Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

There have been many different types of guitars, used over the years,
Here is just a small selection.
Lots are missing, can you say which?


1952 Blacklguard Fender Tele 1958 Fender strat sunburst 1958 Fender strat sunburst 1973 Fender precision bass - Lake Placid Blue 3_vibraartistvibra artist 1961 split sonic-gtr,red sunburst black scratchplate sept 1962 vistasonicredsunburst,blackscratchplatemarch1963 1959 Gibson ES-335 1966 Rickenbacker 330 gibson sg sg _lpbody3 h10 66epiphone riviera thinline electric semi-hollow archtop 224pxhofner_500-61cavernbassRH 800pxgibson_flyingv 1958gibsonflyingv1958-1959 gretsch_crosby_01country gentleman gretsch_crosby_01country gentleman vintage rosetti archtop acoustic guitar futurama delux hofner president framussi1200-01 framusroyal1 framus_katalog2 framus_katalog11

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