The NEWS Guide Awards

The Portsmouth NEWS Guide Awards 2012-13

The Guide Awards involved various catagories including music

2012/13 Nominations;- date 2/11/2012

1. James Alderson: Relatively new to the circuit but has been launching his own comedy nights left right and getting big names on the bills.
2. Sean Collins: Regularly touring stand-up and compere at Jokes Bay in Gosport, always has a project on the go, the latest is a TV show.
3. Joe Wells: Student comedy award winner has made a name for himself as a stand-up comic, writer and speaker, now focused on political comedy.
4. The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue: Prop and music-driven double act who recently appeared on TV with Dick and Dom.
5. Instant SOOP: Improv troupe from Havant theatre company SOOP has gone from strength to strength, performing at more local venues.
6. Max & Ivan: Duo continued their Max & Ivan Are... series with Con Artists at Edinburgh this August and Holmes and Watson at Bestival.
7. Andy Askins: Top musical parody-maker.
8. Paul Redwood: Havant Comedy Club promoter and compere is handing over the reins to Joe Wells at the end of the year.
9. Bad Bread: Trio took their end-of-the-world survival guide show to Edinburgh and have been in sitcom development talks this year.
10. Reader nomination

1. Will Chump: This Southsea Mafia DJ and promoter lives for music in the city and can be seen at Delight and Waster.
2. Spikey Mark: DJ, promoter and all-round nice guy, also DJs as Mikey Sparks and can be seen at Wedge nights It’s A Sin, Club NME and new night Neon Ballroom.
3. Pete Scathe: Plays at Rock Lobster at the Atrium, Connection at Scandals, Thunderdome at the Edge and more. It’s the busiest this long-time DJ has ever been.
4. Tommy Leigh: Southsea Mafia DJ from Delight, Waster and WNW.
5. Hipshaker: These guys have their own lounge at the Isle of Wight Festival as well as a Wedge club night.
6. Lemon: Like Spikey Mark, a 14-year veteran. Resident at It’s A Sin, Little Johnny Russell’s, Wolf Cub Club, One Eyed Dog and Club NME.
7. Stuart W: Having played at superclubs across the South, he can now be found at Rewind at Club 8 where he loves to be close to the crowd.
8. Daniel Smith: DJ and promoter brought Swanky Sessions to the Edge with themed events and the latest house from around the world.
9. Fauxlo: She’s a bass head who’s only just 20 but already been on Radio 1 as well as playing clubs and around Hampshire.
10. Reader nomination

1. Bear Cavalry: Recent signing to the Alcopop label are now off on their first UK tour and celebrating the release of their debut EP.
2. Huw Olesker and The Barebackers: Had last year’s Guide Awards audience dancing with their shoes on their hands and recently taught Fred Dineage to play ukulele.
3. Forest Floors: Frighteningly talented and tight for their age, their captivating and confident live shows are a thing of musical beauty.
4. New Desert Blues: Fareham band won this year’s Wedge Showcase.
5. Kojak’s Revenge: Fun covers band who never fail to get a party started, celebrated their 20th anniversary this year.
6. Bemis: Quietly and consistently churning out top quality music.
7. Kassassin Street: Interesting and innovative, their debut EP Moloko Vellocet was recently released to a very positive critical response.
8. Toy Town: It’s early days for this duo, but they have a knack for a catchy tune and some brilliant lyrical touches.
9. Tricorn: Exceptionally good on the festival circuit, and on their second album on a small label.
10. Reader nomination

1. Race Car Hearts: Ex-Thirst frontman Chris Perrin’s new solo project. He’s launching an EP at the Wedgewood Rooms next Friday.
2. Andrew Foster: An ever-present on the Portsmouth music scene, Andrew continues to grow and evolve as an artist and song-writer.
3. Becky Jerams: A hugely assured songwriter with millions of hits on YouTube, songs in Hollywood movies and writing for other artists.
4. Luke Ferre: It’s hard to believe this veteran of local venues is still a teenager, but his music has really grown-up in the past year.
5. Dirty Sky Jones: Also known as Sam, he writes Americana tinged songs and interacts cleverly with his audience.
6. Chris Ricketts: Flying the flag for tradition, Chris has built up a following across Europe for his folk and sea shanties.
7. Leigh Mary Stokes: Came back with a new improved style this year, still a beautiful voice and songs.
8. Remedy Sounds: A new indie-folk-rock artist, Josh Clark uses nothing but his voice, an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal.
9. Laurel: An incredible talent who signed with the team behind Ellie Goulding earlier this year and his been working with some big names.
10. Reader nomination

1. Derek Boshier: David Bowie and The Clash at Pallant House: pop art pioneer returned to the area for this exhibition of his work with music icons.
2. A Tale of One City at Portsmouth City Museum: Exhibition to celebrate Charles Dickens’s 200th birthday gave an insight into the world of people in Portsmouth the author’s lifetime.
3. A Hundred Seas Rising by Suki Chan: aspex and The University of Portsmouth commissioned this work inspired by Charles Dickens’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities and the Hundred Flowers Movement in China.
4. Dysmorphia by Louise Duane-White: First ever art exhibition by a dysmorphia sufferer inspired by her condition at First Floor Gallery.
5. Visions of Gold by Sarah Butterfield: In the run-up to the Olympics, Sarah travelled the country painting sportsmen and women in action.
6. Off the Shelf: University of Portsmouth staff members Jon Adams, Steve Oliver and Sarah Tunaley, and MA Fine Art student and staff member Ginny Topp exhibited this book-inspired group show in the Southsea Library Gallery.
7. New Creatives: Annual partnership project that showcases the creative work of young people from further education and sixth-form colleges at aspex.
8. Knit Pompey: The Art Stop Cafe’s Guerrilla Knitters and LARKS showcased yarnbombing, yarnstorming, guerilla knitting, urban knitting and graffiti knitting.
9. Catching the Unseen: Spirit Photography from the Conan Doyle Collection. Dr Patti Gaal-Holmes curated this exhibition about Conan Doyle’s interest in spiritualism at Portsmouth History Centre.
10. Reader nomination

1. El Castizo, Chichester: Proper tapas and a warm Spanish welcome at this small cellar restaurant.
2. King Street Tavern, Portsmouth: Few, if any pubs, can match this one. Highs include excellent, simple food and an inclusive feel.
3. The Garage, Southsea: This café and its fin de siècle décor of well-sourced bric-a-brac is home to cakes and savoury dishes.
4. Five Bells, Buriton: Simple rustic pub with a welcoming interior and robust food.
5. Golden Lion, Southwick: Ancient historic pub is a haven for excellent food and warming hospitality.
6. Josie’s, Bishop’s Waltham: A deli-cum-wine shop-cum café with a simple quality menu.
7. The Pavilion, Stansted Park: The restored fig house/tea room is a treasure trove of quality food served with style.
8. Taste of China, Cosham: Although the service is mixed and the décor needs updating, this restaurant’s chef pulls out all the stops.
9. The Richmond Arms, West Ashling: This pub serves excellent food to match the smart interior and warm welcome.
10. Reader nomination.

1. The Fabric of Life by Dom Lenoir: An immortal woman looks back over the loves of her life before arriving at a dramatic conclusion.
2. Mutant Monks from Outer Space by Harry Bartholomew and Wesley Skelly: Two monks from outer space come to Earth with a hidden agenda.
3. A Hero’s Journey by Riyadh Haque and John Ginty: A princess is kidnapped by the evil Lazaar, so a young man attempts to save the day.
4. Erkki: The Scrap Collector by Craig Johnson: On the side of a mountain Arkki collects rubbish in this documentary.
5. Determination by Martin Chalk: Documentary about David Griffin, the oldest surviving sufferer from Allgrove’s Syndrome.
6. A Can Is Born by Paul Gonella: A behind the scenes view of artist My Dog Sighs creating one of his famous pieces of street art.
7. Oki Usagi by Jinx Prowse: It’s 3am, and Oki travels across the urban sprawl with Usagi, the big pink rabbit, in this animation.
8. Best Intentions by Jack Darcy Searle: Mort and Claire are friends, though Mort wishes they were more in this drama.
9. Space is Dark by David Wade: On a distant planet, a human colony is besieged by vicious, bloodthirsty aliens.
10. Reader nomination.
All the above films will be screened by Portsmouth Film Society at the Omega Centre in Omega Street, Portsmouth, from 6pm on Tuesday, November 20.
1. Uncle Vanya, Chichester Festival Theatre: A triumph of brilliant acting and well-known faces in Chekhov’s classic play.
2. Hamlet, New Theatre Royal: Wonderful two-layered set and a blazing cast made this an unmissable Shakespearean performance.
3. Private Lives, Chichester Festival Theatre: Cast were pitch perfect in Noel Coward’s funny and very touching play.
4. Avenue Q, Mayflower Theatre: A musical mix of puppets and people which is full of bittersweet ironies and amusing parodies.
5. Kiss Me Kate, Chichester Festival Theatre: Hannah Waddingham and Alex Bourne shone as ex-lovers in the theatre’s summer musical.
6. Chicago, Kings Theatre, Southsea: A musical of greed and corruption certainly brought razzle dazzle to Southsea.
7. Swallows and Amazons, Chichester Festival Theatre: Utterly charming production of a summer on sailing boats is witty and memorable.
8. Looby Loo No Strings Attached, New Apollo: Professional group’s original play shows puppet’s revealing their human side is a roller-coaster of laughter and tears.
9. Boys, Nuffield Theatre, Southampton: Ella Hickson’s play taps into young people’s fears about the future with strong performances from the cast.
10. Reader nomination

1. The Seafarer, Bench Theatre: Beautifully dark tale set round a poker game in Dublin.
2. Frost/Nixon, CCADS: Thought provoking play about a disgraced President and British chat show host talking.
3. Mary Queen of Scots got her Head Chopped Off, HumDrum: A stylish and powerful history lesson about the story of two Queens.
4. Life x 3, Bench Theatre: The barbed wit is delivered with aplomb by a slick and assured cast.
5. The Four Musketeers, Interalia Theatre: A romp of a show that had audiences smiling from start to finish.
6. David Copperfield, One Off: Substance and style take precedence in this celebration of Charles Dickens 200th birthday.
7. The Venetian Twins, Southsea Shakespeare Actors: Charming portrayal of classic mistaken identity and big comic characters.
8. The Comedy of Errors, Titchfield Festival Theatre: The audience laughed throughout a well-staged version of Shakespeare’s play at the Old Barn.
9. Calendar Girls, CCADS: John-Paul McCrohon’s production of this heart-warming tale has a mighty principal cast.
10. Reader nomination

1. Chess, South Downe Musical Society: A game of skilful mind tricks and a love triangle is turned into a brilliant musical.
2. Aida, CCADS: Timeless love story is everything a musical should be with rousing music and impressive sword fights.
3. Annie, Portsmouth Players: Astonishingly good performance from both Annies in this heart-warming musical
4. My Fair Lady, Fareham Musical Society: Wezley Sebastian’s choreography has some nice surprises in this touching story of a flower-girl-made-good.
5. Little Shop of Horrors, Titchfield Festival Theatre: With hilarious lyrics and a human eating plant, this classic tale was brought to life on stage.
6. Radio Times, CCADS: A nostalgic musical of raising morale during the war effort hits the right notes with a solid cast.
7. Titanic The Musical, Deanmead Operatic Society: An expansive and stunning performance showed the polish of eight months of rehearsals.
8. Calamity Jane, South Downe Musical Society: There’s plenty to enjoy with this reworked favourite, with bright futures for the young actors.
9. Beauty and The Beast, Portsmouth Players: Magnificent show gives a magical portrayal of a well-known Disney fairy tale.
10. Reader nomination

1. Matt Sackman, Calamity Jane, South Downe Musical Society: Often shown in comedy roles he shows he can perform with tenderness and soul.
2. Kevin Redfern, Frost/Nixon, CCADS: A stunning performance as he delved into the depths of Nixon’s psyche.
3. Peter Woodward, The Seafarer, Bench: In total control of his character, he was completely convincing of his blindness.
4. Ben McCready, The Canterbury Tales, HumDrum: A brilliant portrayal by a strong actor in Chaucer’s collection of stories.
5. Peter Colley, Calendar Girls, CCADS: His portrayal of a dying man is heart-warming to watch.
6. David Penrose, Cymbeline, Bench Theatre: A consistently strong actor brought the same presence he always does to productions.
7. Mark Wakeman, Bench Theatre, Life x 3: A high calibre performance by a solid cast, with Mark’s performance one of the strongest.
8. Patric Howe, The Venetian Twins, Southsea Shakespeare Actors: Playing Pancrazio, he superbly catches the character’s repulsiveness.
9. John-Paul McCrohon, Frost/Nixon, CCADS: Outstanding political and personal performance in an unusual TV chat show setting.
10. Reader nomination

1. Alice Corrigan, Steel Magnolias, Bench Theatre: With physicality, accent and characterization, she got the role of Truvy spot on.
2. Sheila Elsdon, The Cripple of Inishmaan, HumDrum: A stand-out performance in a tale of Hollywood drama and small communities.
3. Sally Goddard, Calamity Jane, South Downe Musical Society: A versatile actress who is full of charisma, being both strong and full of joy in the lead role.
4. Caz Gilmore, Mary Queen of Scots got her Head Chopped Off, HumDrum: She played the part of the narrator La Corbe with strength and ease.
5. Sheila Birt, Calendar Girls, CCADS: As one of the main protagonists, she impressively carries the emotional punch of the piece.
6 .Helen Stoddart, Mary Queen of Scots got her Head Chopped Off, HumDrum: She effortlessly moves from character to character with flawless accents.
7. Emma Wilson, Beauty and The Beast, Portsmouth Players: First performance with the Portsmouth Players and the young actress brought Belle to life.
8. Mary-Rose Findon, My Fair Lady, Fareham Musical Society: A soprano as clear as glass with some lovely acting touches.
9. Jennie Rawling, The Venetian Twins: Southsea Shakespeare Actors: As the spurned lover Beatrice, she is easy to watch and listen to.
10. Reader nomination

1. The Havant Orchestras: The Havant Symphony and Chamber Orchestras have now embarked on their golden jubilee celebrations.
2. Portsmouth Choral Union: The city’s biggest classical choir said farewell to long-time music director Jonathan Willcocks with spellbinding concerts including music by Elgar and Willcocks himself.
3. Karen Kingsley: One of the best-loved instrumentalists and teachers in the area, the Fareham-based pianist gave an impressive performance of Beethoven’s Emperor concerto with the Solent Symphony Orchestra.
4. Valentina Seferinova: The Bulgarian pianist, now living at Cowplain, has made an increasing impact not only in recitals in Petersfield and Chichester but as a concerto soloist in London and a teacher at South Downs College.
5. Renaissance Choir: Peter Gambie keeps his Emsworth-based group well to the fore in the a cappella choral section, ranging smoothly from the Renaissance period itself to music by composers of today.
6. Solent Symphony Orchestra: Under Steve Tanner’s direction, the SSO has defied financial uncertainties to continue producing fine performances, notably of Shostakovich’s challenging 12th symphony.
7. David Price: Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral’s director of music has expanded the range of choirs and repertoire while continuing to enhance performance qualities in both concert and liturgical contexts.
8. University of Portsmouth Dramatic and Musical Society: University director of music Colin Jagger produced outstanding vocal results in Johann Strauss’s operatic masterpiece, Die Fledermaus, at the Kings.
9. Portsmouth Baroque Choir: Its quality has been reflected in programmes ranging from music by former director Ian Schofield to Coronation anthems and John Rutter’s Requiem.
10. Reader nomination

Date 2012's was held on Jan 28 2013 with coverage on Jan 29 and Feb 1

BEST Comedy Act: Instant Soop
BEST Film: A Hero’s Journey
BEST Professional Production: Private Lives, by Chichester Festival Theatre
BEST Pub/Restaurant/ Wine bar: The Garage Lounge, Southsea
BEST Amateur Drama Production: Mary Queen Of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off, by HumDrum
BEST Exhibition: A Tale Of One City, at Portsmouth City Museum
BEST Classical Act: The Havant Orchestras
BEST Solo Artist: Leigh Mary Stokes
BEST Amateur Musical Production: Beauty and The Beast, by Portsmouth Players
BEST DJ: Lemon
BEST Amateur Actor: Peter Colley
BEST Amateur Actress: Sally Goddard
BEST Band: Bear Cavalry
Special Achievement: David Cooper, Kings Theatre

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