Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
Known gigs in 1960


Wed 6th Jan First jazz session of the year with ‘Le Vieux Carre’ New Orleans Jazz Band at the ‘Cobden Arms’, Arundel Street.
Mon 11th Jan Chicago and Dixieland Jazz at The ‘Star Inn’.
Wed 20th Jan New Orleans jazz at The Cobden. Bass player helped the session to really go!!
Sat 23rd Jan New jazz club (‘Dr Jazz!!’) at Fareham. Firs session played by ‘Vieux Carre Jazz Band’. Good attendance and a rousing time had by all.
Mon 25th Jan Ear splitting session at ‘The Star’ with three drummers, two trombones etc. Plus Nigel Carter from SYO Dean Band on trumpet.
Wed 27th Jan Resident band at Southampton, DEP. Crescent City Band
Sat 30th Jan Rousing New Orleans session at Dr Jazz Cub, Fareham with guest clarinet.
Wed 3rd Feb Jazz at The Cobden with resident ‘Vieux Carre’ band plus Brighton bass player.
Sat 6th Feb Trip to Fareham jazz club, very good session. Fellow tried taping the ‘Vieux Carre’.
Tues 9th Feb Sent mum and Graham to see Lonnie Donegan at The Kings Theatre.
Wed 10th Feb ‘Vieux Carre’ good session with Brighton bass player.
Sat 13th Feb Session at Fareham Jazz Club with Frank Hurlock on tuba. ‘Vieux Carre’ minus clarinet, bass.
Wed 17th Feb Session at The Cobden with ‘Vieux Carre’. Brighton clarinet and bass.
Mon 22nd Feb Session of Chicago-style jazz at ‘The Star’. Band played well but poor attendance.
Wed 24th Feb New Orleans jazz, My Favourite Meat, with ‘Vieux Carre’ at The Cobden.
Sat 27th Feb Trip to Fareham disappointing owing to resident band being away.
Wed 2nd Mar New Orleans jazz at The Cobden
Sat 5th Mar ‘Dr Jazz Club’ at Fareham with ‘Vieux Carre’ in residence once more.
Wed 16th Mar Session with the ‘Vieux Carre ‘ jazz band at The Star.
Mon 21st Mar Jack Elliott, ‘Vieux Carre’ jazz band and folk group (3 Waistcoats) in a good session at ‘The Star’.
Wed 23rd Mar Stereophonic jazz session at The Cobden Arms. Good records heard also ‘3 Waistcoats’.
Wed 30th Mar Session at The Cobden with ‘Vieux Carre’.
Wed 6th Apr Sesssion at The Cobden with ‘Vieux Carre’.
Wed Apr 13th Session at The Cobden with ‘Vieux Carre’ minus bass player.
Wed 20th April Session with Vieux Carre at The Cobden. Guest clarinettist and Dereque Adye on bass.
Wed 27th Apr Session at The Cobden with the ‘Vieux Caare’
Wed 4th Apr ‘Vieux Carre’ in good form at The Cobden. F. Hurlock on tuba. Club open till 10.30pm Club extensions to 10.30pm. Summer opening hours.
Mon 9th May Went to Summa Cum Laude jazz club. Band played well. Poor crowd. Folk group with F. Hurlock also played.
Wed 11th May Jazz at The Cobden ‘Vieux Carre’ in good form. F. Hurlock tuba.
Mon 16th May Summa Cum Laude club. Poor crowd. Band played well.
Wed 18th May Last night with ‘Vieux Carre’ at ‘The Cobden’, Arundel St. Move talked of to ‘Star’, Lake Rd.
Mon 23rd May Last night of ‘Summa Cum Laude’ club. Band played well, also guests featured.
Wed 1st June Pedrian Club move to ‘Star’, Lake Road. Band played well.
Sat 4th June Special jazz session at Fareham with Vieux Carre in fine form.
Wed 8th June ‘Vieux Carre’ at ‘The Star’. Played very well with Ted Owen on alto sax.
Wed 15th June Fine session at the ‘Pedrian Club’ with the ‘Vieux Carre’. Fine clarinet player in Lewis style from Edinburgh also guest banjo.
Thurs 16th June Tried the ‘Ballads and Blues’ club, new Hurlock venture and heard some goodish folk music.
Wed 22nd June Session at The Star . No clarinet in Vieux Carre group.
Thurs 23rd June Recording session for Vieux Carre with Ted Owen clarinet, Graham Patterson piano. Very good session at The Star Inn.
Fri 24th June Vieux Carre entered ‘Jazz in June’ competition at Brighton and came first. Judged by Sam Charters, Bill Colyer etc.
Wed 29th June Last session with ‘Vieux Carre’ at The Star before they left for Holland.
Thurs 30th June Went to ‘Ballads and Blues’ club at The Star.
Wed 6th July Mixed group at Pedrian Jazz Club with some of S.C. L. Band.
Thurs 7th July Ballads and Blues Club. Couple of good guitarists featured.
Mon 11th July Had a blow with Frank and Paul (banjo) also played washboard.
Wed 13th July Summa Cum Laud band at Pedrian club. Played very well.
Thurs 14th July ‘Ballads and Blues’ club with Frank playing piano, boogie style.
Wed 20th July ‘Le Vieux Carre’ back at the ‘Star’ in a good session. Ted Owen clarinet, Kenny Robinson guested.
Wed 3rd Aug Jazz at the ‘Star Inn’ Le Vieux Carre with Ted Owen alto.
Sat 6th Aug Opening of new jazz club ‘The Rendezvous’ with Kenny Robinson jazz band. Also ‘Le Vieux Carre’. Very good session.
Wed 10th Aug Le Vieux Carre with Ted Owen on alto. Good session. No bass player. Frank on tuba.
Sat 13th Aug Le Vieux Carre at ‘The Rendezvous’.
Wed 17th Aug At The Star with Le Vieux Carre. 2 sax and clarinet featured.
Thurs 18th Aug Ballads and Blues at The Star. Heard some good Josh White records.
Fri 19th Aug Saw ‘Jazz on a Summer’s Day’, Very good. (Odeon North End)
Sat 20th Aug Solent City Jazz Band at The Rendezvous Club plus Le Vieux Carre.
Wed 24th Aug Le Vieux Carre at The Star, new bass player.
Thurs 25th Aug Ballads and Blues club.
Sat 27th Aug A good night at The Rendezvous Club with ‘Le Vieux Carre’.
Sun 28th Aug On the shuffle boat ‘The Ferry Belle’. A good time had by all with Le Vieux Carre jazz band.
Wed 31st Aug Session at the ‘Pedrian Club’ Le Vieux Carre with guest bass player.
Sat 3rd Sept At the ‘Rendezvous’ with Pedro Harris Pine City Stompers and Le Vieux Carre.
Wed 7th Sept Le Vieux Carre at The Star. Good session.
Sat 10th Sept Rendezvous Club with Le Vieux Carre and Ballads and Blues group.
Wed 14th Sept At the ‘Star Inn’ with Le Vieux Carre. Very good session.
Sat 17th Sept At the Rendezvous. Ian Mac Lean’s Kansa City Jazz Band. Disappointing.
Wed 21st Sept Le Vieux Carre at The Star played well.
Sat 1st Oct The ‘Rendezvous Club’ not so good...Crescent City depping for regular band.
Sun 2nd Oct Concert at the Guildhall with the bands of ‘Kenny Ball’ and Sims-Wheeler Vintage Band. Good in parts.
Wed 5th Oct At the ‘Star’ with Le Vieux Carre in good form. Earlier closing in force 10pm.
Sat 8th Oct Heard ‘Gerry Brown Jazzmen’ at the Rendezvous. One of the best sessions yet. Probably last week Stu Morrison plays with Vieux Carre. Leaving to join Pete Ridge Band.
Tues 11th Oct Ernest Wyatt Stereo concert at the Guildhall. Enjoyed first half but 2nd part too heavy going with Julius Kitchen.
Wed 12th Oct At ‘The Star’. Vieux Carre didn’t play so record session instead.
Sat 15th Oct Rendezvous Club with Kenny Robinson Band. Better than previous session.
Sat 22nd Oct Rendezvous night with Pedro Harris Stompers. Better than previous visit.
Sat 29th Oct Halloween at the ‘Rendezvous’ with Pedro Harris Stompers. Plenty of fancy dress in evidence. Record crowd.
Wed 2nd Nov At the ‘Pedrian’ club with Le Vieux Carre back in action with guitarist.
Sat 5th Nov At The Rendezvous Preston Scott band after German tour.
Sat 12th Nov The return of ‘Le Vieux Carre’ to the Rendezvous club. Good session. Last session of ‘Vieux Carre’ as they decide not to continue.
Wed 16th Nov Pedrian Club closed for time being. After record session ‘Le Vieux Carre’ disband.
Sat 19th Nov Kenny Robinson Band at ‘The Rendezvous’. Very loud drumming spoilt it somewhat.
Tues 22nd Nov Try out with remnants of ‘Vieux Carre’ group. Tunes attempted ‘Sometimes my Burden’ etc at The Star. Had first try with group. Mick Farrier (trombone), Ken Saunders (drums), Ken clarinet, banjo (not known). (agree to meet later)
Sat 26th Nov In the evening saw Papa Blue’s Viking Jazz Band. Very good in parts, spoilt by too many long solo spots.
Tues 29th Nov Practice at The Star 7.30. Banjo player didn’t turn up. Some numbers sounded O.K.
Tues 6th Dec Practise at ‘The Star’ 7.30. Frank Hurlock took up most of evening with his group.
Sat 10th Dec Best session yet at the Rendezvous Club with Kid Martyn’s Ragtime Band’ with Cuff Billett trumpet, one time local leader of the ‘Vieux Carre’ New Orleans Jazz Band, now disbanded.
Tues 13th Dec Practise at ‘The Star’ 7.30. Only 3 turned up, no trombone or banjo.
Wed 14th Dec Heard ‘Climax Band’. Nick Farrier, Ken Saunders, Johnny Keene, no banjo though Bob Ferguson, guitar, sat in.
Tues 20th Dec Practise night at ‘The Star’. Clarinet Ken, Banjo John Lillywhite.

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