The NEWS Guide Awards

The Portsmouth NEWS Guide Awards 2010

The Guide Awards involved various catagories including music

2010 Nominations;- Date

A - Best Event
1 Southsea Fest
2 Vintage at Goodwood
3 A Victorian Festival of Christmas, Historic Dockyard
4 Chilli Fiesta, West Dean
5 Navy Days
6 Portsmouth Festivities
7 Portsmouth Film Festival
8 Southsea Kite Festival
9 Snow Fest, Gunwharf Quays
10 Reader Nomination

B - Best Comedy
1 Marc Wootton
2 Sean Collins
3 The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue
4 Andy Askins
5 jonjo Rowlands
6 Matt Ralph
7 Arnold Gutbucket
8 Jeff Lane
9 Simon Fiekder
10 Reader Nomination

C - Best DJ
1 Ben Glover
2 Raymond Ogilvie
3 J Fresh
4 Rob Searle
5 Will Chump
6 Pete Scathe
7 Spikey Mark
8 Chris Vaux
9 Dave Spoon
10 Reader Nomination

D - Best Band
1 The Plans
2 The Strange Death of Liberal England
3 NineNinetyNines
4 The Dawn Chorus
5 Clayton Strange
6 The B of the Bang
7 The Rubicon
8 Bitter Town Mary’s
9 Bemis
10 Reader Nomination

E - Best Solo Atrist
1 Andrew Foster
2 Luke Ferre
3 Huw Oleskar
4 Leigh Mary Stokes
5 Dirty Sky Jones
6 Loz Bridge
7 The Boy I Used To Be
8 Becky JKerams
9 Jake Bezzina
10 Reader Nomination

F - Best Exhibition
1 Luna Pak, Heather and Ivan Morison
2 Making the Occasion, Force 8
3 Nightmares and Fiarytales, Steve Bomford and Anna Mathewson
4 All you need is love Albert Road, Southsea Gallery
5 Gold Junk, Rebecca Locke
6 Six days that rocked the world, Bob Aylott
7 It’s been a while, Andrew Whyte
8 The Birth of British Rock, Harry Hammond
9 The Portsmouth Connection, Gunwharf Quays
10 Reader Nomination

G - Best Pub/Wine Bar
1 The Bakers Arms Droxford
2 The Harrow Inn Petersfield
3 Stags Head Westbourne
4 The White Lion Soberton
5 The Bluebell Pub Emsworth
6 Wyvern Pub Lee –on-the-Solent
7 Earl of March Lavant
8 The Barleycorn Pub Emsworth
9 Rising Sun Swanmore
10 Reader Nomination

H - Best Restaurant
1 JSW, Petersfield
2 Restaurant 27, Southsea
3 Montparnasse, Southsea
4 Vatika, Wickham
5 Field and Fork Restaurant, Chichester
6 Red Lounge, Waterlooville
7 Annie Jones, Petersfield
8 Fat Olives, Emsworth
9 Sapori, Le-on-the-Solent
10 Reader Nomination

I - Best Local Film
1 The Great Storm, Anna Davidson
2 Dan: Driven to Succeed, Rob Gunn & Owen Hughes
3 Heads Up, Adam Aldridge
4 Last Resort, Russell Oastler
5 Castles made of Sand, Tristan Casey
6 My Digital Life, Wesley Skelly
7 The Gloaming, Kye Wilson
8 Naughty Boys, Jon Small
9 Send in the Cops, Sam Jones
10 Reader Nomination

J - Best Professional Production
1 The Critic & The Real Inspector Hound, Minerva Theatre, Chichester
2 The Comedy of errors Portsmouth City Museum Gardens
3 Beauty and the Beast, Kings Theatre Southsea
4 The Canterbury Tales , Nuffield Theatre Souithampton
5 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Kings Theatre Southsea
6 Spymonkey’s Moby Dick, new Theatre Royal Portsmouth
7 Yes, Prime Minister, Chichester Festival Theatre
8 Journey’s End, Kings Theatre Southsea
9 42nd Street, Chichester Festival Theatre
10 Reader Nomination

K - Best Amateur Drama Production
1 Cleo, Camping, Emmanuel and Dick (HumDrum)
2 The History Boys (CCADS)
3 The Homecoming (One Off)
4 Macbeth (Bench Theatre)
5 A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Titchfield Festival Theatre)
6 The Lieutenant of Inishmore (Portchester Players)
7 Someone who’ll watch over me (Bench Theatre)
8 Festen (CCADS)
9 Shirley Valentine (Portsmouth Players)
10 Reader Nomination

L - Best Amateur Musical Production
1 42nd Street (South Downe Musical Society)
2 Oliver! (Portsmouth Players)
3 Bad Girls The Musical (HumDrum)
4 Les Miserables (Stage One Youth Theatre)
5 Beauty and the Beast (CCADS)
6 Crazy for you (University of Portsmouth Dramatic and Musical Society)
7 Hello Dolly (Fareham Musical Society)
8 Lady in the Dark (Portsmouth University)
9 Half a Sixpence (South Downe Musical Society)
10 Reader Nomination

M - Best Amateur Actor
1 Tim Stokes (A Man for all Seasons, The Home Coming & Two)
2 David Penrose (Someone who’ll watch over me)
3 Damon Wakelin (The Crucible)
4 Lewis Bailey (Cleo, Camping, Emmanuel and Dick)
5 Mark Wakeman (Macbeth)
6 Sean Ridley (Les Miserables, My Boy Jack & The History Boys)
7 John-Paul McCrohon (Festen & The History Boys)
8 Tony Dart (Festen & The History Boys)
9 Roger Wallsgrove (A Higher Education)
10 Reader Nomination

N - Best Amateur Actress
1 Marie Ridley (Hello Dolly)
2 Lauren Farnhill(Two)
3 Alice Corrigan (The Crucible)
4 Helen Stoddart (Cleo, Camping Emmanuel and Dick, Bad Girls & 42nd Street)
5 Sheila Elsdon (Shirley Valentine & Bad Girls)
6 Becky James (The Accrington Pals & A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
7 Sarah Parnell (Macbeth)
8 Liz Hubbuck (Oliver!)
9 Charmaine Barker (A Higher Education)
10 Reader Nomination

O - Best Classical Music Act
1 Peter Gambie
2 Angela Blackwell
3 Sam Moffitt
4 Portsmouth Festival Choir
5 George Burrows
6 Cathy Matthews
7 Helen Walton
8 Portsmouth Choral Union
9 Alan Pring
10 Reader Nomination

Date Nov 15 2010 with coverage on 16 and 19

Winner: Dirty Sky Jones
Runner-up: Huw Olesker
BEST Professional Production
Winner: The Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare’s
Globe in Portsmouth City Museum gardens
Runner-up: Journey’s End at the Kings Theatre
BEST Event
Winner: Southsea Fest
Runner-up: Vintage at Goodwood
BEST Restaurant
Winner: Montparnasse, Southsea
Runner-up: Restaurant 27, Southsea
BEST Amateur musical
Winner: 42nd Street (South Downe Musical Society)
Runner-up: Les Miserables (Stage One Youth Theatre)
BEST Exhibition
Winner: Luna Park, Heather and Ivan Morison
Runner-up: All You Need Is Love Albert Road, Southsea Gallery
BEST local film
Winner: Last Resort, Russell Oastler, David Kinnaird & Lucas Way
Runner-up: Send In The Cops, Sam Jones
BEST Amateur Drama
Winner: The History Boys (CCADS)
Runner-up: Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick (HumDrum)
BEST comedy Act
Winner: Sean Collins
Runner-up: Marc Wootton
Winner: The Blue Bell, Emsworth
Runner-up: The Bakers Arms, Droxford
BEST classical music Act
Winner: Sam Moffitt
Runner-up: Angela Blackwell
Winner: Spikey Mark
Runner-up: Will Chump
Winner: The Strange Death Of Liberal England
Runner-up: NineNinetyNines
BEST Amateur Actress
Winner: Helen Stoddart (Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick, Bad Girls: The Musical and 42nd Street)
Runner-up: Alice Corrigan (The Crucible)
BEST Amateur Actor
Winner: Lewis Bailey (Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick)
Runner-up: David Penrose (Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me)
Special Achievement; Winner: Steve Pitt

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