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Brian Howe

SHY recordings

Be By My Side/Turnaround 7inch 1980 Gallery GA3
Girl /Hey You 1980 Ps7inch Gallery CA1
Bass Chris Fretwell, Drums Graham Jessup, Guitar Andy Fretwell, Bob Snelling, Keyboards Bob Snelling, Producer Roger Kennedy, Vocals Andy Fretwell, Bob Snelling, Chris Fretwell, Written-By Fretwell*, Snelling*, Brian Howe.
shy girl shy girl
shy - girl hey you
howe3 howe2

Born 22 July 1953 Portsmouth, Rock singer and songwriter, Plays guitar, piano, keyboards, drums, bass, harmonica In mid/late 70s he was in a local band called Flyin' Hi which played locally. There definitely was a Portsmouth band called Shy they did the Royal Lodge Summer residency in 1977, also at the Colt International social club in 1979. The Shy in Portsmouth included Brian Howe Bob Snelling Andy Fretwell Chris Fretwell.

Brian Howe with Bad Company (19861994)
With Paul Rodgers gone, ex-Ted Nugent vocalist Brian Howe was the new lead singer of Bad Company. His vocal style brought more of a pop-rock sound to the band. For the next Howe-era album, was 1988's Dangerous Age.
The next album, Holy Water, the majority written by Brian Howe and Terry Thomas, was released in June 1990 with enormously successful both critically and commercially.
The final studio album of the Howe days, 1992's Here Comes Trouble, featured the Top 40 hit "How About That" (#38) and "This Could Be The One" (#87). The album went gold. They recorded a live album, What You Hear Is What You Get. The critically acclaimed album, released in November 1993.
Howe left the band in 1994. Regarding his departure from the band, Howe stated: "Leaving Bad Company was not a difficult decision."

Howe played in Iraq and Kuwait entertaining troops in March 2010. Howe's second solo album, The Circus Bar, was released 2010, in the UK with excellent reviews.

with Bad Company

Fame and Fortune (1986)
1. "Burning Up" (Mick Ralphs/Mick Jones)
2. "This Love" (Brian Howe/Andy Fretwell)
3. "Fame and Fortune" (Mick Ralphs)
4. "That Girl" (Brian Howe/Mick Ralphs)
5. "Tell It Like It Is" (Brian Howe/Mick Ralphs)
6. "Long Walk" (Brian Howe/Gregg Dechert)
7. "Hold on My Heart" (Brian Howe/Gregg Dechert/Mick Jones)
8. "Valerie" (Brian Howe/Mick Ralphs)
9. "When We Made Love" (Brian Howe/Simon Kirke/John Bettis)
10. "If I'm Sleeping" (Brian Howe/Mick Ralphs/Simon Kirke/Gregg Dechert)
Dangerous Age (1988)
1. "One Night" (Mick Ralphs/Terry Thomas)
2. "Shake It Up" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
3. "No Smoke Without a Fire" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
4. "Bad Man" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
5. "Dangerous Age" (Mick Ralphs/Terry Thomas)
6. "Dirty Boy" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
7. "Rock of America" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
8. "Something About You" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
9. "The Way That it Goes" (Brian Howe/Mick Ralphs/Terry Thomas)
10. "Love Attack" (Brian Howe/Mick Ralphs/Terry Thomas)
11. "Excited" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
Holy Water (1990)
1. "Holy Water" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
2. "Walk Through Fire" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
3. "Stranger Stranger" (Brian Howe, Simon Kirke, Terry Thomas)
4. "If You Needed Somebody" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
5. "Fearless" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
6. "Lay Your Love on Me" (Mick Ralphs)
7. "Boys Cry Tough" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
8. "With You in a Heartbeat" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
9. "I Don't Care" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
10. "Never Too Late" (Mick Ralphs, Terry Thomas)
11. "Dead of the Night" (Mick Ralphs, Terry Thomas)
12. "I Can't Live Without You" (Mick Ralphs, Terry Thomas)
13. "100 Miles" (Simon Kirke)
Here Comes Trouble (1992)
1. "How About That" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
2. "Stranger Than Fiction" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
3. "Here Comes Trouble" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
4. "This Could Be the One" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
5. "Both Feet in the Water" (Brian Howe/Mick Ralphs/Dave Colwell/Terry Thomas)
6. "Take This Town" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
7. "What About You" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
8. "Little Angel" (Brian Howe/Mick Ralphs/Terry Thomas)
9. "Hold on to My Heart" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
10. "Brokenhearted" (Brian Howe/Terry Thomas)
11. "My Only One" (Simon Kirke/Larry Dvoskin)


Tangled in Blue (1997)
1 I Remember You
2 Where'd She Come From
3 Touch
4 Tangled In Blue
5 Just Because
6 Here They Come Again
7 All I Want Is You
8 How Does It Feel
9 I Will Find A Way
10 Don't Ask Me Why

Touch (2003)
1 I Remember You (Brian Howe, Mark Spiro)
2 Where'd She Come From
3 Touch
4 Tangled In Blue
5 Just Because
6 Here They Come Again
7 All I Want Is You
8 How Does It Feel
9 I Will Find A Way
10 Don't Ask Me Why
11 How It Could Have Been(Brian Howe, Jeff Carlisi)

Circus Bar (2010)
I'm Back
Life's Mystery
There's This Girl
Could Have Been You
How It Could Have Been
My Town
How 'Bout That (new version)
Feels Like I'm Coming Home
If You Want Trouble
Holy Water (new version)
Little George Street

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