Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
A to Z of known gigs

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QA Social Club Cosham

1993 September 11th Mickey Morgan

QDS Comedy Club 111 High st Gosport

2014 April 11th SOAKA
2014 April 18th WALKER BROAD 2014 May 9th REACTOR 1

Queens Club, Gosport

2017 February 25th The Startled Monkeys 9:00pm
2017 March 25th Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm
2017 May 6th Jo Jo 8:00pm

Queens Head Gosport

1998 December 4th The Next Big Thing
1998 December 11th Charm
1998 December 23rd Chorus
1998 December 31st Double Deuce

2011 December 3rd FARLEYS BUSK

2012 June 16th The Generators
2012 July 7th Kellys Tattoo

2013 December 7th RAGDOLL

2016 Nov 26th The Jammers 8:30pm
2016 December 18th Joe Rushforth 4:00pm
2017 January 7th Asylum Seekers 8:00pm
2017 January 14th The Herbz 9:00pm
2017 January 28th Small Town 9:00pm
2017 February 4th Union King 9:00pm
2017 February 11th Chris Banderas 9:00pm
2017 February 18th Rock Of The Pops 9:00pm
2017 March 4th The Mighty Fly 9:00pm
2017 March 11th 2017 Strange Fruit 9:00pm
2017 March 18th Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm
2017 March 25th The Bu$iness 9:00pm
2017 April 1st The Aim 9:00pm
2017 April 8th Diamond Dogz 9:00pm
2017 April 15th The Punk Pirates 8:55pm
2017 April 21st Jake Hassell 9:00pm
2017 April 22nd Jake Hassell 9:00pm
2017 April 29th Sydney Dejorey and the Treblemakers 7:00pm
2017 April 30th Lennon Taylor 6:30pm
2017 May 6th Record Machine 9:00pm
2017 May 13th Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm
2017 June 3rd Small Town 9:00pm
2017 July 7th The Bu$iness
2017 July 15th Record Machine
2017 July 21st Strange Fruit 9:00pm
2017 July 22nd Union King 9:00pm
2017 July 29th Jake Hassell and Tyler James 9:00pm
2017 August 4th Spike and the PieMan 9:00pm
2017 August 5th Slippery Jack 9:00pm
2017 August 19th Strange Fruit 9:00pm
2017 August 27th The Herbz 7:00pm
2017 September 2nd Missing Cat 9:00pm (Acoustic)
2017 September 16th Spike and the PieMan 9:00pm
2017 September 22nd The Bu$iness 9:00pm
2017 September 23rd The Aim 9:00pm
2017 September 29th Slippery Jack 9:00pm
2017 September 30th Asylum Seekers 9:00pm
2017 October 14th Jake Hassell 9:00pm
2017 October 21st Union King 9:00pm
2017 November 4th The Herbz 9:00pm
2017 November 11th The Mighty Fly 9:00pm
2017 November 17th Fine Southern Gents 9:00pm
2017 November 24th Black Smoke Rebellion 9:00pm
2017 November 25th Record Machine 9:00pm
2017 December 2nd Asylum Seekers 9:00pm
2017 December 9th Slippery Jack 9:00pm
2017 December 16th Chris Banderas 9:00pm
2017 December 23rd Lost Star Souls 9:00pm

Queens Hotel Southsea

1969 October 10th Barry Roberts, Malcolm Evans TWA Corbies Folk Club
1969 January 9th John Isherwood TWA Corbies Folk Club

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