Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

John Wilson

The Jays

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John Wilson keyboard and vocals, Terry Threadingham drums who went on to Coconut Mushroom , John Silvester lead guitar and vocals

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The Jays drummer, Terry Threadingham.



Outer Limits, 1965 left to right John Wilson - keyboards vocals, John Shepherd - drums,
Norton Davis - bass guitar lead vocals, Trevor Price - lead guitar vocals


Outer Limits, came after the Jays, left to right, John Shepherd- drums, Norton Davis- bass guitar lead vocal,
John Wilson - keyboards vocals, Trevor price lead guitar vocals


Threshold, had two songs released, Fraiday on my mind, and Tomorrows sorrow,
band members John 'Jock' Wilson keyboards, Trevor Price lead guitar, Paul Russell drums, George Allen bass.

threshold1 threshold4 threshold5

left to right john wilson keyboards,and vocals,george allen, bass guitar and vocals,paul russell drums, and trevor price lead guitar and lead vocals, at the Centre hotel Portsmouth, national competition for british talent and musicwriters for ATV where we were signed up by Alan heather head of promotions for ATV. August 1975.

thres1x thres2x threshold news2
threshold 13th aug 1976

youngjohn justjohn

Here's a young John Wilson, then John in recent years.

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