Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
A to Z of known gigs

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Venetian Garden House Southsea

2003 February 14th Mickey Morgan

Victoria Park Portsmouth

2017 September 23rd Charmed Life Style, Kingz of Leon, Foo Fighters, Bog Rolling Stopnes.

Victory Bowling Club Portsmouth

2005 August 20th Mickey Morgan

The Victory Club HMS Nelson

1977 December 12th Lesser Known Tunisians

1994 May 14th Mickey Morgan

1995 May 13th Mickey Morgan

1996 August 31st Mickey Morgan

1997 March 1st Mickey Morgan

1998 August 22nd Mickey Morgan

The Victory pub, Portsea

2011 November 26th REACTOR 1

2017 May 13th Stolen 9:00pm
2017 May 20th Rustyn George Band 8:30pm
2017 July 28th Brock Landers and the Estelles
2017 July 29th The Drop Bears 8:30pm
2017 August 19th Stolen 8:30pm
2017 August 26th Tangerine Tantrum 8:30pm
2017 September 8th The Estelle's 8:30pm
2017 October 14th Stolen 9:00pm
2017 November 11th Splitscreen Radio 9:00pm
2017 November 17th The Estelles 8:30pm
2017 November 25th Rustyn George Band 9:00pm
2017 December 2nd Tangerine Tantrum 8:30pm
2017 December 30th Stolen 9:00pm

The Victualler Harbourside Bar & Restaurant, Gosport

2017 April 13th Summer Launch Party 8:00pm (Festival)
2017 April 14th Summer Launch Party 12:00pm (Festival)
2017 April 15th Summer Launch Party 12:00pm (Festival)
2017 April 16th Summer Launch Party 4:00pm (Festival)
2017 April 30th Richard Morris 4:00pm Small Town 8:00pm
2017 May 26th Big Brother Soul 8:00pm

2017 May 28th Justin Capps 4:00pm Ubermeister 8:00pm
2017 July 1st Stuart Madgwick 8:30pm
2017 August 20th Roy Peplow 3:00pm
2017 August 25th The Herbz 8:00pm
2017 August 27th Small Town 8:00pm
2017 December 31st Small Town 7:00pm

The Village Hall, Wallington

1997 Novembner 22nd Rufus Stone

Village Home, Gosport

2017 April 8th The Herbz 9:00pm
2017 September 16th Joe Rushforth 7:00pm
2017 September 30th Louise Day as Blondie 9:00pm
2017 October 14th The Herbz 9:00pm
2017 October 28th Blondie tribute by Louise 9:00pm

The Vine, Gosport

2011 December 2nd TEAPOT JUNKIES

2012 June 15th Force Rour
2012 June 22nd Hard Shoulder
2012 June 29th Dekotas
2012 July 6th Ragdoll
2012 July 13th Spirit
2012 July 20th Missing Cat
2012 July 27th Frankie Lewis Band

2013 May 10th SOMETHING ELSE
2013 May 11th SMALLTOWN
2013 May 17th THE DAKOTAS
2013 May 26th MISSING CAT
2013 June 7th NEW WAVE PICKUPS
2013 August 9th SOMETHING ELSE
2013 August 16th EIGHT FOOT YETI
2013 August 30th STEREOTYPES
2013 September 13th BLACKJACK
2013 November 8th NEANDERTONES
2013 November 15th BARE BONES
2013 November 22nd STEROTYPES
2013 November 29th EIGHT FOOT YETI
2013 December 6th THE JAMMERS
2013 December 13th SOMETHIN‘ ELSE
2013 December 20th ROCK OF THE POPS

2014 March 7th DR ROCK
2014 March 14th HAZZARD COUNTY
2014 March 15th SMALL TOWN
2014 March 21st THE CRUSH
2014 March 28th SOMETHIN' ELSE
2014 April 4th THE JAMMERS
2014 April 11th HI WATTS
2014 May 11th THE JAMMERS

2017 February 3rd Mista Messy 9:00pm
2017 March 10th Small Town 8:30pm
2017 March 24th Big Brother Soul 9:00pm
2017 April 21st Asylum Seekers 9:00pm
2017 May 19th Strumpet Town 9:00pm
2017 June 2nd The Pop Pickers 9:00pm
2017 July 8th Big Brother Soul 8:00pm
2017 July 28th Strumpet Town 9:00pm
2017 August 19th Asylum Seekers 8:30pm
2017 October 6th Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm
2017 November 10th The Punk Pirates 8:55pm
2017 December 2nd Small Town 9:00pm

Vospers Social Club Portchester

18th June 1994, Jive Street

12th August 1995, Remember This
11th November 1995, Remember This

13th January 1996, Remember This
8th June 1996, Remember This
28th September 1996 Remember This
6th March 1997 Remember This
9th August 1997 Remember This
29th November 1997 Firestorms
13th April 1998 Firestorms
13th June 1998 Firestorms
4th July 1998 Firestorms

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