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Gosport Amatuer Operatic Society

I959 Society formed
1960 The Bohemian Girl
1961 Th6 Mikado
1962 The Gondoleers
1963 Iolanthe
1964 (No show: no venue)
1965 HMS Pinafore
1966 The Gondoliers
l967 The Pirates of Penzance Mikado
1968 Patience Iolante
1969 Rudigore & HMS Pinafore/Trial by Jury
1970 The Yeomen of the Guard The Sorcerer & Opera Comique
1971 The Gondoliers Princess Ida
1972 The Pirates of Penzance/ Cox & Box Patience
1973 The Mikado Merrie England
1974 Ruddigore Iolanthe
1975 Dorothy HMS Pinafore/Trial by Jury
1976 The Yeomen of the Guard The Sorcerer/Happy Arcadia
1977 The Gundoliers The Rebel Maid
1978 The Pirates of Penzance Patience
1979 The Mikado Princess Ida
1980 Merrie England Iolanthe
1981 The Gypsy Baron Ruddigore
1982 HMS Pinafure/Trial by Jury The Yeornen of the Guard
1983 The Sorcerer The Gondoliers
1984 The Pirates of Penzance Patience
1985 The Mikado Orpheus in the Underworld
1986 Iolanthe Princess Ida
1987 Waltzes from Vienna HMS Pinafore
1988 Ruddigore The Merry Widow
1989 The Yeoman of the Guard The Gondoliers
1990 The Gypsy Baron The Pirates of Penzance
1991 The Mikado White Horse Inn
1992 Iolanthe HMS Pinafore/The Zoo
1993 South Pacific The Merry Widow
1994 My Fair Lady Oklahoma
1995 The Desert Song Kiss Me Kate
1996 Orpheus in the Underworld Itís Showtime again
1997 The Gondoliers Brigadoon
1998 Summertime Follies Carousel
1999 The Pirates of Penzance Hello Dolly!
2000 HMS Pinafore / Trial By Jury Oliver!
2001 Guys and Dolls Half a Sixpence
2002 The Mikado Fiddler on the Roof
2003 Calamity Jane My Fair Lady
2004 South Pacific Oklahoma
2005 Kiss Me Kate The Desert Song
2006 Anything goes

Wardrobe clear out as curtain falls on theatre group 6th February 2014 FAREHAM AND GOSPORT

Hilary Westbrook with the large collection of costumes.
FROM Jane Austen-style dresses and bonnets to a suit of armour to Victorian bathing suits, it represents 36 years of hard work. But now costume-maker Hilary Westbrook is clearing out row after row of colourful theatre costumes from her Fareham home because the theatre group she belongs to is ending its productions after 56 years.
Mrs Westbrook, 61, a grandmother of seven who owns and runs Fancy That wants to get rid of the outfits. She set up her business after becoming a member of the Gosport Musical Theatre Productions group, then called the Gosport Amateur Operatic Society, 36 years ago.
The outfits include Victorian and Edwardian suits and dresses, gangster suits, medieval costume, sailor outfits and clothes from as far back as the 1920s. ďAll sorts of things are going that Iím not going to use again, so someone might as well get the use of them,Ē said Mrs Westbrook. Gosport Musical Theatre Productionsí chairman Mike Wilcock said membership had dwindled in recent years until there were no longer enough people or the finances to put on a show.
Anyone interested or who wants to view the costumes can call 01329 234994 or email johnhils@madasafish.com.
From the Daily Echo.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CosO68y73bo Orpheus In the Underworld- Gosport Amateur Operatic Society 1985 - Violin Duet Pauline Hill as Euridyce, Brian Musselwhite as Orpheus.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcgGXUFCO8o Gosport Amateur Operatic Society 1983: The Gondoliers (Gilbert and Sullivan) Penny Garrett, Margaret Thorpe, Stephen Hill and David Rogers sing "A regular Royal Queen ". Video by John Westbrook.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sr26Bfft6I Yeomen Of The Guard - Gosport Amateur Operatic Society 1982 235 views 12 Jan 2014 Short section of GAOS November 1982 production of "The Yeomen Of The Guard", taken at the Dress Rehearsal at the David Bogue Hall, Gosport. With Penny Garrett (Elsie), Brian Musselwhite (Jack Point) and David Rogers (Lieutenant); Produced and Directed by Alan Trout.

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