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Better known as 'Safety in Numbers'




Another Pompey fanzine, May '79. Paul Groovie can shed some light on this one? Vaugly remember this. done on a roneo (?) machine-you had to write/type everything on a carbon sheet,put that on a drum and feed the paper through by hand. The Glazed ring a bell...something to do with Great Salterns school maybe
Reading the interview, John and Dave Collins, Chris Collier and Paul Wickham. Formed in late 77 to be exact...Chris was in my first band The Sockets....we were all in the same year at great salterns (perry goble was in our year as well Ade Oakley was in the year above)
Paul also "played" guitar at the Pylons gig mentioned. the Ork bit was actually true. Terry Ork did write saying he liked the tape I sent him.

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Here are two Rock'n'roll magazines from the late 1990's

waves fash

The Portsmouth and South Hampshire Folk Scene


Venue from the late 1990's


Music Eye, A5 size magazine

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