Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
Known gigs in 1991


2/2/91 - Blow-up, The Pit
10/2/91 - Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine and Daisy Chainsaw, South Parade Pier
2/3/91 - Fuzzy Fet Farm and The Psylons, The Pit
9/3/91 - Amazing Windmills - Fanshawes Cellar Bar
11/5/91 - Go's Little Monkeys, The Pit
1/6/91 - Mild-mannered Janitors and The Void, Fanshawes Cellar Bar
5/6/91 - Wilhelmina J Disaster Benefit Concert ($KAW, Full Metal Racket, The Psylons, Firework Party and Ska-per), South Parade Pier
15/8/91 - "Heineken Big Top" concert (K Passa and Richard Thompson), Castle Field
29/10/91 - Lush, Gallon Drunk and Passing Clouds, The Pyramids
2/11/91 - Kingmaker, Sensitize and Amazing Windmills, Portsmouth Polytechnic
19/12/91 - Ned's Atomic Dustbin and Power of Dreams, the Guildhall

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