Farmers Field Sessions WALL OF FLOYD at The Farmer Inn Waterlooville
Leigh Park WMC Havant, Pop Pickers
Creative Covers, Hayling RBL
Frankly Swing, The Fareham Pub
Gamblers Hand, The Fareham pub
Sykick Surfers, The White Horse, Gosport
coustic Odds, Rifle Club Portsmouth
Soul Flame, The Top Portsmouth
South Coast Collective, Jolly Sailor Southsea
Spike & the Pieman, Fountain Inn Rowlands Castle

24th October 2021
Rough Cut Bird in Hand Fareham
Wickid Grin, Northcote Hotel Portsmouth
Pop Pickers, Windsor Castle Gosport
HIT FACTORY Featuring Smiley Campbell at The Gaiety Southsea South Parade Pier The Blues Brothers By The Decade Divas and Special Guests at The Gaiety Southsea South Parade Pier
Dave Pearson Big Band Orchestra, The Lido Hilsea Portsmouth
Mal Lawrence, Mother Shipton Portsmouth
South Coast Collective, Jolly Sailor Southsea
HIT FACTORY Featuring Smiley Campbell at The Gaiety Southsea South Parade Pier
Tue, Oct 26 2021
THERAPY Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
Amba Tremain, Carter & Co Southsea
Georgia Ramblers (Chris Newmanpiano, Peter Dorday - trumpet, Derek Little – reeds, Trevor Britton – bass) The Golden Lion Southwick,

Wed, Oct 27 2021
ORLANDO WEEKS Wedgewood Rooms Southsea

Thursday 28th October - Saturday 30th October 2021
We Will Rock You! the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth
BC CAMPLIGHT Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
Tim Minchin, Guildhall Portsmouth
THE MARY RED BAND Plus Support to be announced at The Gaiety Southsea, South Parade Pier
We Will Rock You! Young@Part®, New Theatre Royal Portsmouth

29th October 2021
Ibiza Orchestra Live Guildhall Square Portsmouth
Rhythm City, The Jaffa Cakes, at The Gaiety Southsea, South Parade Pier
Ibiza Orchestra Live - Portsmouth Guildhall, Guildhall Square Portsmouth
Marley Blandford Barley Mow Southsea
Anthology The Admiral Drake
The Estelles, The Dolphin Portsmouth
The Peas, Winsoer Castle Gosport
Harddrive, Jolly Roger Gosport
Electric Junkfish,The Pembroke, Old Portsmouth
Sean swings Elvis, Jolly Sailor Southsea
Mafia, Heroes Waterlooville
Matt Squire, The Fareham pub
Somethin' Else, Hayling Billy pub

October 30th 2021
The Lifeboat lnn, Hayling Seafront Parallel Line
Parallel Lines The Lifeboat Inn, Hayling Seafront
Oktoberfest Guildhall Portsmouth live music
Mafia, The Wyverne Lee o/t Solent
Rhythm of the 80's Guildhall Portsmouth
Going Back, Fareham Social WMC
Spike & the Pieman, Park Tavern Gosport
The Jaspers, Admiral Drake Portsmouth
Mark Handley & the Bone Idols, Heroes Waterlooville
Italian Job, The Baffins Portsmouth
Small Town, White Horse Gosport
UNION#2 (formerly members of Under The Covers), Heroes Waterlooville
The Italian Job, The Baffins Portsmouth
The Sesational Jonny Depps, Jolly Sailor Southsea
Rough Cut, The Fifth Hants Volunteer Arms Southsea
Creative Covers, Portchester Social Club
RBL Victory Band, Liss Band, Blendworth Brass Band, St Mary's Church Portsmouth
The Brewery Tap (North End) Midnight Dynamite

OCT 31st 2021
Don Broco, Guildhall Portsmouth
Soul Flame, The Pelham Arms Portsmouth
DON BROCO Portsmouth Guildhall
HANNAH REEM'S Twisted Dreems HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Amba Tremain at The Gaiety Southsea South Parade Pier
DB3, Hilsea Lido
Dawn Gracie Amba Tremain Mary Red Opera-Jen UK Stratz Miles Eden Archie McKeown Nicole Louise Geddes ‘Twisted D’Reem’s’ The Gaiety Southsea
We Will Rock You Stage One Youth Theatre Group, New Theatre Royal Portsmouth
Fourfold, The Barn Milton
Seve Hampton, The Northcote Hotel Prrtsmouth
Wickid Grin, The Barn Milton
China Lake, Bird in Hand Fareham
Mal Lawrence, Fox & Hounds Waterlooville
Astrid M, Ben Brookes, Dead Authors, The Golden Eagle Southsea
The Ramonas and Slady! all female double bill, Wedgewood Rooms Southsea

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