Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
Known gigs in 1996


The Guildhall offered folk fans the Dubliners on January 27th, then Jon Isherwood, Pat Nelson, Diz Dizley and the Strawberry Hill Boys (subsequently the Strawbs)
Maynard Ferguson’s Big Band came from the USA to the Guildhall.
Zoot Money played the Guildhall on April 17th so did the Bee Gees with Grapefruit and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich.
It was a strong period for pop at the Guildhall including Gene Pitney with Don Partridge, Status Quo(24th April), and Simon Dupree & the Big Sound and at the end of April, Duane Eddy and the Chantelles.
30th April, The main local gig of the year was the Lord Mayor’s Charity Dance at the Guildhall featuring Machine, Harlem Speakeasy, Blackout, Lace, Coconut Mushroom, lightshow Light Emporium and dancers Crimson Ballet. 8pm – 1am, tickets 5/6d (27.5p). The Guildhall was mainstream with the Four Freshmen and Scaffold followed by Englebert Humperdinck and one-man-band Don Partridge.
Early May, Johnny Cash with June Carter, the Statler Brothers and Carl Perkins. Mid-May the Seekers and Russ Conway
27th May – “Dance of Words”featured Fairport Convention, Gary Farr, Free, John Peel, Coconut Mushroom, poets Brian Patten and Michael Horowitz, Principal Edward’s Magic Theatre, King Ida's Watch Chain, Pete Brown and light shows.
Julie Felix returned to the Guildhall on the first day of June.
During the summer Spooky Tooth returned with Fairport Convention, Skip Bifferty and England at the Guildhall and traditional jazzmen Kenny Ball and Ken Colyer were there too.
in September were Skip Bifferty (Parlour), and Madeline Bell with two shows at the Guildhall and also Small Faces, Simon Dupree & Big Sound on the 16th.
The Nice, Family and Pretty Things (Apache Promotions) at the Guildhall costing 10/-
October 25th Red Cross Fair Band of the Royal Marines, Old Time Music hall
Jacques Loussier Trio at the Guildhall.
Pentangle at the Guildhall, as an “experimental…polished evening”.
November 22nd 1967 Pink Floyd with Nice guitarist Davy O’List has to step in for Syd Barrett when the Pink Floyd leader misses several dates owing to ‘personal problems’.

1968 at the Guildhall

January 10th .. .. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.
January 16th .. .. Southdown Motor Services, Ltd. Annual Film Show.
January 21st .. .. Lord Mayor's Charity Concert Jimmy Edwards and Roy Castle.
January 24th .. .. Phoenix Opera, Ltd. present Barber of Seville.
January 27th .. .. The Dubliners-The.
January 30th .. .. Organ Recital-Nicholas Danby-.
February 3rd .. .. Adge Cutler and The Wurzels.
February 8th .. .. Woody Herman and His Orchestra.
February 9th and 10th .. .. British Legion Conference.
February 17th .. .. Northern Sinfonia Orchestra Conductor: Rudolph Schwarz.
February 18th .. .. Ken Collyer and His Jazz Band and Acker Bilk and His Paramount Jazz Band.
February 20th .. .. Los Angeles Jubilee Singers.
February 24th .. .. National Children's Home Festival of Queens.
February 26th .. .. Manilas de Plata.
February 27th .. .. Dresden Staatskapelle.
March 2nd .. .. Viennese Evening' Concert.
March 6th .. . , .. National Hairdressing Competition.
March 7th .. .. Organ Recital-Pierre Cochereau.
April 10th .. .. Rawicz & Landauer
March 16th .. .. Portsmouth Citadel Band.
March 18th .. .. London Mozart Players.
March 22nd .. .. B.B.C. `Friday Night is Music Night'.
March 28th and 29th .. .. Mudle's Photographic Exhibition.
March 31st .. .. 'Way to Life Hour' Evangelical Rally Generation '68.
April 3rd .. .. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.
April 6th .. .. Drayton Choral Society Concert.
April 11th .. .. London Mozart Players.
April 12th .. .. Portsmouth Choral Union Concert.
April 13th-15th .. .. International Friendship League Conference.
April 17th .. .. Bee Gees
April 18th .. .. Organ Recital-Carey Humphreys.
April 20th .. .. MANTOVANI and His Orchestra.
April 22nd .. .. Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra-Conductor: John Pritchard.
April 24th .. .. Gene Pitney, Status Quo, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, (Status Quo are booked into the Saville Hotel in Southsea for that night
April 28th .. .. Honeybus
May 6th-14th .. .. Royal Liver Friendly Society Conference.
May 14th-17th .. .. National Federation of Licensed Victuallers Conference.
May 18th .. .. Portsmouth Glee Club Concert.
May 25th .. .. Portsmouth Glee Club Concert
May 26th .. .. Southern Counties Amateur Band Contests.
May 27th .. .. Fairport Convention, Gary Farr, Free, T Rex, Coconut Mushroom
May 28th and 29th .. .. Schools Music Festival.
May 31st .. .. Salvation Army Band Concert.
June 8th .. .. Portsmouth Philharmonic Society Concert.
July 6th .. .. Annual Co-operative Day Concert.
July 6th Kimbells Osborne Road Nite People, Lace, Blackout, Cherry Smash, Jon Isherwood, Pat Nelson>
July 17th .. .. Traffic, Family, Spooky Tooth
July 19th-27th .. .. House Improvement Exhibition.
September 9th-13th .. .. Institute of Baths Management Conference.
September 29th .. .. Small Faces, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound.
October 4th .. .. L.A.C. Officers' One-Day Conference.
October 5th .. .. Milton Glee Club Concert.
October 9th .. .. Northern Sinfonia Orchestra.
October 12th .. .. Portsmouth Glee Club Concert.
October 19th .. .. Drayton Choral Society Concert.
October 23rd .. .. The Nice
October 31st-November 2nd.. Portsmouth and Southsea Horticultural Society Autumn Show.
November 6th .. .. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.
November 9th .. .. Portsmouth Choral Union Concert.
November 14th-16th.. .. P.D.S.A. Bazaar.
November 23rd .. .. Portsmouth Citadel Band.
December 4th .. .. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.
December 7th .. .. Milton Glee Club Concert.
December 14th and 15th .. Portsmouth Glee Club Concert.
December 18th .. .. Drayton Choral Society Concert.
December 21st .. .. Portsmouth Choral Union Concert.
December 22nd .. Salvation Army-Lake Road Carol Service.

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