Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
Known gigs in 2007

January 19th, 2007 Papa George Band Boarhunt Blues Club
11/23/2007 Eddi Reader, Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
14/2/07 - Patrick Wolf and Eva Eden Wedgewood Rooms
February 16th, 2007 Dave Raphael Blues Band Boarhunt Blues Club
20/2/07 - gig put on by "NME" - Klaxons, CSS, The Sunshine Underground and New Young Pony Club, Pyramids
27/2/07 - Howling Bells and The Cinematics, Wedgewood Rooms
28/2/07 - The Long Blondes, and The Lodger, Wedgewood Rooms
The Good, The Bad, The Queen(Variety?) . Emmi, Benny Bell, Indigo Moss, The Good, The Bad, The Queen SouthParade Pieer Southsea

4/3/07 - Charlotte Hatherley and Shuffle, Wedgewood Rooms
6/3/07 - Kristin Hersh and The McCarricks, Wedgewood Rooms
March 16th, 2007 Eugene'Hideaway'Bridges Boarhunt Blues Club
28/3/07 - Enter Shikari and Your Code Name Is: Milo, Pyramids

1/4/07 - The Horrors and Neil's Children, Wedgewood Rooms
3/4/07 - Scott Matthews, Pyramids
6/4/07 - The Young Knives and Blood Red Shoes, Pyramids
April 20th, 2007 Incredible Blues Puppies Boarhunt Blues Club
29/4/07 - Nigel Clark, The Goondocks and Aviators, The Cellars at Eastney

6/5/07 - Nine Black Alps and Cut the Blue Wire, Wedgewood Rooms
7/5/07 - The Sunshine Underground, The Rumble Strips and Foals, Wedgewood Rooms
15/5/07 - Julian Cope, Wedgewood Rooms
17/5/07 Klaxons and Shy Child Pyramids
17/5/07 - Go! Team played Wedgewood Rooms,
May 18th, 2007 Harry Skinner blues band Boarhunt Blues Club
20/5/07 - Mr. Hudson and The Library played Wedgewood Rooms, but I didn't go to that)
23/5/07 Temple Cooper Clause were due to play at Wedgewood Rooms that date, but had split up)
24/5/07 - The Elements and The Exits, with DJs including from the band Bloc Party, Little Johnny Russells
27/5/07 - From the Jam and Hi Watts, Wedgewood Rooms
May 27th, 2007 Cadillac Kings +Sam Kelly`s blues band Boarhunt Blues Club

2/6/07 - Night of Treason, Nell Gwynne pub
11/6/07 - The Aliens, The General and Duchess Collins, Wedgewood Rooms
June 15th, 2007 White Knuckle Blues Band Boarhunt Blues Club
19/6/07 - Gallows, Wedgewood Rooms

12/7/07 - Albert Hammond Jr, Wedgewood Rooms
July 20th, 2007 Re Loaded Boarhunt Blues Club

August 3rd, 2007 Sherman Robertson and Bluesmove + support Boarhunt Blues Club
August 17th, 2007 Nat Martin Band Boarhunt Blues Club
September 21st, 2007 Buffalo Squeeze Boarhunt Blues Club
1/10/07 - Reverend and the Makers and A. Human (The Tings Tings were supposed to but didn't), Pyramids
3/10/07 - Amy MacDonald, Wedgewood Rooms
4/10/07 - Jack Penate, and The Metros, Pyramids
8/10/07 - Maximo Park, Good Shoes and Theoretical Girl, Guildhall
October 19th, 2007 Grapevine blues band Boarhunt Blues Club
23/10/07 - K T Tunstall and King Creosote (Willy Mason was also supposed to play but pulled out), Guildhall

Tom Baxter, Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
7/11/07 - Hazel O'Connor and Stream (or Scream??), The Cellars at Eastney
November 16th, 2007 Bad Influence Boarhunt Blues Club
28/11/07 - Buzzcocks and Alternative TV, Wedgewood Rooms

15/12/07 - "Hipshaker" Club Night with Emptifish Wedgewood Rooms
20/12/07 - "A Night For Joe Strummer" with Gold Blade, Night of Treason and Radio City Riot, Wedgewood Rooms (NOTE: Racketeers are also listed but didn't play)
December 21st, 2007 Station House Boarhunt Blues Club

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