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The Portsmouth Music Scene

Paul Jones, born Paul Pond

Birth name Paul Pond Born 24 February 1942, Drayton, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
previously with Manfred Mann (19621966), Eric Clapton's Powerhouse.

He founded The Blues Band and is a member of the Manfreds, a group reuniting many original members of Manfred Mann, Jones attended Portsmouth Grammar School and moved to the Edinburgh Academy for his last two years of school before winning an Open Exhibition in English to Jesus College, Oxford, although he did not graduate.
As "P.P. Pond" he sang duets with Elmo Lewis later a founder member of the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones at the Ealing Club, home of Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, whose singers included Long John Baldry and Mick Jagger. He was asked by Keith Richards and Brian Jones to be the lead singer of a group they were forming, but he turned them down. He went on to be the vocalist and harmonica player of the successful 1960s group Manfred Mann. Paul Jones had several Top Ten hits with Manfred Mann before going solo in the summer of 1966.
He is Doctor of Music (from the University Of Portsmouth) and President of The National Harmonica League.

My Way (1966)
Sings Privilege & Others (1967)
Love Me, Love My Friends (1968)
Come into My Music Box (1969)
Crucifix in a Horseshoe (1972)
Starting All Over Again (2009)
"Suddenly I Like It" (2015)

Hit singles
Manfred Mann
"Why Should We Not?"b/w "Brother Jack"
"Cock-a-Hoop" b/w "Now You're Needing Me"
"5-4-3-2-1"b/w "Without You"
"Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble" b/w "I'm Your Kingpin"
"Do Wah Diddy Diddy" b/w "What You Gonna Do?"
"Sha-La-La" b/w "John Hardy"
"Come Tomorrow" b/w "What Did I Do Wrong?"
"Oh No! Not My Baby" b/w "What Am I Doing Wrong?"
"My Little Red Book" b/w "What Am I Doing Wrong?"
"If You Gotta Go, Go Now" b/w UK: "Stay Around"
"Hi Lili, Hi Lo" b/w UK: "You Don't Know Me"
"Pretty Flamingo" b/w "You're Standing By"
"You Gave Me Somebody to Love" b/w "Poison Ivy"
"Just Like a Woman"b/w "I Wanna Be Rich"
"When Will I Be Loved" b/w "Do You Have To Do That"

"High Time" (1966) UK no. 4
"I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy" (1967) UK no. 5
"Thinkin' Ain't for Me" (1967) UK no. 32
"Aquarius" (1969) UK no. 45

Films 1967 film Privilege,
TV episode of The Sweeney

West End shows such as Conduct Unbecoming (also on Broadway), plus the musicals Cats and Pump Boys and Dinettes.

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