Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
A to Z of known gigs

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The Eastfield Portsmouth

2014 February 28th Mojo Dollar

2015 March 14th The Smiley Campbell Band

2017 November 18th Steve Young Duo 9:00pm

Eastney Barracks Sergeant's Mess Portsmouth

31st Dec 1979 Nite Life

Eastney Crusing Association

2017 June 17th Somethin’ Else

Eastney Modern Boys School Portsmouth

1969 April 2nd Heaven

Eastney Tavern Portsmouth

1998 December 26th Skratch

1999 February 8th The Amigos

1999 February 22nd The Amigos
1999 March 1st The Amigos
1999 October 1st Rob Miller Quartet
1999 October 2nd Christine Berry
1999 October 4th Jacuzzi
1999 October 8th Parisien Swing
1999 October 9th Amigos
1999 October 10th Featherstone Jazz Five
1999 October 15th Jacuzzi
1999 October 16th A2 It Is
1999 October 17th Georgia Ramblers
1999 October 23rd Basic Instinct
1999 October 24th Solent City Jazzmen
1999 October 29th Jacuzzi
1999 October 31st Jameson Set
1999 November 5th Frayed Knot
1999 November 6th Amigos
1999 November 7th Chris Walker Swingtet
1999 November 12th Parisien Swing
1999 November 13th Roxy
1999 November 14th Jacuzzi

2000 February 4th Chris Walker Swingtet
2000 February 5th Chris Fretwell
2000 February 26th The Youthful Christine Berry

2013 December 21st GRIZZLY

2017 November 3rd Dave Barrett 9:00pm

Eaststoke Corner “Playing on the Plaza" Hayling Island

2013 August 11th HAZZARD COUNTY

Eldon Arms, Portsmouth

2017 February 11th Missing Cat 8:00pm
2017 March 4th Halcyon 9:00pm
2017 June 23rd The Great Suiltans
2017 July 8th Les Budd 8:00pm
2017 July 15th Halcyon 9:00pm
2017 September 22nd Lauren Stanley 8:00pm
2017 November 4th Decades 8:30pm

The Empire Theatre, Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth

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