Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
A to Z of known gigs

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Acapulco Bar, Southsea

2017 September 1st LMStival 8:00pm (Showcase)

Admiral Cunningham, Fareham

1986 October 26th Mickey Morgan

1987 February 22nd Mickey Morgan
1987 July 26th Mickey Morgan
1987 August 30th Mickey Morgan

1988 January 31st Mickey Morgan

1992 August 30th Mickey Morgan
1992 December 20th Mickey Morgan

1993 August 29th Mickey Morgan
1993 November 21 Mickey Morgan

Admiral Drake

23rd August 1996 Rock Therapy
1st November 1996 Rock Therapy, The Downtown Flyers
1996 November 29th Papa Jones & the Magic Moonshine Band
1996 December 6th The Sporting Life
20th December 1996 Rock Therapy
21st December 1996 Rock Therapy Ricardos

17th January 1997 Remember This
1997 February 8th Lot 69
1997 February 14th Downtown Flyers
1997 February 20th Mafia
1997 February 21st Montage
1997 February 28th Motherfolkers
7th March 1997 Rock Therapy
1997 March 28th Pulse
1997 April 4th Lemon Trees
1997 April 11th MTV
1997 April 18th The Ricardos
1997 April 25th Salted
26th April 1997 Rock Therapy
1997 May 2nd Blah Blah Blah
3rd May 1997 Rock Therapy
1997 May 4th Numb and Number
1997 May 9th Juke House
1997 May 16th Indecent Proposal
1997 May 23rd Lot 69
1997 May 30th Pulse
6th June 1997 Rancho Deluxe
1997 June 13th Revolver
1997 June 20th Remember This
1997 June 27th Colonial Boys
1997 July 4th True Colour
29 August 1997 Ricardos
1997 October 31st Trouble in Mind
7th November 1997 Rock Therapy
1997 November 14thy Motherfolkers
21st November 1997 Firestorms
1997 November 28th Spiney Norman
1997 December 5th Heat

1998 May 29th Novak'n'Goode
1998 June 5th Plug
1998 June 12th Pulse
1998 June 19th The Retros
1998 June 26th Crazy Herbs
3rd July 1998 Rock Therapy
1998 December 1st Natterjacks
1998 December 5th Trevor John Band
1998 December 11th Proteus
1998 December 12th Rock Therapy
1998 December 18th Talking Sheep
1998 December 19th Black & White
1998 December 20th Revivals

1999 January 9th Tore Down
1999 January 15th Ricardos
1999 January 22nd Cray Herbs
1999 January 29th Fair Warning
1999 January 22nd Crazy Herbs
1999 January 29th Fair Warning
1999 February 5th Blueshades
1999 February 6th Indecent Proposal
1999 February 12th Trouble in Mind
1999 February 19th Worried Man
1999 February 20th Rock Therapy
1999 February 26th Julie Andrews Experience
1999 February 27th Proteus
1999 March 5th Roadhouse
1999 March 12th Eighth Day
1999 March 13th Trevor John
1999 March 19th Novak'n'Goode
1999 March 2th Terra Firma
1999 March 27th Blueshades
1999 April 2nd Trevor John
1999 April 30th Fair Warning
1999 May 2nd True Colour
1999 May 7th Novak’n’Goode
1999 May 8th Mae
1999 May 14th Ruffian Hearts
1999 May 15th Trevor John
1999 May 21st Crazy Herbs
1999 May 22n Sole Survivor
1999 May 28th Pulse
1999 May 29th Blueshades
1999 May 30th Daz’n’Chave’s Cockney Singalong
1999 June 4th Talking Sheep
1999 June 5th Eighth Day
1999 October 1st Blueshades
1999 November 5th Dangerous Dogs Act
1999 November 6th N.V.
1999 November 12th Rock Doctors
1999 November 13th Booze Brothers
1999 November 14th Pulse
1999 November 19th The Forge
1999 November 20th Soul Survivor
1999 November 26th Motherfolkers
1999 November 27th Blueshades
1999 December 3rd Ruffian Hearts
1999 December 4th Back on Track
1999 December 5th Picture This
1999 December 11th Novak’n’Goode, Toy Boys Farewell Gig 4 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
1999 December 17th Sporting Life
1999 December 18th Trevor John

2000 February 4th Aerosmyth
2000 February 5th The Forge
2000 February 6th Bluesy-Feeling 1-4 Rhythm Kings 4-7pm, Rock disco 7pm onwards
2000 February 11th Ruffian Hearts
2000 February 12th Trevor John
2000 February 18th The Sporting Life
2000 February 19th Bone Idle
2000 February 25th Back on Track
2000 March 3rd Aun Seision (Irish Folk)
2000 March 4th Stash
2000 March 10th Crazy Herbs
2000 March 11th Unnatural high (Ian from Blueshades new band)
2000 March 17th Red Hot Pokers
2000 March 18th Novak’n’Goode
2000 March 25th Booze Brothers
2000 March 31st Trevor John
2000 April 1st Fair Warning

2003 February 14th Fair Warning (Rock Covers)

2008 September 12th Behind Bars
2008 September 13th Force 4
2008 September 19th Skinny Lennard
2008 September 20th Pararazi
2008 September 26th Rising Heat
2008 September 27th Raw Edge
2008 October 3rd SPQR
2008 October 4th Dropzone
2008 October 10 Nancy Novak
2008 October 11th Flip Top
2008 October 17th Trevor Johh Band
2008 October 18th Alibi

2010 April 10th UNDER THE COVERS
2010 April 16th STONE FREE
2010 April 17th SKYNNY LENNARD
2010 April 23rd FORCE 4
2010 April 24th DOGHOUSE
2010 April 30th BILLY NO MATES
2010 April 9th BLUES BROTHERS
2010 May 14th LYNCHPIN
2010 May 15th GREEN MAN
2010 May 1st DR ROCK
2010 May 7th RED MIST
2010 May 8th PROZIUM
2010 May 14th Lynchpin
2010 May 15th Green Man
2010 May 21st Trevor John
2010 May 22nd On Fire
2010 May 28th Junk Mail
2010 May 29th Shotgun Smile
2010 June 4th Booze Brothers
2010 June 5th Doghouse
2010 June 11th Fliptop
2010 June 12th Legend
2010 June 18th Force Four
2010 June 19th Black House
2010 July 6th The Neandertones
2010 July 7th Danny & the Dreamtones
2010 July 13th Vendetta
2010 July 14th Life of Riley
2010 July 20th Doghouse
2010 July 21st Spirit
2010 July 27th Lynchpin
2010 July 28th Hot Betty

2011 February 11th Skynful
2011 February 12th Rock Therapy
2011 February 18th Dr Rock
2011 February 19th Red Mist
2011 February 25th Dropzone
2011 February 26th MONSTER
2011 March 4th Doghouse
2011 March 5th Shotgun Smile
2011 March 11th Lynchpin
2011 March 12th Raw edgee
2011 March 18th Steve Young Band
2011 April 22nd ON FIRE
2011 April 23rd ABSOLUTE ZERO
2011 April 28th NEANDERTONES
2011 April 30th RED GLORY
2011 May 6th DOCTOR ROCK
2011 May 7th SKYNFUL
2011 May 13th NEMESIS
2011 May 14th RECLUSE
2011 November 25th DR ROCK
2011 November 26th RED GLORY
2011 December 3rd DOGHOUSE
2011 December 9th DROPZONE
2011 December 10th FLIPTOP
2011 December 16th VENDETTA
2011 December 17th TREVOR JOHN

2012 June 15th Stolen Goods plus Kranefly plus Dropzone
2012 June 16th Legend
2012 June 22md Kneeslider
2012 June 23rd Alibi
2012 June 29th Drakefest
2012 July 6th The Neandertones
2012 July 7th Danny & the Dreamtones
2012 July 13th Vendetta
2012 July 14th Life of Riley
2012 July 20th Doghouse
2012 July 21st Spirit
2012 July 27th Lynchpin
2012 July 28th Hot Betty
2012 August 3rd BLACKOUTS
2012 August 4th RED HOT POKERS
2012 August 11th FLIP TOP
2012 August 17th UPRISING

2013 June 9th IAINS OPEN MIC 5-BPM
2013 June 14th KNEESLIDER
2013 June 21st UPRISING
2013 June 22nd MIDNIGHT BEAT
2013 June 28th FOREVER QUEEN
2013 June 29th THE FOO FORGERS
2013 July 12th HAZZARD COUNTY
2013 July 13th VENDETTA

2013 June 7th DOCTOR ROCK
2013 June 8th DROP ZONE
2013 November 8th SOMETHIN’ ELSE
2013 November 9th FREE BEER & NAKED WOMEN
2013 November 10th IAINS OPEN MIC 5PM
2013 November 22nd LEGEND
2013 November 23rd DESTINATION NOWHERE
2013 November 24th RED MIST 4PM
2013 November 29th KNEESLIDER
2013 November 30th NEARVANA
2013 December 6th DOG HOUSE
2013 December 7th TREVOR JOHN BAND
2013 December 8th SOMETHIN’ ELSE 4PM
2013 December 13th STONE FREE
2013 December 14th FREE BEER & NAKED WOMEN
2013 December 20th DROP ZONE
2013 December 21st MIGHTY FLY

2014 February 2nd SOMETHIN' ELSE 4PM
2014 February 7th DR ROCK
2014 February 8th THE DECADERS
2014 February 9th Ian's open mic night
2014 February 14th FOREVER QUEEN
2014 February 15th ABSOLUTE ZERO
2014 February 21st UPRISING
2014 February 22nd BONE IDLE
2014 February 23rd RED MIST 4PM
2014 February 28th RED GLORY
2014 March 1st BLACKOUT
2014 March 7th REACTOR 1
2014 March 8th SPOONFUL
2014 March 9th IAINS OPEN MIC 5PM
2014 March 14th MIGHTY FLY
2014 March 15th DOG HOUSE
2014 March 21st Asylum Seekers
2014 March 22nd LYNCHPIN
2014 March 28th TREVOR JOHN BAND
2014 March 29th SCREAMING STEEL
2014 April 4th SOMETHlN' ELSE
2014 April 6th AVALON
2014 April 11th THE JACKRATS
2014 April 12th ABSOLUTE ZERO
2014 April 13th IAINS OPEN MIC

2016 Nov 25th The Trevor John Band 9:30pm
2016 Nov 26th One Fret Away 9:30pm
2016 Nov 27th Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra 4:00pm
2016 December 9th Last Echo 9:30pm
2016 December 10th Wish We Were Pink Floyd 9:30pm
2016 December 16th Scarlet Ghosts 9:30pm
2016 December 17th Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra 9:30pm
2016 December 18th Skynny Lennard 4:00pm
2016 December 31st Somethin' Else 9:30pm

2017 January 6th The Italian Job 9:30pm
2017 January 7th Reactor 1 9:30pm
2017 January 13th Glitter Bugz 9:30pm
2017 January 14th Triple-X 9:30pm
2017 January 27th Under The Covers 9:30pm
2017 January 28th Bifröst 9:30pm
2017 January 29th Junco Shakers 4:00pm
2017 February 3rd Somethin' Else 9:30pm
2017 February 4th Scarlet Ghosts 9:30pm
2017 February 10th The Mafia 9:30pm
2017 February 17th Simple Men 9:30pm
2017 February 18th Monster 9:30pm
2017 February 19th Avalon 4:00pm
2017 February 24th Rock Of The Pops 9:30pm
2017 February 25th Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra 9:30pm
2017 March 3rd The Trevor John Band 9:30pm
2017 March 4th Blackout 9:30pm
2017 March 10th Raw Edge 9:30pm
2017 March 11th The Neaps 9:30pm
2017 March 12th Grizzly Rhys Morgan 4:00pm
2017 March 17th Reactor 1 9:30pm
2017 March 18th The Jaspers 9:30pm
2017 March 24th Steve Young Band 9:30pm
2017 March 25th Free's Company 9:30pm
2017 March 31st Stone Free 9:30pm
2017 April 1st The Italian Job 9:30pm
2017 April 2nd The Bootlegs 4:00pm
2017 April 7th Davey Jones' Locker 9:30pm
2017 April 8th The Mighty Fly 9:30pm
2017 April 9th Lycanda 4:00pm
2017 April 14th The Bu$iness 9:30pm
2017 April 15th Uncle Jack 9:30pm
2017 April 16th Junco Shakers 4:00pm
2017 April 21st The Great Sultans 9:30pm
2017 April 22nd Black Water County 9:30pm
2017 April 28th Rock Of The Pops 9:30pm
2017 April 29th Absolute Zero 9:30pm
2017 May 5th, The Trevor John Band 9:30pm
2017 May 6th, Monster 9:30pm
2017 May 7th, Somethin' Else 4:00pm
2017 May 12th The Mafia 9:30pm
2017 May 13th Reactor 1 9:30pm
2017 May 14th Atomic Badger 4:00pm
2017 May 19th Scarlet Ghosts 9:30pm
2017 May 20th Dr Rock 9:30pm
2017 May 26th The Drop Bears
2017 May 27th Steve Young Band
2017 May 28th Skynny Lennard 4:00pm
2017 Jun 2nd Glitter Bugz 9:30pm
2017 Jun 3rd Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra 3:00pm The Mighty Fly 9:30pm
2017 June 4th Grizzly & The Grasshoppers 4:00pm
2017 June 9th Blackout 9:30pm
2017 June 10th The Bite 9:00pm
2017 June 16th Bifrost
2017 June 17th The Rock 'n' Roll Hoodlums 9:30pm
2017 June 18th Mama Belle 4:00pm
2017 June 23rd Last Echo 9:30pm
2017 June 24th The Jaspers 9:30pm
2017 June 30th Somethin' Else 9:30pm
2017 July 1st Lost Star Souls 9:30pm
2017 July 7th The Ghost Notes 9:30pm
2017 July 9th Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra 4:00pm
2017 July 14th Crackling Jack 9:30pm
2017 July 15th Rock Therapy
2017 July 21st The Original Lycanda
2017 July 22nd Blackout
2017 July 22nd China Lake
2017 July 23rd Glitter Bugz 4:00pm
2017 July 28th The Trevor John Band 9:30pm
2017 July 29th China Lake 9:30pm
2017 July 30th The Underdogs
2017 August 4th Mafia
2017 August 5th Bifröst 9:30pm
2017 August 6th Somethin' Else
2017 August 11th Under The Covers 9:30pm
2017 August 12th Nemesis 9:30pm
2017 August 13th Lost Star Souls 4:00pm
2017 August 18th Triple-X 9:30pm
2017 August 20th The Neaps 4:00pm
2017 September 1st Cydonia Knights 9:00pm
2017 September 8th Stone Free 9:30pm
2017 September 9th Black & Blue 9:30pm
2017 September 15th Catballou 9:30pm
2017 September 16th The Bu$iness 9:30pm
2017 September 17th The Underdogs 4:00pm
2017 September 22nd Steve Young Trio 9:30pm
2017 September 23rd The Mighty Fly 9:30pm
2017 September 30th So It Goes 9:30pm
2017 October 6th Dr Rock 9:30pm
2017 October 7th Junco Shakers 9:30pm
2017 October 13th Somethin' Else
2017 October 14th Rock Of The Pops 9:30pm
2017 October 15th Lost Star Souls 4:00pm
2017 October 20th The Trevor John Band 9:30pm
2017 October 21st Reactor 1 3:00pm Eight Foot Yeti 9:30pm
2017 October 22nd The Undergroundhogs 4:00pm
2017 October 27th One Fret Away 9:30pm
2017 October 28th Stray Dogs 9:30pm
2017 October 29th Avalon 4:00pm
2017 December 23rd Somethin' Else
2017 November 3rd Mafia
2017 November 4th The Rock 'n' Roll Hoodlums 9:30pm
2017 November 5th Brock Landers and The Estelles 4:00pm
2017 November 10th Glitter Bugz 9:30pm
2017 November 11th Jazz Wrann & The Ruby Welts 4:00pm
2017 November 11th Under The Covers 9:30pm
2017 November 17th Drunk Education 9:30pm
2017 November 18th The Mighty Fly 9:30pm
2017 November 19th Atomic Badger 4:00pm
2017 November 24th The Original Lycanda Rockin' Blues Band 9:30pm
2017 November 25th Blackout 9:30pm
2017 December 1st Monster 9:30pm
2017 December 2nd Scarlet Ghosts 9:30pm
2017 December 3rd Lost Star Souls 4:00pm
2017 December 8th The Trevor John Band 9:30pm
2017 December 9th Stray Dogs 9:30pm
2017 December 10th Whitefake 4:00pm
2017 December 16th Tangerine Tantrum 9:30pm
2017 December 23rd Somethin' Else 9:30pm


AFC Portchester Clubhouse, Portchester

2017 February 10th The Bootlegs 9:00pm
2017 April 17th The Estelle's 12:00pm The Bootlegs 4:00pm
2017 May 26th/27th/28th Cider & Sausage Music Festival! 7:00pm

Air Balloon, Portsmouth

10th July 1994, Caravans plus Ricardos
22nd December 1994, Ricardos

1996 May 3rd Colin Collins Jazz
1996 May 4th Wild Turkey Jam
1996 May 7th Bowie Jackson Band
1996 May 10th Colin Collins Jazz
1996 May 11th Reet Petite and Gone
1996 May 14th Rancho Deluxe
1996 May 17th Colin Collins Jazz
1996 May 21st Bowie Jackson Band
1996 May 24th Colin Collins Jazz
1996 May 28th Henry Smith & the Dalton Boys
1996 May 30th Grainger String Quatet
1996 May 31st Colin Collins Jazz
1996 June 1st Wild Turkey Jam
1996 November 1st Downtown Flyers
1996 November 2nd The lemon Trees
1996 November 8th Taller than Stan
1996 November 9th Klok
1996 November 14th Motherfolkers
1996 November 15th The Humps
1996 November 16th Lot 69
1996 November 21st The Colonial Boys
1996 November 22nd Lenahan
1996 November 23rd More Mushrooms Vicar?
1996 November 29th Jumping at shadows
1996 November 30th Fritz
1996 December 6th White Knuckle Band
1996 December 7th Dagwood
1996 December 13th Blah Blah Blah
1996 December 14th Turnpike Traders
1996 December 19th Take the Shilling
1996 December 20th Marsh
1996 December 21st 4 into 1
1996 December 29th The Colonial Boys
1996 December 30th Dave Glover
1996 December 31st Lot 69

1997 January 3rd The Alibi
1997 January 4th Edgar
1997 January 9th Last Night's Fun
1997 January 10th Calling Card
1997 January 11th Downtown Flyers
1997 January 16th The Colonial Boys
1997 January 17th Desperate Bycycles
1997 January 18th Logic Block
1997 January 24th Mafia
1997 January 25th Tricks upon Travellers
1997 January 31st Blue Shades
1997 February 1st Humpff Family
1997 February 6th The Giant Colas
1997 February 7th 4 into 1
1997 February 8th Flash Company
1997 February 13th Fruit Farm
1997 February 14th Skunkfunk
1997 February 15th Whiskey before Breakfast
1997 February 20th Mafia
1997 February 21st Euphoria
1997 February 22nd Shake the Shack
1997 February 27th Anxiety
1997 February 28th Blueshades
1997 March 1st Blue Horses
1997 March 6th Sweet FA
1997 March 7th Taller Than Stan
1997 March 8th The Dolmen
1997 March 28th Four into One
1997 March 29th The Irish Band
1997 April 3rd The Rhinomen
1997 April 4th Indecent Proposal
1997 April 5th Tower Struck Down
1997 April 10th Turnpike Traders
1997 April 11th Silicone Strings
1997 April 12th Lady Winwood's Maggot
1997 April 17th Juke House
1997 April 18th Salted
1997 April 19th The Rattlers
1997 April 22nd MTV
1997 April 24th Numb and Number
1997 April 25th Larry Miller
1997 April 26th The Fold
1997 May 1st Bog Standard
1997 May 2nd Blueshades
1997 May 3rd Tricks upon Travellers
1997 May 9th Mafia
1997 May 10th The Brew Band
1997 May 15th Raw Edge
1997 May 16th Sportring Life
1997 May 17th The Lorelei
1997 May 22nd MTV
1997 May 23rd Sharp
1997 May 24th The Tartan Amoebas
1997 May 29th Jumpin' at Shadows
1997 May 30th Mind Juice
1997 May 31st The Crack
1997 June 6th Silicon Strings
1997 June 7th The Dolmen
1997 June 12th Cooking by Numbers
1997 June 13th Desperate Bycycles
1997 June 14th Clarion
1997 June 19th Novak'n'Goode
1997 June 20th Raw Edge
1997 June 21st Blyth Power
1997 June 28th Connacth Ramblers
1997 October 31st Indecent Proposal
1997 November 1st Ceile
1997 November 7th Sporting Life
1997 November 8th The Crack
1997 November 14th If Six Was Nine
1997 November 15th Deaf Shepherd
1997 November 20th Indio
1997 November 21st The Barnstormers
1997 November 22nd The Rattlers
1997 November 29th Eliza Carthy, The Kings of Calicutt

1998 June 4th Tracer
1998 June 5th Indecent Proposal
1998 June 7th Bluesy Feeling
1998 June 11th Greg Watkins & the Great Escape, Venue 5th Birthday Party with the Venue Allstars, Slide, Tubestreet, John Crampton, The Reign
1998 June 14th Bluesy Feeling
1998 June 21st Bluesy Feeling
1998 June 28th Bluesy Feeling
1998 December 1st Natterjacks
1998 December 3rd Alleycats Music Club
1998 December 4th Sporting Life
1998 December 5th Permanent Penguins
1998 December 6th Bluesy Feeling
1998 December 7th Bracket 22, Fat Babe, Borderline & Snub.
1998 December 8th Brian Alexander
1998 December 10th Alleycats Music Club
1998 December 11th Substitue (Who tribute)
1998 December 13th Blusy Feeling
1998 December 14th UK Subs plus Red Letter Day
1998 December 15th Colonial Boys
1998 December 17th Alleycats Music Club
1998 December 18th Rhythm Collision
1998 Dedember 19th Diva Day, female fronted bands, Mac, Eight Day, The Lizard Lie, Nitrate, Abstract, Era, Ridder, Clare Begley, The Mighty Snorting Powder Rangers.
1998 December 20th Bluesy Feeling
1998 December 21st Sticky
1998 December 22nd Gary Roberts
1998 December 24th Unforgiven Xmas Party
1998 December 26th Panama Grin
1998 December 27th Bluesy Feeling
1998 December 28th Misfits farewell gig
1998 Decmebr 29th The Future sound of Kentucky
1998 December 31st Headspin New Years Eve Party

1999 January 3rd Bluesy Feeling
1999 January 4th Killing for culture
1999 January 7th Alleycats Music Club
1999 January 8th Status Clone (Status Quo tribute)
1999 January 9th Eight Day
1999 January 10th Bluesy Feeling
1999 January 11th V Channel
1999 January 12th Venue Awards Night, Sarah harrison, The Great Escape
1999 January 13th The Mafia
1999 January 14th Alleycats Music Club
1999 January 15th Hellraisers (Sweet tribute)
1999 January 16th John Crampton
1999 January 18th Henderson Blue Jay
1999 January 19th The Fret Set
1999 January 21st Allkeycats Music Club
1999 January 22nd Proteus
1999 January 23rd Indecent Proposal
1999 January 24th Bluesy Feeling
1999 January 25th Turquoise
1999 January 28th Alleycats Music Club
1999 January 29th Stone Cold
1999 January 30th Live and Dangerous Thin Lizzy tribute
1999 January 31st Bluesy Feeling
1999 February 1st Sussex Pistols, Sex Pistols tribute
1999 February 2nd Talking Sheep
1999 February 5th If Six were Nine
1999 February 6th Jukehouse
1999 February 7th Blusesy Feeling
1999 February 8th Roarfish
1999 February 9th Lost the Plot
1999 February 12th Downtown Flyers
1999 February 13th Greg Watkins & The Great Escape
1999 February 14th Bluesy Feeling
1999 February 15th Red Horizon
1999 February 16th Talking Sheep
1999 February 19th Werewolves of London
1999 February 20th Mind Slides
1999 February 21st Bluesy Feeling
1999 February 22nd Nebulie
1999 February 23rd Lost the Plot
1999 February 26th Fair Warning
1999 February 27th Stagefright
1999 February 28th Bluesy Feeling
1999 March 1st In Line Sk8ting Barbies
1999 March 2nd Talking Sheep
1999 March 5th Terra Firma
1999 March 6th Indecent Proposal
1999 March 7th Blusey Feeling
1999 March 8th Out-Inside
1999 March 9th Lost the Plot
1999 March 12th Def Shepherd
1999 March 13th Substitute
1999 March 14th Blusey Feeling
1999 March 15th Mullet
1999 March 16th Talking Sheep
1999 March 19th Mustard
1999 March 20th Unforgiven Kingdom
1999 March 21st Blusesy Feeling
1999 March 22nd Mighty Snorting Powder Rangers
1999 March 23rd Lost the Plot
1999 March 26th Red Letter Day
1999 March 27th The Rhinomen
1999 March 28th Blusey Feeling
1999 March 29th Compound
1999 March 30th Talking Sheep
1999 April 3rd Eighth Day
1999 April 30th Greg Watkins & the Great Escape
1999 May 1st Panama Grin + Rock Disco
1999 May 2nd Bluesy Feeling (pm)
1999 May 3rd Punk All Dayer (inc Uncle Brian)
1999 May 4th Lost The Plot
1999 May 6th Alleycats Music Club
1999 May 7th Paul D’Ianno’s Battlezone
1999 May 8th Passion Killers
1999 May 10th Zoo-2 (U2 tribute)
1999 May 11th Talking Sheep
1999 May 13th Alleycats Music Club
1999 May 14th Rhythm Collision + Disco
1999 May 15th If Six Was Nine. + Rock Disco
1999 May 17th V. Channel + D.B.G.
1999 May 18th Lost The Plot
1999 May 20th Alleycats lVIu$ic Club
1999 May 21st Stone Cold + Rock Disco
1999 May 22nd Werewolves Of London
1999 May 23rd Toy Boys (4 to 7 pm)
1999 May 24th Crash
1999 May 25th Talking Sheep
1999 May 27th Alleycats Music Club
1999 May_28th Deep Six + Disco _
1999 May 29th Downtown Flyers + Rock Disco, Bluesy Feeling (pm)
1999 May 31st Legacy
1999 June 1st Talking Sheep
1999 October 4th The Vibrators, Red Letter Day
1999 November 2nd Lost the Plot
1999 November 3rd 3 Band Night, Eight Day, Alligator Smile, The Jupiter Five
1999 November 4th Alley Cats Open Mike Music Club
1999 November 5th Los Palmos Madness tribute
1999 November 6th Proteus £1 door
1999 November 7th Bluesy Feeling, Jukehouse
1999 November 8th Insomnia
1999 November 9th Talking Sheep
1999 November 10th 3 Band Night, hPERTHERMIa, Relish, Skunk Funk
1999 November 11th Alley Cats Open Mike Music Club
1999 November 12th Terra Firma
1999 November 13th Nunz on Napalm plus Guests
1999 November 14th 1 to 4 Bluesy Feeling, Toy Boys 1 Lo 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
1999 November 16th Lost The Plot
1999 November 18th Alley Cats Open Mike Music Club ‘
1999 November 19th Stone Cold
1999 November 20th Sus-Sex Pistols — Anarchy!!
1999 November 21st l to 4 Bluesy Feeling. John Crsunpton 4 lo 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
1999 November 23rd Talking Sheep
1999 November 24th Sam’s Death Metal Night With Reign + Support
1999 November 25th Alley Cats Open Mike Music Club
1999 November 26th Rockers from Sussex - Passionkillers £1 door
1999 November 27th The Brilliant Sporting Life £1 door
1999 November 28th 1 to 4 Bluesy Feeling. Power of Three 4 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm
1999 November 29th D.B.G. plus Guests
1999 November 30th Lost the Plot
1999 December 1st 3 Band Night Huxley, Men behind the Sun, Teaser
1999 December 2nd AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
1999 December 2nd AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
1999 December 3rd A night of Reggae with Rhythm Collision £1 door
1999 December 4th Diva Day — A celebration of women & music
1999 December 5th Bluesy Feeling 1 to 4, Lost Boys 4 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
1999 December 6th Hot Air Jam Session Reggae Stvle
1999 December 7th Talking Sheep
1999 December 8th 3 Band Night Positively Animal, The View, Linquid
1999 December 9th AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
1999 December 10th Mortallica (Metallica tribute) £2
1999 December 11th Satori (Oxfords best) £2
1999 December 12th UK Subs & Red Letter Day £2
1999 December 12th PORTSMOUTH, Air Balloon. Bluesy Feeling 1 to 4pm Larry Miller Band 4pm to 7pm Rock disco 7pm
1999 December 14th Lost The Plot
1999 December16th Alley Cats Open Mike Music Club
1999 December 17th Indecent Proposal £1
1999 December 18th Spare Partz
1999 December 19th Bluesy Feeling 12 to 3.30pm Raw Edge 3.30 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
1999 December 20th Hot Air Jam Session R&B Style
1999 December 21st Talking Sheep
1999 December 22nd Heavy Metal Night
1999 December 23th AlleyCats Party Night Free Buffet
1999 December 24th Unforgiven Kingdom Xmas Party Night Free Buffet £3
1999 December 26th Bluesy Feeling 12 to 4pm Toy Boys Farewell Gig 4 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
1999 December 27th Hot Air Jam session Jazz -Style
1999 December 28th Lost The Plot
1999 December 29th Heavy Metal Night-
1999 December 30th A1leyCats Open Mike Music Club ‘

2000 February 3rd AllcyCats Music Club
2000 February 4th Bushman Brothers + Disco
2000 February 5th A.C.Seedy (AC/DC Tribute) + Disco
2000 February 6th Bluesy-Feeling 1-4
2000 February 8th Talking Sheep
2000 February 9th Moonacre, The View, Paradime
2000 February 10th AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
2000 February 11th Satori from Oxford
2000 February 12th Wave
2000 February 13th Bluesy Feeling l-4, Jake 4-7, Rock Disco 7 to close
2000 February 15th Lost The Plot
2000 February 16th D.R.A.G.
2000 February 17th AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
2000 February 18th Terra Firma + Disco
2000 February 19th PORTSMOUTH, Air Balloon. Mortalliea (Metallica tribute) + Disco
2000 February 20th Bluesy Feeling 1-4, Burnt Ice 4-7, Rock Disco 7 to close
2000 February 22nd PORTSMOUTH, Air Balloon. Talking Sheep
2000 February 23rd Solace Denied, Reign of Erabus
2000 February 24th AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
2000 February 25th Alibi
2000 February 26th Panama Grin + Disco
2000 February 27th Bluesy Feeling 1-4, Lost Boys 4-7, Rock Disco 7 to close
2000 February 29th Lost The Plot
2000 March 1st Aardvark 3 Band Night, 1st Carousel, Junk Mail
2000 March 2nd AllcyCats Open Mike Music Club
2000 March 3rd Mother freedom CD Launch + Lizzard Lie + Disco
2000 March 4th Ace of Spades the ultimate Motorhead tribute band featuring Alan Davey from Hawkwind 7 o’clock start £4
2000 March 5th Bluesy-Feeling 1 to 4pm.lohn Fiddler 4 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
2000 March 7th Talking Sheep
2000 March 8th Aardvark 3 Band night, Twisted Corpoation, Medley, Pig Latin
2000 March 9th AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
2000 March 10th The Manzarek Doors — Doors tribute band + support by Tarantella + disco £4
2000 March 11th Exposed + Rush Beaver + disco £1
2000 March 12th Bluesy-Feeling l to 4pm Band 4 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
2000 March 14th Lost The Plot
2000 March 15th D.R.A.G. meeting
2000 March 16th AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
2000 March 18th Shirley Temple Pilots + Support + Disco £2
2000 March 19th Bluesy-Feeling lto 4pm The Amigos 4 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
2000 March 21st Talking Sheep
2000 March 23rd AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
2000 March 24th Los Palmos, Madness tribute band + Roarkus Tortus + Disco £3
2000 March 25th Eighth Day + Adamseed + Disco £1
2000 March 26th Bluesy-Feeling I to 4pm Power of Three 4to7pn1 Red Letter Day plus Clone. Ade’s birthday bash
2000 March 28th Lost The Plot
2000 March 30th AlleyCats Open Mike Music Club
2000 March 31st Solstice, mega rock band from London + Bracket 22 + Disco £3
2000 April 1st NV + Support + Disco
2000 April 2nd Bluesy Feeling l to 4pm John Crampton 4 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm onwards
2000 April 3rd First Heat of the Gap Band Challenge.

Al'Burrito, Southsea

2017 February 18th Showcase 8:00pm
2017 February 24th Arcade Hearts + Submariner + Lewis Smith + Sweetener 7:00pm

Alexandra Bowling & Social Club, Portsmouth

1993 September 5th Mickey Morgan

2017 October 13th Rustyn George Band 8:30pm
2017 November 10th Somethin' Else

Alley Cats North End

1997 November 6th Sporting Life

All Saints Church Hall Portsmouth

2008 August 22nd Mickey Morgan

Alma Arms, Portsmouth

2014 March 15th THE DECADERS

1999 May 3rd Folk Club
1999 May 10th Folk Club
1999 May 17th Folk Club
1999 May 24th Folk Club
1999 May 31st Folk Club
1999 October 1st Spare Partz + Disco £1
1999 November 1st Folk Club
1999 November 8th Folk Club
1999 November 15th Folk Club
1999 November 22nd Folk Club
1999 November 29th Folk Club
1999 December 6th Folk Club Band Challenge Session
1999 December 12th Folk Club
1999 December 20th Folk Club
1999 December 27th Folk Club

2000 February 7th Folk Club
2000 February 14th Folk Club
2000 February 21st Folk Club
2000 February 28th Folk Club
2000 March 6th Folk Club
2000 March 13th Folk Club
2000 March 27th Folk Club

Alverbank Country House Hotel, Gosport

2016 December 22nd Forever Queen 9:00pm
2017 January 6th Peter Young as Meatloaf 9:00pm
2017 February 3rd Forever Queen 9:00pm
2017 April 28th Cari Winter - Madonna tribute 7:30pm
2017 November 11th Big Brother Soul 9:00pm
2017 December 14th Forever Queen 9:00pm

Alverbank Hotel Gosport

1996 July 28th Southern Chris Walkrt

2016 December 22nd Forever Queen 9:00pm
2017 January 6th Peter Young as Meatloaf 9:00pm
2017 April 28th Cari Winter - Madonna tribute 7:30pm
2017 July 14th Debbie Harris Does Debbie Harry 8:30pm

Alverstoke Hotel Gosport

??????????????????? 22nd Southern Jazz Quarter with Peter Conibear

Alexandra Bowling & Social Club, Portsmouth

1993 June 6th Mickey Morgan
1994 August 7th Mickey Morgan

2017 November 10th Somethin' Else

The Ambassador, High Street, Cosham

AMTE Haslar, Gosport

14th Dec 1979 Nite Life

The Anglesey Hotel, Gosport

2017 June 24th Tommy Rockers 9:00pm

Angry Alis Southsea

2015 June 21st Damian Lodrick Solo 2PM-5PM
2015 September 6th Damian Lodrick Solo ACOUSTIC 2-5PM

Apsley House pub, Southsea

2000 March 3rd Andy Comley
2000 March 5th Ease
2000 March 10th Novak’n’Goode
2000 March 12th Doghouse
2000 March 17th Claude Bourbon
2000 March 19th Trevor John
2000 March 24th The Full Monty
2000 March 26th Trapped in the Blues Band
2000 March 31st Troy

2016 Nov 26th The Punk Pirates 9:05pm

2014 February 8th BLUESY FEELING

2017 February 25th The Punk Pirates 8:55pm
2017 March 25th Reactor 1 9:00pm
2017 June 17th Reactor 1 9:00pm
2017 August 5th Skaraman 8:00pm
2017 August 12th The Punk Pirates 8:55pm
2017 October 14th Scarlet Ghosts 9:00pm
2017 November 25th Reactor 1 9:00pm
2017 December 16th Scarlet Ghosts 9:00pm
2017 December 23rd The Punk Pirates 8:55pm

Artillery Arms, Eastney

2017 March 17th Rustyn George Band 8:30pm
2017 April 30th Glitter Bugz 5:00pm
2017 May 1st Magenta Bling 2:00pm
2017 May 19th Glitter Bugz 8:30pm
2017 August 27th Glitter Bugz 5:00pm
2017 December 22nd Glitter Bugz 8:30pm

Arts Active Havant

1996 October 6th Jazz Night
1996 November 11th Jazz Night
1996 December 5th Havant Light Opera
1996 December 6th Havant Light Opera
1996 December 7th Havant Light Opera
1996 December 9th Jazz Night

1997 February 9th Harvey Andrews plus Shep Woolley plus The Three Brummies
1997 February 15th Pauline Cato & Tom McConville
1997 February 16th Nigel Clayton & Rosemary Sandersaon
1997 February 22nd Mourning Song
1997 March 9th Tom Lewis plus John Crampton & Elain Samuels' Kindred Spirit plus Shep Woolley
1997 April 15th Live Jazz
1997 May 3rd Helen Watson Band
1997 May 17th Huw & Tony Williams
1997 June 7th Flook
1997 June 9th Jazz II Tuesday
1997 June 13th/14th Les Miserables
1997 June 24th Havant Light Opera - The Sorcerer
1997 June 30th Brec on String 4-tet
1997 September 13th Dave Hilborne/Chameleon
1997 November 6th Chan Chan
1997 November 9th Cosmotheka & guests
1997 December 5th/6th Havant Light Opera Xmas Show

1998 June 3rd/4th Godspell
1998 June 9th Jazz II Tuesday
1998 June 11th Mistral featuring Ravi
1998 July 2nd Havant Light Opera Summer Show
1998 December 3rd Light Opera Xmas Show
1998 December 8th Jazz II

1999 February 5th Sonny Black & the Dukes
1999 February 7th Sarah Newbold & Angela Moore
1999 February 13th Inner Sense
1999 February 20th Rock Therapy
1999 March 3rd Kit Wright & Cheryl Martin

2008 Februay 14th Little London, WKR, Days of no trust
2008 March 13th Hobos & Eskimos, The Weather Committee, Sonic View
2008 April 10th Lee Cooper & the Outsiders, Major Melon, Luke Ferre
2008 June 12th Big Squirrel, Evolve, Lizard Man
2008 July 10th Alternative Carpark, Jennas Revenge, The Levels

2010 February 1st Jeff Lang
2010 February 4th Keith James & Rick Foot
2010 February 6th The Alter Eagles
2010 Februarey 9th Alan Melly/Mike Blakesley
2010 February 18th Jacqui Dankworth
2010 March 5th The Caravans
2010 March 6th Clive Harvey
2010 March 9th Terry Seabrook/ 2010 April 8th Andrew Foster
2010 April 9th John Etheridge
2010 April 17/18 Jazz Weekend
2010 May 7th Battle of the Bands Final Night
2010 May 11th Matt Wates
(See also The Spring, Havant)

Arts Centre Portsmouth

1998 December 3rd Pirates of Penzance
1999 February 27th Bluebeard

2016 October 15th The Courtiers
2016 October 29th Talitha Rise
2017 May 27th The Willows

Arty's At Clarence Marina, Gosport

2016 December 31st Roy Peplow 7:00pm

Asda Waterlooville

1996 December 2nd Mickey Morgan

Ashcroft Centre Fareham

1991 June 8th The Rhino Men

1996 October 5th The Albion Band
1996 October 19th Big Man Clayton
1996 November 2nd June Tabor
1996 December 7th Shooglenifty

1997 January 24th Polly Brown's Pickettywitch
1st February 1997 John Slaughter's Blues Band Ashcroft Centre Fareham.
1997 February 22nd Sally Barker
1st March 1997 Sonny Black and the Dukes
12th April 1997 Wilko Johnson Ashcroft Centre Fareham.
1997 April 19th Perfect Houseplants
1997 June 14th Iron Horse
1997 June 24th Maritime Brass
1997 June 28th One World Band workshop & concert
1997 June 29th Otis Grand
1997 November 1st Budapest Cafe Orchestra
1997 November 8th Edward II
1997 Noivember 15th Le Jazz Supper Evening
1997 November 22nd Big Man Clayton & the 44's
1997 November 29th Savourna Stevenson & Anne Wood
1997 December 4th Dusty Fruit
6th December 1997 Bearcat Cajun Playboys

1998 June 6th The Mighty 45's
1998 December 4th Battlefield Band

1999 January 16th John Etheridge
1999 January Kate Rusby
1999 March 13th Sonny Black & the Dukes
1999 May 15th Aly Bain
1999 May 22nd Savourna Stevenson & Catriona MacDonald
1999 May 29th Tarras

2003 February 15th Brass Monkey

2011 April 23rd Easter Festival (afternoon) ‘LOOK OUT’ Southampton’s Titanic Story In Song & (evening) HEIDI TALBOT, JOHN McCUSKER & IAN CARR+LIZ CARROLL & JOHN DOYLE

2015 JAN 31 Emily Maguire
2015 FEB 6 Chris Wood
2015 MAY 10 Shooglenifty
2015 DEC 3 Rock and Roll Workshop

2016 FEB 13Chris Helme
2016 FEB 20 Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls (The Wonder Stuff)
2016 MAR 4 UPBEAT by Forest Forge
2016 MAR 5 Sean Mcloughlin
2016 MAR 19 Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro
2016 MAR 24 Marry Waterson & David A Jaycock
2016 APR 8 Puss in Boots by Lyngo Theatre
2016 APR 22 Holy Moly and the Crackers
2016 APR 28 The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
2016 JUN 10 Jacqui Dankworth
2016 JUN 16 Gabrielle Ducomble Band: an Evening in Paris
2016 JUL 9 Mark Thomas: Red Shed (work in Progress)
2016 JUL 13 Ashcroft Acoustic Club: Percival Elliott
2016 SEP 15 Ashcroft Acoustic Club Headliner: Fugitive Orchestra
2016 SEP 16 Peggy Seeger
2016 SEP 22 Ellie Taylor: Infidelliety
2016 October 1st Southern Tenant Folk Union
2016 October 29th Varldens Band
2016 November 3rd John Spiers

2017 May 11th Daphne’s Flight
2017 May 18th Grizzly Rhys Morgan 7:30pm
2017 June 8th Andy Cutting
2017 JUN 21 Luke Wright: The Toll
2017 JUN 22 Dom Pipkin: Smokin Boogie
2017 JUN 23 An Honest And Loving Reflection Of The Music Of Yusef
2017 JUL 7 Up Close And Personal With Beverley Craven
2017 September 16th Matin & Eliza Carthy
2017 September 29th Cara Dillon
2017 OCT 6 FB Pocket Orchestra
2017 OCT 13 Chris While and Julie Matthews
2017 OCT 14 Matthew Richardson: Slash
2017 OCT 20 Flossie Malavialle
2017 OCT 26 Jim Causley
2017 NOV 2 The Paperboys with Sarah Jane Scouten
2017 NOV 8 Luke Jermay - Sixth Sense
2017 NOV 30 Roger McGough & LiTTLe MACHiNe
2017 December 8th Martin Siompson
2017 December 16th Phil Beer
2017 December The Ennis Sisters & Dave Gunning

2018 APR 20 Hazel O'Connor See You Again Tour
2018 MAY 11 Luke Daniels & Tim Edey

Assembly Rooms Portsmouth

1799 February 19th details unknown
1800 April 15th Mr Sibly's Concert, Mrs T Collins, Mrs Kelly, Mr Hill

The Astoria, Portsmouth

2017 September 25th Blink Daze 10:00pm
2017 December 4th Blink Daze 10:00pm
2017 December 11th Our Propaganda 11:00pm

Auckland Arms, Southsea

1999 May 6th Jazz
1999 May 13th Jazz
1999 May 20th Jazz
1999 May 27th Jazz
1999 November 4th Jazz.
1999 November 11th Jazz.
1999 November 18th Jazz
1999 November 25th Jazz
1999 December 2nd Jazz
1999 December 9th Jazz
1999 December 16th Jazz
1999 December 23th Jazz
1999 December 30th Jazz

2000 January 2nd Bluesy Feeling 12 to 4pm Jule Andrews Experience 4 to 7pm Rock disco 7pm Onwards
2000 January 3rd Hot Air Jam Session Punk
2000 February 3rd Jazz
2000 February 10th Jazz
2000 February 17th Jazz
2000 February 24th Jazz
2000 March 2nd Jazz
2000 March 9th Jazz
2000 March 16th Jazz
2000 March 30th Jazz

2011 March 5th Dropzone

2014 March 23rd WALKER BROAD
2014 April 4th THE M27’s

2016 June 17th Tuxedo Junction

2017 January 1st Andy Broad's Blues & Jazz Jam 12:00pm
2017 January 27th Tuxedo Junction
2017 February 3rd Groovy Chick 8:30pm
2017 February 5th Andy Broad's Blues & Jazz Jam 12:00pm
2017 February 17th The M27's 9:00pm
2017 March 5th Andy Broad's Blues & Jazz Jam 12:30pm
2017 March 31st Tuxedo Junction
2017 May 4th Helene 8:30pm
2017 May 5th, The Plucking Misfits 8:30pm
2017 May 7th, Andy Broad's Blues & Jazz Jam 12:00pm
2017 May 11th Sylvia McEwen 8:30pm
2017 May 26th Tuxedo Junction
2017 June 1st Debbie C
2017 July 7th Auckland M27's
2017 August 11th JD Duo 8:30pm
2017 August 27th The Fallen Lawman 8:30pm
2017 October 1st Andy Broad's Blues & Jazz Jam 12:00pm
2017 October 15th The Dave Baker Project 3:00pm
2017 November 5th Andy Broad's Blues & Jazz Jam 12:00pm
2017 December 1st JD Duo 8:30pm

Aurora Cafe, Southsea

2017 October 20th Jay Groovara Band 8:00pm

The Avenue Portsmouth

2011 March 5th DROPZONE

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