Portsmouth music scene


Here are a few Portsmouth families who have generations of music

The Shulmans

- Louis "Jock" Shulman for Benny Freedman Band at the Savoy Ballroom, his sister Eve who vocals with the Jack Lennox Band on Clarence Pier
and Jock's three sons Derek Shulman, Phil Shulman, and Ray Shulman in Simon Dupree and the Big Sound and Gentle Giant.
Elliott Shuman, Guitart/vocals with Portsmouth band "New Shoes"
Damon and Calvin, sons of Phil in Chaos

The Summerfields

- brothers Frank and Ron Summerfield in Raymond Franks and his Music,
and sons John Summerfield Lead Vocals and Guitar. Keith Summerfield Drums in Limited S

The Whichellos

- Three generations Dick Whichello Grandfather, Ricky Whichello Father,
Son Michael plays guitar with the Racketeers and daughter Therese Marie Whichello has a music school in Florida USA

The Aldridges

- Terry Aldridge many bands including 5X5
and son Dean Aldridge also in 5X5

The Mahoneys

- Roger Mohoney drummer in the Benny Freedman Band at the Savoy Ballroom
and son Russ Mahoney formerly of Yoyo, The Chaps, Plus One, The Rivals, Jellybeans, County Line, The Grownups, Fliptop And Brian Connollys Sweet -

The Masons

- John Mason senior, former conductor and now Vice President of the Portsmouth City Band
and son John Mason junior, trombonist and sound technician with the Dave Pearson Big Band, and bass players with the New Part Collective. -

The Davis'

- Geoff Davis, Comedian entertainer best known for his years at the Honky Tonk Bar on Soauth Parade Southsea,
and son Jefferson Davis, who uses the name Jesserson Duke playing venues and festivals and living in Oxford. -

The Quayes

- Three generations grandfather vaudeville pianist Caleb Jonas Quaye (Ernest Mope Desmond), and son Nii-lante Augustus Kwamlah Quaye, better known as Cab Kaye jazz singer, pianist, band leader, entertainer, drummer, guitarist and songwriter and son Caleb Quaye guitarist with Hookfoot and work with Elton John, Mick Jagger, Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney and Hall & Oates -

The Suttons

- Barry Sutton and his triplet sons Craig, Ed and Scott (The Noise Next Door) -


- Fred Illingworth vocalist guitarist with The Four Jacks, and the Denny Barnard Combo.
His dauthghter Karen Illingworth/Knight vocalist with Suspect, and her son Jason Knight vocalist with Model Village -

The Flynns

- Terry Flynn piano/vibes with many groups and his daughter Cherie vocals/flute with Moore Brown Wales -

The Rowlands

- Danny Rowlands drummer of many locals bands and his son Ashley Rowlands of Butterfly Collective -

The McKeons

- Geoff McKeon lead guitar with Mike Devon and the Diplomats and his son Scott McKeon named Guitarist magazine's Young Guitarist of the Year in 1998. -

The O'Donnells

- Gary O'Donnell vocalsist with County Line, Black Cat Bone, MEN FROM MONTGOMERY, Rock n Roll Daze, and Who's Who,
and his son "Sam O'D" just starting out with recording and personal appearance as a solo artist.-

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